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Mirjam Eiswirth (@MirjamIce; 10): Want to communicate your #data analysis in #R ? Why not try #bookdown - and check out what has already been done on https://t.co/yquQ9Ke8Cn


Tom Kelly (@tomkXY; 10): @fossilosophy Do it! I’m actually using a fairly basic thesis workflow: mostly shell, some KILE #TeX IDE.… https://t.co/J2YJb8lIxL

Stats for bios (@statsforbios; 10): I added +hypothesis bookmark to commits where I tested hypotheses. Potential as a knitr chunk option? #rstats https://t.co/E298vhFGS9

Fossilosophy (@fossilosophy; 0/0): @tomkXY @datacarpentry I’ll check it out - I’m fairly comfortable with knitr for reports so maybe this is the next step :) Thanks!

Stats for bios (@statsforbios; 0/0): Not sure if binding knitr to git is total, horrible overkill though.

Jie Ping (@pingjie; 0/0): 最终还是用knitr+beamer+latex做了slides。。。


Esmailou (@blz_Smile; 10): @kenny_t8 xaringân