One of my fave/most frequently used #rstats commands: options(scipen = 999) turns off scientific notation in R, aka turns 5.3e-2 to 0.053 😇🙏🏻



Dr. Gavin Jones (@ecologyofgavin; 1434258): One of my fave/most frequently used #rstats commands: > options(scipen = 999) > turns off scientific notation in R, aka turns 5.3e-2 to 0.053 😇🙏🏻

Tyler Morgan-Wall (@tylermorganwall; 988151): this halloween, try exploring your data… in the dark 😱 > made entirely with #rstats #rayshader #rayrender > #dataviz

Kareem🔥10x statistician🔥Carr (@kareem_carr; 28317): Sitting in the back of a Python class coding in R right now. ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 #rstats

Miles McBain (@MilesMcBain; 28071): An #rstats package that costs you next to nothing to learn and use but will save you untold time and frustration: 😍😍😍

Travis Gerke (@travisgerke; 23847): If you happen to be an #rstats user encountering this unnecessary elitism: > {function(x) (x^3*cos(x/2)+12)*sqrt(4-x^2)} %>% integrate(-2, 2) %>% print(digits = 10)

Martin Wegmann (@m_wegmann; 21848): we finally submitted our book “introduction to spatial data analysis” w/ #qgis and #rstats to the publisher! thanks to all reviewers for many valuable comments!

Fernando A Barbalho (@barbalhofernand; 21780): O Estadão publicou um pdf com informações do IBAMA sobre localidades do NE atingidas pelo óleo. Fiz um gist com um script que lê o pdf e gera dataframe tratado, com correções de nomenclatura e UF. O gist está aqui (13): > > #rstats #OpenData

Paula Moraga (@PaulaMoraga; 19655): Excited to see 📚 Geospatial Health Data with R-INLA and Shiny available from @CRC_Maths very soon! 🎉😍 > Book covers: 🌍 #Spatial data & maps with #rstats 📈 #Bayesian #diseasemapping models (🦟 #malaria 🏥 #cancer 🏭 #airpollution) ⚡️ Interactive viz & Shiny apps > Book links 👇


Will Chase (@W_R_Chase; 336): 👨‍💻 Want to know how I designed and built my new website? I just published a blog about it! Read for the behind the scenes deets and some inspiration for any #rstats tweeps looking to customize their #blogdown site >

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 220): ok… the time has come to throw away my extremely fragile but #aesthetic blogdown website full of code that doesn’t work anymore. i’m going to attempt to update hugo, use page bundles, and pick a theme that’s actually flexible 💪 wish me luck

Owen Churches (@OwenChurches; 118): I’m part of a great #rstats community of practice for public sector workers in Adelaide with @Kristen_Osb, @Mel_Heap and @leggett_man. And now we’re going online too with our very own #blogdown site: Follow along as we make all the government data tidy!

Christopher Lavoie (@ChrisLavoieEcon; 101): I just published my first blog post on my website using #rstats and #blogdown. > It’s about understanding what a loss function is for making predictions. Have a look if you like!

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 70): you vs the blogdown site they tell you not to worry about, @W_R_Chase edition 😂😭

Gavin Masterson (@gavinprm; 62): “Hello World”, I’m officially a ‘netizen’ with a personal website. Big thanks to @xieyihui, @rstudio, @georgecushen and @Netlify for making it relatively painless. #rstats #blogdown

Data Liftoff (@dataliftoff; 32): Want to learn how to create websites with the blogdown R package? Here’s a free online book by @xieyihui 📚 > #DataScience #rstats

Gjalt-Jorn Peters (@matherion; 31): @wgervais @LTF_01 Markdown isn’t so steep, it’s it? Rmarkdown, and all the awesome things you can do with blogdown, bookdown, and simple stand alone Rmd files, is steep, but Md⬇️ itself is deliberately simple, no? > Re: starting: I’d just start an Rmd file in, Rstudio and add a cool analysis 🙂

Sam Hunley (@shunley42; 31): Blogdown folks! How do you edit your posts?

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 30): you vs the blogdown site they tell you not to worry about

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 20): @monkmanmh @apreshill yesss, Alison is totally the blogdown queen 👑

Carlisle Rainey (@carlislerainey; 20): @andyphilips_ @annabellehutch @mcfuhrmann +1 for GitHub. My website uses GH. If you’re in an RStudio workflow already, blogdown makes it easy to set up.

David Nield (@DRNield; 20): @annabellehutch If you like Rmarkdown, I highly recommend the blogdown package, which makes making a website using Hugo really easy. > Here’s a tutorial I used to make the website I’m building: > My website (random url until it’s ready to be public):

Alison Haunted Hill 🧟‍♀️🏚 (@apreshill; 20): @sharlagelfand I am so excited to see how you make the academic theme look cute cc @dcossyle (a starter site with nice colors and themes is here:

Mike K Smith (@MikeKSmith; 11): @nlmixr @rstudio @rstudio: Note the MDL User Guide written with bookdown (3 years ago) and the website built with blogdown (also 3 years ago!).

Ian Ruginski (@ITRuginski; 10): Super excited to have finished my new website at, updated for my new position with @giva_uzh. Many thanks to @xieyihui ( and @georgecushen ( for making website creation so easy with #rstats. Feedback welcome!

Carlisle Rainey (@carlislerainey; 10): @andyphilips_ @annabellehutch @mcfuhrmann Here’s one I’m experimenting with using blogdown. (I can’t remember why it’s not live…)

Gavin Masterson (@gavinprm; 10): @SalamanderJenn Hi Jennifer. I’m about to deploy my personal website after starting the project on Monday this week and putting about 12 hours in. I used R, {blogdown} and the hugo Academic theme (which has great documentation to customise options). Will use Netlify to host. How’s yours coming?

HTML & CSS StackOverflow (@htmlcss_stack; 0/1): Modifying font-title of blogdown webst [Votes: 3] #html #css #rmarkdown


Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 779): The 0.0.2 version of my #bookdown project, “Doing Bayesian Data Analysis in #brms and the #tidyverse” is live. It now includes Chapters 1–10! > 12

David Ebert (@DDEbert; 4217): Now preprint freely available: Our new “hands on guide” to conduct #metaanalyses in R. including R package and step by step explanations for the most important stuff. Feedback & hints about errors much appreciated lead author @MathiasHarrer @pimcuijpers

Dana Linnell Wanzer, PhD (@danawanzer; 111): @ecgrim @dgkeyes Recs, in no particular order: > 1. by @R4DScommunity > 2. by @SuzanBaert
> 3. by @dalejbarr & @LisaDeBruine
> 4. by @djnavarro > 5. by @tladeras & @datapointier

Nicole Radziwill (@nicoleradziwill; 31): and then there’s a button where you can knit ANY PAGE to powerpoint, or Word, or PDF (just like normal) – or you can checkbox a group of pages and then produce a BOOKDOWN or something – the default would of course be knit to HTML bc that’s what you would be looking at – 2/

Kathleen Wendt (@wendtke; 30): @technocrat @rstatstweet Yes, broad overview, suggestions, examples of what can be done. We thought we might create a repository of resources (bookdown?) for participants to investigate after the workshop.

Rafael Irizarry (@rafalab; 21): @IsabellaGhement @LeviWaldron1 All the code is on GitHub: > > In fact, using this repo, you can regenerate the book from scratch using the bookdown package. > That particular piece of code is here: >

りつ (@ritsu1997; 20): 初めてのStack Overflowへの質問「bookdownのsearch engineをmultibyte characterに対応させる方法はありますか?」という質問をしたら一日のうちに開発者のYihui Xieさんが回答してくれた。実装したい機能だけど時間がないらしい。コントリビューターがやってくれることを祈る他ない。🥺

心理的に柔軟なクジラ (@matsuchiy; 20): @xieyihui Thank you for finding this tweet! The error may occurs specific environment, because I can not get a reproducible example too in other pc, although versions of bookdown and R are same. I will try get the reproducible example and report it to the Github!

Rory Quinn (@RoryJosephQuinn; 12): A guide to feature engineering and selection for #datascience and #machinelearning

Katy (@Simple_equation; 11): Any #Rmarkdown wizards out there- I’m trying to change the margins on my book download pdf, but I can’t get it to work. What is the easiest way to change my margins? #Rstudio #bookdown #stats #coding #maths #studentlife

Nicolas Roelandt (@RoelandtN42; 11): @cantabile @JenRichmondPhD @djnavarro starts a new bookdown project fill the provided biblio.bib file

👻 cjlortie (@cjlortie; 10): @jleebraun love it!

Meme Overflow (@overflow_meme; 10): Horizontal rule in R Markdown / Bookdown causing errors

Tadeu (@tagote; 10): @lmonasterio Se a apresentação em .Tex estiver ok, use o Sweve e gere um arquivo (.Rnw). Se for apenas estilizar o texto, faça como o colega falou: in_header. Beamer no Rmarkdown é fácil, mas partindo de uma apresentação do zero.

Dale Maschette 🐟🧗‍♂️ (@Dale_Masch; 10): @Antonarctica @Gillian_Slocum @useR2018_conf

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 10): @matsuchiy You can file a bug report to the Github repo of bookdown. In the post you mentioned, I didn’t really get a reproducible example, and I was too lazy to make one by myself… If I have a minimal reproducible example, I might be able to fix the problem. Thank you!

Ana Cruz-Martínez (@anakrousism; 0/1): Time Series Analysis with R


Susan Holmes 📗💻 (@SherlockpHolmes; 80): @MaartenvSmeden I recommend slidy using knitr which also supports all the latex and can include nice ggplot2 graphics easily, I use it for many of my talks and lectures.

pointy hat (witch) (@chipspopandabar; 70): using the knitr package to produce beautiful documents with embedded graphics

Johan Lindbäck (@iiijohan; 50): @MaartenvSmeden It is. Mainly because - the easy integration with R through knitr - the ability to easily comment out sections/slides etc - …[because] the source code is plain text - it’s kind of fun :-)

Leo Monasterio (@lmonasterio; 30): O jeito que eu fiz: no rstudio, eu ativei a opção “keep tex file”, quando fiz o knitr Então copiei e colei o arquivo tex direto no overleaf. Meio tosco, mas funcinou. cc @rphlbruce

👻 cjlortie (@cjlortie; 12): #CV is really a bunch of lists. I am re-doing it and using #rstats @rstudio to switch over to #rmarkdown to generate cleaner version. Thinking of tables for list and using knitr::kable to render and then knit to pdf. @gordonblasco any insights on #bettercvs?

Dr. Chris Wall (@coraloha; 11): Reinstalled R, R studio, knitr… still not functioning. Code chunks run but can’t knit to html or pdf #R #Rstudio #Rmarkdown

Noam Ross (@noamross; 11): @Warreningshot Ah, you might want to use something like ? I don’t know of anything that formats / wraps the text in a table in the console in a way you can read it, but knitr::kable() or pander::pandoc.table() might do OK.

Patricio R. Estevez-Soto (@prestevez; 10): @markrt @martinjhnhadley See also texreg, xtable, and knitr::kable

Boaz Sobrado (@sobradob; 10): @coraloha @rstatstweet Can be many things that’s the issue. Try reinstalling knitr?

gabrielo (@gabrieloprimo; 10): @lmonasterio Considera usar o knitr. Pra mim funciona bem fácil, o script simplesmente lê o código do tex então nesse caso é um prosaico copiar e colar.

Joe Rubash (@OceanJoe1; 10): @Amysw13 @rstatstweet I most often use DT::datatable() for interactive html tables and knitr::kable for static… Formattable looks cool and I’m super excited about GT

tj nightmahr 🎃🍕 (@tjmahr; 10): @statwonk yeah, predict.gamlss() did some pretty janky nonstandard evaluation that broke my knitr doc

Robbie Hart (@Oreotrephes; 10): @gigi_rose Because it’s hard for everyone! I’ve had some luck with knitr::kable and kableExtra, but there are always hurdles…

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Knitr Rmarkdown error object not found (from a previous question) #tidyverse #rstats


Dr. Christian Hoggard (@CSHoggard; 221): Personal achievement: I finally got the tinytex and vitae ( packages working and now have coded a curriculum vitae (this will be configured to GitHub shortly) #levelup #rstats

Jeff Rouder (@JeffRouder; 21): Love TinyTex, so convenient for Rmarkdown to pdf @xieyihui >


Emil Hvitfeldt (@Emil_Hvitfeldt; 285): Something I have been working on you spice up #xaringan spiraled out of control and now I have floating hexstickers 😅 > Will post code once I get it simplified > #rstats

A/Prof Jenny Richmond (@JenRichmondPhD; 266): I am getting back on the #xaringan horse… so far I mostly just have a title slide, but its quite nice. Who wants to come to Melbourne next week and learn #rstats with me at @AIMOS2019 ? Register here

R-ladies San José CR (@RladiesCR; 95): Les recordamos que mañana tenemos taller de Xaringan en la Biblioteca Luis Demetrio Tinoco 🤓 Acompáñennos! 💪🏻

Pachá 帕夏 (@pachamaltese; 91): I released the xaringan slidedeck I’m using / He liberado las diapositivas xaringan que uso

R-ladies San José CR (@RladiesCR; 65): Nuestra próxima reunión será el martes 29 de octubre. Tema: Introducción a Xaringan 🤩 Lugar: Sala 1 de audiovisuales de la Biblioteca Luis Demetrio Tinoco, UCR, sede Rodrigo Facio. Les esperamos 🤓 Favor confirmar asistencia aquí: >

JuliaStewart Lowndes (@juliesquid; 42): @ZoologyDave I’d recommend Google Slides bc they are easier to collaborate with and share, for both Macs and PCs. You could also use #xaringan if your workflow is in #rstats #rmarkdown

Brenton Wiernik 🏳️‍🌈 (@bmwiernik; 40): @MaartenvSmeden I like Rmarkdown with

Chris Mainey (@chrismainey; 40): Definitely getting better with #xaringan. Nice looking short presentation in half an hour. Most of the time was spent looking up awkward HTML formating! @grrrck #xaringanthemer is a great help.

Andrea Vargas (@Avargas2398; 40): Taller de Introducción a Xaringan con RLadies San José 💪🏻 Acompáñenos en la Biblioteca Tinoco el 29 de octubre 🤓

A/Prof Jenny Richmond (@JenRichmondPhD; 32): Ok RMarkdown #rstats peeps, are there shortcuts for #xaringan class codes? > i.e. Do I really need to type .pull-left[ ] on every slide?

joy (@JoYLi4; 30): LOL using xaringan to build our presentation slides and the description has me shook

Jason Gantenberg (@EvilMammoth; 30): @alexpghayes @jon_y_huang @MaartenvSmeden @minigamedev For standard RMarkdown presentations, I think you can set the self_contained: true option in the YAML header, which should be safe offline. > Personally, I really like the xaringan package by @xieyihui, but they’re not as easily self-contained.

Manuel Durazo (@durraquio; 30): El análisis de redes es una aproximación que puede ser utilizada para identificar delitos como el fraude a tarjetas de crédito (R + Xaringan + Cypher)

Robert M Flight of the Navigator (@rmflight; 20): @MaartenvSmeden @dccc_phd xaringan for rmarkdown. Latex equations when needed, simple themes, and R graphics no problem. Print to PDF when I’m using any other computer than mine.

Alexandre (@ale_rramos; 20): Xaringan

Pablo (@pabblo_h; 20): @sergiogarciamor 👀

Iyani Banda (@ianbanda2; 12): #rstats Anyone have any issues running the xaringan template script? Getting an issue saying my encoder wasnt able to encode the script, any ideas how to get around this?

Laura Bolaños G (@laubolgo; 10): Hoy aprendiendo paquete #xaringan para presentaciones con código R con las chicas de @RladiesCR > ¡Súper genial la experiencia, muchas gracias chicas! > #rladies #rladiesCR

finding youR way (@rfindingyourway; 10): My most frequent application of a binary search is when trying to kill {xaringan} moon readers

Shane B Galvin (@S_B_Galvin; 10): @MaartenvSmeden I like xaringan because I find it fun. But I’ve used Google slides a bit. It’s handy because you can send a link to the audience so they can post questions in text format from their phones. Their questions then appear in your presenter view.

Susannah Cowtan (she/her) (@SuusJC; 10): @MaartenvSmeden I like RMarkdown in xaringan