The first five chapters of are basically complete — this should be a great place to start if you've ever wanted to learn Shiny, and I'd love your feedback about what is confusing and what questions your still have #rstats



Hadley Wickham (@hadleywickham; 1765527): The first five chapters of are basically complete — this should be a great place to start if you’ve ever wanted to learn Shiny, and I’d love your feedback about what is confusing and what questions your still have #rstats

Nick Strayer (@NicholasStrayer; 1334245): Building a data-driven CV in R. New blog post detailing how I built my CV/Resume using {{pagedown}}, {{glue}}, and spreadsheets; and how you can too! #rstats >

nato (@natorro; 37589): Acabo de enterarme que rmarkdown y gganimate me permiten generar animaciones, ¡hasta en los PDFs! 😮😱😃 Just found out rmarkdown and gganimate allow to generate animations, even in PDFs! 😮😱😃 #rstats #gganimate #rmarkdown

Neil Kaye (@neilrkaye; 360108): Path of the sun over North America during the summer solstice, spring/autumn equinox and winter solstice > #dataviz #rstats #maps #gis

Ian Cook (@ianmcook; 25949): I’ll be at rstudio::conf(2020) 🌁 ringing in the 50th birthday of SQL 🎂 by speaking about {tidyquery}, a new R package that runs SQL queries on R data frames #rstats @rstudio

Matt Dancho (@mdancho84; 21741): Web Scraping Product Data in R with rvest and purrr #rstats

Bodo Winter (@BodoWinter; 20710): Just submitted the third and final proofs for my #rstats textbook to @RoutledgeLing! Watch this space for updates on the book! (very soon)

Wes McKinney (@wesmckinn; 18659): With the @ApacheArrow 0.15.0 release rolling out this week for #pydata and #rstats users, we ran some columnar file reading benchmarks for Parquet, Feather (old version and new), and FST to see how things are looking >

Mara Averick (@dataandme; 18352): 🛹 ⟶ 🚘 Trust the (@JennyBryan) process… 📖 “Write your own R functions, part 1” @STAT545 #rstats [🖍 pdf & better png of diagram]

R-bloggers (@Rbloggers; 16846): Modern Data Science with R: A review {} #rstats #DataScience

Elio Campitelli (@d_olivaw; 16540): A little trick I learned watching a talk by @ClausWilke. If you pass a function to the “data” argument in a geom, then it applies that function to the data! #rstats #ggplot2

Tyler Morgan-Wall (@tylermorganwall; 15748): If linguists wrote blog posts like programmers: #rstats > “Why Japanese is the Language of the Future” “Italian is Dying: 11 Reasons to Switch to Japanese” “I am Fluent in Japanese and Watched an Italian Film Once with Subtitles, So Here’s My Expert Opinion on Why Italian Sucks”


Daniël Lakens (@lakens; 9819): Finally played around with blogdown and hugo to create a website with an overview of 10 of the shiny apps I host (some mine, some by @ExPhysStudent @sTeamTraen @david_colquhoun and @nicebread303). Very easy and useful.

Maëlle Salmon 🐟🔪🍣😱 (@ma_salmon; 334): Today in #blogdown website rationalizing/ #gohugo tinkering, ✨ separation of data and formatting for my bio page ✨ > Clean PR (👋 @apreshill @grrrck ) feat. Hugo custom shortcodes & data templates: > > Next steps: papers &talks! 💪

Alison Haunted Hill 🧟‍♀️🏚 (@apreshill; 281): Feels like a bucket list item as an educator to have someone > (a) create a new #blogdown site 🚀🚀🚀 and (b) write a post called “The Alison Hill Effect” 🙈🙈🙈 > 🦘🦘🦘 all with just the online materials only! 🦘🦘🦘 > Thanks for the awesome Australian send-off @alexwhan!! 🇦🇺

Alex Whan (@alexwhan; 192): @apreshill your tutorials and resources are not in vain. Thanks to your material and enthusiasm I got my blog ticking on blogdown, and even managed a post (after 3.5 yrs 😬)

Petra Kuhnert (@petra_kuhnert; 183): Fantastic blogdown workshop today presented by @apreshill. We all made a webpage! Super excited. #rstats @RLadiesCanberra

Alison Haunted Hill 🧟‍♀️🏚 (@apreshill; 140): @rstudio Note: those are all #blogdown sites, built with the Hugo academic theme. > If you are looking for my #xaringan slides, look in the static/slides/ folder for each repo

Ben Williams (@williams_benjam; 123): Finally got a website all set up! Check it out: Thanks to @apreshill and @xieyihui for all the blogdown resources. Had to support @UofDenver with the site’s colors. #rstats #academictheme #GoPios

stephanierkobakian (@srkobakian; 110): Fantastic summary of the @apreshill blogdown workshop session! Well done @JenRichmondPhD

One R Package a Day (@RLangPackage; 104): blogdown - Write blog posts and web pages in R Markdown. This package supports the static site generator ‘Hugo’ (<>) best, and it also supports ‘Jekyll’ (<http… #rstats

Alison Haunted Hill 🧟‍♀️🏚 (@apreshill; 101): Fabulous write up of some #blogdown basics -thank you @JenRichmondPhD!

Philip Clare (@pjclare; 92): Thanks to @apreshill for her workshop last week on using blogdown to create websites in Rmarkdown… still a work in progress, but my new website is now live:

Nicholas Tierney (@nj_tierney; 91): Does anyone have any strong opinions on whether to use categories and tags in #blogdown / #hugo ? I often double up and I’m considering just using one but not sure which. > #rstats

田村一軌 (@kzktmr; 52): 久しぶり(二年ぶり)にblogdownを使った。/khromaパッケージ

Gina G. 🖖🏾 (@TheGinaGi; 51): @spcummings @Travel_MSW @DrNJonesTSU @225mgDSW @ashley_lcsw @lakeya_cherry @starblur @DeanaJAyers @epflcswccm @EBelluomini @firstgendocs @newsocialworker @look_human @socworkpodcast @BrettBartruff @Equity_Allies @mfktherapy @hhsocialwork @ninaruffinLCSW @CoryDWill @CharlaYearwood @Wix We’re doing Intro to Blogdown at #RLadies in Tampa next week. Everyone is welcome. 🤗💜💜💜

Trisha Gopalakrishna (@trishuphigh; 20): Thanks @MikeTreglia @DitchOntologist @vishuguttal @ElizaGrames and others for your good inputs. I ultimately used r and the blogdown packages (with a hugo template). I realized it’s an ever evolving project, but this is good for now

Nicholas Tierney (@nj_tierney; 20): @ma_salmon @apreshill @TheStephLocke @dependabot @JennyBryan I ended up doing: > blogdown::install_theme("yihui/hugo-xmin", update_config = FALSE, theme_example = FALSE, force = TRUE) > (still needed to remove the exampleSite?) > Then spent the next little while-ish cleaning up where I altered the theme/ folder:

Glyn Mottershead (@glynmottershead; 11): @jonhew @basilesimon @Cyberwest Actually was going to talk to those interested in how to use blogdown in #Rstats to build a whole site

Sush (@SushGopalan; 11): all the #blogdown resources I used for the site itself come from @apreshill - both her blog posts and her kind responses to questions I’d asked on twitter

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 10): @KMKing_Psych I only use LaTeX within my RNotebook documents to spell out my statistical models. E.g., though this blog is made with an RNotebook file and a little #blogdown magic, the formulas are in LaTeX

Trisha Gopalakrishna (@trishuphigh; 10): @aroopsind I ultimately ended up using r and the blogdown package (using one of the hugo templates)

Nicholas Tierney (@nj_tierney; 10): @ma_salmon @apreshill @TheStephLocke @dependabot @JennyBryan Oh that’s an option? I was wondering if maybe there could be an option in blogdown::update_hugo() to also update the netlify.toml. > Or maybe a function like, update_netlify_toml(), which could be passed to update_hugo?

Petra Kuhnert (@petra_kuhnert; 10): @apreshill @RLadiesCanberra @AliceRi73876551 Thanks for showing us blogdown. I love how I now have a web page. Enjoy your last evening in Canberra. Hope to see you back in 🇦🇺 sometime… maybe Darwin 😁🐊🐟🎣

Nicholas Tierney (@nj_tierney; 0/1): #blogdown question re #hugo page bundles - once I hit the “on” button for page bundles, is there a way to package up all my existing blog posts to be bundled appropriately? Or is this a manual/programmatic thing I should do? Just thought I’d check. #rstats

Houston Haynes (@whiskersedge; 0/1): @EmilyKager @marionpdaly Doing that right now with #rstats, #blogdown and @GoHugoIO using @github actions - at least in theory. It’s so action packed! (I can’t pull out my hair because I’m pre-emptively bald) 🙄😬😓📈


vikeshk (@vikesh_koul; 224): @saraunsaree Other R - Econometrics books are > Principles of Econometrics with R > Introduction to Econometrics with R > Introduction to Econometrics with R (SciencesPo) > Applied Econometrics with R

Hosain Masoudi (@HosainMasoudi; 174): دوستان لینوکسی برای انتشار کتاب بصورت آنلاین که خروجی PDF,epub هم بده چی پیشنهاد می کنید؟ اگر Markdownهم ساپورت کنه که بهتر. البته به جز docpad, bookdown, docbook #ریتوییت

tj mahr 🍕🍍 (@tjmahr; 113): hey @malco_barrett @riannone thanks for ymlthis. it’s helping me with use drake and bookdown in tandem

Jesus M. Castagnetto (@jmcastagnetto; 73): @ryxcommar @ThomasDFish Check what you can do with RMarkdown (+pandoc):, the output formats that are available:, and the book on how to use it: (see there the chapter on “Parameterized reports”) #rstats

Derek Chiu (@destchiu; 53): A new R package ‘rsf’ adds an RStudio project template to generate a Report of Statistical Findings using the ‘bookdown’ format. #rstats #rstudio @rstudiotips

cord phelps (@irrigavi; 30): @Benjamin_M_CR @rlmcelreath also, since your read McElreath, check out for more accessible R code (but its not very informative beyond McElreath’s content…)

田中 聡 (@satoshi_0630; 30): UIのわかり易さを追求した無料統計ソフト「jamovi」。Rにハードルの高さを感じる方はこちらを試してみると良いかも。木村充さん、情報提供ありがとうございます!

Bruce Kendall (@BruceEKendall; 30): @AlexaLFH This link suggests that EndNote can do it: I think you can also do this in bookdown, which can output (sort of) to Word.

Tamás Nagy (@nagyt; 30): @Jordanalevinson @AcademicChatter This is my fav: by @russpoldrack , also I’ve found this other gem recently: by Julie Legler & Paul Roback

Scary Old Health Stats Dude (@healthstatsdude; 20): @biogeobiochem @rlmcelreath @SolomonKurz link to @SolomonKurz ‘s code:

30-50 Feral DAGS (@joejps84; 20): @chrisalbon Also happening on the R side. Between papaja, bookdown, and xarigen, RStudio is rapidly becoming many people’s MS Office replacement

Russ Steele (@RussInMtl; 10): The hardest part is deciding what to leave out, it is all so useful.

Yomsflakes (@Yomsflakes; 10): Another beautiful moment to share with you guys. Best wishes on this wonderful journey,as you build your new lives together. @yomsshotit Wedding photography Check my IG page for more Bookdown your shoot today Email:yomsyoms6@gmail. 08179714608 #WEDDINGPHOTOGRAPHY

Dustin Haraden (@SleePhDad; 10): Thinking about this article and other attempts to improve #scicomm (I’m looking at you #betterposter), will the journal article ever become obsolete? Could #bookdown contribute to better communication?

Georg Zachmann (@GeorgZachmann; 10): hier ein paar unserer zugrundeliegenden Arbeiten: > i) our interactive ebook: ii) Export And Patent Specialization In Low Carbon Technologies: iii)

Matt Warkentin (@mwark89; 10): @MelindaAldrich @pascheet No problem! There are many good resources on R Markdown, the most comprehensive of which is this one: > Hope this is helpful

Hosain Masoudi (@HosainMasoudi; 10): @pouyazhd ساده تر. کار کردن باش سخته :) خروجی html می‌خوام بده که کتابا آنلاین بشه منتشر کرد. قالب مناسب هم داشته باشه. اگر چیز دیگه ای پیدا نکنم احتمالا برم سراغ همون bookdown یا docpad

Vikram_Singh Rawat (@Guru_GyanKhoji; 10): @biologeek @OfficialRfast @OllyMCrook A very healthy advice you should definately write something like > Bookdown Pkgdown Or blogs > Regarding these packages. Not everybody will come to Twitter to understand the differences > It will give u and the package more exposure that I think you truely deserve

Kee Y. H. (Adrian) (@keefellow; 10): Book on R Markdown #keeRtips

Nathan Brouwer (@lobrowR; 10): @McAleerP Yup I came back many times to my computer with a full cup of coffee and no knit document after walking away after hitting knit. Similar with bookdown chapters (I forgot exactly what throws that errror) and package vignettes

Mike K Smith (@MikeKSmith; 10): @VizMonkey See also: > and

Urfist de Bordeaux (@urfistbordeaux; 10): Writing my academic papers in RMarkdown : a template that manages academic affiliations (.docx or .pdf output)

txt4cs (@txt4cs; 0/1): [UPDATE] Com “olê, olê, olê, olá, Lula, Lula” e “O Palmeiras é o time da virada, o Palmeiras é o time do amor.”, capítulos 3 e 4 publicados. Saiba mais sobre o que está por vir!

txt4cs (@txt4cs; 0/1): [UPDATE] Capítulo 3 publicado. Saiba mais sobre o que está por vir!

Antonello Pareto 🇪🇺 (@AntoViral; 0/1): Outliers #rstats #MetaAnalysis >


Kurtis Pivert (@kpivert; 93): In today’s accidentally discovered with @rstudio I “found out” you can drag visualizations from the plot zoom pane into a Word doc. Of course, not for everyday use (thanks to knitr 📦 and redoc 📦) can come in handy in a pinch #rstats

Luuuda (@ludmila_janda; 82): the things i text myself: #rstats knitr chunk options and knitting patterns 🤷‍♀️🧶

Thomas Lin Pedersen (@thomasp85; 30): @_______Francois You need to tell knitr about the animation in contrast to the auto-behaviour for HTML. See the example at

phantom of the rat opera (@lemonadesoup; 30): stats professor had to mess with my computer to try and get knitr to pdf to work (spoiler alert: it didn’t) and he definitely saw my folders named “DnD”, “cosplay”, and “cool stuff to show people”

Dan S. Reznik 🔎 (@dreznik; 22): #rstats simple programs with flexdashboard() and leaflet are not working today. looks like it’ s aproblem with knitr ? specifically, if leafletOutput() is present, the shiny app won’t open

Mark Scheuerell (@mark_scheuerell; 20): @NicholasStrayer Thanks for this great resource! > You mentioned in a side bar comment that you couldn’t figure out how to print the {r} in Rmarkdown. Perhaps this post from @xieyihui would be helpful: >

Titus von der Malsburg (@tmalsburg; 20): @shravanvasishth @chbergma I stopped using caching in recent work because of these pitfalls. Now, I have one pure R script that generates all plots and results, and I use code chunks in Knitr docs only to load and display those.

Jessica Godwin (@j_l_godwin; 20): Okay I did Overleaf but PLOT TWIST!!! I want to teach them knitr

onelinetips (@onelinetips; 11): #rstats knit a regular R script to html with knitr::stitch(“script.R”)

Nahuel Bargas (@Nahuel_Sef; 11): Comparto una serie de indicadores económicos representados en gráficos dinámicos y tablas utilizando los programas #highcharter, #flexdashboard y #knitr en #rstats .

Nathan Brouwer (@lobrowR; 11): @Hao_and_Y @BenCAugustine @DimperioJane its crashing on really basic stuff when .rmd chunks are output inline. the only package loaded is ggplot2, which imports reshape2, which imports Rcpp, but we can crash RStudio with something as simple as dim(a.vector). knitr imports stringr but that doesn’t have Rcpp

Hypatia (@torquetastic; 10): @JamesFrye My latex fu is so strong for my grad program thesis I wrote the whole thing in knitr and with one push of the button could execute the code and compile my tex.

Felipe Mattioni, MSc (@felipe_mattioni; 10): @xieyihui I found a solution based on this nice answer here:

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Knitr: could not find function %>% error #tidyverse #rstats


SAM (@samuelmehr; 0/1): @_themusiclab @Typora 2. typeset manuscript in RStudio using R Markdown. This includes automatically generating citations (with pandoc, pandoc-citeproc, citr) and automatic typesetting (with tinyTeX and various TeX packages for customizing things). > 12/


Daniel Anderson (@datalorax_; 4113): This is how my #rstats slidex package pulls images from PowerPoint when transferring to R markdown/xaringan.

Grant McDermott (@grant_mcdermott; 60): @pjs_228 Another resource (ready-made xaringan slides): > Part of @edrubin’s outstanding econometrics course:

Vebashini (@Vebash; 33): @RLadiesJozi Slides👉: I will also post on our RLadies Jozi GitHub page soon ( Slides made with xaringan and using the RLadies theme by @apreshill 💜

Rebecca Janis (@rbjanis5; 20): Update: As an html noob, I did not realize that xaringan doesn’t produce a self-contained html file, so I had some panic this morning when I shared my html file to a different computer to present and the images and css formatting were gone. Lesson learned.

Sush (@SushGopalan; 20): GitPitch (slides using markdown) looks like a good alternative to xaringan for the R-averse (aveRse?) >

Frederick Solt (@fredericksolt; 11): @stevenvmiller Which at least has decent logic. Not like this “Caribbean Queen”/Operation Urgent Fury nonsense. Which, yes, is the song I left the site humming yesterday. Heartless SOB. #rstats >…

Corrie at #PyConDE 🐍 (@corrieaar; 10): @fishnets88 For my last R presentation I used Rmd + xaringan & really liked having code generated slides but it can also be a pain to get the plot size, position of text etc right. I first wanted to use for this one but decided I didn’t have enough time to get into it

Albert Y. Kim (@rudeboybert; 10): @EvaMaeRey I’ve never used it for xaringan, so I dunno!

Karandeep Singh (@kdpsinghlab; 10): 👇output: xaringan::moon_reader: yolo: true

Zhi Yang (@zhiiiyang; 10): @xieyihui @kwbroman @sarah_romanes @apreshill @statsgen Cool. Instead of just listing links or codes of massive #xaringan slides, maybe we can display a thumbnail of 5~9 slides from presentations or even gifs. But I also don’t want to place additional burdens on the ownerS of the slides. Maybe we can figure out an easy way to do it.

Brock Tibert (@BrockTibert; 0/1): I am probably missing something very obvious, but when creating a new slide in xaringan #rstats, what does name do? For example name: setup, or name:usecourse or name:ninja? I can’t find references in the custom css so I am really not sure what this is doing

Shreyas Gadgin Matha (@shreyasgm; 10): @sidinusofaiii Following! I use atom-beautify for code formatting, and the major R formatter suggested there ( does not seem to work with pipe operators (%>%), as described here: