Free bookdown books on R and #DataScience. #rstats



Ariel Meilij (@ameilij; 0/0): Me declaro incompetente total en cualquier generador de HTML estático. Jekyll no me funciona. Hugo no me funciona. Blogdown no me funciona.


Fr. Van∂er∫eypen (@TheOrbifold; 126): Free bookdown books on R and #DataScience. #rstats

Christoph Molnar (@ChristophMolnar; 115): Automatically publishing my book in progress with R + bookdown + github-pages + Travis CI is so satisfying!

Meetup R Nantes (@meetup_r_nantes; 21): #VendrediLecture : = plein de livres sur R accessibles gratuitement et écrit avec… R ! 😆😎…

Infonomics® Today (@InfonomicsToday; 10): Bookdown: Authoring Books with R Markdown #infonomics

khaneboubi (@mehdikhaneboubi; 0/0): YaRrr! The Pirate’s Guide to R

khaneboubi (@mehdikhaneboubi; 0/0): Social Network Analysis in Education


Gabe Becker (@groundwalkergmb; 0/0): @RanaeDietzel So I suspect you’re using rmarkdown, not knitr (which AFAIK has no capacity for translating between md and tex).

Ranae Dietzel (@RanaeDietzel; 0/0): @groundwalkergmb I add bit of latex to lots Rmd, I click “knit”, I get .tex file, I copy and paste content to place…

Gabe Becker (@groundwalkergmb; 0/0): @RanaeDietzel I think you mean Rmd (which was introduced by knitr IIRC). knitr still supports the Rnw format in addition to Rmd.

Ranae Dietzel (@RanaeDietzel; 0/0): Too much latex in my #rstats this week. Can’t believe how much horrible pain #knitr usually saves me from.

R Weekly Live (@rweekly_live; 0/0): Automatically Print R Objects to Appropriate Formats Accordingto the ‘knitr’ Output Forma #rstats #datascience

Marlon Samuels (@UriSamuels; 0/0): #Can knitr respect message(…, appendLF = FALSE) calls? #Tech #Internet #Question #HowTO

Nick Burgoyne (@NJBurgo; 21): #rstats on.exit() is almost as confusing and horrible as #brexit. See @xieyihui’s

Scott Chamberlain (@sckottie; 21): A Note on on.exit() via @xieyihui #rstats

Michael Summoner (@mdsumner; 10): #rstats on.exit()

Hiroaki Yutani (@yutannihilation; 10): A Note on missing() - Yihui Xie | 谢益辉 -

Tony Verow MD (@tonyver45; 0/0):

Hiroaki Yutani (@yutannihilation; 0/0): R-bloggersを開いたはずがに飛ばされる。これどうやるんだ...(やりたい)

Stas Kolenikov (@StatStas; 0/0): a quick fix jumps over a lazy dog