[on a date] her, a data scientist: and what would you name our kid if we had a girl? me: Iris her: *looking hopeful* after the flower? me: after the data set. her: *tearing up* that's right. that's the right answer. #rstats #epitwitter



Kareem 🔥10x statistician🔥 Carr (@kareem_carr; 1389151): [on a date] her, a data scientist: and what would you name our kid if we had a girl? me: Iris her: looking hopeful after the flower? me: after the data set. her: tearing up that’s right. that’s the right answer. > #rstats #epitwitter

Mara Averick (@dataandme; 39970): My keyboard shortcut for this lil’ function gets quite the workout… 📺 “hrbraddins::bare_combine()” by @hrbrmstr https://t.co/8dwqNEso0B #rstats https://t.co/gyqz2mUE0Y

Jeroen Ooms (@opencpu; 24058): The latest version of the #rstats ‘curl’ package has a new function send_mail() which is a complete smtp client (including ssl, auth, etc).

Martin Westgate (@westgatecology; 197106): Want to know about article screening for #systematicreview in #rstats? New paper online now. > revtools: An R package to support article screening for evidence synthesis. Research Synthesis Methods. https://t.co/WKgYn1uXw7 https://t.co/qDGDYnzUAX

Tyler Morgan-Wall (@tylermorganwall; 19116): I’m extremely happy to announce that I have been invited to speak at #rstudioconf 2020! I look forward to meeting new people, seeing familiar faces, and sharing the love with one of the best communities out there. See you there (in real-world #rayshader 3D)! > #rstats https://t.co/QZUBYkrXd4

Matthew Kay (@mjskay; 18838): Alright #tidybayes #rstats #bayes folks! I finally got around to overhauling the geoms in the {tidybayes} r pkg. > I built a META-GEOM to do it: meet geom_slabinterval, stat_slabinterval, and a pile of handy shortcut geoms… [THREAD] > (NB: this is not on the CRAN version yet!)

Nicholas Horton (@askdrstats; 17447): Today’s #JSM2019 week blog entry (https://t.co/UK0KCskbR6) discusses the work of Jonas K. Lindeløv (@jonaslindeloev) an approach to statistical thinking that doesn’t require a profusion of tests. Great cheatsheets in #rstats #python @hglanz @jo_hardin47 #statistics #datascience https://t.co/fLPyCl3TKK

R-bloggers (@Rbloggers; 15645): Multilevel Models in R {https://t.co/wQAP3xWdB5} #rstats #DataScience

Kirk Borne (@KirkDBorne; 14460): One of my all-time favorites >> The Most Complete List of the Best Cheat Sheets for #DataScientists covering #AI #NeuralNetworks #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #BigData #DataScience #DataViz #Python #Rstats #Coding etc. —————— 👇👇 https://t.co/r8WpZ0NDgS https://t.co/FqBFTyVDHh


Pedro Godoy (@PedroLGodoy; 134): I’ve created a personal website in which everyone can find my research interests and projects, as well as my publications and contact info. I built it in RStudio, using blogdown package. #MadeWithAcademic #Rstats > Check it out: https://t.co/lEEpb0hnrH

atusy (@Atsushi776; 80): blogdownが偉大過ぎてQiita戻る気がしない.いいねボタンは欲しい気もするが,Twitterでいいねしてもらうことで代替している.

Ming Tang (@tangming2005; 71): I still remember learning some basic html 5 years ago. now, you can create a website with R! thanks to blogdown #rstats

Pablo Herrera (@pherreraariza; 30): Me apetecería escribir un artículo sobre la nueva circular de la @CNMC_ES , pero soy tan nerd que solo puedo postear con R a través de blogdown. Y solo tengo el móvil. https://t.co/HMlO5inLpL

Maurício Vancine (@mauriciovancine; 20): Blogdown Tutorial (in Portuguese) https://t.co/h3zYtQxkUr

Kim Ferguson (@kfergy; 20): @VeronikaNLaine @dsquintana I’ve been looking for an easier way to make a website and this is promising, thanks for sharing! One prob - I’m aiming to make an accessible website, and need to check the blogdown pkg. A quick pass through https://t.co/ca7lCei8sW can id issues in yours, if you’re interested

atusy (@Atsushi776; 20): GatsbyJSも流行ってるようなので,RmdでGtasbyJSも考えてみたが,留まった.blogdownはHugo使ってるおかげで環境構築が圧倒的に楽なんだよな.

John Storey (@johnstorey; 20): @jtleek The blogdown package provides some templates https://t.co/q2WJ3V6iJG

Martin John Hadley (they/them) (@martinjhnhadley; 12): Hey #rstats blogdown users 👋 anyone found a Hugo theme using Bootstrap 4?

Manuela Gonzalez (@MGS_tweets; 11): For now the website is still in google sites (as my old site) but I will try to work my way with the blogdown package in #Rstats (thanks @dsquintana for starting instructions https://t.co/JkTr6LbEWG (for now I got stuck with changing font sizes 😅😅)

ヴィンティー@T/T (@vin_tea01; 10): 個人ブログ。 blogdown+Netlify。 > 工事記録つけていくからしばらくネタ切れはないはず。 > ヴィンティーの木星メディカル通信 https://t.co/McWhKYxyAx

MITTI1210 (@MITTI12101; 10): goはR のblogdownでサイトを作る時の知識として知りたい https://t.co/xXdUo2faAu

Doctorb Zhian N. Kamvar (@ZKamvar; 10): I really wish that my past self had heeded @xieyihui’s warning in the #blogdown book: https://t.co/Qyd9NlBgK4

Koundinya Desiraju (@koundy87; 10): @dsquintana Hi, I have built my own website thanks to your tutorial using blogdown. I am unable to host it on GitHub. Any tutorial/tips on that part please?

R and Geoscience (@rgeoscience; 10): [電子書]R如何使用blogdown套件建置網站 Building a website using blogdown in R https://t.co/ughpkFAadz

Robert DasRotRad (@dasrotrad; 10): @dsquintana I see nothing in viewer. when I try to run, I get code 1 error and “package ‘blogdown’ was built under R version 3.6.1 Execution halted”

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): @ymn753 多分,別のツィにあるようにRユーザーが少ないから,質問したところで答えてもらえる可能性が低いと判断されるんでしょうね.Rユーザーにははてブが人気ですよね.Rmdで楽したいからRpubやblogdownっていう層も多いと思います.

Cristina (@biologeek; 10): @love_kitkat @AcademicChatter I would suggest to go through @apreshill material feat. #blogdown and #netlify for this year’s Rstudio #SummerOfCode. A nice thread to get into the #downverse mood is this one: https://t.co/HmApQ0huhN

Vidyasagar (@vsbd; 0/2): What I experienced so far Blogdown on windows :🐢 Blogdown on mac : 🐇 #rstats @apreshill @xieyihui

Dr. Straight but melting (@RyanStraight; 0/1): Does anyone in the #rstats community have trouble with @rstudio slowing to a crawl or hanging completely when using blogdown::serve_site() (Live Preview)? For all intents and purposes, it’s unusable. I have to rebuild and run the hugo server to preview every time.


JD Long (@CMastication; 37895): This is wild. Solomon Kurz has “ported” @rlmcelreath Statistical Rethinking to use brms & Tidyverse. And made the ported book open source. #rstats > https://t.co/NcklzifvDH Statistical Rethinking with brms, ggplot2, and the tidyverse - bookdown

Jim Grange (@JimGrange; 26376): For those working through @rlmcelreath’s excellent “Statistical Rethinking” but wanting to use R’s tidyverse and @paulbuerkner’s BRMS package, then @SolomonKurz has an excellent bookdown site which translates all examples in the book. It’s awesome! https://t.co/qGZNgy3QaR

Christopher Peters (@statwonk; 307): Rnotebooks are such a dream! 😍 I prefer them to jupyter bc they’re readable under version control. Time for a name change, @rstudio. They’re great for 🐍 Python, too! https://t.co/MhiA1htSou

Sole (@turumpsss; 224): @WeAreRLadies Hi! We did a bookdown with some colleagues from the PolSci Department (Chile). It has the basics, from the firsts steps to regression analysis and more. And the most important: it is in Spanish!✨ https://t.co/Uq5rmeWnkf

Nathan Brouwer (@lobrowR; 163): “Getting used to R, RStudio, and R Markdown” by the prolific @old_man_chester looks like it has some very practical material for #rmarkdown and #rstudio, including GIFs https://t.co/OXHFYSz5lZ 2/n #rstats https://t.co/V63EiJUoIf

Nathan Brouwer (@lobrowR; 132): I definitely need to put “YaRrr! The Pirate’s Guide to R” by @YaRrrBook on my #rstats syllabus
https://t.co/LfCw9Vm5Oy 3/n https://t.co/Isx7ZH8At7

Matt Waite (@mattwaite; 122): I turned my sports data class materials into an online book as an excuse to learn Bookdown. It’s essentially how to use the tidyverse to analyze and visualize sports data. Comments/pull requests welcome. https://t.co/sZAVWEVsGa

José Manuel Fradejas 🇪🇺 (@JMFradeRue; 93): Acabo de compilar mi primer libro con #bookdown. Será la versión definitiva (si esto es posible) de #Cuentapalabras. Ha sido más sencillo de lo que esperaba. Ahora solo falta afinarlo. https://t.co/rEJ5uxwGNX

Kareem 🔥10x statistician🔥 Carr (@kareem_carr; 90): @Corey_Yanofsky He had a good list but the R take was wrong. He’s right that Python scales easier than R if you are trying to write production code. But I think R is very adapted to what I call a commutation pipeline. ggplot. Bookdown. Shiny tools. Tables etc.

Chris Knox (@vizowl; 81): I’ve spent the last couple of days jumping between the book and the tidyverse+brms translation - https://t.co/SGc2hUK1dM - highly recommended. https://t.co/uHC28HQheX

atusy (@Atsushi776; 71): bookdown の新機能で odt_document2 や powerpoint_presentation2 を追加したつもりが, revealjs_presentation2 なんかもユーザーが作れるようになるぞ?! https://t.co/3K90fv8im4

John T. Johnson 🧠 Luctor et Emergo (@John4tl; 60): @lobrowR Yuihui Xie’s “R Markdown: The Definitive Guide” is available online (as is his bookdown book). https://t.co/PKDWL9m5WV

ɐɔıssǝſ Burnett, Ph.D.ummy is on SM break (@TrashBirdEcol; 60): Many won’t understand, but this is the first time I’ve yielded ZERO results for reference not found when knitting my diss. If I hadn’t already consumed two months worth of sugar this week I may have visited to the ice cream store to celebrate this #smallvictory. #bookdown https://t.co/XWYnN13ZUL

Nathan Brouwer (@lobrowR; 53): last but not least “The Art of Data Science” by @rdpeng & @elizabethmatsui with sections on EDA, inference, prediction and communicating results https://t.co/PI4FdAtJGi 6/n #rstats #ds4bs https://t.co/IFP88sWOGQ

Hacky Hour Griffith (@hackyhourGU; 42): Looking to try R ? Check out YaRrrr! A Pirate’s guide to R https://t.co/ShNovQj9nU

Paul C. Bauer (@p_c_bauer; 42): @OlleFolke @fghjorth In case you go for Card & Krueger I prepared some material that could be helpful: https://t.co/BDyRj34Q9T I actually like the other graphs in the original paper.

Chase Clark (@ChasingMicrobes; 40): @djnavarro sf if dense… If you haven’t found it already, https://t.co/YFZ3F1fRQ0 is a gem 👍

Fernanda (@JorgelinaM_; 40): @laritasp https://t.co/7Abmx3Y48z tengo esto de marcador. Después tengo los 2 manuales para trabajar series con R si te interesan!

Nathan Brouwer (@lobrowR; 34): Data-sciency books thanks to bookdown and #rstats “Data Science Live Book” https://t.co/MwDPnS2bfW > “Data Science and Visualizations with R” https://t.co/rTPMvRAR1G > 1/ https://t.co/xfbMSk265e

Nathan Brouwer (@lobrowR; 32): 1st, “R Programming for Data Science” with sections on History of R, Regular Expressions, Simulation https://t.co/D1DlWVwqwu > one very cool thing: has links to related lectures eg https://t.co/D52GtqMd7T > 2/n #rstats #ds4bs https://t.co/u60hrmQHnV

Leon du Toit (@LeonALIVE; 32): Well this was a great find! (Especially the network meta-analysis section). > https://t.co/dtzPcdn1r2

Kirill (@kizza_a; 31): @MonashBioinfo @resdatflu @technadele @paulfharrison @technadele taking us through the #rmarkdown ecosystem. #lovin all the #r packages, #bookdown and more.

Huiluo Cao (@hlcao; 30): Great.Statistical Rethinking with brms, ggplot2, and the tidyverse https://t.co/ucvlj2oz5O

Nathan Brouwer (@lobrowR; 21): more datasciency books and course notes for #rstats via bookdown “Introduction to Data Exploration and Analysis with R” https://t.co/1oEwFMvq6l > “Introduction to Data Science” https://t.co/JS7tZNz0tW > Data Science with R: A Resource Compendium https://t.co/6DRxbemqbN

Nathan Brouwer (@lobrowR; 21): 3rd “Mastering Software Development in R” by @rdpeng @seankross & @gbwanderson which saddling lacks a cute animal on the cover but has sections on #rstats packages and advanced programming https://t.co/L98eqLc2fT 4/n #rstats #ds4bs https://t.co/5wAFvBNtDc

Nathan Brouwer (@lobrowR; 21): 2nd, “Exploratory Data Analysis with R” which includes sections on data validation,clustering (k-means, hierarchical) & dimension reduction (eg PCA) https://t.co/zbWmv3KH9s 3/n #rstats #ds4bs https://t.co/a1IaLUWEUc

John P. Vanek (@wild_ecology; 21): Anyone going through this? Looks interesting! https://t.co/ovZNhcDWlJ

Eric R. Scott (@LeafyEricScott; 21): If you use R Notebooks a lot, and always customize them or always load the same packages (e.g. tidyverse, here) then do yourself a favor and make a custom template. It took me like 15 min MAX and I wish I had done it years ago! https://t.co/eHgn7IRkJY

el Sergio Sánchez 🇲🇽 (@ChekosWH; 20): @DEANintheYAY @BetinaWilkinson just gonna leave this thing I just found here https://t.co/r6Jbt7BV40

Masaru Nishikawa (@NishikawaMasaru; 20): @yshiraito @yshiraito さん、@ike_og_ike さん:そうなんですか。恥ずかしながらMath Camp自体を知らんかったです。Cox先生たちはテキストを下記のように公開しているので、私はそれに沿って個人的に復習を試みようかと。Math分野だと最適化も重要っすね。 > https://t.co/zbMTChxOdh

Nathan Brouwer (@lobrowR; 12): gen. stats books available thanks to bookdown and #rstats “Modern Dive: Statistical Inference via Data Science” @old_man_chester https://t.co/hoY88zljTw > “Statistical Thinking for the 21st Century” @russpoldrack https://t.co/rxh3YJrrGB

Nathan Brouwer (@lobrowR; 11): general #rstats datascience resource via bookdown STAT160 - Introduction to Data Science https://t.co/hVGFw9KHl1

Pinboard Popular (@PinPopular; 10): Statistical Rethinking with brms, ggplot2, and the tidyverse https://t.co/4MP4bZ8RrS

JPiaskowski (@SeedsAndBreeds; 10): Impressed by these words of wisdom from @xieyihui: “The most challenging thing in the world is not to learn fancy technologies, but control your own wild heart.” https://t.co/u5VdIIuu6m

Eric R. Scott (@LeafyEricScott; 10): @ChelseaParlett I made the template this morning, mostly on public transit, and it was so much easier than I thought. Very high payoff to effort procrastination. 😆https://t.co/eHgn7IRkJY

Mark Dulhunty (@markdly_; 10): @malco_barrett @rstudio I had some clashes with bookdown yaml recently - field guide alone looks really useful!!

atusy (@Atsushi776; 0/1): @niszet0 ありがとうございます.pandoc-crossref なら pandoc の issue ですよね.bookdown::word_document2 は post_processor で正規表現使って置換することで相互参照を強引に実現してるみたいなので,Pandoc 案件ともちょっと違うかなあと思った次第です.

Nathan Brouwer (@lobrowR; 0/1): @jwalkrunski I’ve been meaning to check out “Broadening Your Statistical Horizons: Generalized Linear Models and Multilevel Models” https://t.co/LsDUtpEVoB include #rstats code https://t.co/5aHvkms08Z

Nathan Brouwer (@lobrowR; 0/1): I felt like I got stuck as an intermediate #rstats user for a loooooooong time. I made it over the hump eventually; Luckily now there are lots of resources for accelerating your learning. Here’s a thread with some books available from https://t.co/75eFe2lEZg and other places

Nathan Brouwer (@lobrowR; 0/1): 4th “Advanced Statistical Computing” which covers topics like Newton’s method, EM, MCMC, simulated annealing shows the math and #rstats code to implement https://t.co/IGSlsCjBoe > 5/n #rstats #ds4bs https://t.co/BsgMhlzefM

Nathan Brouwer (@lobrowR; 0/1): I’m looking for resources for my fall #rstats computationl biology class & so scanned through books made with #bookdown by @xieyihui (https://t.co/XWoblyi2Lf)
I’m compiling ones I will point students towards, starting with the books by @rdpeng
1/n #ds4bs https://t.co/fDGVInFjsz

David Hood (@Thoughtfulnz; 0/1): @ipnosimmia The bookdown package for #rstats > The scrivener mechanic of having a bunch of files some of which you compile into a manuscript is functionally parallel to bookdown.


atusy (@Atsushi776; 147): これで knitr → rmarkdown → bookdown → pagedown と一連のパッケージの contributor になったぜ☆

Ruben C. Arslan (@rubenarslan; 140): @LisaDeBruine @lakens Have you seen workflowr? https://t.co/rW73HLSDIg “combines literate programming (knitr and rmarkdown) and version control (Git, via git2r) to generate a website containing time-stamped, versioned, and documented results”

Kelly Bodwin (@KellyBodwin; 102): tfw you solve a coding puzzle on a train and have to restrain your excitement > (Related: I am in constant awe at the foresight for future customization @xieyihui built into {knitr}, and the ridiculously thorough documentation. Thank you!!! 👏👏👏) https://t.co/XizvtdhRRp

atusy (@Atsushi776; 71): なんぞ本を書いてるらしいな!! https://t.co/bXC6DugVtX

Ariel Muldoon (@aosmith16; 52): Today I’m reading through a document with pasted SAS results and plots to figure out someone’s old analysis and I’m feeling so (so so) thankful that I live in the era of #rmarkdown and #knitr and #ggplot2. ❤️ #rstats

John Fieberg (@FiebergJohn; 40): Also, great use of knitr to document figures and tables, sensitivity of conclusions to outlier removal, and robustness to different methods of analysis! https://t.co/FXwzZIeVgD

Grant McDermott (@grant_mcdermott; 40): @causalinf PS. Your students (can’t remember their handles) probably know this, but you can dramatically speed up book compiling by using the cache=T option to the knitr options. I’d also then recommend using dependson= in each chunk to catch upstream changes. https://t.co/UITEvfW6s1

Ruby Programming (@ProgrammingRuby; 30): Ruby Algorithm Documentation with AsciiDoc and Knitr > ☞ https://t.co/QizKoVkeka > #ruby #rubyonrails https://t.co/qGwF65bgj3

Jamie (@spaceLem; 20): @actualdrdoctor @overleaf @TheAtomicMommy I’m in mathematical epidemiology and I’ve been using OverLeaf lately too. It makes collaborating with others much easier, since they don’t need to have LaTeX installed (excuses! Although they probably do have it if they use R with knitR).

baptiste (@baptiste_auguie; 20): @djnavarro knitr chunk options do this, but as far as i can tell from the code below it’s not a trivial customisation of the “Ace editor” https://t.co/4fpWkp6FGe

Julie Jane (@_juliejane; 20): @djnavarro I’ve seen knitr chunks do this kind of autocomplete

boB 🇷udis will hopefully never, ever, go to BH/DC (@hrbrmstr; 20): In more technical news, adding the pngquant binary to all the hrbrinfrastructure enabled adding: > knitr::knit_hooks$set(pngquant = knitr::hook_pngquant) > to all the places I stick images into R packages and enable hrbrthemes & ggalt to slip well under the CRAN MB limit radar.

Matt Crump (@MattCrump_; 11): @DaveBrocker Haven’t seen anything aimed at Psych 101 (which I’m assuming you mean intro psych?), but here’s a few links that might be helpful > https://t.co/Wrm1Ru2C5F > https://t.co/ftIlokvkvO > https://t.co/cQttDRspcC

atusy (@Atsushi776; 11): @skyy_writing 前のめりに Pandoc 本出しちゃったんで,新刊 (knitr本予定) 持ってくとしたら来年ですかねー.I’ll try!

Armando (@elabuel_o; 10): @JCavigliaHarris I like the literate programming approach: > R + LaTeX using the knitr package for reports in PDF files (you only need to change the R code chunks of the .Rnw master file, for instance). > Or R + markdown for reports in HTML files (again, you could use the knitr package as well).

Aliakbar Akbaritabar (Ali) (@Akbaritabar; 10): @i_steves Yes, it does. Result of any query (and even plots and tables etc) get cached and as long as the cache is not invalidated it doesn’t run that query again (e.g, even an space added invalidates the chunk). I personally only rarely collect() big data portions https://t.co/sIphZfaFN1

Jo Etzel (@JosetAEtzel; 10): @mariekkrug Knitr, oro.nifti, and gifti.

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): @u_ribo もしかして base.dir: (NULL) an absolute directory under which the plots are generated https://t.co/186KNfIpGT

Anne Scheel (@annemscheel; 10): @MattCrump_ I don’t understand RMarkdown or knitr well enough but could it be possible to solve this with some LaTeX command/package? Maybe @bmwiernik knows

💧Morpheus #Progressive (@MorpheusBeing; 10): @_erikaroper You do use RStudio for your stats? And you do know about knitr that will all pdf output direct?

Ruby Fan (@ruby_fan_codek; 0/1): Ruby Algorithm Documentation with AsciiDoc and Knitr > ☞ https://t.co/ZFf4E3TdFh > #ruby #rubyonrails https://t.co/xZ0QMlh2de


RStudio (@rstudio; 11438): Watch “pagedown: Creating beautiful PDFs with R Markdown and CSS” by @xieyihui from rstudio::conf(2019) 🎦https://t.co/oc50XE0wNG Learn more about rstudio::conf(2020) in San Francisco: https://t.co/B0a7qkFOir #rstats #DataScience https://t.co/UKU8czucap

Maëlle Salmon 🐟 (@ma_salmon; 90): @Dale_Masch https://t.co/qCViy5s9rK > https://t.co/aCxWQey5fo > Then I know Dirk Eddelbuettel has a few packages like https://t.co/bekrGrCEG5

Roger Oberg (@obergr; 43): Watch “pagedown: Creating beautiful PDFs with R Markdown and CSS” by Yihui Xie from rstudio::conf(2019) > 🎦 https://t.co/ZcuTwU0ReZ Learn more about rstudio::conf(2020) in San Francisco: https://t.co/61BmV9V9wv > #rstats #DataScience https://t.co/ZcuTwU0ReZ


Gina Reynolds (@EvaMaeRey; 15247): This #flipbook now has a visual table of contents! #rstats #ggplot2 #xaringan https://t.co/U7PBvViiZl https://t.co/2XF3KHnEwC

Alex Whan (@alexwhan; 212): Achievement unlocked: presented with #xaringan slides, yolo: true with @kwbroman in the room. Not sure how many appreciated it tho #rstats #magic2019

olusoji daniel (@fomotis; 155): Here are links (https://t.co/WfJ0K86jua, https://t.co/GZW9h8m2TU) to the slides delivered by myself and @Jhumybabe yesterday at the first @ibadan_r #satRday. Slides were made with #xaringan using @RLadiesGlobal theme😎 #rstats

Dr Jenny Richmond (@JenRichmondPhD; 130): xaringan + git = https://t.co/8y4YfaCUxq

Dr Jenny Richmond (@JenRichmondPhD; 121): Ok ‘xaringan’ is hard. I made slides but I’m not sure I’ll do it again. The kunoichi theme is awesome @statsgen; I definitely don’t do it justice. Now I’m not sure what to do with them. I’ve pushed the whole project to GitHub, but they no longer look like slides. Help!

Alison Hill @ JSM2019 (@apreshill; 80): @JenRichmondPhD @statsgen These might help? https://t.co/rq4Nr7UqWQ

Irene Steves (@i_steves; 60): @JenRichmondPhD @statsgen I also found that there was quite a learning curve with xaringan (+ a bit buggy on Windows). Eventually I spent the time to understand more of the css and things went smoother. Also super helpful to look at other people’s code! ex: https://t.co/DokMBFzZlq

Paula Andrea (@orchid00; 54): Sharing is caring #rstats #bookdown #bookdown #xaringan by @xieyihui https://t.co/eyIslLHRgd you might like to try it out! @RLadiesBrisbane @GrantChalmers

Carl Boettiger (@cboettig; 40): @TrashBirdEcol @Hao_and_Y @NECFWRU @xieyihui was just looking this up myself! Check out https://t.co/G10uAaubQK & also https://t.co/2GZzc1Mz2A

Alison Hill @ JSM2019 (@apreshill; 30): @thomas_mock @stephaniehicks @mikelove @Shannon_E_Ellis Thank you 😊 > Let’s not talk about how long it took this xaringan user to figure out how to add a text box to a blank PowerPoint slide 🙊

Brock Tibert (@BrockTibert; 12): Have seen some fantastic xaringan slide decks in wild and want to learn more. Any slide decks (w/ public repos) that you suggest? Need to wrap my head around customizing themes and layouts. Use Google Slides b/c I can move fast but would to keep my work in #rstats + #rmarkdown

Dr Jenny Richmond (@JenRichmondPhD; 10): @samclifford @EmRstats @thejholloway @cantabile @MilesMcBain this ⬆️ - I just tried xaringan for the first time this weekend and was like “what do you mean I need to set the layout of EVERY SINGLE SLIDE”. Maybe there is a default setting that newbies like me don’t know about, but I want the equivalent of ppt theme/layout

Joseph Casillas (@jvcasill; 10): @W_R_Chase @LucyStats New #xaringan theme 😂

Steven V. Miller (@stevenvmiller; 10): Some notes: > - I think my Xaringan template fell into some disrepair, which I wouldn’t have noticed because I don’t use Xaringan. - My Beamer template becomes really flexible w/ xelatex if you want to incorporate more fonts. - My Word template is a WiP, but meh… it’s Word.

John Muschelli (@StrictlyStat; 0/1): Anyone know how to count # of slides in a deck in #rstats markdown w/o the DOM? I guess it may be too variable, but figured maybe looking for </slide> in ioslides or — in xaringan @cpsievert @xieyihui @winston_chang. trying to use webshot on a rendered doc but need to map urls


Colin Fay 🤘 (@_ColinFay; 262): Still my favorite comic about why we should all do “bite size pull request” (taken from https://t.co/ZOoCVnJNYZ) https://t.co/8EtAiHV76x