The complete transcripts of The Office (US) are now available as an #rstats package, {schrute}. #r #nlp #tidytext



Thomas J. Leeper (@thosjleeper; 474106): The complete transcripts of The Office (US) are now available as an #rstats package, {schrute}. > #r #nlp #tidytext

RStudio (@rstudio; 348152): R vs. Python: What’s the best language for Data Science? Read more on RStudio Blog: #RStats #python #pyData #DataScience #OpenScience #OpenData

Dr. Sam Tyner (@sctyner; 26088): My 10 Tips for Getting Help in R: TL;DR: 📖Read the docs 🔍Google the error 🧠Search smarter not harder 🔥Burn it all down 🔁Make a reprex 🐦Ask Twitter w/ #rstats ☎️Phone a friend 😴Sleep on it 💬Ask your q on an online community 🙋File an issue on GitHub

Fabio Votta📊🦉 (@favstats; 20144): I found a really cool tool for drawing diagrams! It’s called {nomnoml}. It’s super easy and intuitive to use, looks pretty, has an #rstats package by @javierluraschi ( and even a live code editor here:

Mara Averick (@dataandme; 18643): 🎄 Day 16 #rstats resource advent: ♻ “A guide to making your data analysis more reproducible” by @_inundata 🗃 slides, resources, vid: 📄 Incl: Packaging Data Analytical Work Reproducibly Using R (and Friends) by @benmarwick, @cboettig, & @lincolnmuller


Andrew Heiss, PhD (@andrewheiss; 4810): The content is fairly sparse (since I add assignments and class materials along the way), and the dates are still wrong, but here’s my newest #blogdown #rstats program evaluation/causal inference course website using the delightful Hugo Academic theme!

James Wade (@JamesHWade; 4620): I wrote a blog post on the measles and vaccines plot from my #TidyTuesday contribution. It was fun to learn #blogdown making the post. Feedback is encouraged! Should I do more? > blog post: > #rstats #r4ds #dataviz #datascience #vaccines #VaccinesWork

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 418): I have learned a lot about git in the last few weeks. I started using github when I first began using blogdown. Deploying your blog via github pages or netlify is a great way to tip your toes. #rstats

Meghan Hall (@MeghanMHall; 394): The #blogdown package is AMAZING. I have a brand-new website, built entirely in R 🙏

Marvin Law (@MarvinLaw_; 72): After following some great guides from @dsquintana and guidance from @AnanthanAmbi, my personal website is up and running using the blogdown package! #rstats #rlearning #tidyverse #blogdown Thanks for all the help and higly recommend!

Justin Nix (@jnixy; 40): @bethtris I made mine using the blogdown package in R. @dsquintana’s blog was super helpful! >

Meghan Hall (@MeghanMHall; 31): This resource was the most helpful: And I got a bunch of tips from this one, too:

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 31): Posting xaringan presentations on blogdown…how do I display it? #tidyverse #rstats

Dweepobotee Brahma (@Dweepobotee; 13): Dear #rstats I just updated hugo and blogdown versions to update my personal website and all hell broke loose. Any leads to a tutorial/blog post on update your academic website using hugo? Most of the existing posts are on creating websites for the first time.@RLadiesGlobal

the Eshleman Papers (@eshlemanchris; 11): @znmeb @Voovarb blogdown? distill? Jekyll? pkgdown? I’m a regular R user but my head’s spinning #rstats #myheadhurts

(((Lukas Kawerau))) (@LukasKawerau; 11): More generally applicable - RMarkdown and @rstudio. Makes blogging, writing and adding analysis to both so much easier and better. Thank you @xieyihui for your work on blogdown, bookdown and everything else in the space!

Taras Kaduk (@taraskaduk; 10): @sellorm LOL, “I updated blogdown and my theme and now things don’t quite look right” is my status

Karlo Guidoni Martins (@kguidonimartins; 10): @juditecypreste blogdown em R.

Matt.0 (@MattOldach; 0/1): Hey #rstats who are #blogdown-savy. I’ve usually served projects as external links to Medium but want to change now it’s behind paywall. Cannot figure out how to get image preview on main page working for took long. Probably a simple fix for this 😪

Andrew Heiss, PhD (@andrewheiss; 0/1): Hey #rstats #blogdown #hugo world! Can anyone help with this obscure issue? Using toc: true in Rmd files does weird things that don’t happen in regular markdown files


Robin Lovelace (@robinlovelace; 6717): Textbooks are too expensive. Another motivation for #opensource + online academic materials to add to the list: > ✅ reproducibility ✅ build communities ✅ crowd-sourced peer review, supplementing formal processes > Great selection of open source books:

Murray Cadzow (@MurrayCadzow; 6514): After battling for hours to get a bookdown github action I have finally done it and we’re using it to create our github actions with R bookdown book made during @rOpenSci #ozunconf19

Kazuki Yoshida (@kaz_yos; 5911): Course Handouts for Bayesian Data Analysis Class “course handouts for PSYC 621 class. The materials are based on the book by McElreath (2016), the brms package (Bürkner 2017), and the STAN language.”

りつ (@ritsu1997; 5722): 久米ゼミのプレゼミでRの勉強会をした。 > まだ未完成だけど、「何も知らない状態から、とりあえずRでなんちゃって重回帰分析ができるようになる」がコンセプトの拙稿をよろしくお願いします。(お気付きの点があればDMで優しく教えてください)

\mathfrak{Michael “El Muy Muy” Betancourt} (@betanalpha; 302): To avoid any confusion, the thing I made was just the bookdown styling. I still have a few more case studies (which are all just proto-chapters) to write and then I have to edit/update all of the rest. I hope to have a draft of a Part I ready by the middle of 2020.

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 171): Have I convinced you to try blogdown?? Good… but now I hear you ask… how? Here are my fav tutorials. The RMarkdown whisperer @apreshill is a blogdown queen. She literally wrote the book and the tuts on her blog are awesome 1/n

Hok Chio (Mark) Lai (@marklhc; 125): @GRich_Cinci @NicoleBarbaro @drjuliashaw And @GRich_Cinci, I just finished the Bayes class this semester, and maybe you’re interested in the updated notes:

emre toros (@emretoros; 115): @AkinUnver @pinardag şuraya bırakayım Türkçe kaynak isteyenler için belki faydalı olur

Steph Stammel (@StephStammel; 82): CIsandbox! Make stuff happen when you push to GitHub..!! > Gentle introduction to GitHub actions with R - help files, bookdown, how to get started. A hug in an rmarkdown form! #ozunconf19

new JiminyPanoz(tweet) (@JiminyPan; 61): Then, and it’s mind blowing, very popular tools you may not have heard about… > - Bookdown - AsciidocFX - Booktype - Easybook - Kitabu

David John Baker, PhD (@DavidJohnBaker; 60): 100% agree to this. The future of sharing information is the internet. This (and more) were reasons I spent untold hours writing my dissertation in #bookdown so people wouldn’t have to rummage through a pdf to engage with my research. >

Thomas Mock (@thomas_mock; 52): @eamcvey @grrrck @hrbrmstr @JianghaoWang As far as calling the finale template: - If in a package you can actually call it as a normal .rmd template and can then code as normal! - If the SAME report each time, you can go with paramaterized .rmd

Oli Clark (@PsyTechOli; 50): Compiling my #thesis in #bookdown

Chase Clark (@ChasingMicrobes; 43): …That’s a proper lab notebook size 😲 > #rstats #rmarkdown #bookdown #organizeAllTheThings

Thomas Mock (@thomas_mock; 43): @eamcvey Thread of Resources! > Template Structure: - - > These cover the necessary minimal files (template.yaml + skeleton.rmd) along with supporting files (logos, css style sheets, HTML). > Simple package recommend way to share/store template

\mathfrak{Michael “El Muy Muy” Betancourt} (@betanalpha; 41): Anyone know if it’s possible to hack bookdown to collapse groups of chapters together in the table of contents? In particular into PARTS headings? I’d love to have a TOC that starts with the Part titles and then expands to the chapters (and sections within chapters) from there.

Nicholas Yarmey (@NickYarmey; 41): @lkeenereck @rstudio Let’s chat - I’ve been doing this for the last two weeks! I think rmarkdown will be the way to go. I’ve been having good luck with parametrized reports in markdown

Thomas Mock (@thomas_mock; 31): @eamcvey Converting HTML into RMD Theme: - Borrow/examine code from others - ^ readtheorg example original HTML > This MAY require diving into pandoc OR doing specific conversion of HTML to supporting file for .rmd

\mathfrak{Michael “El Muy Muy” Betancourt} (@betanalpha; 31): @ChadScherrer @lauretig Bookdown (through pandoc) will give me LaTex and epub, although I’ll have to spend time getting them formatting how I’d like. Definitely part of the plan, but will come later.

Maurício Vancine (@mauriciovancine; 30): Bayesian Hierarchical Models in Ecology >

Murray Cadzow (@MurrayCadzow; 30): @ma_salmon @rOpenSci Yeah, it will compile a bookdown book on a pr to master then copy the html to the hh-pages branch

Richard Careaga (@technocrat; 22): @dgkeyes I don’t have any in-house examples to share, but just about everything you need can be found from the author’s book at However static reports lack functionality for management to vary assumptions to get desired results. Consider RStudio shiny dashboards

emre toros (@emretoros; 21): @DagmedyaVeri Türkçesi ve Twitter uygulaması için adresindeki 9. bölüme bakılabilir…

Deemah 🇺🇦 🇳🇴 🇸🇪 (@dmi3k; 20): #lazytwitter what are your recommendations for monkeying Travis setup for rendering and deploying {bookdown} projects? I know @xieyihui has a chapter on this. I just want to see examples of how it is done in real life.

Dr. Holland D (@DocHollandD; 20): @Caitydid685 @graymagiker @MartynEcology @BeltzEcology is a good thread - the R Reddit community is nice and responsive, is also a good resource. And this book is something I love so much I bought the paper version

Thomas Mock (@thomas_mock; 20): @eamcvey If don’t want to build out a WHOLE theme, can customize portions: - - Custom .css classes (@grrrck )

Maurício Vancine (@mauriciovancine; 11): Noções de Inferência no R Thalita do Bem Mattos >

Malcolm ‘Yuletidy’ Barrett (@malco_barrett; 11): @juliasilge Oh, me too. Although I do hope that someday someone puts together a good bookdown on the various #rstats GitHub options like travis.yml (I toyed with putting helper functions for setting them up in ymlthis, but I just don’t understand them well enough!)

(((Lukas Kawerau))) (@LukasKawerau; 10): Serious question: if you’re writing technical books today, is there anything better than R bookdown?

John T. Johnson 🧠 Luctor et Emergo (@John4tl; 10): @lkeenereck @rstatstweet @rstudio Bookdown might be helpful.

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): bookdown adding abstract before the table of contents #tidyverse #rstats


Davis Vaughan (@dvaughan32; 16934): I’ve been experimenting with a new 📦 to lower the barrier for working with C in R. My favorite features: > - source_function() to compile a C function from text on the fly and generate an R function. > - A knitr engine for use in R Markdown! > #rstats

Romain François 👨‍👧‍👧 (@romain_francois; 223): There definitely was a before and after #knitr in the #rstats world. 🙏 @xieyihui.

Romain François 👨‍👧‍👧 (@romain_francois; 121): #knitr joins the #hexmas 🎄 today.

Programmer Books (@ProgrammerBooks; 57): Dynamic Documents with R and knitr, 2nd Edition ==> > #python #javascript #angular #reactjs #vuejs #perl #ruby #Csharp #Java #linux #programming #network #security #golang #coding #ionic #android #ios #DataScience #development #ArtificialIntelligence

Thomas J. Leeper (@thosjleeper; 42): How do you set the width of a PDF table column from rmarkdown using knitr::kable(). I’m trying kableExtra but getting the cryptic “! Use of \@array doesn’t match its definition.” error. #rstats

animated JPG (@jasongrahn; 10): Lesson learned: > glimpse(data) %>% knitr::kable() > is a bad idea with a lengthy data set.

Paulina Mr (@paumorrr; 10): @lecuacion hola Prof!! Para la entrega final, no me deja pasar los modelos con stargazer o knitr para hacer tablas con un formato bonito! Alguna sugerencia para que se pueda? Me sale “cannot coerce lm into data frame”

Overleaf (@overleaf; 10): @awunderground glad that it helped! You can inject a little literate statistical programming with knitr ( and other packages which allow you to integrate code into your LaTeX documents - interestingly Donald Knuth invented TeX and coined the term ‘literate programming’

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Knitr button completely unresponsive #tidyverse #rstats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): knitr with ggplot and colorspace: object not found error #tidyverse #rstats


Thomas Mock (@thomas_mock; 51): @eamcvey @grrrck @hrbrmstr @JianghaoWang Lastly - as far as printing from HTML to PDF (and not needing to also maintain a LaTex framework) - Enter {pagedown} - Keep all the HTML goodies for web and then save output to PDF


Howard Baek (@howard_baek; 83): #rstats Question about xaringan: > I’m not sure how to insert Twitter / LinkedIn / Email icons in my last slide to redirect the viewer to my contact information. I’ve though about using images somehow… > Isn’t there a simple way to do so using css / html? > @xieyihui @apreshill

Ryan Briggs (@ryancbriggs; 61): I went with xaringan, mostly so that I could have a slide deck with nice themes, incremental reveals, R code, live graphs, and of course gifs. For what I want to do xaringan feels a bit like using a cannon to kill a mosquito, but maybe I’ll grow into it.

R-Ladies Barcelona (@RLadiesBCN; 61): Now @aniabmsi will introduce us to the #rmarkdown friends: xaringan, rticles, pkgdown and many more!

Leon Eyrich Jessen (@jessenleon; 54): Doing #dataScience in #Rstats using #Tidyverse 💻📊📈📉, I’ve always been a huge fan of the convention of naming your functions according to what they do… So, what’s this all about? - xaringan::infinite_moon_reader() @xieyihui ? - parsnip::bake() @topepos ?

James E. Pustejovsky (@jepusto; 30): @maibennett

Nick HK (@nickchk; 30): @ryancbriggs @Andrew___Baker @paulgp @ApoorvaRed I also ended up using revealjs for my class since ioslides was missing some things I wanted and I couldn’t get xaringan to work at all. My code is here:

Grant McDermott (@grant_mcdermott; 20): @Andrew___Baker @ApoorvaRed @paulgp @ryancbriggs This is because you don’t want to host on a public GitHub repo (and render with raw.githack), right? > An alternative is to convert to PDF. I use and recommend decktape.js > You can even include the final system("...") call in your Rmd file.

Ryan Briggs (@ryancbriggs; 20): Up to now I have always used Keynote for presentations. For an undergrad methods class, I’m looking to use some R markdown-type format (R Presentations, slidy, ioslides, xaringan) so students can look under the hood. The ecosystem seems messy though. Anyone have a recommendation?

Will Wheeler (@willwheels; 20): @Andrew___Baker @ApoorvaRed @paulgp @ryancbriggs This is a helpful thread. I’ve been trying to switch to R Markdown and it’s not clear what the best presentation format is. I had the same worry about xaringan, I liked reveal, but tried Beamer anyway…and the slide title fonts were garbled when I presented, ffs.

Andrew Baker (@Andrew___Baker; 20): @ApoorvaRed @paulgp @ryancbriggs I think xaringan was pretty clear in their write up that it wouldn’t compile to locally.

Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham (@paulgp; 20): @ryancbriggs I couldn’t get xaringan to work with what I wanted, so ended up using revealjs in Rmd. Agreed that the ecosystem is a bit confusing. I missed beamer many times when I worked with Rmd.

karolou🧚🏻‍♀️ (@karlolics; 10): ativei o xaringan do fodase

Ryan Briggs (@ryancbriggs; 10): @jb_duckmayr Keynote is just less ugly PowerPoint, but I’ve lots of experience with R markdown. I went with xaringan and it seems to be working fine.

Apoorva Lal (@ApoorvaRed; 10): @Andrew___Baker @paulgp @ryancbriggs huh. i hadn’t tried with xaringan, but it seemed to work fine w vanilla html pages [with interactive / plotly figures and the like]. if you need xaringan, you could try working out of a single gist and using to render on either end.

Andrew Baker (@Andrew___Baker; 10): @paulgp @ApoorvaRed @ryancbriggs yes please + 1. My real problem with xaringan is that it doesn’t compile to an html, so if you’re working with someone else it is kind of a disaster. Does revealjs get around that?

Andrew Baker (@Andrew___Baker; 10): @paulgp @ApoorvaRed @ryancbriggs Sorry it doesn’t compile to a local html file. So if I knit a regular beamer RMD I can just share it, e.g. by email, with a coauthor. With Xaringan I have to upload it to my website.

Andres Karjus (@AndresKarjus; 10): @nerdpro @DingemanseMark @decksetapp I’ve been using ® markdown for slides for the last ~2y, both conferences & the dataviz workshops. The writing part is indeed nice, it’s just a text file, though fiddling with the layouts to make it look decent in the end can be… fiddly. Packages like xaringan are nice though.

Matt Haffner (@geo_haffner; 10): I believe I have found the presentation framework to end all presentation frameworks: @xieyihui’s xaringan.

Richard Careaga (@technocrat; 10): @matloff Yihui Xie has a very interesting take on the underlying differences between R and Python at that arise from orientation to the problem vs the solution