@bcaffo @DrJWolfson @drob @rdpeng @TrestleJeff @tslumley @jtleek @thosjleeper @JennyBryan @HoloMarkeD I don't want… https://t.co/NAbHTWm8HC



Maëlle Salmon (@ma_salmon; 0/0): @annakrystalli @gwcarpenter @github @jekyllrb For R bloggers blogdown is probably the way forward


Zuguang Gu (@jokergoo; 0/0): Documentations of circlize package have been formatted by bookdown and now available at https://t.co/qPLzbm3MCw… https://t.co/ZR8odPM1Oi

Nuno Henriques (@NunoHenriques; 0/0): The Devil You Know, Episode 1 — NEW! SciFi/Fantasy release from Alan Tucker available now for FREE via /r/bookdown… https://t.co/De4ytEBO0E

Bhaskar Karambelkar (@bhaskar_vk; 0/0): @philmikejones No, rmarkdown websites. Incidentlly putting options in index.rmd for bookdown does work as long as new_session=F

🌍 Phil (@philmikejones; 0/0): @bhaskar_vk Is it to do with this?: https://t.co/lGftSNuE2U


Stephen Eglen (@StephenEglen; 65): Yes, please support knitr docs. Some journals like @Gigascience like them: –> https://t.co/Gb9kBS0yxn https://t.co/NhvuhdNDPP

Thejasvi Beleyur (@BeleyurThejasvi; 10): @ambikamath Knitr - allows you to print text,code and plots all into a pdf or html file…Best thing ever while dis… https://t.co/totkoRLsLe

Jim Crozier (@crozierrj; 10): @walkingrandomly knitr https://t.co/w6hd3kVLPq

Maëlle Salmon (@ma_salmon; 10): @kearneymw but wasn’t there a function for that already? knitr::purl?

ofk (@jerrarrd; 0/0): [rmarkdown]チャンクで画像を読み込む方法 https://t.co/eQI28sKPXr

Randy McCarthy (@RandyJMcCarthy; 0/0): Question for self-taught user of RMarkdown/knitr/papaja, etc. Do you write your manuscript right in RStudio? Or am I developing a bad habit?

Stephen Eglen (@StephenEglen; 0/0): @geospacedman @edzerpebesma Agree. I do it for just one assignment so that they know how to do it. A few of them… https://t.co/JlbQG7ybVu

Bhaskar Karambelkar (@bhaskar_vk; 0/0): Anyone knows how to set knitr options for all Rmds in a #rmarkdown site ? Putting in index.Rmd doesn’t work. #rstats question.


Now I’m Mike (@KazeRusian; 20): Vamos a jugar al Naruto, nunca he jugado pero fijo que la reviento con mi xaringan


Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 6316): @bcaffo @DrJWolfson @drob @rdpeng @TrestleJeff @tslumley @jtleek @thosjleeper @JennyBryan @HoloMarkeD I don’t want… https://t.co/NAbHTWm8HC

Tyler Rinker (@tylerrinker; 10): #rstats Some Facts about Jeff Leek https://t.co/g8wSED66TJ via @xieyihui

Martin J Frigaard (@mjfrigaard; 10): @jtleek once won a Kaggle competition, but was disqualified for using his abacus https://t.co/TF9VJ9sFPC

Jim Crozier (@crozierrj; 10): @walkingrandomly knitr https://t.co/w6hd3kVLPq

R Weekly Live (@rweekly_live; 0/1): Some Facts about Jeff Leek #rstats #datascience https://t.co/6n4zZrh1lX

Martin J Frigaard (@mjfrigaard; 0/0): @jtleek Git commits to HIM https://t.co/TF9VJ9sFPC

Martin J Frigaard (@mjfrigaard; 0/0): @jtleek can lift the curse of dimensionality by merely glancing at your data https://t.co/TF9VJ9sFPC