Big thanks to @sastoudt for awesome new stringr vignette: It compares base string functions to their stringr equivalents so that you more easily see the differences #rstats



Hadley Wickham (@hadleywickham; 489142): Big thanks to @sastoudt for awesome new stringr vignette: It compares base string functions to their stringr equivalents so that you more easily see the differences #rstats

John (JP) Coene (@jdatap; 21057): 🎉 Extremely happy to release my latest project: the {g2r} #rstats 📦, a ggplot2-inspired grammar of graphics for interactive visualisations based on g2. > > ⚠️ It’s probably riddled with 🐛

Will Chase (@W_R_Chase; 20957): Question for #rstats users: what was (or is) the trickiest part for you about learning ggplot? What did you find unintuitive or hard to understand/remember? For teachers: what ggplot concepts do your students struggle with?

alex hayes (@alexpghayes; 19531): Just made my #rstats work in progress distributions package public on Github. The project has two goals: > 1. Treat probability distributions as S3 objects, like Distributions.jl 2. Be incredibly well documented and student friendly >

Garrett Grolemund (@StatGarrett; 18365): Thank you @christoph_sax for an #rstats cheat sheet on #tsbox, a tool kit for time series! Available at @rstudio

R-hub (@rhub; 15941): Read the source of your #rstats tools! In this post, find out why and how. 🔍 > Featuring docs, tools and services by @JennyBryan, @jimhester, @winston_chang… and R-hub of course! >


We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 16433): My office mates and I recently built our own websites using #blogdown. It took us way longer than an hour, for sure, but “once you know how to do it, it’s not that complicated”. The thread below and came in handy. Tip: update R and RStudio first.

Danielle Navarro (@djnavarro; 14527): And so for my first blog post written using my own slumdown package, I have some thoughts about blogdown, data analysis, the “learning statistics with R” book, and on the challenges you face when working with complicated tools >

Colin Fay 🤘 (@_ColinFay; 7218): #HowTo — “build a website with Blogdown in R” #RStats

mark padgham (@bikesRdata; 4322): i now done got my own #rstats blog Built from scratch, as explained in first post on rebuilding @xieyihui’s blogdown package in a few lines of code. Shout out in 2nd post to @MilesMcBain, and general shout out to @rOpenSci peeps. Retweets appreciated!

Laura Ación (@lacion; 411): Guess who will write her first R 📦 in the upcoming weeks, #RLadies? > Some Real pRogRess: ✔️ Reports using RMarkdown and knitr ✔️ Personal website using blogdown ✔️ 1st shiny app (and, yes, clients are still collecting their jaws from the floor 😌) ✔️ ⬆️ use of git/hub > #goals

R-bloggers (@Rbloggers; 269): Porting and redirecting a Hugo-based blogdown website to an HTTPS-enabled custom domain and #rstats #DataScience

Elizabeth Herdter Smith (@liz_herdter; 252): In the process of setting up a website with #rstats #blogdown I screwed up my global settings for both Git and R! Took a while to come back from that (HAHA) but my site is finally live! Not much on it it now but celebrating the little things!!!

Sil Aarts (@sil_aarts; 220): Finished my own website! 💪🏻 > Using Hugo (which is so great!), #blogdown and #Rmarkdown. > Check it: > (Comments always welcome!) #R #codinglife

Guy Prochilo 🏳️‍🌈 (@GuyProchilo; 204): I’ve been wanting blog about some of the cool things I’ve learnt during my PhD (mostly R tools, simulation, & parameter estimation). Here’s a demo of my new webpage. Developed entirely in R + Blogdown. > > Shout out if anything is broken! #rstats #phdchat

Africa R Users (@AfricaRUsers; 171): Do you want to learn how to build a website in R Studio and deploy it on Netlify, or any other site? Go through this page by @apreshill . It even has links to other useful resources, regarding the subject matter.

Chris Mainey (@chrismainey; 133): Soooo I final leveled up my R-skills by building a website with #rstats, #blogdown and #hugo.

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 102): This is such a thoughtful and thought-provoking blog post by @djnavarro 💜: > “There is a long chain of dependencies between “Danielle types some words” and “those words appear on the page””… > #rmarkdown #boodown and #blogdown users can relate 🤕

Philip Khor (@philip_khor; 81): Finally fixed my blogdown blog, which wasn’t loading properly because my baseURL did not use HTTPS … > and published a blog post about my first time writing a R package.

Samuel Crane (@samuelcrane; 70): Got a few new hex stickers at #rstatsnyc. Especially happy with the blogdown and @rOpenSci stickers. Blogpost coming soon.

Emanuele Del Fava (@emanudelfava; 52): Hi @sof14g1l, this is the thread I told you about, on how to build an academic personal page using R + blogdown.

Elizabeth Herdter Smith (@liz_herdter; 41): My first EVER #blogdown post! I wrote about how I learned #rstats. I include some tips for new users, Please be kind and do let me know how I can improve!

Elizabeth Herdter Smith (@liz_herdter; 31): Turns out it’s actually stupid simple to read data into an RMarkdown post. Not sure why I was so intimated. Take it from me… if you’ve thought about including a data analysis in #rstats/#python in a #blogdown post JUST DO IT!

Elizabeth Herdter Smith (@liz_herdter; 31): Raise your hand if you are the newest member of the #rstats #blogdown bandwagon…..🙋‍♀️

Jozef Hajnala (@jozefhajnala; 31): This time it’s about Porting and redirecting a Hugo-based blogdown website to an HTTPS-enabled custom domain and how to do it the easy way #rstats

Jiri Stodulka (@jiristo; 21): I code both in #Rstudio and #Python. Want to build a new blog via #blogdown package. Can I, and how, publish my work in Jupyter notebook while utilizing RStudio and the blockdown package? #rstats help you please.

Ahmad Mobin (@ahmad_m_mobin; 21): Awesome! @liz_herdter do you have any recommended reference materials? I would also like to start my own blogdown website #rstats

Moses Chapa Kiti (@chapakiti; 20): @emanudelfava Grazie @emanudelfava, done entirely in R + blogdown. You’re adept in R, so should be straightforward. I followed tutorials by @dsquintana here -> He’s (soon) working on an updated thread.

Dorris A. Scott (@Dorris_Scott; 20): So true. I had to update my site this morning and it didn’t take anytime to do so! That being said, initially there is a learning curve, but once you get over that hump, it’s relatively easy to keep your #blogdown site updated.

Jen Stirrup #AI #Leadership #MakeYourDataWork (@jenstirrup; 20): Porting and redirecting a Hugo-based blogdown website to an HTTPS-enabled custom domain and how to do it the easy way

John Helveston (@JohnHelveston; 20): I’ve been looking for a good tutorial on building a website using blogdown. Retweeting so I can find this later!

Elizabeth Herdter Smith (@liz_herdter; 20): @ahmad_m_mobin I used exclusively the #blogdown text by @xieyihui, @apreshill, and @ProQuesAsker. My tip is to read each section first in completion before trying anything in R.

Birunda Chelliah (@cbirunda; 20): 7. Market your 📦 so folks to know it exists and your are sharing back to the community! > 8. Create a website about the package using blogdown! > 9. Submit the CRAN once the package is stable.

Bruna Wundervald (@bwundervald; 20): @jiristo you can just use python in rmarkdown and/or redirect pages to the html files of your jupyter notebooks with blogdown. does that help you?

Rika Gorn (@RikaGorn; 12): Hey #rstats #blogdown friends, which Hugo theme do you use and does it play nice with ggplot and tables?

Yohan J. Rodríguez (@hasdid; 11): #R #Automated | Porting and redirecting a Hugo-based blogdown website to an HTTPS-enabled custom domain and how to do it the easy way

Jiri Stodulka (@jiristo; 11): Dear #rstats or @GoHugoIO community. I am creating my new blog via blogdown. I am using #BeautifulHugo theme. However, I want formatting of my code chunks (pic1) to be similar to the format of chunks in the package vignette (pic2). I googled but I feel I miss some fundamentals.

Jaclyn Aliperti (@jraliperti; 11): check out my awesome friend @liz_herdter’s first #blogdown post about how she learned #rstats, and keep an eye open for future posts!

Alix Keener (@alix_rae; 11): Hey, this is pretty neat:

John Stewart (@JohnStewartPhD; 10): @RyanStraight Is this about like your process:

Maëlle Salmon 🐟 (@ma_salmon; 10): @annakrystalli Awww thanks! That said, I think I under-use the “blogdown” aspect of my blog, I often have separate repos with the Rmd, and only have md in the source… I’m doing better with the R-hub blog, where I use .Rmarkdown 👼

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 10): @BenjaminWolfe haha surprised it wasn’t blowdown- my computer autocorrects blogdown to blowdown 99% of the time

Javier Abella (@JavierAbellaG; 10): Porting and redirecting a Hugo-based blogdown website to an HTTPS-enabled custom domain and how to do it the easy way

Edward Watkinson (@edwatto; 10): @chrismainey Look great though - did mine in blogdown but is a LOT simpler

Cédric Scherer (@CedScherer; 10): @sil_aarts @xieyihui Oh, I did not went through the tutorials. I just read a bit about blogdown, then used a clone of an existing Hugo page: See what they have done, see what changes result in and adding a bit of html via GoogleSearch 😅

davidodongojr (@tekitizzy; 0/1): My first #rstats blog post on a website built using #blogdown . Thank you @xieyihui for empowering us data scientists

Thomas Hütter (@DerFredo; 0/1): Posted by Jozef’s Rblog, now on R-bloggers: Porting and redirecting a Hugo-based blogdown website to an HTTPS-enabled custom domain and how to do it the easy way #rstats

Tullus Aufidius (@isbrutussick; 0/1): One of the fellas @StatsbyLopez behind a terrific paper read earlier this year ( undertakes #rstats introduction work for NFL analysts on his blogdown home turf.


Max Kuhn (@topepos; 17930): #rstats your votes in our twitter poll helped generate the book cover for > #datascience

Bettina Berger (@BBergerAU; 251): @eileen_parkes I’ve only made baby steps so far, but this is was what got me started: YaRrrr, the Pirate’s Guide to R

Cameron Fairfield (@c_j_fairfield; 147): Check out the latest Surgical Informatics Blog - efficient reference management and integration with #bookdown and @RStudio server: @ewenharrison @RiinuOts @Tom_Drake1 @kennethmclean92 @sr_knight1

Anas She3sha3y (@Anas_She3sha3y; 132): @eileen_parkes contains a collection of books written in Rmarkdown. Most books there are centered on R for different applications.

José Morales Arilla (@JoseMoralesA; 120): Para quienes estén enseñando estadística descriptiva en pregrado: este libro abierto y en español puede ser útil para dar la clase utilizando R. Esto permitiría no solo dar el conocimiento, sino ir trabajando con R para usos futuros. >

Miles Ott 🏳️‍🌈 (@Miles_Ott; 100): I think I’m late to the game… because I only just realized that #bookdown is magical! > Thanks @xieyihui for an truly elegant experience!

Valter Moreno (@vmorenojr; 96): I didn’t know this book! It is a great resource for Rmarkdown and R notebook users. #rstats #RinRio > R Markdown: The Definitive Guide

Kirill Müller (@krlmlr; 93): #rstats bookdown users: Does anyone have a setup that builds the PDF version of a bookdown on Travis CI? I’m struggling (but maybe I shouldn’t be using LuaLaTeX?):

Abbey Elder (@OpenAccessElder; 90): @hann3rbanan3r Here’s a few great options (might be too many?): @Overleaf, @Pressbooks, @MERLOTorg , @OERCommons, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, GIMP, @ProjectJupyter Notebooks, @LibreTexts , Bookdown, @hypothes_is. I highly recommend for more info on some of these!

いずにゃん (@cbt_test; 90): R Markdownを開いてそのままknitするだけの勢いで,bookdownを試せる,日本語で読める現時点での(たぶん)最小構成の方法の解説を作成した。これでみんな本書けるね! > リポジトリ: webページ:

MH Manuel Haqiqatkhah (@psyguy; 83): “Open tools for writing open interactive textbooks (and more)” by @MattCrump. > It’s a concise tutorial on writing books in #bookdown, publishing them on @github with @hypothes_is integration, and allowing others to edit and send them as pull requests.

Eric Green (@ericpgreen; 61): Really enjoying my trial of @iAWriter to write the markdown that I’ll compile into book chapters with #bookdown in R. Very clean. Focus mode is nice, and I like the option to highlight parts of speech.

atusy (@Atsushi776; 61): GitHub版bookdown使うと pagedown ででも行番号出るな.ただし,ソフトラップの表示がおかしい. output: bookdown::html_document2: highlight: tango clean_highlight_tags: false

Matt Crump (@MattCrump_; 54): Anyone know of an R package like #pkgdown or #bookdown, but for data (e.g. make a website to share data with documentation etc.)…tweeting while walking to work here, so found this …haven’t tried it yet, wondering if there are others #Rstats

Alessio Passalacqua (@alessiopassah2o; 52): 📕 #Rbook: “Feature Engineering and Selection: A Practical Approach for Predictive Models” By Max Kuhn and Kjell Johnson #rstats 🔮 #machinelearning

Sergio Berdiales (@SergioBerdiales; 51): Después del decepcionante último episodio de Juego de Tronos (8x04) me puse a ver valoraciones en IMDb de la serie y me acabé liando un poco :) > Dejo por aquí lo que voy sacando en claro. Si dais al enlace podéis ver más detalle. > #rstats #JuegodeTronos

Ian Ruginski (@ITRuginski; 51): @WeAreRLadies If learning R is co-occuring with learning statistics, @djnavarro has a great book called “Learning Statistics with R”, and the bookdown version is super easy to navigate:

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 42): @ExpOfficer @rafalab I recently discovered pirate plots. Check out the yarrr 📦, written for all of us R pirates 🏴‍☠️ The pirateplot “can easily show raw data, descriptive statistics, and inferential statistics in one plot.”

Brenton Wiernik 🏳️‍🌈 (@bmwiernik; 41): @JuliaEberlen @michelnivard @EikoFried @rstudio Here are all of the languages that rmarkdown can render

Sergio Berdiales (@SergioBerdiales; 40): @pacofox @LordoLordor si te refieres al último capítulo de Juego de Tronos (8x04) yo creo que hay algo más que eso. El batacazo de las valoraciones en imdb no creo que sea sólo el resultado de una fan pataleta ;)

Transportation Data Scientist (@umairdurrani87; 40): @WeAreRLadies Getting used to R, RStudio, and R Markdown by Chester Ismay might be helpful:

Martin Monkman (@monkmanmh; 40): @generativist Things changed when I started pasting the links (sometimes with my notes) into a markdown file on github…they then got organized by topic according to my mental constructs, which has now morphed into a bookdown publication

Faine Greenwood (@faineg; 40): @mountainherder @grantmgordon @chrisalbon I just discovered this pirate-themed guide to R and it is very good

Gail (((Clement))) (@Repositorian; 32): @Repositorian: Hearing about open book authoring and sharing platforms at #LPForum19, (eg @pressbooks, OER Commons) I’m wondering if #Rmarkdown #Bookdown to Github might work at least as well. #rstats

Max Kuhn (@topepos; 30): @wgrosso Bad news… it’s not self published. CRC/CH is the publisher. > Good news! They (and others) realize that having a free, easily accessible, non-pdf version of the book will actually increase sales. > Also good: bookdown makes self-publishing super easy. See

βen Listyg (@BenListyg; 30): @pvineetha @generativist @pragprog Bookdown might be a good option too! > Regardless of the format, y’all should do it!!!!

Matt Crump (@MattCrump_; 30): And, then I’ll compile their tutorials into a web-book using #bookdown, and add a link to the book on the course page. Hoping this final project will be a useful resource for them in the future when they need to remember how those packages work.

atusy (@Atsushi776; 21): @niszet0 最新版の bookdown 入れると pagedown で行番号出せるようになりました.ただ,ソフトラップ時の表示がアレだったんで,pagedown に CSS の PR 出しました.情報共有までー.

Emi Tanaka 🌾 (@statsgen; 20): @KevinWang009 @Dale_Masch The core is latex (I think output is bookdown::pdf_document2 here?) so latex commands all work. Benefit is that not only is everything same as latex, you can use markdown syntax and code R etc (the usual markdown goodness)

Nistara Randhawa (@nistara_r; 20): @MicheleTobias How about and I like to test my expressions with to make sure I’m capturing what I need against different options.

Dan Jordan (@1DanJordan; 11): @ClausWilke Very much looking forward to working through this. And thank you for open sourcing the bookdown project! #rstats

Urfist de Bordeaux (@urfistbordeaux; 11): #booksprint challenge. Nos outils de travail : Markdown, Bookdown, GitHub, XMind, Zotero, des post its, des litres de café, des regex! #Reproducibility LDesquilbet, @borishej, @arnaudlegrand17, PPernot, @NPRougier et EdeCastroGuerra

Wei Yang Tham🔎 (@wytham88; 10): @grant_mcdermott @schotz I think they work well in this format! I suppose in bookdown might be easier to browse/search for stuff

Christopher Peters (@statwonk; 10): @PhDemetri Heh, it’s all on here. Just search my handle and brms. 😊 Lately I’ve been reading @SolomonKurz’s recode of Rethinking Enjoy!

Luke W. Johnston (@lwjohnst; 10): @MaartenvSmeden @ADAlthousePhD @StatGirlLAM If you do end up creating a website, it’d be great if it could be made in a form that allows community feedback, like can be done when creating online books using the R package bookdown that provides an “edit” button. I’m sure lots of people would love to contribute (ie me)

DJ Wrisley (@DJWrisley; 10): Browsing ODATE, in awe. In perpetual beta. “There will never be a canonical version.” Gotta learn Bookdown. >

Mauro Renna (@mr_renna; 10): @djnavarro Just found out your amazing . Thank you! You might want to check the beginning of ch.5 bookdown. Too many variables printed out? Same somewhere else.

Hao Ye (@Hao_and_Y; 10): @true_bug @rstatstweet I didn’t find anything on a quick search of bookdown (which would be my most likely Rmd implementation), so maybe try doing it in raw LaTeX?

Martin Montane (@martinmontane; 10): @pdenapo @aguscugno Estoy para hacerlo bookdown !! aun siendo una versión a la que le falta. Conocés?

JD Long (@CMastication; 10): @AvrahamAdler The book is totally written in bookdown. But copy editor wants to mark up a pdf 🤮

CRAN Package Updates (@CRANberriesFeed; 0/2): CRAN updates: bookdown #rstats

Data science (@Datascience__; 0/1): Data Science with R: A Resource Compendium #DataScience


Michael Chirico (@michael_chirico; 102): What is CSVY? Y stands for YAML; the nested key-value structure of YAML will look familiar to {knitr}/Rmd veterans (toy example 📎) > In a CSV, this space can be used to declare column classes, how NA is represented, what the field separator is, etc.

Amelia McNamara (@AmeliaMN; 90): Since we were talking about @xieyihui I thought of his useR 2014 talk,, which led us to @rabaath’s {beepr},, so we played with that for a bit. I didn’t know beep(sound=“wilhelm”) so I got teased by my students a little.

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 80): @trianglegirl @aggieerin @rstatstweet Hey, I didn’t realize the knitr chunk option dependson stands for “depends on” until a few years after I created knitr. I borrowed the option name from @rdpeng’s cacheSweave, thought it was a single word (depend-son), and pronounced “depenson”. Feel better now? :)

Gina Reynolds (@EvaMaeRey; 40): @statsgen @grrrck making flipbooking w/ xaringan possible. @statsgen seeing potential of knitr:::knit_code$get, writes about it here:

Stas Kolenikov (@StatStas; 30): @CMastication @shrutster_ if (knitr::is_html_output()) { send table to kableExtra or GT } else { send table to Flextable }

meu nome nao e charles (@comsemassim; 21): I mean. We’ve had this in #rstats with knitr ages ago but yeeey for python lovers.

Leonhard Held (@HeldLeonhard; 20): At least my chapter is in LaTeX with knitr chunks. And I can’t wait to see the book in press: YES, YOU CAN handle MS Word, Gianluca!

llrs (@Lluis_Rev; 20): @krlmlr My thesis: See the links at the top: > Basically in Travis I run the knitr code to compile it to pdf and then push it to the doc branch of GitHub used to buil the web.

Philipp Bayer (@PhilippBayer; 20): Thanks to @JacquelineUWA for inviting me to teach T/ridyverse to School of Human Sciences members! We even had enough time to look at caret, knitr, and rtemis!

Joshua Kunst (@jbkunst; 11): @joelrudinas03 Sometimes ```{r cache=TRUE} can help

Peter Sobolewski (@psobolewskiPhD; 11): Did some calculations for a colleague in #R @rstudio. To walk him through it with code, output, and some discussion, I ended up finally testing out #Rmarkdown and #knitr Holy Cow! So slick and easy! Why did it take me so long?!?!

Urfist de Bordeaux (@urfistbordeaux; 10): “Workflowr combines literate programming (knitr and rmarkdown) and version control (Git, via git2r) to generate a website containing time-stamped, versioned, and documented results. ”

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): knitr をフォークする時は knitr-examples もフォークした方がいい | Atusy’s blog

Ariella Gladstein (@agladstein89; 10): @petrelharp Yeah, that’s one option I’ve come across. I’m debating between sweave/knitr + reticulate for python via R… or pweave ( pweave looks like the less roundabout method. But, wondering if anyone has any experience with something they like.

Ariella Gladstein (@agladstein89; 10): Anyone have a recommendation on how to write a LaTeX document with Python code chunks? Like sweave or knitr, but with Python?

David Reinstein (@daaronr; 0/1): Upshot: #xaringan/#remarkjs looked good but a huge pain; you gotta invest time to use it. … block quotes –> skipping slides, ‘speakers notes’ didn’t combine w knitr::include_graphics chunks. Remarkjs syntax rather distinct from pandoc markdown. –> revealjs ftw?


atusy (@Atsushi776; 104): PR がマージされたので, #pagedown でもコードブロックの行番号が良い感じに表示されるようになったよ. Thanks @RLesur for a collaboration to improve styling of line numbers on code blocks on #pagedown !


CRAN Package Updates (@CRANberriesFeed; 0/1): CRAN updates: BLPestimatoR ecoval metafor pct rticles tinytex xaringan xfun #rstats


Jacquie Tran (@jacquietran; 162): I’m so excited for this! And unreasonably proud of myself for creating interactive buttons in a few of my {xaringan} slides… 😍 > Thanks @xieyihui for such a powerful and useful package, and to @grrrck for {xaringanthemer} which makes custom styling a breeze! #rstats

Matt Crump (@MattCrump_; 40): We are in the final stages of the final project for the course, which was to write a tutorial about how to use an R package they thought was useful. Students have been presenting using #xaringan (by @xieyihui)…

Danielle Navarro (@djnavarro; 40): @KenButler12 Blame @statsgen 🙂 I stole the colours from her kunoichi theme for xaringan, though I believe she borrowed them from the #rladies style.

Garrick Aden-Buie (@grrrck; 10): @tladeras @PieRatio Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s xaringan only – line highlighting comes from remarkjs, the library behind xaringan.

Robert Walker (@PieRatio; 10): @tladeras Subset of code in a chunk? I know highlight=TRUE in the {r…} For the whole thing but have no idea how to do this outside xaringan for one line.

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 10): @noamross Any plans to do something similar w/ @MSPowerPoint? Or anybody else already going there? Any sense if your approach could be adapted to slides? > I love #xaringan (and built a whole 📦 around it), but the ability to translate back + forth w/ Office colleagues would be golden. > 12

Mara Averick (@dataandme; 7116): 👻 Make it look like you’re typing live! “An Introduction to {xfun}” ✍️ @xieyihui #rstats #rstudio 😬 Late to the party on this one, but here for it, now!

John Helveston (@JohnHelveston; 42): Finally sat down and read @xieyihui’s excellent (and long) post about tradeoffs between Jupyter notebooks and Rmarkdown, among other topics. Definitely recommend reading.

Amelia McNamara (@AmeliaMN; 40): Explaining why @kwbroman made a big picture of @_inundata in Minecraft required a detour to mustache Karl, @xieyihui’s yolo=TRUE and I even showed my rstudio::conf latte art