Blog: OMG #Bookdown [is so totally awesome]!



Mara Averick (@dataandme; 154): Anyone use/know of an <aside>-friendly #hugo theme? I want to go full-blown #blogdown, but I gotta have my side notes 🤓! #rstats

Nick Strayer (@NicholasStrayer; 70): @dataandme There’s a Tufte hugo theme ( I recently customized it for blogdown here (…

Davis Vaughan (@dvaughan32; 20): @dataandme There are a few listed in the README of blogdown. All of those work nicely enough. I used Future Imperfe…

amit (@VizMonkey; 10): @xieyihui Just heard your Rstudio presentation on blogdown. Thanks for sharing that even your old posts contain bullshit. Great to hear!

Beck Frydenborg (@beckfrydenborg; 0/0): For the life of me I can’t figure out how to switch themes cleanly with #rstats #blogdown. Probably best to do a clean start with new theme.

Suman (@suman12029; 0/0): @xieyihui Hi Any help on this

April Wright (@WrightingApril; 0/0): @LyndonCoghill It’s just such a pain to update anything. I feel like every time I blogged, I lost an hour to debugg…


Karl Broman (@kwbroman; 387): Blog: OMG #Bookdown [is so totally awesome]!

Matthew Benyohai (@BenyohaiPhysics; 0/0): @rstudio the syntax highlighting of citations in #rmarkdown #bookdown isn’t consistent. Any idea why?


Eli Knaap (@knaaptime; 20): @kyle_e_walker I wrote the original in jupyter but it doesnt play nice with leaflet, so it was actually my first ex…