learnr 0.10.0 is out! The learnr package makes it easy to turn any R Markdown document into an interactive tutorial. Include narrative, figures, code exercises, quiz questions, videos and shiny components. https://t.co/zuEajbU4F7 #rstats https://t.co/baXra3A1tm



RStudio (@rstudio; 635198): learnr 0.10.0 is out! The learnr package makes it easy to turn any R Markdown document into an interactive tutorial. Include narrative, figures, code exercises, quiz questions, videos and shiny components. https://t.co/zuEajbU4F7 #rstats https://t.co/baXra3A1tm

Nick Corriveau-Lecavalier (@CorriveauNick; 38017): I’m now comfortable enough to do all my stats and graphs with R, and I dropped SPSS for good. > This feels like I’ve just got out of a bad marriage and found a new cool, smart, good-looking girlfriend. #r #rstats #phd @AcademicChatter

Mara Averick (@dataandme; 35984): 🖱 The power of sortablejs in shiny… “Introducing {sortable} to add drag-and-drop to your shiny apps” 👨‍💻 @RevoAndrie https://t.co/nXBQOvWjyi #rstats #rshiny https://t.co/iwchQ3CdZ5

Chelsea Parlett-Pelleriti (@ChelseaParlett; 34056): When you’re writing #rstats code https://t.co/EmcNvao2Sa

Jim Hester (@jimhester_; 31074): odbc 1.2.0 is now on CRAN!🎉 > odbc allows you to connect to many different databases efficiently from #rstats > This release improves querying within schemas, support for direct execution, and control of the timezone for datetimes. > See https://t.co/p6K4Nnuh5N for more info!

Emily Robinson (@robinson_es; 26550): .@JennyBryan suggests a new years resolution: change your settings to never save .RData on exit and not to restore it at startup. > Note this is not the same as having rm(list = ls()) at the start of your script! #rstats https://t.co/tJ6wi5ymYM

Mara Averick (@dataandme; 25879): 🤓 Super interesting pkg by @statsgen… 👩‍🔬 “{edibble}: Grammar of experimental design” https://t.co/NON3XCChUv #rstats https://t.co/H84tcgJ2Lf

Emily Robinson (@robinson_es; 24444): Having a problem in #rstats? Try “turning it on and off again” aka restart R. > If you’re anxious about losing your workspace, that means you have a workflow problem - you should be writing important objects out to file. -@JennyBryan

Mara Averick (@dataandme; 20956): ✌️ Day 2 advent of #rstats resources… 📋 “R syntax comparison” 👩‍💻 @AmeliaMN https://t.co/kZDLyxAqIx ❓ FAQs: https://t.co/nrJqJmB1la 🤔 Cuz there are always lots of ways to do the same thing… https://t.co/TzMCoSSO17

Dr. Justyna Hampel (@MicroJustyna; 19027): Instagram vs Reality: Science Edition #ScienceTwitter #RStats https://t.co/PR7qc2MLaq


R-bloggers (@Rbloggers; 4413): Start blogging in 5 minutes on Netlify with Hugo and blogdown (September 2019 Update) {https://t.co/IQk6wM4gxJ} #rstats #DataScience

Francisko Rezende (@francisko_r; 265): I followed @apreshill Summer of Blogdown tutorial & now I have a #rstats powered website😀 > https://t.co/fatW77ZjM6 is on! > My 1st post is about creating simple Bash scripts. > Would you tweeps please check it out and tell me what you think? All feedback is highly appreciated😀1/2

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 60): Whaaaat this is amazing! > I wonder what possibilities open up when you combine this with {blogdown}… https://t.co/92VM61Kg1z

Dorris Scott (@Dorris_Scott; 30): Now I’m on par with @Voovarb and have updated my #blogdown site. I learned that not updating your site causes much confusion on what you’re doing and a lot can change in a year. So there you go. Make sure to update your site often! #lessonlearned https://t.co/gtQaoP0y77

Maëlle Salmon 🐟 (@ma_salmon; 30): @Dale_Masch In the blogdown package, the new post stuff maybe. > usethis has a function for creating an R Markdown template. > Also see the rticles package.

Mark Sellors 🐠 (@sellorm; 20): @francisko_r @apreshill Great first post! Did you know ‘mkdir -p data/cat-pics’ will make ‘cat-pics’ and ‘data’ if it doesn’t already exist. Also consider adding your site to https://t.co/WTR0tpxEHM

Dorris Scott (@Dorris_Scott; 11): Trying to update my #blogdown site, and it is not as easy as I thought it would be :/. I’ll admit, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated it and I think it has to do with my FontAwesome icons but not entirely sure. Anyone having similar issues? #rstats

Nicolas Roelandt (@RoelandtN42; 11): Haaannn 😍 > @_ColinFay on fait le 📦 picoR ? Comme blogdown mais avec Pico ? > Dit ! Dit! Allé! > #rstatsFR https://t.co/UweewjCfdh

Ludovia (@ludovia_; 10): En 2020 quiero un blog de blogdown para echar rulo sobre datos.

Myfanwy Johnston (@Voovarb; 10): @Dorris_Scott Lol if by blogdown site you mean “single html slide “ then yes, we are on par 😂 . Nice work on the site chica! Looks great on my phone

Francisko Rezende (@francisko_r; 10): here’s the tutorial I followed: https://t.co/kdyv2nazns > 22

David Henderson (@_davidhen; 0/2): Anyone using hugo-academic theme for a blogdown website know how to get a paged table or scroll box in a blog post? e.g. Don’t want the massive long table here https://t.co/WqWAR5UX13 #rstats


Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 15126): The 0.0.4 version of my #bookdown project, “Doing Bayesian Data Analysis in #brms and the #tidyverse” is live! https://t.co/c4NmsJrp7X > 13

R-Ladies Barcelona (@RLadiesBCN; 138): Hi ladies! Our next meetup will be on December 12th! We plan to do a tutorial on R markdown + short talks on some of its derivatives. Any volunteers to present either the R markdown tutorial, or a 10-15’ talk on e.g. bookdown, xaringan, packagedown, …? https://t.co/1AxUgILT9b

Can Fenerci (@fenercican; 130): This open source book by @russpoldrack is just WOW -Statistical Thinking for the 21st Century https://t.co/VDmSen0mLA #rmarkdown #bookdown

Stephanie Hicks (@stephaniehicks; 112): @Bioconductor @naturemethods OSCA is a rich, reproducible, accessible (from beginners to experts!) resource with many #scRNAseq workflows & datasets. The resource is an online #bookdown book that compiles every night to track development by the open-source and open-development @Bioconductor #rstats community https://t.co/wiTqB6WBA5

Isabella Velásquez (@ivelasq3; 90): 📖⬇️Just rendered my first successful #bookdown! 📖⬇️

TAKEbayesHI (@psycle44; 81): 伴走者なしで独走するために、bookdownで目次を作った。孤独、嫌いじゃないぜ(号泣) https://t.co/nzv1bT54EP

boB Rudis (@hrbrmstr; 80): @dataandme @flowingdata totally not poking at you, Mara :-) > I’m now going to have to add a 31st day to the {bookdown} 30 Day Map Challenge book ;-)

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 51): @kwbroman Cool! I just added a footnote in the R Markdown book: https://t.co/WRs01scMAr Not sure if I need to add an example, too:


output: xaringan::moon_reader: yolo: img: https://t.co/SkA7pEgAWV times: 5 —

Leo Kiernan (@DrLeo037; 40): @EmilyRiederer Greta thread :-) Here’s a “very* rich resource full of great ebooks covering everything from Geocomputation through text mining and on to package writing, forecasting and data visualisation. > https://t.co/TDM22VeehZ

boB Rudis (@hrbrmstr; 30): Up through Day 12 is now done on the {bookdown} book for #30DayMapChallenge. Prepping for & dealing with ❄️ slowed the pace down a bit. Shld be done soon (I stupidly forgot to document some data sources but I’ll get’em in there).

alex hayes (@alexpghayes; 30): @BayesForDays agree. was envisioning a living bookdown type document

Michael Dorman (@MichaelDorman84; 23): Not long ago discovered ‘fgrep’ #Linux and now use it all the time when editing multiple Rmd with #rstats ‘bookdown’. It’s super convenient for finding duplicate labels, making sure terminology and syntax are uniform, etc. https://t.co/7ZQbmXE1uS

Estadística para No Estadísticos (@alexanderand_ec; 21): Bayesian Data Analysis (Bookdown) https://t.co/pE8Awuor5F

Frie (@ameisen_strasse; 20): @fubits https://t.co/5fekrkYXwB adapted almost 100% from https://t.co/TpAO33zaw4 > It’s quite hacky so I’ll try to figure out a better solution

Dora Kertesz (@dkertesz3; 20): Der nächste Kollege, der mir mansplaint, dass Word doch das Beste ist und alles andere doch egal, gewinnt eine Bookdown Schulung 😘

Juha Itkonen (@JuhaItkonen; 10): @ojalamarkus @OsmoSoininvaara Kiitos! 😊 Täältä muuten löytyy hyvä opaskirja, joka kertoo, miten tällaisia printti+nettikirja-raportteja voi luoda. Kaikki tarvittavat ohjelmat ovat maksuttomia ja avointa lähdekoodia: https://t.co/4Kjire4vOy

Zoe Meers (@zoe_meers; 10): @JenRichmondPhD This might work: https://t.co/uYkOlv88SW or I quite like the tufte style https://t.co/dPEH70PbOT. I know many orgs have internal latex styles wrapped up into a package. If you have some common internal functions or documents it might be worth doing that for your work.

Dr Emily Kothe (@emilyandthelime; 10): @JenRichmondPhD https://t.co/e5CuuQVgaN

Leo Kiernan (@DrLeo037; 10): @CamKieff @rstatstweet Library(sf) is great and integrated with most things > Read Robin Lovelace’s excent bookdown to get an overview of your options… > https://t.co/jK0PzQdej6

Pedro Luis Luque (@luque_calvo; 10): Mi primer paquete R publicado en CRAN es una utilidad para Rstudio que facilita el desplazarse por los ficheros de un proyecto R Markdown, LaTeX o libro Bookdown. https://t.co/UxtuTXfI92

श्रवण वसिष्ठ / Shravan Vasishth (@shravanvasishth; 10): @bruno_nicenboim @tjmahr paging bookdown guru @ChrisGandrud

Greg Wilson (@gvwilson; 10): @alexpghayes You had me until ‘bookdown’.

Ryan Peek (@riverpeek; 10): @hrbrmstr @USICHgov Thanks for this and for posting this as a bookdown. So many good topic and data to use. > It’s been fun learning new tricks & tools! Will definitely incorporate some of these components in workshops/teaching in the future, & bookdown option is great as a resource/citation! https://t.co/jAG0d98gQ3

David Chushig-Muzo (@cdchushig; 10): Text Mining with R https://t.co/4jSwsahIAO #rmarkdown #bookdown

Tim Tiefenbach (@TimTeaFan; 10): @govindgnair Maybe you can find the answer in @SolomonKurz book https://t.co/BY2chiFFuE

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): bookdown doesn’t compile custom blocks in child rmd #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/CgGPlRitLi

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): fenced divs in bookdown #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/n59dlKUY7H

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Bookdown’s gitbook appendix header not working #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/2Erh1ZrPO3

りつ (@ritsu1997; 0/1): I cannot update my book (written with bookdown) on RStudio Connect after I deleted the original one and re-uploaded the revised one as a new file. Now, the new destination somehow doesn’t show up in the “Republish”. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? #rstats #bookdown #rstudio

Bruno Nicenboim (@bruno_nicenboim; 0/1): Any bookdown experts #rstats that can help me with the new fenced divs (::: text :::) ? https://t.co/7Vl9J4fzbC Maybe @tjmahr ?


Dani Rabaiotti (Believe it or Snot out now!) (@DaniRabaiotti; 50): @LauraJaneGraham @jhaghkerdar Now I really wish there was a presentation about knitR we could all knit in

Kieran Healy (@kjhealy; 40): @alexhanna @RochelleTerman I think to do this properly within RMarkdown, you’d have to have LaTeX be an engine in knitr, in the way that e.g. Python or C is. That wouldn’t be trivial. You could cheat easily (see screenshots), but that would be cheating. https://t.co/mbTKtR0XSi

wladimir (@nucholab; 21): @harrisj @kjhealy @ftrain @doriantaylor Check out ox-ravel. Little fiddly but probably part of the shortest path from .org to .Rmd (for the reverse, knitr+pandoc seems to be the trick)

Ruby Programming (@ProgrammingRuby; 20): Ruby Algorithm Documentation with AsciiDoc and Knitr > ☞ https://t.co/19cialEaKa > #ruby #programming https://t.co/VEI3KSNy30

the_siff (@asiflaldin; 12): In #Flexdashboard how can you add commas to values with more than 4 digits. Is there an method in #knitr #rmarkdown #dashboards #rstats #rstudio #help #r4datascience

David Keyes (@dgkeyes; 10): @JonTheGeek @BenjaminWolfe @EmilyRiederer And do I just leave the special vignette stuff in the YAML? i.e. this stuff: > vignette: > %\VignetteEngine{knitr::rmarkdown} %\VignetteIndexEntry{Your Vignette Title} %\VignetteEncoding{UTF-8}

Rochelle Terman (@RochelleTerman; 10): @davclark Apparently you can include arbitrary LaTeX code in rmarkdown and it’ll render as expected in pdf (https://t.co/EdjacycR1i) > I just want to show students the LaTeX Code + What it looks like when typeset. Preferable to use RMarkdown, but I’m open to using something else.

Rochelle Terman (@RochelleTerman; 10): @miket_32 I think this is the right direction, combined with this: https://t.co/EdjacyurSQ > So maybe we need two steps: 1. code chunk with ```latex 2. identical verbatim latex code to render the output as pdf. > (I’m giving up on the html.) > Thanks for the tips!

Ruby on Rails (@ruby_o_rails; 10): Ruby Algorithm Documentation with AsciiDoc and Knitr > ☞ https://t.co/INmXmBqxWl > #ruby #programming https://t.co/f5yNaaXR24

Ruby (@ruby_codek; 10): Ruby Algorithm Documentation with AsciiDoc and Knitr > ☞ https://t.co/jH8fCP0Nf3 > #ruby #programming https://t.co/CmKZb2rAn3

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Knitr for Scrollbar in r studio #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/rCHKP1brUB


tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): pagedown html resume with aside on first page only #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/erCIHxhgjJ

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Error after using pagedown to generate a pdf from html in a shinyapp #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/ttIpyJb2g2


Keita A. (@katten22; 83): RmarkdownでPDF生成できないエラー対処で半日溶かしたつらい。 > エラーで検索してもいまいち解決策が見つからなくてMacTexインストールし直したりが、どうやらこれが問題らしい。2週間ほど前の投稿なので最近の話。 > tlmgrでtexパッケージのアップデートされた方ご注意を。 > https://t.co/aeelBCrUPR

Dave Vanness (@djvanness; 10): @dasrotrad @a_strezh @rstats4ds @RochelleTerman Have you come across this discussion yet? https://t.co/olXs2LYXPf


Colin Fay 🤘 (@_ColinFay; 4010): Want to add the GitHub status bar to your xaringan slides? > Here’s a little trick to do it: > https://t.co/CglvRWYMyJ https://t.co/2CCW2tMTXC

Kevin Wang (@KevinWang009; 160): Wow 😯 that was a great talk by @nj_tierney! Very good use of visualisations and 🍜🍝 analogies! One of the best Xaringan themes I have seen! #wombat2019 https://t.co/lNiBJvGxaz

Susannah Cowtan (she/her) (@SuusJC; 31): Today, I am supposed to be making slides. So of course, I am learning how to customise .css files for #xaringan. My code blocks are easier to read, I think! Success. #rstats @er13_r

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 20): @bwundervald One of my favorite personal favorite xaringan themes! Looks very pretty- great content too 🙌 Thank you for sharing!

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 20): @schotz @allison_horst please do! I’ll share all image files and my xaringan slides after conf, this was too good not to share now!

Benjamin Capistrant (@bencapistrant; 20): Beyond his great pedagogical leadership, a special shout out to @BaumerBen for developing a @SmithCollegeSDS theme for #xaringan slides. I added in the @smithcollegessw logo in there for good measure.

Marcel Ribeiro-Dantas 🙋🏻‍♂️ (@mribeirodantas; 10): @bwundervald Ah, beleza, valeu :-). Eu dei uma olhada rápida no código-fonte e embora parecesse feito com xaringan, a lib js era diferente por isso estranhei 😅

Marcel Ribeiro-Dantas 🙋🏻‍♂️ (@mribeirodantas; 10): @bwundervald Amei seus slides, Bruna! Ri horrores aqui com o Datoo Tidioso hahahha. Você não usou o xaringan para fazer os slides né?

Bruna Wundervald (@bwundervald; 10): @mribeirodantas 🤣 Sim, xaringan sempre! Mas é um tema customizado, no https://t.co/5jHK3mFZO4 tem o código fonte :)

Dilsher Dhillon (@TexanDhillon; 10): @HRJ21 Never really used it myself, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about {xaringan}

Emma Rand 👾 (@er13_r; 0/1): So frustrating! #rstats. Run all my xaringan Rmd chunks interactively and I get just what I want 👍with RefManageR::Cite(). Knit and 💻🔨 https://t.co/BTsvOXWm6D


Mine CetinkayaRundel (@minebocek; 40): @renatagerecke Global chunk options: https://t.co/fQ4C9QKIsy. Very handy!