About This Site


This website is automatically built for my personal interest only. The basic ideas:

Then I can subscribe to the RSS feed through an RSS reader, and know if anybody was trying to praise me in a corner yesterday.

Goose smile

You are welcome to fork this project on Github, and use it by yourself. Some technical notes in case you want to do that:

Then sit back and relax. Travis and Netlify will do the hard work for you. You may have a good or bad day tomorrow after you read the tweets. Who knows. Social network is a fantasy, filled with isolated and lonely people. You’d better not spend too much time there.

Well, you may ask, “Hey, why did you build this website then?” Good question. I just wanted to learn a bit about the rtweet package. I have never tried to scrape data from Twitter before. Since I’m working on blogdown recently, I thought it might be a good exercise to build a website automatically.