dtplyr 1.0.0 is now on CRAN! — https://t.co/SzjGwygXaG. dtplyr combines the speed of data.table with the syntax of dplyr #rstats



Hadley Wickham (@hadleywickham; 1495437): dtplyr 1.0.0 is now on CRAN! — https://t.co/SzjGwygXaG. dtplyr combines the speed of data.table with the syntax of dplyr #rstats

Hadley Wickham (@hadleywickham; 25482): roxygen2 7.0.0 is now on CRAN — https://t.co/0pjDk1mB1C. This is massive update featuring improved docs (😱), improvements to .Rd rendering, translation for markdown tables and headings, new @includeRmd, and the ability to document R6 classes!! #rstats

David Grubbs (@crcgrubbsd; 22964): I am beyond excited to announce the publication of Hands-On Machine Learning with R by @bradleyboehmke and @bgreenwell8. @CRC_MathStats #rstats #datascience https://t.co/idJr6zzGkY

Nicholas Wu (@NicholasWuNZ; 19341): So we made an R package that no one asked for but everyone needs. Plz welcome colRoz: a colour palette based on Oz’s wildlife & landscape. Here are some examples but send us some pretty Oz pics so we can make more palettes for you! https://t.co/hT1BjwsWpO #Wildoz #rstats https://t.co/O8lNl15Oeq

lost gps (@lostgps; 18769): Entry for #30DayMapChallenge day3: polygons. > @EuroLeague arenas & attendance so far this season. > Buildings from @openstreetmap, scaled so that size reflects the capacity and arranged by avg attendance. > Made in R using #osm2pgsql #RPostgreSQL #ggplot #sf #rstats https://t.co/xHMRUjaSpc

Sebastián Garrido (@segasi; 16970): Acabo de descubrir que la base de datos sobre regímenes autoritarios construida por mi querida sensei Barbara Geddes, junto con Joseph Wright y Erica Frantz, ya está disponible como 📦de #rstats gracias a la generosidad de Xavier Marquez: https://t.co/3MhW8LsnxC


Zhi Yang | DM me abt @USCBiostat & DS interviews (@zhiiiyang; 10814): @daniela_witten Thank you for emphasizing the importance of an academic website! > You can build a website under 20-min using #blogdown and the #hugoAcademic template by @georgecushen. I highly recommend @apreshill’s #rstudioconf2019 workshop https://t.co/aBRiC2Bjxk and https://t.co/HdMOEmT34K

Jason Mercer (@ecojydrology; 345): New website! https://t.co/9gZUtkgkff. Uses @GoHugoIO with #blogdown (#rstats) served from @gitlab and a custom domain from @awscloud. Huge thanks to @xieyihui @ProQuesAsker @apreshill for blogdown devel and docs. And thanks to @noamross for hosting his rorcid code. #hydrology

Kaylea (@KayleaHaynes; 2611): I’ve decided to start a data science blog. First challenge was learning how to deploy a website using R, Blogdown and Netlify. Now that I’ve worked it out I might try and post some interesting content in the future. For now check out https://t.co/HgVKyVCinM for some intros.

Los Angeles R Users (@la_Rusers; 144): 🤩Our new organizer @kerenxuepi just gave her very first #rstats meetup talk at #RLadies Pasadena @CaltechLibrary where she showed us how to build and deploy personal websites using #blogdown and @Netlify. Please check out the materials and slides here. https://t.co/3urnnG7WKT https://t.co/mTdFf8hMUX

Zhi Yang | DM me abt @USCBiostat & DS interviews (@zhiiiyang; 121): If you are interested in building a portfolio website, please join us for an evening with @kerenxuepi teaching you how to use #blogdown at @CaltechLibrary held by RLadies Pasadena. > A very big shouts to @Repositorian and @CaltechChemLib for organizing the event! https://t.co/ajwC6fmRNp

Ben Marwick (@benmarwick; 104): @daniela_witten There is a wonderful & very user-friendly guide to quickly making a free professional-looking personal website entirely with #rstats by @dsquintana: https://t.co/0GjvgKrpbS For more details see the blogdown book by @xieyihui @ProQuesAsker & @apreshill https://t.co/tgHEzYi6Pc

Shawn Graham (@electricarchaeo; 70): Jekyll baffles the shit out of me. hugo. blogdown. bookdown. i can roll with those, though.

OC RUG (@oc_rug; 52): If you couldn’t make it to Pasadena, don’t worry. @oc_rug will be giving a free 90-min workshop on how to use #blogdown and @Netlify to build portfolio websites at @UCIrvine_MBA. > Space is limited so please register soon: https://t.co/bZofo1rxR1 https://t.co/g5ulmM8Bdz

Christopher Lavoie (@ChrisLavoieEcon; 41): My latest post about loss functions. How “How to Use Loss Functions - Gradient Descent” > Made with #rstats and #blogdown https://t.co/6eE3Uz9Jl9

Dr. Jennifer Beaudry (@drjbeaudry; 40): Should I use this as the kick in the pants I need to create a web-based CV through blogdown in R? If so, is @dsquintana’s tutorial still the best resource to walk us through the process?

Jiri Stodulka (@jiristo; 32): Dear #rstats community. Those who use #blogdown and #Hugo, the static website generator: how do I set my web page’s (post) canonical URL to point out to where is the original post? E.g. on #TDataScience

Zhi Yang | DM me abt @USCBiostat & DS interviews (@zhiiiyang; 31): @la_Rusers @kerenxuepi @CaltechLibrary @Netlify That was a great talk last night! I’ve been using #blogdown for a year but still learned a few new #rstats things from @kerenxuepi like adding @googleanalytics, @disqus, enabling Emojis and inserting shortcode for tweets. Thank you! https://t.co/ZYIhBhUrNs

Sheila Saia (@sheilasaia; 30): @ecojydrology @GoHugoIO @gitlab @awscloud @xieyihui @ProQuesAsker @apreshill @noamross Looks 👌💯! Hip hip for blogdown!

OC RUG (@oc_rug; 30): @la_Rusers @kerenxuepi @CaltechLibrary @Netlify @zhiiiyang Well done! @kerenxuepi. We’d like to have you come down to Irvine and share your insights with us. For those people who are also interested, don’t forget our upcoming 90-min FREE workshop on #blogdown and @Netlify by our new organizer @pablobarajasp at the venue @UCIrvine_MBA.

Stephen Turner (@strnr; 21): @webbedfeet @JennyBryan @drob @swcarpentry Please do! I believe everything I borrowed from was CC-by-???. I used RMarkdown websites https://t.co/6ke7zsgw5o. Nice feature in RStudio - build site button. Deploy static _site directory to netlify with a custom domain. @vpnagraj improved this later with hugo/blogdown.

Zhi Yang | DM me abt @USCBiostat & DS interviews (@zhiiiyang; 21): @Repositorian @kerenxuepi @CaltechLibrary @CaltechChemLib You can find @kerenxuepi’s slides and tutorials here. > https://t.co/pgA5TvTYiO

Andrew Heiss, PhD (@andrewheiss; 20): @kearneymw Except I don’t think it works with blogdown::html_page :(

Aaron Caldwell (@ExPhysStudent; 20): @drjbeaudry @dsquintana I would say yes. I started making mine today in between talks at a conference. Also suggest @xieyihui book https://t.co/7xo6NIIKAN

levene bartlett (@levene_bartlett; 11): I love #blogdown #markdown #rstats

Layla Bouzoubaa #NoStomachForCancer 💙 (@Bouzoulay; 11): @sabahzero Blogdown!!

Rui Barros (@rui_barros17; 10): @C4tia_barros https://t.co/uNLPFowABI

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 10): @JonTheGeek At a very basic level, this is one reason it’s important that companies—looking at applications outside academia—have a central repository for analysts, data scientists, + researchers to share findings: Confluence, preferably #blogdown, whatever. > They can all cite one another.

Nicolas Roelandt (@RoelandtN42; 10): @archaeogeek, I liked your post and had encountered this situation several times. So you’re not alone in this. > I fixed this particular issue by using R blogdown to generate static sites. Thanks to @xieyihui and all, that takes the burden away for regular users of R. https://t.co/tSww0e3qKp

Zhi Yang | DM me abt @USCBiostat & DS interviews (@zhiiiyang; 10): @KathyQ100lady Please let me know anything that I can help out with! We just had a hands-on workshop on #blogdown last night. Here is @kerenxuepi’s slides https://t.co/pgA5TvTYiO

Hugo (@heyitsmehugo; 10): @daniela_witten started this great thread abt the need 4 academic websites. It’s so clear + compelling that it’s hard 2 disagree. @zhiiiyang shared @apreshill’s content on #blogdown and #Hugo for building websites. @rstatstweet @rstudiotips @rstats4ds. Thank y’all so much 4 this. https://t.co/kscssMAZiy

Tim Morris (@tmorris_mrc; 10): @RachPips Absolutely! If you don’t have another web presence to explain yourself it makes sense. Want to have one? Fine. But ‘It only takes 2h to make in blogdown’ isn’t a good reason imo!

Gordon (@gorafle; 0/1): Google Drive as a Blogdown CMS: https://t.co/S0OcNxG1nf #rstats


Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 43491): The 0.0.3 version of my #bookdown project, “Doing Bayesian Data Analysis in #brms and the #tidyverse” is live. It now includes Chapters 1–18! https://t.co/33mkX0k3yE > 14

TAKEbayesHI (@psycle44; 9319): 単一事例実験デザインのRを使った解析方法をまとめたBookdownができとる!目視のためのプロット作成からTau-U含むノンパラ系効果量や回帰モデルを使った分析のコードものってます。 https://t.co/5xM2fQ4BY3 https://t.co/tMkJYLjk9t

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 399): Great news indeed 🎉- congrats @bradleyboehmke and @bgreenwell8. “Hands-on Machine Learning” is a great #rstats learning resource, made with #bookdown: > https://t.co/e8RninwyXV https://t.co/r1cp8ICztw

Andrew Heiss, PhD (@andrewheiss; 165): In knitr there’s a df_print option that lets you use kable to convert the output of dfs to MD/HTML, but it sadly doesn’t work with bookdown documents > BUT I discovered the neat knitr::knit_print(), which can be extended to specific classes like data.frame. This is MAGICAL #rstats https://t.co/l6ptQwHu7M

Michael Dorman (@MichaelDorman84; 134): Trajectory of tools to prepare Uni. course materials: > PowerPoint (sorry) (2013-2015) → Google Slides (2016) → #rstars ‘rmarkdown’ Beamer (2017) → #rstats ‘bookdown’ (@xieyihui) (2018-) > It’s been an exponential curve of how easy (& fun) it is to maintain and publish!

Andrew Heiss, PhD (@andrewheiss; 80): @kearneymw Yes! I just found it! https://t.co/lkP568FZ0E

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 70): Also, this is the first version containing placeholder chapters (13 and 14), which just help maintain the correct ordering when using bookdown. > 34

JD Long (@CMastication; 60): that screen shot is straight out of the bookdown docs and it makes me happy too…. https://t.co/IivWBbIQV9

boB Rudis (@hrbrmstr; 50): Since I’m horribly inept at adding to my original #30DayMapChallenge thread entries I’ll get all of my posts into a {bookdown} book and get it up on the internets at the end of the challenge.

Thomas Mock (@thomas_mock; 50): @dikayodata I’m not available for long but happy to contribute! > The #tidyverse end to end! - https://t.co/WQ2v2FOwZV Intro to Stats w/ R - https://t.co/ypICcalKSz Overview of R - https://t.co/WT1svELIzJ ISLR (Stats + ML) - https://t.co/CxWFS9Ao0U #dataviz in R - https://t.co/1DkwN71kQZ

Data Liftoff (@dataliftoff; 43): 📚 Another amazing free online book - Feature Engineering and Selection: A Practical Approach for Predictive Models by @topepos and Kjell Johnson. > #DataScience #rstats https://t.co/ds55Jlfj8B

rahul (@unrahu1; 31): Feature Engineering and Selection: A Practical Approach for Predictive Models #rstats , a beautiful introduction to feature engineering and why it matters. https://t.co/udvB1HS5Vz

boB Rudis (@hrbrmstr; 30): Took a shortcut and saved out the customized {sf} objects as R data files. I’ll have full links to the source shapefiles in the {bookdown} book at the end of the challenge. > Code for Day 11 is at the usual place https://t.co/vNG5NE2Afn + GL/BB/SrcHut/GitHub

心理的に柔軟なクジラ (@matsuchiy; 30): bookdownで同人誌執筆へ向けて一歩ずつ進めている感じがする

Jon Harmon (@JonTheGeek; 23): Course/workshop sites, slides, demos, notes, references can all be created in R. #rstats #rstatsDC Rmarkdown, xaringan, homework submitted in rmarkdown, course notes in bookdown https://t.co/T7MVudbPRr

Sylvain Lapoix (@SylvainLapoix; 21): @DianeBELDAME @StatnMap @thinkR_fr @DrcUsers @AfricaRUsers @_ColinFay @LVaudor @blog_SLR En ressources francophones, “frrrenchies” est une base. > Pour une introduction efficace et rapide à #rstats et au #tidyverse je renvoie vers @lapply et son remarquable manuel en bookdown : https://t.co/u4Rwb6Zor5

Keali’io’kalani Stanton (@AlexanderKalani; 20): @wgervais …but have you used ~bookdown~ ?

Josiah🤷🏻‍♂️(Joe-sigh-uh) (@JosiahParry; 20): @shunley42 tbh, it was hard for me to find good resources. But uh, imagine like a flex dashboard but less work, sorta kinda? > https://t.co/YDZXvmwzwj

CRAN Package Updates (@CRANberriesFeed; 11): CRAN updates: bookdown deTestSet DiffXTables DT flextable freesurferformats readJDX https://t.co/y5W2NU2tPr #rstats

Javier Moreno 💚 (@infrahumano; 11): R Companion To Real Econometrics: https://t.co/GtZTYgODlh (via @yoresongo )

Jed Brown (@five9a2; 11): @choldgraf I’d rather not obligate new scientists to learn and work with the source format, but I don’t see xelatex in the a bookdown/pandoc sort of stack to be a great liability for continued PDF support.

Sylvain Lapoix (@SylvainLapoix; 11): @DianeBELDAME @StatnMap @thinkR_fr @DrcUsers @AfricaRUsers @_ColinFay @LVaudor @blog_SLR @lapply Sur la carto, un bookdown et un blog @hypothesesorg de référence (#openaccess + #rstats, la classe !) : https://t.co/vpQzM7NOyJ https://t.co/dOILPfTK8J

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 11): insertion of javascript into bookdown project #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/R3YcmVF5AM

Oscar Baruffa 📊🇳🇱 (@OscarBaruffa; 10): Other highlights: Learnt basics of using #Bookdown and git https://t.co/UoUqVgAQuQ

امیر ضرابی (@amirez_amir; 10): @oldensan https://t.co/qkWSphgknH

Michael Ekstrand (@mdekstrand; 0/1): Ok friends, do you have preferred alternatives to gitbook for book-style docs, probably with math and maybe some code with its outputs? I’m considering bookdown, but very interested in other options. Ideally using Pandoc for content rendering.

William angel (@DataDrivenAngel; 0/1): https://t.co/VHIXZrZgUp is the definitive gide to rmarkdown #rstatsdc


Colin Fay 🤘 (@_ColinFay; 9621): [ {bubble} 📦 ] Just pushed a simple {knitr} engine for NodeJS, so you can now run @nodejs chunks inside RMarkdown: > https://t.co/sx9qoWPIuI > #RStats https://t.co/T4DKtFXaXE

Michael Sumner (@mdsumner; 102): cool just figured out turning off running any code chunks in RMarkdown for quick review #rstats {r first-chunk, include = FALSE} knitr::opts_chunk$set(eval = FALSE,<other-args>)

Andrew Heiss, PhD (@andrewheiss; 81): I swear I’ve seen this done before, but can’t find any documentation for it now. Is there a way to make it so all tibbles are printed with kable() when knitting? Like some option or something? #rstats #knitr

Jenny Bryan (@JennyBryan; 60): @BrodieGaslam thanks! that is a cool feature in knitr that’s very rewarding to exploit in reprex

Brenton Wiernik 🏳️‍🌈 (@bmwiernik; 60): @wgervais If it’s a pretty simple table, knitr::kable() is fine. If you need more complex formatting control, the flextable package.

michela (@MichelaRiba; 51): Will it fit the new computer? #handcrafted #knitting no #rstats this time no #knitr for a while @mothersinsci #womeninscience https://t.co/t17MCQHPNH

Dan Ovando (@DanOvand0; 50): @wgervais @dan_p_simpson And when in doubt knitr::kable and kableExtra are great

Gjalt-Jorn Peters (@matherion; 30): @JonTheGeek @aggieerin @sil_aarts Ah-hah: it’s ref.label, see https://t.co/7bD3AgZ0DH and see https://t.co/8n1G3NtJMu and see these comments there: https://t.co/LWwTT6HrBs

Dⓐniel Chen 🐍🏴‍☠️ @DCR #rstatsdc (@chendaniely; 20): @sil_aarts Rmarkdown supports child documents > https://t.co/ne6BpVjN5y

Dr. Erin Buchanan (@aggieerin; 20): @JonTheGeek @sil_aarts @matherion Here’s a tutorial from @xieyihui to help see how it looks: https://t.co/29XdFvKyIK

Michael Sumner (@mdsumner; 10): @mim_djo part answer https://t.co/0W61vjmtki the OP’s code to work (and I understand it) - do you get the readBin and encode stuff? That’s what I was thinking (can’t do it without a file afaik) > the 3-layer raster to PNG can do png::writePNG(as.array(background)) > will try more later

David Robinson (@drob; 10): @the_alexgerber knitr::kable is a good start!

Ruby Programming (@ProgrammingRuby; 10): Ruby Algorithm Documentation with AsciiDoc and Knitr > ☞ https://t.co/fU5WA0DQKu > #rubyonrails #ruby https://t.co/G4EsPGEuIo

Jared Mamrot (@Jared_Mamrot; 10): @wgervais Have you looked into knitr::kable()?

Ruby Fan (@ruby_fan_codek; 10): Ruby Algorithm Documentation with AsciiDoc and Knitr > ☞ https://t.co/euBxcN8A4k > #rubyonrails #ruby https://t.co/GWbHZJ69ge

michela (@MichelaRiba; 10): @RLadiesGlobal no #knitr this time https://t.co/pegxenll9z

Michael Sumner (@mdsumner; 0/1): What does the Knit button do to your #rstats README.Rmd? > what knitr::knit() code does it run? when I do that it leaves the yaml header and I can’t figure it out

CRAN Package Updates (@CRANberriesFeed; 0/1): CRAN updates: ehelp knitr schoRsch https://t.co/y5W2NTKSXT #rstats


Emily Robinson (@robinson_es; 429108): Want to make a beautiful CV in < 20 minutes that works online AND when you print it? Check out pagedown, which has templates for CVs, business cards, posters, and more! #rstatsdc @sctyner > https://t.co/HoyRc5MeX2 https://t.co/5CUsk1EXTD


Zhi Yang | DM me abt @USCBiostat & DS interviews (@zhiiiyang; 8521): #rstats users! > Introducing a new #xaringan template “kakashi” by @malco_barrett, which has color-blind friendly palettes. > Marking text as italics (*) will turn it blue 🔵 bold (**) will turn it orange 🧡 striking out (~~) will turn it grey ⬜️ > https://t.co/iVlekzpFCR https://t.co/3P810ILITe

JD Long (@CMastication; 735): I’m teaching an intro to #rstats and #Tidyverse at a client site next week. Seems like the appropriate time to try out {Xaringan}. Going through the docs I realize that I may just have to turn on yolo mode. Open source software totally brings the lols. https://t.co/23lkfc7GSN

JD Long (@CMastication; 372): well @grrrck saved me some pain. I was wanting to highlight one line of code in a pipe chain. using {{}} wasn’t working but he wrote a blog article that solved it for me! https://t.co/FiQSBENjAO > Then I used his #<< magic to do this: https://t.co/xMjyHTPAOa

JD Long (@CMastication; 60): so @Emil_Hvitfeldt pointed out that this is specific to {Xaringan} so it probably has something to do with the css libraries at play. Could be useful if your presentation needs to be mirrored for rear projection or some such.

Miles McBain (@MilesMcBain; 50): @metasdl @lingtax You can knit an Rmd directly to slides ioslides_presentation() works better than {xaringan} for interactive stuff. I use for interactive maps and plots with {mapdeck} and {plotly}

Marck Vaisman (@wahalulu; 42): .@webbedfeet my longtime #rstats meetup partner in crime showing us how to build teaching materials with rmarkdown, xaringan, and even reticulate. I am going to steal this for my classes. #rstatsdc #datadc https://t.co/cNHDdB74Be

Lauren Saag Peetluk (@laurenspeetluk; 33): Trying to decide whether 1 mo is long enough to learn and create a presentation in Rmarkdown (for dissertation proposal)? And if so, which to use: ioslides, slidy, beamer, xaringan? Any tips, pros/cons, resources are greatly appreciated! #epitwitter #rstats

Gina Reynolds (@EvaMaeRey; 30): @othomn Yay! Thanks @othomn! Big thanks due to Emi Tanaka @statsgen and Garrick Aden Buiu @grrrck. Grateful for #xaringan amazingness & for sequential, incremental tools that makes automating deconstruction and reconstruction make sense! #ggplot2 #magrittr

Jonelle D. Villar (@jdvillar; 20): @apreshill Thank you for your incredible presentation using Xaringan and CSS. I am happy with my first attempts. 😍How do I know the screen resolution when giving a scientific talk?

Andrew Heiss, PhD (@andrewheiss; 20): @edrubin @causalinf Your course materials are srsly the best I’ve come across for intro econometrics, and I might embrace your xaringan-for-problem-sets approach instead of constantly fighting with latex

Malcolm ‘🦃 of Courage’ Barrett (@malco_barrett; 20): @ustcer_ztc @zhiiiyang I’ve been following that! I think it’s a very sensible solution. I haven’t PR’d this one, despite using it for a long time, because I’m still making tweaks and didn’t want to have to keep it in sync with a hard coded version in xaringan. But it’s nice to make it available

tctcab (@ustcer_ztc; 20): @zhiiiyang @malco_barrett Happy to see the use of include_css() trick which is in line with what I proposed to use themes, neat ! https://t.co/fkW80NVZV9

Kelly Sovacool (@kelly_sovacool; 11): @CMastication I’m a fan of Xaringan! Checkout the infinite moon reader – if you haven’t already – viewing slides as they’re updated is really nice > xaringan::inf_mr()

Daryn Ramsden (@thisisdaryn; 10): @EpiEllie I’ve made videos that involved xaringan RMarkdown presentations. I just stepped through the slides and recorded my screen while I was doing it.

Emil Hvitfeldt (@Emil_Hvitfeldt; 10): @CMastication iirc this is xaringan specific

☭ lil salesman ☭ (@1amhades; 10): @_massaru cojutiviti é tipu xaringan

Brock Tibert (@BrockTibert; 10): @CMastication Highlighting code to discuss the steps to students is one of the million reasons I love teaching with xaringan

adrift-like-flotsam (@researchremora; 10): @CMastication I’m sure you’ll teach it the right way. 😉 More on topic: I’ve never tried xaringan; am still using slidify, which is deprecated, but familiarity leads to inertia.


Michael Chirico (@michael_chirico; 228): OMG this is great @xieyihui !! > Set _R_CHECK_TESTSNLINES=0 and output of R CMD check fail won’t be truncated to 13 lines!! #rstats > https://t.co/NwfwxRLobo

Richard Careaga (@technocrat; 10): @yuhui @jamesdensmore I meant @xieyihui , who wrote a thoughtful essay on the spectrum of data science https://t.co/aKVnsrtfAG

Hilary Parker (@hspter; 10): @tvladeck Here’s a vulnerable and honest post about ghosting professionally https://t.co/2NxouMWMPh

Zhi Yang | DM me abt @USCBiostat & DS interviews (@zhiiiyang; 10): @pachamaltese @gvegayon Cool. I haven’t used Beamer for a while. Now only #xaringan. @xieyihui has a template both in English and Chinese. https://t.co/ex0xTMRgoD

Edward Brooks (@edwardbrooks24; 10): @JonTheGeek @R4DScommunity https://t.co/K5RWhVr00Q