Happy to announce that the #rstats/#rspatial package {biscale} for bivariate thematic mapping is now on CRAN! Thanks to @grssnbchr and @angelozehr for developing the workflow and @jscarto for the excellent palettes. All the details are here - https://t.co/INTbQD1kGE https://t.co/qdVK7tA1tb



Christopher Prener (@chrisprener; 29179): Happy to announce that the #rstats/#rspatial package {biscale} for bivariate thematic mapping is now on CRAN! Thanks to @grssnbchr and @angelozehr for developing the workflow and @jscarto for the excellent palettes. All the details are here - https://t.co/INTbQD1kGE https://t.co/qdVK7tA1tb

Jacob Long (@jacobandrewlong; 22864): My new #rstats package, panelr, is now on CRAN. Learn more about this package that has become essential for my workflow with panel data here: https://t.co/1tlwlcA5qc


R-Ladies Berlin (@RLadiesBerlin; 124): Want to start a blog? Get some insides of blogdown at our next Meetup #RLadies #rstats https://t.co/Opv5D648lS

Pradeep Eranti (@pradeeperanti; 76): #HowTo — “build a website with Blogdown in R” https://t.co/OEaz7W8urz #RStats. > Thank you @xieyihui

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 31): @alyssafuward @guacamolebio @hadleywickham @EmilyRiederer If you read @xieyihui’s intro to the blogdown package, he walks you through everything you need to know to even create your own #rstats-powered blog, + host it, + connect it to #github, all for free. Writing can help you process, learn, + showcase your work, if you’re into that.

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 30): @mgwhitfield @BethFTBrockett @thatali_ecol @dralibrowne @Anna_K_speaking @MiriamDobson @plantspipettes @GOESbyJuniper Thank you! My website is built using the blogdown R package. I use the @GoHugoIO academic theme by @georgecushen: 🤸🏾‍♂️ demo: https://t.co/nT6cSlAT9q 📚 docs: https://t.co/inZWWQ4AJ2 > I have a tutorial for starting: https://t.co/40uBOUSv5p > Deployed by @Netlify for zero 💵

atusy (@Atsushi776; 20): @niszet0 圧倒的にノウハウが不足してますよね…….製本なら blogdown から vivlio sytle 使えるんで,そっちの方が希望を感じます(笑)

Alyssa Fu Ward (@alyssafuward; 20): @BenjaminWolfe @guacamolebio @hadleywickham @EmilyRiederer @xieyihui I haven’t heard of blogdown before but I love the idea of being able to quickly make a blog out of the work! Sounds much less hacky than my attempts to copy-paste screenshots of R output and code. 😁

nekrum (@nekrum; 10): @tacosdedatos Blogdown de R es muy muy sencillo y se puede usar sobre githubpages

jebyrnes (@jebyrnes; 10): @jslefche @JEmmettDuffy @NSilbiger @priyology @Tietjenk @baumlab @SImarineGEO Blogdown! Although I love the idea of a Way! Hey! Blow the man down! Markup Language.

Mike K Smith (@MikeKSmith; 10): @solobasssteve I recommend Hugo and blogdown. https://t.co/szZUlNvpJh

Nathan Moore (@nmoorenz; 10): Seventh time lucky! Thanks @dataandme for the blog post because I’m already googling and haven’t read far enough through the blogdown book yet, sorry @xieyihui https://t.co/c5yjD3IthA https://t.co/rGBs7zWg5Z


Kaan Öztürk (@mkozturk; 310): Python notlarını kitaba nasıl dönüştüreyim, LibreOffice mi LaTex mi diye düşünürken, yine Stoacılar yol gösterdi bana. Markdown it is! https://t.co/2iwQZ4Blti https://t.co/tn5MYt7KZW

Brooke Watson (@brookLYNevery1; 140): @ludmila_janda 🤩 > I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS https://t.co/GqttrYdrVI

Jon Huang (@jon_y_huang; 122): @MaartenvSmeden After trying standard pres options, I prefer xaringan: https://t.co/CyBAisyjml

Martin John Hadley (they/them) (@martinjhnhadley; 82): Is there a magical mix of xaringan and bookdown I can use to produce teaching slides which get flattened into bookdown chapters? #rstats #rmarkdown > Why? Vertical scrollbars in teaching slides are death.

atusy (@Atsushi776; 82): 知ってたか? R Markdown: The Definitive Guide にパワポ出力のドキュメント追加されてるんだぜ……!! https://t.co/md4RdPKUtn

Dr. Sam Tyner (@sctyner; 73): Anyone know of a way to render the “shortauthor” option from biblatex in #bookdown HTML form? I need something like [@ibm:2014] to render as (IBM 2014) but leave the author as International Business Machines in the References. #latex #rmarkdown #rstats https://t.co/iSTsQNkfjf https://t.co/AMr6F7ygy0

Joon An (@joonomics; 52): The Bookdown project is something useful. I am going to teach the data science for biologist next semester using three amazing textbooks. Rafa’s DS https://t.co/QvQJW0ZgDV Holmes and Huber’s mordern stats https://t.co/mfdldy4Jd1 and Wilke’s Viz https://t.co/Mm585FQPVo

Statisticians and Data Scientists (@statsanddatasci; 51): 📚Interactive web-based data visualization with #Rstats, #plotly, and #shiny - Carson Sievert👇 #bookdown: https://t.co/i96e0mUQi0 #PDF: https://t.co/pHMJO3t7Cm > #DataViz #visualizacióndedatos #datavisualization https://t.co/En4ZoHn1Vl

Amit Indap 🏊🏽🌵🌊 (@aindap; 41): What is a pirate’s favorite statistical programming language/environment? https://t.co/KQGzeV3RnZ #Rstats

Aaron R. Williams (@awunderground; 31): I make a lot of reveal js presentations in R Markdown. I just learned how easy it is to change individual slide colors and backgrounds: >

Slide title {data-background = #1696d2}

https://t.co/9IVy89ZAyX #rstats

Statisticians and Data Scientists (@statsanddatasci; 31): 📄How to Build a #Shiny Application from Scratch👇 https://t.co/gPwov1acR8 > #Rstats #bookdown https://t.co/yo7IVv3PXA

藤原惟📕Markdownライティング入門 (@skyy_writing; 22): この資料、やべえな……。一部分はPandocの解説とも読める。(ただR部分との切り分けは難しいかも) > R Markdown: The Definitive Guide https://t.co/xJSPwWViUu

Robert Osazuwa Ness (@osazuwa; 20): @logangraham Lecture notes (work in progress) https://t.co/8D9pQJ1UlM @lizziesilver

Eric Green (@ericpgreen; 11): Know CSS and #Rmarkdown? Please see my new “gig” on @rstudio community: https://t.co/3YM40ZuBSs Looking for some template help! #rstats https://t.co/vA3PZjy60D

David Keyes (@dgkeyes; 10): @MattDabrowski @rstats4ds Also check out https://t.co/het2q67zlu

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): @cbt_test 手元でリビルドしたところ表示できました. https://t.co/iaaakV8W9z docs/bookdownの体験_files/ が git で追跡されてないのが問題っぽいですね. https://t.co/0UkB5ppfrp

Robert M Flight (@rmflight; 10): @StefanieButland @EmilyRiederer @rOpenSci @wmlandau @gittaca @bikesRdata @patilindrajeets @hadleywickham @ma_salmon I would think creating PDF from the bookdown wouldn’t be too hard, and then printing via leanpub …

MH Manuel Haqiqatkhah (@_psyguy; 10): .@APA_Style’ing hinders scientific progress noticeably—we would have already found the universal cure for depression if we didn’t have to waste lives on s*** #bookdown doesn’t do apa6, #papaja’s killing me & the assessor: “Our field being psychology, please do use APA style” 😑🔫

Matthew Kay (@mjskay; 10): @elanio_herrador @ClausWilke I believe @ClausWilke wrote the book in bookdown, so perhaps it is possible to look at the source code to see how the figures are generated

Sergio Berdiales (@SergioBerdiales; 0/1): El gráfico está hecho con R. Podéis ver el detalle y el código aquí: https://t.co/8Pz3xr9BNs #rstats #dataviz #JuegodeTronos8x06


Brooke Watson (@brookLYNevery1; 1374): imho the most underrated thing about knitr is that sometimes when you knit a report to html for a #stakeholder, they will refer to it as “the website you made,” and ask to share said website with their colleagues

Emily Riederer (@EmilyRiederer; 212): TIL* about knitr’s cat engine thanks to @chrisderv . Very elegant solution for making on-the-fly temp files in RMarkdown that can be referenced from other chunks! (Among other things, but this was my use case) > https://t.co/X8EfXqnboJ > *yesterday https://t.co/Zg1eDd8mNe

atusy (@Atsushi776; 194): knitr に足した fn エンジンが footnote 書くのに便利過ぎてやばい. チャンクをアウトラインに表示させる設定にしとくと超快適. https://t.co/KSPzNW8PN9

Nicholas Tierney (@nj_tierney; 60): @jtrnyc #rstats knitting crossover: I just learned to knit on the weekend, and talking to @robjhyndman about this - he pointed out the purl command from knitr - which does the opposite of knitting a document - producing R code instead. Well played, @xieyihui

R-Ladies Melbourne (@RLadiesMelb; 52): From #LaTeX to #Sweave to #GNU to #knitr - the history of reproducibility in #rstats https://t.co/RFFtuDL3CD

Alexia Jolicoeur-Martineau (@jm_alexia; 30): When using knitr with R, it was converting my “é” into non-UTF-8 characters. I wish non-english languages where better dealt with.

atusy (@Atsushi776; 30): マージされた。 https://t.co/GsVmEX3jJa https://t.co/tUbhDYPT8B

atusy (@Atsushi776; 21): knitr に PR したわけではないので,ご利用は atusy/atusydown からゼヒ!

Johannes Textor (@JohannesTextor; 20): @MaartenvSmeden If you’re using LaTeX: combining beamer & knitr works very well for me. I use this for all my lectures & presentations with embedded R code.

Cédric Scherer (@CedScherer; 20): @KorayTascilar @minde1even @R4DScommunity @rstudio @dataandme Indeed, it is hidden due to the knitr option - you can see it in the last section with the full code - or inherited from a previously saved gg object

Jake Kaupp (@jakekaupp; 20): @harrocyranka Many options exist. I usually use kable from knitr and add additional styling with kableExtra

Simon Grund (@simongrund89; 12): @johartig @rstudio Vaguely remember seeing something similar once. The cause for me was a version mismatch between knitr and pandoc. Are all packages up to date (knitr, rmarkdown, …)? RStudio? Local pandoc install (if any)?

Elio Campitelli (@d_olivaw; 10): Reading things like these reignite my want for learning to knit. I still don’t have the patience. :‘( (other than using #knitr) > ‘Knitting Is Coding’ and Yarn Is Programmable in This Physics Lab > https://t.co/vJvxwAQKjd

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 10): @EmilyRiederer I’m intrigued and maybe inspired by your #github forks of #knitr + #xaringan. (Github randomly told me about them since I started following your work.) > Is the idea that you might try developing something new, and see if you could get it folded into the original?

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 10): @alyssafuward @guacamolebio @hadleywickham @EmilyRiederer @xieyihui @dataandme @JennyBryan @CMastication @WeAreRLadies @djnavarro @thomas_mock @R4DScommunity @rdpeng @jtleek @coursera @rstudio @guacamolebio if you haven’t tried using R Markdown in general, that’s a ginormous game-changer in terms of reproducible research and literate programming. > BTW I see that you’re a knitter. You might like the name of one of the main packages used for R Markdown, knitr.

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): できれば Rmd definitive guide に knitr を統合して欲しいなあ.

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): knitr が Travis CI でコケるバグ直ったので,みんなどんどん PR しような.

Pablo M. Rodriguez (@pabrodez; 10): @chrismainey Maybe changing device would work knitr::opts_chunk$set(dev=‘CairoPNG’)

atusy (@Atsushi776; 0/1): @cbt_test index.html の YAML 直下で, knitr::opts_chunk$set(fig.path = “_figures/“) を唱えると,画像の保存先を指定できるので,パス問題を解決できそうですね. 参考: https://t.co/j2MRLXzMmS

CRAN Package Updates (@CRANberriesFeed; 0/1): CRAN updates: knitr https://t.co/y5W2NTKSXT #rstats


Romain Lesur (@RLesur; 10): @coreypembleton @uRosconf If you haven’t seen it yet, watch @xieyihui’s talk at #rstudioconf2019 on #pagedown https://t.co/y2wzBK6L0X


R-Ladies São Paulo (@RLadiesSaoPaulo; 177): Ontem a @BeaMilz e a @hsvab apresentaram um workshop no IV SER e #RLadies Niterói, com o tema: Comunicando seus resultados - Criando apresentações com R. O material está disponível em https://t.co/phpp6PPYn5 💜 #SER #UFF #rstats #xaringan #rmarkdown

Paloma RS. (@palolili23; 110): @MaartenvSmeden Xaringan is the best! @apreshill shows how cool they can be here: https://t.co/3ChJkOS77w Plus the package xaringanthemer by @grrrck is so helpful to personalize colors, fonts and other details without going to the css file.

Chris Mainey (@chrismainey; 94): Really nice post by @grrrck on separating code and output in #xaringan slides. https://t.co/Q6nnVX38oE

R-Ladies Melbourne (@RLadiesMelb; 90): Xaringan is an easy way to create portable #rstats slides - @MrsLaviniaG https://t.co/BJi0aBWIZt

Tiffany Timbers (@TiffanyTimbers; 70): Upping my Rmardown xaringan knowledge/skills as I create my talks for #SSC and @SDSSconf, and just discovered there is a live preview of your slides inside @rstudio now!! AMAZING!!! > https://t.co/jdDej7HZpa > #rstats

Chris Engelhardt (@EngelhardtCR; 61): Please don’t worry, @xieyihui, I won’t show my son xaringan::inf_mr() (https://t.co/bsBJOpgEhq) until I think he can use it responsibly 😂. Thanks for thinking of me and my keyboard! P.S. I think he will be thrilled he got a shout-out in your #rstats docs. https://t.co/yHKmb7hQpj

Corinne Riddell (@datavisitor; 20): @jon_y_huang @MaartenvSmeden Is it easy to learn? I have been using the simpler slide outputs but some students are requesting some pizzazz. The name Xaringan sounds so unapproachable to me

Malcolm Barrett 🦁🐻 (@malco_barrett; 20): @EngelhardtCR @USCBiostat Thanks! Yeah, that’s a mix of custom CSS and a few techniques I picked up from other xaringan styles (@xieyihui will appreciate that that’s why I call this theme “kakashi CSS: copy shinobi style”, which I plan to PR to xaringan ~next week)

Dr. Sam Tyner (@sctyner; 10): @martinjhnhadley This seems very possible. I’m imagining a script that takes class:inverse slides from xaringan and makes those chapter files, then each slide title (# title) becomes a subsection in the chapter.

Alessandro Gasparini (@ellessenne; 10): @jon_y_huang @MaartenvSmeden +1, {xaringan} is great and it has built-in themes too!

Emily Riederer (@EmilyRiederer; 10): @BenjaminWolfe Hence my xaringan fork. However, it’s never really mad it to the top of my list to work on, so I should probably delete the fork for now. (That said, as a taRheel, I am troubled there’s a Duke theme but no UNC… 😋) > (7/n)

Chris Mainey (@chrismainey; 10): @pabrodez Thanks, that was a good shout. Turns out that I’m an idiot, and my main problems was images going over the page in xaringan slides and Chrome not knowing how to paginate it when printing to PDF. Scaled my images better and no problem.

Leonard Kiefer (@lenkiefer; 10): @surlyurbanist xaringan -> html -> print to pdf works pretty well if you need a file


Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 141): @EvanKaeding @rOpenSci In case you are curious about “somehow”: https://t.co/wZefvHxMSR :)