If you’re an academic you need a website so that people can easily find info about your research and publications. Here’s how to make your own website for free in around an hour using the blogdown package in #Rstats [UPDATED 2019 THREAD] https://t.co/YhHkEWlemW



Hadley Wickham (@hadleywickham; 818218): If you have ever wondered about the relationship between base #rstats and the tidyverse, I highly recommend this talk by @rdpeng: https://t.co/E9QaFHaY2b / https://t.co/Zlrh9UgK9o. He does a better job explaining it than I ever have 😀

mikefc (@coolbutuseless; 43395): Exciting #rlang changes are coming in v0.4 > Using {{}} for quasiquotation/interpolation looks like a quantum leap in readability (and teachability). > #rstats https://t.co/If5OnYeyL6

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 424111): If you are looking for free #rstats tutorials on regression models that don’t assume linear relationships, I recommend this one by @noamross on #GAMs. #R code is easily implemented and very well explained: https://t.co/tpJ5hgceDt

Katherine Ognyanova (@Ognyanova; 375140): Network visualization with R: updated tutorial for #sunbelt2019. From basics to interactive and animated graphs, temporal and geographic networks. Now includes @thomasp85’s #ggraph and a PUPPY IN A TEACUP. https://t.co/Ro39rk0ayQ #rstats #ggplot2 #dataviz #sna #DataScience https://t.co/7lBYVKT22z

Jo Hardin (@jo_hardin47; 34667): Do you love the tidyverse but worry that it is too much on top of teaching R code to do inference in intro stats? No fear, use infer, a tidy way to perform inference! https://t.co/KwJ3z9uk0d @hglanz @askdrstats Andrew Bray @old_man_chester @rstudio #rstats https://t.co/QVUdGuran5

Mara Averick (@dataandme; 27766): 🚗 @Emil_Hvitfeldt takes {ggplot2} 3.2.0’s legend options for a spin… 📊 “Changing Glyph in legend in ggplot2” https://t.co/tv312fAnix #rstats #dataviz https://t.co/u6IZX2RUwc

Zev Ross (@zevross; 19528): I’ve been very impressed with the concaveman algorithm for creating a hull around points. Super-fast and easy to implement. Convex hull and concave hull compared below (#rstats package by @joelgombin, original JS script by @mourner) https://t.co/HS2XmKYqoO

Tyler Morgan-Wall (@tylermorganwall; 17630): https://t.co/E0TGH2Cr8f has a new Twitter card! Added it to the pkgdown website when I saw how nice the Github card looked. > Wait a minute… does it also have the documentation for 3D ggplots and a new README?? How did that happen?😀Take a look… > #rstats #rayshader

Mara Averick (@dataandme; 16735): 👇 Turn classification or regression models into static websites… “modelDown is now on CRAN!” 🖋 @smarterpoland https://t.co/jJgdWF3mdl #rstats 📦site: https://t.co/nchTCLwLdU example: https://t.co/J9cz7Lul6y https://t.co/uL1eTaX1iI

Gina Reynolds (@EvaMaeRey; 16642): Leaflet for R package from @rstudio is so 😎!! Exploring with a little flipbook. #rstats #pipelines https://t.co/lD9ytPUGSL https://t.co/DIx3nws2RJ

One R Tip a Day (@RLangTip; 16040): A collection of natural language processing tutorials by @rctatman https://t.co/XHTMwIbIyE. Several general tutorials for R programmers at all levels on the same page. #rstats

Stephen Turner (@strnr; 15849): Dendrograms in R https://t.co/bWGP0lAyCM #rstats https://t.co/B6yIdoyCgL


Dan Quintana (@dsquintana; 2157520): If you’re an academic you need a website so that people can easily find info about your research and publications. Here’s how to make your own website for free in around an hour using the blogdown package in #Rstats [UPDATED 2019 THREAD] https://t.co/YhHkEWlemW

Maya Gans (@Mayacelium; 8913): Just finished @apreshill’s awesome #rstats #blogdown workshop. I can’t wait to share the link to my published site soon! Until then, here’s some doodle notes I took during the course https://t.co/lv2JBypDRH

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 425): Want to make your academic website for free? @dsquintana has just the #blogdown tweet tutorial for you. https://t.co/FxGhTXiEFy

Dⓐniel Chen (@chendaniely; 349): It’s a bit late, but here’s the recap of my second week at @rstudio for my #rstats #internship, git, nonstandard evaluation, and summer of blogdown w/ @apreshill: https://t.co/BHUoCnamVJ

James Rae (@jamesrrae; 256): Definitely consider using #Rstats and blogdown if you’re an academic wanting a professional looking website that’s easy to maintain https://t.co/nJkwVjQGyS

Julia Beitner (@JuliaBeitner; 212): My own website is finally online!🎉🎉🎉 Check it out here: https://t.co/11N0t58z1d 😎 I am super happy with it because it was build in #Rstats with the #blogdown package, integrated into the Hugo framework, and hosted on @Netlify. Can only recommend it! Easy, affordable, nice!

Andrew Murray (@A_MURRAY89; 192): Struggling to migrate my #R #blogdown directories to my new laptop and GitHub simultaneously and just discovered the ‘here’ package. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS EXISTED??? I bounce between about 4 computers and this will save my life. so long setwd()

Justin Nix (@jnixy; 180): I tried my hand at creating a personal website where I’ll link all of my published work and occasionally blog. Created in @rstudio using the #blogdown package: https://t.co/ysqDCuAUCz.

Rika Gorn (@RikaGorn; 173): Making some #SoDS19 goals! 1. Organize my github into a portfolio and upload #tidytuesday code 2. Finish my #blogdown site 3. Continue ML Andrew Ng videos 4. Start learning intro to Python

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 153): I enjoyed reading this post by @joyceisms on her first 2 weeks as a summer intern @rstudio.
> “For what it’s worth… it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit. Start whenever you want.” 💜 the benjamin button quote > 👀 nice #blogdown site #SoDS19 https://t.co/eXaKLGzgpB

Dan Quintana (@dsquintana; 143): Install blogdown in R using this command: > install.packages(“blogdown”)
> Then start a new project, entering “gcushen/hugo-academic” as the Hugo theme. Keep the other options ticked. This will download all the necessary files. https://t.co/kq6yhgxPSG

Matt Crump (@MattCrump_; 121): Song for the #tidyverse🎶 > Don’t worry won’t quit my day job, brought to you by > #blogdown #bookdown #broom #covr #dbplot #devtools #dplyr #feather #forcats #fs #ggforce #ggplot2 #glue #googlesheets #knitr #lubridate #pipe #pkgdown #r2d3 #readxl #rmarkdown #andmore #rstats https://t.co/uL2MDC5Ie2

Guy Prochilo 🏳️‍🌈 (@GuyProchilo; 112): #Rstats: Hugo-academic blogdown theme is a beautiful template recommended for academics who want a professional-looking website. > Instructions on GitHub: https://t.co/mI8ICuTGz4… > Check out my website with the theme: https://t.co/eTVWEtFOaX > #phdchat https://t.co/V6gTnuPcn7

Sam Westwood (@westwoodsam1; 110): @dsquintana I’ve had a few false starts with r blogdown but this looks super clear and easy. Gonna make a website now! Wish me luck!!

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 90): .@gvwilson: so I can gitignore resources/ for my #blogdown site? > me in my head: as long as you use the Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 build image, b/c if not you’ll get this crazy error message…and read a closed github thread from 2018…and wonder where you went wrong in life > me: yes https://t.co/uJcv4eiQol

Dan Quintana (@dsquintana; 90): Alternatively, “blogdown” and RStudio is free and can integrate with the Hugo framework, which provides several website templates. It also uses Markdown, which is a straightforward markup language. So let’s get started!

llrs (@Lluis_Rev; 83): Thanks @apreshill for your resources in https://t.co/3H8umYbbSM. It helped me to finally understand how to build my website! 🥳Looking forward to more content

Brianne Palmer (@briecology; 72): #iRestore day 18 > It’s 100 degrees outside so I am indoors learning how to make a website on #blogdown. When I am indoors I read, write, and learn to code usually with some feel-good Netflix in the background (i.e. Great British Baking Show) > https://t.co/aXO1J30t0G

Dan Quintana (@dsquintana; 70): Ok, so why use blogdown? Sure, there are several free options available to start your own blog (e.g., Medium). However, you generally can’t list your publications or other information easily on these services. Also, who knows where these services will be in a few years?

Dr Jenny Richmond (@JenRichmondPhD; 60): Every time I try making a new blogdown site, I break hugo. Following your #summerofblogdown instructions @apreshill and I think I’ve ended up with two hugos. When I serve_site() it looks terrible! How do I delete one? https://t.co/61m7hpcy8j

Dan Quintana (@dsquintana; 50): I’ve been asked this question a few times but can’t answer as I’ve never used Wordpress. > Can anyone who has used BOTH Blogdown and Wordpress share some of the benefits of Blogdown? Or do you prefer Wordpress? https://t.co/NfOobSB3Ro

Dan Quintana (@dsquintana; 42): Then build the template site using this command: > blogdown::serve_site() > The viewer window will render a mobile version of your site, but you can also see a desktop version in your browser. https://t.co/gmVTEDJmpK

Dan Quintana (@dsquintana; 42): Now, load blogdown using this command: > library(blogdown) > and then install the “hugo” framework, which is the backbone of your website: > blogdown::install_hugo(force = TRUE)

Researc/hers Code (@ResearcHersCode; 42): It’s a wrap 🎬 on the Summer of #blogdown. Unfortunately, I missed yesterday’s session on content vs. pages, assigning a custom URL, enforcing https, and which files not to touch🙅‍♀️. Luckily, @apreshill’s slides are accessible online! 🙌 https://t.co/UMn20y9J03. #SoDS19

Darren L Dahly (@statsepi; 40): @dsquintana The overwhelming reason I use blogdown is that I can render Rmd files straight to my website. Other stuff w/o code just goes on Medium, because I like the simple editor and overall look of it. My first site was a WP site and it’s easy to modify, but I haven’t missed it.

Ido Bar (@DrIdoBar; 40): One of the clearer and simpler tutorials for creating your own a academic website using #blogdown. I think I can’t postpone it any longer now… https://t.co/ut7hHnvLgh

Just_Ice_Kong (@KingKongTheGOAT; 31): Started learning blogdown on Monday, just deployed 2 websites this week and planning on more. Curious on what more can be done with #blogdown #rstats > @Netlify much love to you. ✌️

Owen Churches (@OwenChurches; 31): How amazing is #blogdown! Its for static sites but I just learnt you can include zoomable #leaflet maps, with popups. That’s pretty interactive: leaflet() %>% addTiles() %>% addMarkers(lat = df$lat, lng = df$lng, popup = df$details). Working example: https://t.co/zhxFAJi8AU

John Mills (@jpmillsphd; 30): @ruphos @AgVelasque @dsquintana I’m no expert on this, but I believe the blogdown tutorial Dan presents creates a static site with all the files stored on your computer. To my knowledge, such sites are more secure and often cheaper to operate than WordPress.

Coltan Scrivner (@Scrivmaster; 30): Blogdown** If only Twitter was as easily editable as R… 😂

Urban Demographics🚡 (@UrbanDemog; 30): @dsquintana Thanks Dan and @xieyihui for the great work! I’ve started my blog 10 years when https://t.co/5X7UBXKtp7 was still a thing. I’m very interested in moving over to #blogdown but do you know any smooth ways to make this transition without loosing my older posts, stats history etc?

Andrew Davis (@science_drew; 21): https://t.co/ixUZzCcuou > Just finished making the first draft of my website. Using blogdown on R it was actually pretty easy. The site is pretty minimalist at the moment but I’ll add to it as I (hopefully) get papers, talks, etc.

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 21): @RyanStraight @georgecushen generally .Rmd -> .html (so HTML widgets work, but Table of Contents rendered via BlackFriday does not) > .Rmarkdown -> .md (so TOC works, but nothing with HTML output in chunks will) > Here is a great post: https://t.co/NACFoVrJJm https://t.co/MpoG80Uebg

Kean J. Hsu (@keanjhsu; 21): @QuERBYLAB @dsquintana @swirlstats @djnavarro For blogdown, I used these resources, along with the thread by @dsquintana : 1) https://t.co/CdqOyZkq4o and https://t.co/MUA5wiu7E1 - Basic info as a starting spot. 2) https://t.co/lZAXpCn9Ru - Had small tidbits with customizing small bits of my blogdown site

BFF (@YrBFFAnna; 21): Privacy reminder to fellow newb #r4ds bloggers & git users: > IDK who needs to hear this but if yr doing the Blogdown>Hugo>Github>Netlify thing, commenting out code hides it from yr website but it’s still public in your GH repo. e.g., email address in params and config.

Justin Nix (@jnixy; 20): @Shjarback_CCJ Nah, I’m using #RStats and #blogdown. Took me a while to work through some kinks brought on by user error, but I’m cooking now and I love it. h/t @dsquintana

Siqi Zhang (@iqis_gnahz; 20): @SalamanderJenn @IsabellaGhement Someone hasn’t yet to suggest the combination of blogdown and Netlify?

Dan Quintana (@dsquintana; 20): To add a PDF of your CV, copy your CV to “static/files/cv.pdf” and uncomment (i.e., remove the “#” signs) that prefix the CV section lines of the file. > To see how your updates look on your website, save the file in Rstudio, and then run the “blogdown:::serve_site()” command.

Brian O’Meara (@omearabrian; 20): @8legs2fangs Yep: https://t.co/nwWccnDn6w #rstats

Ed Hagen (@ed_hagen; 20): @Scrivmaster I use blogdown, but also check out distill (another rstudio product): > https://t.co/R6cWn7i4hE > #rstats

Kean J. Hsu (@keanjhsu; 20): @QuERBYLAB @dsquintana I’ll paste some additional resources (both for #R and for #blogdown) when I’m back at a computer! One of my favorite starting points is @swirlstats for learning how to manipulate data in #Rstudio so that you can get it into shape for data analysis. Happy to answer any questions2!

Malcolm Barrett 🦁🐻, #SER2019 edition (@malco_barrett; 20): @apreshill @xieyihui Yeah but at least blogdown is fine

Nikki Grasley-Boy (@nikki_g_b; 20): @WillavanDijk @jarlogan Here are the slides! https://t.co/TbIVOMXzWk > They also recommended the blogdown book that appears to be freely available: https://t.co/8yKPg7fUKr

Art Steinmetz (@adababbage; 20): #rstats hugo/blogdown directory structure was driving me crazy. The unexpected breakthrough was just letting go of using “Knit” or “Preview” in my workflow and realizing blogdown:::serve_site() is live every time I save the blog post.

Dr. Ryan “It’s Summer Break” Straight (@RyanStraight; 20): Perhaps I’ll write something up on how to host your own version of a site like this for folks without much knowledge of Hugo or GitHub or even RMarkdown. @apreshill has a great 4-day walkthrough, though. https://t.co/r0IRwjP3KC

Researc/hers Code (@ResearcHersCode; 20): On Day 3 of @apreshill’s summer of #blogdown 🏄‍♀️⛱️😎, we got to check out each other’s sites, learned about relative links, and where to put data & images. Today’s homework? Page bundles, permalinks, and creating a blog post! https://t.co/ny1zWXYGbC #rstats #SoDS2019 https://t.co/x8vLaKLosy

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 10): @RyanStraight @georgecushen Stems from same problem- if you use shortcodes, those are interpreted my markdown, so Rmarkdown -> .md -> blackfriday. But if you try to use shortcodes it goes .Rmd -> .markdown -> Hugo (bypassing blackfriday). Try using the blogdown::shortcode() function in an R chunk instead

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 10): @StefanieButland @JenRichmondPhD 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 yay Stefanie! (a) you do not have to be an academic to use the theme, and (b) you don’t have to blog to use blogdown. But the more Hugo themes I try, the happier I am with the academic theme 👩🏾‍💻

ruphos (@ruphos; 10): @AgVelasque @dsquintana Blogdown is not necessarily any more or less secure than wordpress (I don’t know enough about it to say one way or the other), but there are thousands of botnets actively scanning for known (and probably unknown) WP exploits

Gavin Masterson (@gavinprm; 10): @SalamanderJenn I’ve just started working on my personal website and a project website for the work I did in my PhD. My motivation began with my work with R when I read about the package ‘blogdown’. I can’t give you comparisons but so far I’m making rapid progress with R.

Coltan Scrivner (@Scrivmaster; 10): Blogdown, not blowdown 🤦‍♂️ https://t.co/dyBcQyaHk0

Dan Quintana (@dsquintana; 10): @DCrainium @STEMculture Ahhh, I’ve always wondering how blogdown could adapted to a podcast website. Now I can see it can be done!

Andrés Velásquez (@AgVelasque; 10): @dsquintana This thread is pure gold and everyone should read it. Quick question: What are the advantages of blogdown compared to other free and friendly CMS like WordPress ? (I’m a noob in web design)

Mohsin Ramay (@mohsin1570; 10): @OpenPlantPath @edelponte @adamhsparks Yes it is a great tool. Had already made website using the updated version of blogdown package.

Emerson Del Ponte (@edelponte; 10): @OpenPlantPath @adamhsparks If you want to use RStudio (which is what I use to build the site locally when performing a lot customization and content addition) you need this trick after cloning the repo: “Workaround a Blogdown bug by moving config/_default/config.toml to config.toml at your project root”

Joyce Cahoon (@joyceisms; 10): @apreshill @rstudio Thank you!! 🙏 Esp for making blogdown so accessible

Andrew Murray (@A_MURRAY89; 10): @sheilasaia @EDIgotdata I’m finally getting my workflow of Rstudio 🔁 GitHub working smoothly so I’m feeling optimistic! You use blogdown for your site too, are you updating it through GitHub? I’m just dragging mine into netlify but my next challenge is to auto update through GitHub

Kean J. Hsu (@keanjhsu; 10): @QuERBYLAB @dsquintana @swirlstats @djnavarro @zotero to my tastes. I found creating parent nav bar options a nice way of organizing my site. > It was definitely a bit of trial and error but got easier as I connected the dots. > If you want, I can send my blogdown code so you can see how the R code/files translate to my website!

Kean J. Hsu (@keanjhsu; 10): @QuERBYLAB @dsquintana @swirlstats @djnavarro @zotero https://t.co/g0K1bWGqV4 is one tutorial you can try, though I ended up just downloading the desktop client and then uploading my blogdown public folder contents to git. > To actually construct the site, I just played around a lot with the existing files and customized them (cont)

Dave Braze (@davidbraze; 10): @dsquintana Rather, blogdown is a wrapper around Hugo. Hugo itself is a templated static site system that uses markdown for content. IIRC, blogdown defaults to Hugo’s “Academic” template.

Diego Trindade (@diegopftrindade; 10): @FValenteNeto Beleza! Escrevi um post há algum tempo falando um pouco sobre como fazer um site utilizando o pacote #blogdown. Muita coisa já deve ter sido aprimorada de lá pra cá, mas, caso tenha interesse em utilizar essa ferramenta na construção do site, pode ser que ajude de alguma forma.

Diego Trindade (@diegopftrindade; 10): @FValenteNeto link: https://t.co/Ion6WZu0G4

ヴィンティー@T/T (@vin_tea01; 10): RだけじゃなくてPythonとかJuliaも使いたいのでblogdownじゃなくて生Hugo叩いた方が良さそう。

Brett J. Gall (@brettjgall; 10): Two great resources for creating static websites in R: https://t.co/rNELY24di3 and https://t.co/K5FMuYMdI9

Chris Austin (@caustin0364; 10): @_johnmackintosh @robinson_es How about one on the mechanics of doing your blog posts? I’m assuming you’re using blogdown. I’ve been using It for a couple of months and when I get more comfy with it I might just do the same…

Ogundepo Ezekiel Adebayo (@gbganalyst; 10): Learning Blogdown is what I will focus on this winter. https://t.co/s1jqucu3md


Sebastian Sauer (@sauer_sebastian; 17252): Learning #Bayes stats? Love @rlmcelreath’s book? But also loving #tidyverse? Check out @SolomonKurz’ tidyverse version of the McElreath’s book, using the amazing #brms package by @paulbuerkner: https://t.co/R7MmX3Npkv

Jade Pickering (@Jade_Pickering; 121): Day 10-13 of #100daysofthesis: still working on my paper which is looking swish AF now that I’m using R Markdown (w/ papaja & bookdown). > Writing is so much easier when it’s in a plain text rmd file. > Goodbye, MS Word! > #PhDChat #AcademicChatter #AcWri https://t.co/YdMq1wY53K

Statisticians and Data Scientists (@statsanddatasci; 114): 📚Estadística y Machine Learning con R - Francisco Parra👇 15 de Junio de 2017: https://t.co/QKgK3BMRQR 25 de Enero de 2019: https://t.co/nqptvZ6sWT > #Statistics #Analisisdedatos #estadistica #DataAnalysis #DataScience #Rstats #rstatses #Cienciadedatos #MachineLearning #Bookdown https://t.co/4HSPBAEMrT

Gina Reynolds (@EvaMaeRey; 64): Looking for tips on Rmarkdown “Text references” for 2.2.4 https://t.co/Wb9iGhKRT1 Hopeful that might work, but so far, no dice. #rstats https://t.co/k9mhKbWDa6

LIBD rstats club (@LIBDrstats; 52): Today we explored🔎 qinwf’s https://t.co/IlLlsZmlLa (#patchwork #covr #ggrepel #ggstatsplot #waffle #xkcd #r2d3 #bookdown #genetics + mentioned others) & built this diagram with #nomnoml by @javierluraschi (we couldn’t center the bottom text 😔) > https://t.co/qeRwDPQl4j > #rstats https://t.co/ngyAPyXRk8

fonzie (@OilGains; 50): One key thing I came to realize is that #rstats can be an excellent substitute for #make, if we start thinking as R being a terminal processor. This is a paradigm shift that I came to discover with #rsuite. This tremendously helps to build #bookdown site with its own package.

fonzie (@OilGains; 40): Just finished building #rstats #reproducible environment for another #bookdown. Turn for https://t.co/FWLqpqNjvy. > Now, the ebook, with its dependencies, can be reproduced easier. Used #rsuite to build the control project. > https://t.co/T25SkpJmqM > @SolomonKurz @xieyihui https://t.co/F7PPIvC4if

Gabo Gaona (@gavg712; 21): @tatobenavidez @rstudio El tutorial de #rmarkdown es bastante bueno para empezar (https://t.co/np5qSus7AF)... si quieres un poco más detalle, aquí: https://t.co/oJpZAq73wT …pero además te recomiendo leer/aprender sobre #yaml, #knitr y #pandoc

Eduardo Ochetski (@Pinduzera; 20): @brunaarbo @leofn3 @bwundervald @hpgomide Olá, a maior parte eu aprendi meio que na marra quando precisava mas acho que esse livro é uma boa referência (se não tiver problemas com inglês) https://t.co/sImQ49ohHA E tenha sempre essa cheatsheet na mão que ajuda demais https://t.co/JwkQXku5IJ

Nan Xiao (@nanxstats; 20): @jdblischak @seabbs @github Yes, supporting extra Markdown projects (websites, bookdown, etc.) is straightforward in liftr – simply create new Docker-based renderers that wrap around the original renderer. Please feel free to contribute patches…

Charles T. Gray (@cantabile; 20): @achazhardenberg So, it’s a bit contrary. I like to use tactile things where I can; I think clearer. Also, travel-work on a 13in laptop screen, the screen real estate must be given to rstudio. Finally, I wanted to experiment with bookdown:: in a fun easy project, to work out kinks for thesis. https://t.co/zfTNfkkdm2

Wit Jakuczun (@WitJakuczun; 11): #rsuite makes #rstats mature technology. Check another #bookdown migrated by @OilGains. https://t.co/I1s4IPHbAO

Julio Spairani (@jspairani; 10): @gavg712 @tatobenavidez @rstudio Especialmente https://t.co/DOxELpUgCU

Em (@EmRstats; 10): @HellaChuffed06 @AcademicChatter Paperpile for reference manager because it integrates well with MetaPDF for annotation > Combined with RMarkdown/Bookdown and LaTeX

Charles T. Gray (@cantabile; 10): @achazhardenberg Thanks for asking 😊 > It evolves all the time; so I keep notes on it here, and I update my systems in a googlesheet, then scrape it using the R package googlesheets:: into a bookdown:: site. > https://t.co/CA8tFU2FvB

Zhi Yang (@zhiiiyang; 10): @PhDemetri https://t.co/pxWmzjyRHo search for “red” and it will take you to the codes.

Anh Hoang Duc (@AnhHoangDuc; 0/1): I have #md files in #bookdown project & want to render these md files like other Rmd files. Is there anyway? @xieyihui


Shravan Vasishth (@shravanvasishth; 92): I’m going to be in Leipzig (MPI) Nov 14-15 for this meeting (Doing Good). I will do a workshop on Open Science and Statistics (a practical course using github, R Markdown, knitr, and friends). > https://t.co/RkCOuu3ewa

Maëlle Salmon 🐟 (@ma_salmon; 72): TIL how to evaluate an #rstats Markdown chunk based on the output format 🤓

💡https://t.co/OrCzC59YUI > 💡Shortcut knitr::is_latex_output() h/t @RLesur

LaTeX-Ninja (@latex_ninja; 65): #newblogpost #tutorial on: Typesetting source code in #TeXLaTeX, mainly in #beamer presentations. Featuring #minted, #lstlisting, #knitR and more: https://t.co/8Hr2vrRBiX Also interesting for the #digitalhumanities #dh ;) https://t.co/Px9HhZAUOr

Elio Campitelli (@d_olivaw; 51): PD: Hice este thread directamente desde knitr con el paquete spindler: https://t.co/D6G1eWnt76 #rstats #rstatsES

Amy Szczepanski (@amyszczepanski; 41): When you intend to type library(knitr) but instead type library(ggknit). #rstats #ggplot #knitting https://t.co/ozJttpT8wN

Jenny Bryan (@JennyBryan; 40): @CedScherer @sheilasaia @A_MURRAY89 it’s not just about portability but also nice behaviour w.r.t. working directory, which comes up a lot w/ rmarkdown/knitr https://t.co/YDvVUQOMKx https://t.co/IWzm8gnhuD https://t.co/U5ptEGqCrA

César Benavidez (@tatobenavidez; 21): @gavg712 @rstudio Gracias @gavg712, lo probaré en la siguiente presentación que tenga, sobre #knitr he revisado poco, le hechare un ojo también a #yaml y #pandoc 🤟.

Pavel Logacev (@pavellogacev; 20): @theutkuturk @msoskuthy @BodoWinter @bananabull Just create a new knitr document in r-studio.

Cecilia Noecker (@ceciliaNoecker; 20): @richabdill In RStudio: View(myData) sounds like what you need? Or if you want to generate nice tables in a notebook, knitr::kable

Shravan Vasishth (@shravanvasishth; 20): @estSchott I gave up on R Markdown completely for paper writing. I use Rnw (knitr). This works really well.

Jo Etzel (@JosetAEtzel; 20): (Chatting about quality control, #rstats, knitr, twin studies, respiration entrainment in task fMRI, etc. would be ok, too!)

tj mahr 🍕🍍 (@tjmahr; 20): Unicode works in a GUI editor like RStudio (left). But outside of that, like in a knitr pipeline (right), non-native Unicode characters are escaped into some other format. so something simple like character-length completely breaks. https://t.co/KqvWRWNAzl

Raphael Bruce (@rphlbruce; 10): @ericracia O burro aqui teve que googlar também a diferença hahaha. https://t.co/zJyYn7i95k > Beleza! Vou tentar ver aqui. Se for custoso demais, volto ao status quo.

Vivek Das (@ivivek87; 10): @venkmurthy @salimhayek Markdowns forever, been using them past 2.5 years now and easy to share and port. I am dabbling in Jupiter as well but not a pro. For any reproducible workflows RMarkdowns are amazing, even for publishing via knitR()

Malcolm Barrett 🦁🐻, #SER2019 edition (@malco_barrett; 10): @MaartenvSmeden I actually don’t use it that much! I tend to either not save (e.g. let it be reproduced in my Markdown file or whatever) or export to something else. I’ve been thinking about using more in place of knitr’s cache system, though, to give myself a bit more control over it

Matt Crump (@MattCrump_; 10): @rogierK @FrederikAust I love this about R Markdown, plus you can call Latex from R Markdown, so you get it for free, just like lots of other things. The knitr approach in general seems like the way of the future (e.g., high-level control over multiple document types, with embeddable code etc.)

Stephen Martin (@smartin2018; 10): @rogierK @MattCrump_ @FrederikAust How isn’t latex? JW. Before rmarkdown, there was Sweave (which knitr improved, even for Latex). I use rmd just like I used knitr/sweave before it.

Derek Beaton (@derek_beaton; 10): @MattCrump The #rstats knitr life is real: > https://t.co/LvaIi5q56J

Matt Crump (@MattCrump_; 0/1): @smartin2018 @rogierK @FrederikAust For me the knitr/sweave to rmd progression is the thing I like most about the direction of R; i.e., making things more simple and human (markdown vs latex), and keeping complicated things possible (it’s latex or html or pandoc or whatever you want at the end of the day)


Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 32): @dantonnoriega @andrewheiss If you call tinytex::latexmk() to compile .tex, missing packages will be automatically installed.

Kim Cressman (@swmpkim; 30): @RallidaeRule @JuniperLSimonis Omg you only need it for rmarkdown??? Check out the tinytex R package! It has one command that installs everything you need but not all the extra crap!

Kim Cressman (@swmpkim; 20): @RallidaeRule @JuniperLSimonis Yes! I learned about it a year ago and it CHANGED MY ® LIFE. https://t.co/w7MsN8wdtS

Scott Loring (@sloring_; 20): @_rbreazy @williezee31 @trinattrill Yeah, install.packages(“tinytex”) should let you knit files

rb (@_rbreazy; 20): @williezee31 @trinattrill Oh you have to install like…tinytex or something like that. Dan put up R bar instructions for the lesson on markdown

Kim Cressman (@swmpkim; 11): PSA, #rstats - use @xieyihui ’s tinytex 📦 to easily install LaTeX for knitting to PDF from RMarkdown! https://t.co/Wbfbu4J9HA

Conor Anderson 🌧️ (@climoconor; 10): @RallidaeRule This was the worst! I eventually switched to TinyTeX locally and @overleaf for the heavy lifting.

Michael Schramm 💧📊 (@MPSchramm; 10): +1 for tinytex. Our agency has locked down windows machines and this made my life so much easier. https://t.co/LTR7hSNVVU


Johannes Johow (@j0h0w; 20): And, of course (as always..) @xieyihui for providing #xaringan. Rmd here: https://t.co/k9DMO0SaKE (IDK why self_contained didn’t work, perhaps I missed /libs? Use with caution..)

Gustavo (@GurGugu; 10): @kainxz Parabéns xaringan

Sergi Ballestar (@sergiballestar; 10): @RiboRhys #Revaljs or #xaringan are great packages

Emi Tanaka 🌾 (@statsgen; 10): @leorib14 Thank you! Xaringan and remark.js which powers it is great! You can do a whole lot of things if you know how to use HTML/CSS 💃

Leonardo Ribeiro (@leorib14; 10): @statsgen Aside from the great message and rich content, I am amazed by the wonderful use of #xaringan. Really cool moving boxes at slide #3 and lovely witchcraft on slide #4 (selection cycle)😱.

Ph.Demetri (@PhDemetri; 10): does anyone know how to change the font color for a word in xaringan?