Q: Do you want better organized #rstats scripts in 2020? If you do, start owning the outline tooling that's built into RStudio! If you don't, I'll pray for the next person who needs to use your code. https://t.co/6YXP042Hhu



Nate (@natedayta; 615149): Q: Do you want better organized #rstats scripts in 2020? > If you do, start owning the outline tooling that’s built into RStudio! > If you don’t, I’ll pray for the next person who needs to use your code. > https://t.co/6YXP042Hhu

Stephen Turner (@strnr; 507154): gghalves: ggplot2 extension for half-half geom combinations. Think half boxplot and half jitterplot, or half violinplot and half dotplot. https://t.co/shi4YwPGWh #Rstats https://t.co/79EZfEuN4U

Namita (@nnstats; 43282): how to use #rstats, #rtweet, and the #tidyverse to find your most popular tweet of 2019 https://t.co/kY8IUOg5Sn

Matt Dray (@mattdray; 36555): I wrote about some #rstats packages that sparked joy for me in 2019. What about you? https://t.co/Qbe7cjiSCC 🤖{usethis} 🦆{drake} 🐈{purrr} 📝{blogdown} ⚔️{xaringan} 🙇‍♂️{polite} ↔️{arsenal} 👑{govdown}

Allison Horst (@allison_horst; 27763): Do your observations have numbers + pesky associated characters ($, %, etc)? > readr::parse_number() “drops non-numeric characters before or after the first number”, so you get just the numbers! 🔢🥳https://t.co/tZcazD89EZ > Inspired by a chat w/@apreshill & @juliesquid 😊 #rstats https://t.co/3Dn8pecgXR

David Keyes (@dgkeyes; 24974): As 2019 comes to a close, I want to thank all of the lovely people in the #rstats world who have made my year a professional success. For each person in this thread, I’m going to tweet one thing they’ve done that I particularly appreciate.

Julia Silge (@juliasilge; 19489): NEW POST: How does gender affect salary 💰 for people who code? Modeling in #rstats using the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey > 💵 Women earn about 23 as much as men for each additional year of experience 👶🏼Dependents decrease salary only for women > https://t.co/B7fiHbYPsU https://t.co/lFdkP75ehy

R Weekly Live (@rweekly_live; 19443): Writing R in VSCode: A Fresh Start @renkun_ken @revodavid @MicrosoftR #VSCode #rstats #datascience https://t.co/cSO4UY3GmJ https://t.co/4BRjkI8Fo6

David Robinson (@drob; 19436): In this #tidytuesday screencast, I take a tour of CRAN packages, analyzing the # of lines of code+comments by language > I also see what tidyverse packages have the most code in them (ggplot2 and dplyr have the most R, & haven has tons of C code) > https://t.co/aZXu74ZqOJ #rstats https://t.co/6XrS4H19Eg

Rafael Irizarry (@rafalab; 17934): Happy new year and happy Unix year 50 #rstats ! > > as.numeric(https://t.co/0J8EbdCwwk("2020-01-01")) / 365.24 [1] 50

Will Landau (@wmlandau; 17743): Got a massive #rmarkdown report? Tired of slowly re-rendering plots all the time? Try {magick} to render the images and {drake} to cache them reproducibly: https://t.co/oxoT2EF4Qt Data pipelines tend to be cleaner and more modular than all-in-one reports. @rOpenSci #rstats

Hilary Dugan (@hildug; 17030): Playing around with new ways to view long-term data > Lake Mendota epilimnion SRP @WiscLimnology @USLTER #rstats #gganimate https://t.co/sgHwDECAdt

One R Tip a Day (@RLangTip; 16147): A free, online guide to fitting mixed-effects models with R, by Michael Clark https://t.co/B15ZHvHfSG #rstats


Zhi Yang, PhD (@zhiiiyang; 275): If you use the hugo academic theme in #rstats #blogdown and the featured img isn’t fully shown, here’s a simple trick to fix it. 🖌️Open it with Paint 3D (all PCs have it) 🖼️Go to canvas & add transparent padding 📏Make sure the aspect ratio is ~ 1.3 (4X3) 🥳Now it looks bettter! https://t.co/JywZIIhCXR

【𝑃𝑎𝑡𝑟𝑖𝑐𝑖𝑎 𝐿𝑜𝑡𝑜】 (@patriloto; 185): Noche de #rstats y #blogdown Recursos recomendados: ➡️https://t.co/3cd3ZTzCFj de @statsgen ➡️https://t.co/n6M82FAwvf de @apreshill https://t.co/zuqj3Ow4gN

Zhi Yang, PhD (@zhiiiyang; 153): This is such a great example of using shortcodes in #blogdown #rstats, i.e., below @andrewheiss showed that you can add very nice course info without copying and pasting a long chunk of HTML codes. > blogdown::shortcode(“courseinfo”) > I only use it to add tweets to my post.😅 https://t.co/1IkTu7NoVz https://t.co/9NeS49ugeZ

alex hayes (@alexpghayes; 123): anybody have experience embedding tweets into #rmarkdown documents without using blogdown? > https://t.co/5kQUBh7j4g

Colin Quirk (@ColinTQuirk; 61): My new year’s resolution is to start blogging, so here is a link to my redesigned website (using blogdown!) and my first blog post about doing a data science internship as a PhD student: https://t.co/Jh5pCIAkiA > #phdchat

Zhi Yang, PhD (@zhiiiyang; 52): I fed a total of 125 commit msgs from my #rstats #blogdown website GitHub repo into #textgenrnn. Here are the safest output (left) and the riskiest output (right) it generated. > Now it reminds me of the tweet where a person left a $5 bill in his dissertation left in the library. https://t.co/NY89ajkzHU

olusoji daniel (@fomotis; 31): #rstats 2020 goals; 1. Blogging with blogdown especially about @erbiostat 2. Design a hex sticker for cyanoFilter 3. Polish my knowledge of RShiny 4. Perfect my understanding of RStan in readiness for my next 📦 5. Start my next 📦

Nick Zeng (@zenggyu; 30): @JankoThyson @krlmlr Check this out: https://t.co/IvOGvpeoLn

Riley King (@tw0handt0uch1; 30): @JankoThyson @krlmlr Im using hugo + github + netlify and it has been a joy. Alison Hill has a nice workflow with slides called Summer of Blogdown.

Gordon Shotwell (@gshotwell; 23): #rstats does anyone know how to add pull quotes to Blogdown?

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 22): Beyond that: > Consider a Knowledge Management System internally, > —like an #rstats #blogdown blog, —or @StackOverflow for teams, —or @Airbnb’s KnowledgeRepo project.

jomaweb (@jomaweb; 20): @fernand0 Blogdown + Hugo si quieres algo publicable en web. Org Mode de emacs si es para tener tu información organizada

Websystemer (@Websystemer; 12): Get Your Own Website Online In Four Steps - https://t.co/esKG1iVt9f > #blogdown #github #hugo #netlify

James Goldie (@rensa_co; 12): @cantabile Also since it’s pandoc doing all the work this should theoretically work for any HTML-based Rmd format (radix, blogdown, other slide formats, etc.), not just xaringan 🎉

Ashwin Malshé अश्विन (@ashwinmalshe; 10): @Andrew___Baker @rstatstweet I think it depends on the theme as {blogdown} doesn’t have a native support. Here is how to do it in Academic theme https://t.co/uib9FgF64c

mikefc (@coolbutuseless; 10): @rweekly_live My updated blogdown install seems to have borked this post: > True link: https://t.co/uipc9Y4CeQ

Manshu (@Manshu; 10): How to build a website using R blogdown > https://t.co/nDr7PXjq6b

Mark Edmondson (@HoloMarkeD; 10): @JankoThyson @krlmlr I use blogdown and GitHub pages, it was the simplest and powerful now there are github actions

Fanny Ollivier (@fanny_oll; 10): @thiagoarzua @AcademicChatter I am building mine with RStudio, blogdown package and Academic Hugo theme. It’s free and templates are customizable

Andrew Baker (@Andrew___Baker; 0/1): Anyone know how to host an Rmd with code folding on hugo:blogdown? #rstats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): about page in blogdown #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/p7Kc2pbSAb


David Keyes (@dgkeyes; 261): The series of packages that @xieyihui focused on communication are so, so good. I use {xaringan} and {bookdown} all of the time. And I’m excited to use {pagedown} more in 2020 to created paged reports. > https://t.co/PJC6LUmFL2

David Keyes (@dgkeyes; 241): The resources that @apreshill put out are incredible. I’ve learned about {bookdown}, {xaringan} and more from her website. > https://t.co/n4p9z1kacO

alexis comber (@lexcomber; 2210): Some late additions - code for all chapters is freely available (& therefore copy and paste-able into a script) at https://t.co/jWh4nuUdYX
-my daughter says a free PDF of the book is out there in the ether!!
Sadly we lacked £20k to pay bookdown for hosting as others did…!

Myfanwy Johnston (@Voovarb; 211): I have been working with acoustic telemetry data in R for >5 years now & I am all but convinced there is no programmatically elegant way to identify & remove all false detections from a data.frame of detections. Was pondering writing a bookdown book but that’s basically the gist

Fernando Flores (@ds_floresf; 30): @Crst_C Viste este bookdown de @edwin_thoen? https://t.co/lP7UCibxJd

Jeff Graham (@jgraham909; 22): @billymeinke @GitBookIO @bookdown_io The tooling is a means to an end, the tech is never interesting. What people do with it and how people engage in the creative process are the interesting and challenging bits. Especially meeting people where they are rather than dictating a workflow to meet the tech.

Gustavo Vazquez (@VazquezGust; 20): Desarrollando proyectos de data science usando metodologías ágiles: Agile Data Science with R https://t.co/SWFKQN25fr #rmarkdown #bookdown

Billy Meinke-Lau (@billymeinke; 20): @jgraham909 This area could use more attention, just be sure to acknowledge what’s been attempted already like @GitBookIO and @bookdown_io. These days I’m less interested in technical tools for collab, more interested in how people want to collaborate.

Nicole Göbel (@NicoleGbel3; 11): @toxomat @SebasWiesendahl @SibylleBerg Ja, das Buch ist super! Auch cool: https://t.co/TFGc1mwEu0 Werner Stahel ist ein ein alter Hase, überarbeitet grad sein krasses regr0 package. Aktuell bin ich am Verzweifeln, weil ich mich mit CTT auseinandersetzen muss. Ich finde nur Textwüsten statt knackige Code-Beispiele 😝

Jackie Griffin (@Jackie45774499; 11): Chapter 12 Visualization of Functional Enrichment Result | clusterProfiler: universal enrichment tool for functional and comparative study https://t.co/yZ4ZSWOB6U #rmarkdown #bookdown

Anton Akhmerov (@AkhmerovAnton; 10): @choldgraf @moorepants Indeed. Still bookdown extends rmarkdown, and the whole thing breaks as soon as one needs e.g. collapsible admonitions (like in https://t.co/TxxG2pogDu) or side notes (like in jupyter book). Plus I guess the existing notebook markdown is already incompatible with rmarkdown.

Soichi Matsuura (🇫🇮で拘泥予定) (@matsuura_rits; 10): ここにきてBookdownで講義資料を作成するのがいいような気がしてきた。アップロードも簡単だし,LaTeX + Beamerで作成したプレゼン資料で紙芝居風にするより,Bookdownで資料作って,スクロールしながら授業したほうがいいかもしれない。

Matt McBee (@TunnelOfFire; 10): I am trying to get #bookdown to output citations in APA 6th. I have this working using the apa6.csl file from #papaja, but I need to filter the ampersands from in-text citations. I see ampersand_filter.R, but how do I apply it? @FrederikAust @xieyihui

phaustin (@phaustin; 0/1): @choldgraf @njgoldbaum It seems like the bookdown/pandoc extensions get pretty close to capturing most of rst strengths: https://t.co/vR4QalTwaH


atusy (@Atsushi776; 61): なんか黒魔術求めてそうな人に黒魔術あげた。


output: html_document:

df_print: !expr function(x, …) knitr::knit_print(knitr::kable(x, …))

df_print: kableとちょっと違う出力になる。


Will Landau (@wmlandau; 40): @rOpenSci Related: https://t.co/J43eaf2fRW. I too prefer {drake} caching over {knitr} caching.

R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 23): “knitr engine to help understand what is going on in an unruly RMarkdown script” > https://t.co/ePm8n1HKf9 #rstats https://t.co/JOw11cvVWz

Dr. Maria Veldhuizen | tasty brain (@margaveldhuizen; 20): Just in time to add to my achievements for 2019: I learned to knitr nice looking pre- and postprints.

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 20): @ibddoctor @EvaMaeRey @grrrck @statsgen @VincentAB @monkmanmh @healthandstats @othomn I’m with @EvaMaeRey on this one. Yes chunk is already defined in knitr, but she’s precisely extending knitr, + requiring knitr’s exact definition of the word. So it’s not introducing any lexical ambiguity. > And I don’t think there are conflicts in actual exported function names.

Koray Taşcılar (@KorayTascilar; 11): @kdpsinghlab You could turn off error, warning and message displays using knitr chunk options and try #Kableextra if you’d like a fancier table output. In case these fit the type of thoughts you were looking for of course. #rstats


floresta aleatória (@PedrooCava; 30): @SallumMig RMarkdown é uma das coisas mais cômodas que já inventaram para produção de documentos técnicos nessa década. Tem a qualidade e parte da flexibilidade de TeX, com matemática de TeX nativa instalando o tinyTeX e toda a simplicidade de markdown.


James Goldie (@rensa_co; 12419): Love making slides in #rstats but feel intimidated about giving them a coat of paint? 🎨 I’d love to hear your thoughts about a new experiment I’m testing! 📦 > Presenting customisable {xaringan} themes: https://t.co/6RvpagGQ8n

James Goldie (@rensa_co; 91): If you’d like to tinker with it or test it, try my {xaringan} fork here: https://t.co/cPof4XLmQz. I’d love feedback! Not sure whether this would make a good PR or should be spun off into its own package, but I know a lot of folks are put off by the idea of writing CSS 😅

Cap’n Blackheart Bette (@cantabile; 31): Cracks knuckles. Let’s take @rensa_co’s fork for customising xaringan:: themes for a whirl. > I am excited about this bc: > 1. math is hard, and I have miles of mathematics to go before I tackle CSS 2. I really, really wish I had serifs in my font. > https://t.co/KK1dwfkIxF

Cap’n Blackheart Bette (@cantabile; 21): Customise xaringan:: slides from .Rmd YAML with @rensa_co’s tweak to xaringan:: > No fiddling around with CSS! > Here I’m messing around with grey shades, as my go-to palette is super monochrome. > devtools::install_github(“rensa/xaringan”) https://t.co/iJA2OSO9LU

Marshall (@luke_viei; 10): @ytallo_b @suckalittlemore Vem então duelo ninja, kd seu xaringan agr

James Goldie (@rensa_co; 10): @cantabile The way I see this working long term is either: > 1. I submit this as a PR and xaringan supports it out-of-the-box, or 2. xaringan allows the user to supply an HTML template (like most Rmd formats do), and I just wrap it with my own pkg

James Goldie (@rensa_co; 10): @cantabile @rstudio The second step is to add a styles section (to the top, not under xaringan::moon_reader) > bigtop currently supports… > styles: # fonts header-font: body-font: code-fonts: # regular colours bg-color: color: # inverse colours bg-colour-inverse: color-inverse:

James Goldie (@rensa_co; 10): @cantabile @rstudio Okay! So if you start a new xaringan slide deck in @rstudio, you should see something like: > xaringan::moon_reader: css: [“default”, “default-fonts”] > First step is to add “bigtop” to that css argument (just like if you were using another theme like metropolis or rladies)

James Goldie (@rensa_co; 10): @cantabile Mmm, yeah, you’ll prolly need to remove your existing xaringan install first either way

Cap’n Blackheart Bette (@cantabile; 10): @rensa_co My questions now, @rensa_co: > What fonts/colours are available? > What things can I customise, and what are they called? > Thanks for making this! I will definitely be using it for my next presentation. Historically, I’ve used default xaringan::, as I don’t know CSS. https://t.co/fho4FpvB3B

Cap’n Blackheart Bette (@cantabile; 10): @rensa_co @rstudio Alrighty, I think I’ve installed your version of xaringan:: using devtools::install_github(rensa/xaringan) > I can see there’s a template in the repo I cloned. > A window, @rensa_co, into the gaps in my knowledge.
> I created a presentation. > How to customise theme? https://t.co/CXfapcZ9JZ

Cap’n Blackheart Bette (@cantabile; 10): @rensa_co I have cloned @rensa_co’s fork. Hopefully this is where I should start. > lappy486 :: Documents/repos » git clone https://t.co/4u3IO5OYqR