Hi twitter friends: I have developed material for 2, 3-hour lectures on the introduction to R and #stats for #geography/ #environmentalscience. Though I'd share for those interested in learning R! https://t.co/un6COBlEFo #github #openscience #rstats #academicchatter



Dr. Kristin Eccles (@kristineccles; 492128): Hi twitter friends: I have developed material for 2, 3-hour lectures on the introduction to R and #stats for #geography/ #environmentalscience. Though I’d share for those interested in learning R! https://t.co/un6COBlEFo #github #openscience #rstats #academicchatter

Alex Cookson (@alexcookson; 40282): Anyone other #rstats people find @drob’s #TidyTuesday screencasts useful? > I made a spreadsheet with timestamps for hundreds of specific tasks he does: https://t.co/HvJbLk1chd

Useful if, like me, you keep going back and ask, “Where in the video did he do [this thing] again?”

Mara Averick (@dataandme; 20943): 🐈 Nice code-through (w/ {patchwork}, too) “Building Color-Palette Proofs of Concept w/ {purrr} and {ggplot2}” 🎨 @khailper https://t.co/3EZbBKbgfK #rstats https://t.co/R07MVfGTgC

Jakub Nowosad (@jakub_nowosad; 20277): We have published a new R package 📦 for downloading meteorological and hydrological datasets. Read about the package and its use cases at https://t.co/iwHWikshtp or just install it from CRAN - https://t.co/pKul5IWZjP. #rstats #rspatial #climate #meteorology #hydrology #data https://t.co/vYTk9gF1aU

Dr. Jean Fan (@JEFworks; 19158): Check out my latest blog post #bioinformatics tutorial + tips on #RNAvelocity analysis (in situ) using sample #singlecell data from our latest @PNASNews paper on 10k gene #spatialtranscriptomics by #MERFISH https://t.co/XqGCN6VE8b #Rstats #rTutorial #DataScience #transcriptomics https://t.co/CCWni1IFyV


Daniela Vázquez (@d4tagirl; 877): I did it 🙌🏽 I finally migrated my blog to Hugo using #blogdown 🥳 I’m happy because: ✨ I can use html widgets thanks to @g3rv4’s magic 🎩 📚 I included my resume 🤓 👩🏻‍🎨 I love the theme! Comments are welcome 👯‍♀️ 🔗 https://t.co/r7c0tgNR9F #rstats

James Wade (@JamesHWade; 6710): I made a #shiny app for #TidyTuesday “Australia Fires” submission. > Use it compare temperature by year for several Australian cities. I’m working on embedding it on my #blogdown site with help from @rstudio community. > app: https://t.co/5qmjZLEA9P > #rstats #r4ds #dataviz https://t.co/CzdDEESB3t

Andrew Heiss (@andrewheiss; 6610): With my blogdown #rstats websites I distribute assignments as .zip files but I always forget to rezip stuff after I make changes and students end up downloading outdated files. So I figured out a way to use Makefile incantations to zip everything for me! https://t.co/P6HJR4SVw5

R-bloggers (@Rbloggers; 4711): Creating a website with the academic theme in blogdown {https://t.co/Z1mIaIV65k} #rstats #DataScience

James Wade (@JamesHWade; 3710): It took a few days but I finally got a shiny app embedded on my #blogdown site for #TidyTuesday 2020-02. Here’s a screenshot of the working app. Thanks to help from @rstudio community! > https://t.co/R4aoksrggQ > #rstats #r4ds #dataviz #tidyverse https://t.co/B8xQRNqoRz

Pedro Forquesato (@pforquesato; 271): Fiquei animado usando o Rmarkdown para fazer meus slides ontem e acabei refazendo meu site usando ele também. (E blogdown.) O site atual é quase exatamente igual ao template, mas pelo menos não vou precisar ficar mexendo em HTML ou CSS mais… É bem fácil, recomendo!

Wyatt Bensken (@Wyatt_Bensken; 110): ‘Twas the night before the spring semester and I built myself a website! https://t.co/yumcb4Fwle . Thanks @dsquintana for the great tutorial and @dhlwilson for pointing me in the direction of using blogdown with my existing R/Markdown knowledge.

Lander Analytics (@LanderAnalytics; 83): We are at the @RLadiesNYC Code-llaboration Hangout with pizza sponsored by Lander Analytics and The R Conference (@rstatsnyc). We’re working together on our own projects and tutorials. #TidyTuesday #blogdown #rstats https://t.co/0Rke1rAVUA

Xiaodan(Annie) Lyu (@annielyu_stats; 61): Following @drob’s advice, I’ve given the same suggestions 3 times, so I wrote this post about how to use R #blogdown to create a personal website with a style similar to mine from scratch. ✌️#r4ds #rstats > Fun blogdown in R to design a personal website https://t.co/a7P3EqPzGA

Pedro Forquesato (@pforquesato; 50): @ptanurev Segui esses dois: https://t.co/3701Dzvq2n https://t.co/DWyd1QdiRo

Amit Levinson (@Amit_Levinson; 41): #rstats #blogdown tip for centering a shortcode in a .rmd blog post. Thanks to @R_Graph_Gallery for a neat set of tips to level-up your rmd files: > https://t.co/4bNRQrvxBM https://t.co/7DxpHzRbl3

Mark Sellors 🐠 (@sellorm; 41): Please check out new #blogdown site, https://t.co/55Si24b5vC - just added to https://t.co/82OUqvFPst! #rstats

Martin John Hadley (they/them) (@martinjhnhadley; 32): Hey #rstats {blogdown} folks! > Could you help answer my question on the RStudio Community on how to programmatically add chapters to a {blogdown} book from a data file? > Here’s my Q https://t.co/Zb5qnspJvp and a reprex https://t.co/ERsknlNTSB 😀 https://t.co/1nPUP1fB1q

Mark Sellors 🐠 (@sellorm; 32): Just added @MikeMahoney218’s #blogdown website, https://t.co/QvjhOTHAgd to the list at https://t.co/82OUqvFPst! #rstats

Peter Kerkhof (@PeterKerkhof; 31): Waar kerstvakanties goed voor zijn: mijn persoonlijke website in een nieuw jasje. Gemaakt met Blogdown en Hugo Academic https://t.co/xuPVwTH2x6

R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 21): “Deploying your Blogdown Site on Digital Ocean” // Colin Quirk @colintquirk > https://t.co/HVm23mz9Br #rstats https://t.co/ZgaIsCQbav

Thomas Vroylandt (@tvroylandt; 21): Ce post a entièrement été réalisé en R, notamment à l’aide de blogdown, de reactable et bien sûr du tidyverse. J’ai d’autres idées sur le sujet.

Daniela Vázquez (@d4tagirl; 20): @EnterEnergy @g3rv4 I used the blogdown book for migrating from Jekyll and I (almost) didn’t need anything else! There are plenty of resources out there, I can try and find you some Twitter threads if you need!

João Pedro (@KimJoaoUn; 20): @PedrooCava @romulopredes To usando o blogdown mesmo. Aí dou pull para o github e atualiza automaticamente.

Gianluca Baio (@gianlubaio; 10): just managed to: a) create a new “shortcode” to add a text block prefixed by a smily-winky face in hugo/blogdown; b) updated my homepage to include my motto/personal view of the world. Too much? > https://t.co/a4cBABOpx4

Daniela Vázquez (@d4tagirl; 10): @aschinchon @g3rv4 It was pretty straight forward following the blogdown book! If you are happy with the theme as is, maybe it will take you a couple of hours. I tweaked it so it took me longer + html widgets that I didn’t do. 🍀🍀🍀

B.U (@EnterEnergy; 10): @d4tagirl @g3rv4 Really nice - I want to do the whole blogdown/hugo thing this year - any advise how I can learn?

Wyatt Bensken (@Wyatt_Bensken; 10): @dhlwilson @AcademicChatter Thanks, David! I have heard a great deal about blogdown but have never tried it. This may be my motivation.

David Wilson (@dhlwilson; 10): @Wyatt_Bensken @AcademicChatter If you like having control and autonomy within a theme or tinkering under the hood then Hugo is worth a look. I built mine (link in bio) with the academic theme via blogdown for R The learning curve is a bit steep if your new to markdown but it’s been a good learning experience.

floresta aleatória (@PedrooCava; 10): @KimJoaoUn @romulopredes Então melhor tirar do teu repo do site. Confere o blogdown, a gente usa ele para integrar com o Netlify.

brad lindblad (@brad_lindblad; 10): @steministemily install.packages(“blogdown”)


Pedro Lula Mota (@PedrooLula; 22826): O mundo da programação é incrível. > Alguém, em algum lugar do mundo cria uma biblioteca enorme de funções para análise & otimização de portfólios, com código e gráficos abertos ao público. > Tidy_PortfolioManagement_in_R > https://t.co/snVfvTvM3y https://t.co/D6wkRv16U7

Sociedad Estadistica (@see_estadistica; 1411): The Art of Data Science libro online gratuito > Escrito por una de las autoridades Roger D. Peng, este libro es una excelente introducción para iniciarse en la ciencia de datos. > Es muy completo pueden leerlo desde: > link: https://t.co/4n8wQ8TgrD https://t.co/zT6OLMiaQP

Adam Fleischhacker (@preposterior; 81): Amazingly easy to go from bookdown (#rstats) to website using @Netlify . Thanks to @CMastication for this blog entry demonstrating just how easy it is (remember to delete _book from .gitignore file): > https://t.co/N32o4fr6rd

Jack Dougherty (@DoughertyJack; 72): Continuing to compose-compile-publish my #OnTheLine book, thanks to #OA tools + support from @rstudio @xieyihui #bookdown @zotero @retorquere @ilyankou. Diagram inspired by https://t.co/1js4Mgaw1x. Read how we make it work at https://t.co/wiEYBMIYSJ https://t.co/cplSAGM1w6

Willy Tadema (@FrieseWoudloper; 60): Bezig met het schrijven van een handleiding in #bookdown. Werkt fantastisch! Referenties worden automatisch bijgewerkt en je kunt publiceren in verschillende formaten. #Markdown #R

R-Ladies LdnOnt (@RLadiesLdnOnt; 53): Do you do stuffs? Do you ever need to tell people about the stuffs you did? Rmarkdown is for you!!!! Come and see just how much Rmarkdown and Bookdown can work for you #rladies #rstats #rmarkdown #LdnOnt https://t.co/ogcjIwqMkr

chris diaz (@chrisdaaz; 41): aw hell yeah, just got github actions to build and deploy a bookdown site to github pages #rstats https://t.co/WAa9t08xa3

Max Kuhn (@topepos; 40): @ArnoudPlantinga @captn_head If you need help with: > tidyverse: https://t.co/GzBXS6lltt (mostly purrr::map()), https://t.co/DhlUs91JLU, https://t.co/00HvRomFNn > Modeling: chapters 1-3 (esp 3) of https://t.co/zoGzCr6JQU

むし (@n_en_u; 31): 1.2 シンプソンのパラドックスのところ、ツイッター統計が好きなピープルみんなが好きそうな話なので賢ぶりたい人は読んどこうな。 https://t.co/Q4tOtrjMPV

David Hood (@Thoughtfulnz; 30): @KorimakoEcology Just an idea- I you don’t get any leads, an alternative might be seeing interest in a bookclub style internet group that goes through one of the https://t.co/Mm5JM3sG0A books that covers the area.

Juan Manuel Bazán (@JManuelBazan; 30): R Programming for Data Science https://t.co/b4JABVU1Sf

Andrea Monserrat 🇲🇽 (@AndreMonserratt; 21): Text Mining with R https://t.co/ULNrlH59kB #rmarkdown #bookdown

Nick (@phraudsta; 20): @BurgerCryptoAM Rstudio has Bookdown which is nice

CAP’N (@nathangs20; 11): “The most challenging thing in the world is not to learn fancy technologies, but control your own wild heart.” https://t.co/q9PpvFAGra

Dr. Sarah Pohl (@LilithElina; 10): I have @firefox pre-installed on my work computer from the IT department, so I can’t update it myself. It’s stuck at version 60.8.0esr (latest is 72??) which means it doesn’t work with bookdown, and now GitHub is complaining as well. 🙄

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 10): @byrd_nick For a Bayesian multilevel model approach to mediation, check out the bmlm package (https://t.co/PFqRh2EoHJ). For a more general Bayesian approach, the brms package works just fine (https://t.co/U5lxSYgPsS; see also https://t.co/SSZViepkrd).

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 10): @mattansb Thanks for the shout out, man. Some of the work y’all have put into #bayestestR would be a good fit for my translation of Kruschke’s text (https://t.co/33mkX0k3yE). I’ll look for ways to work it in in future updates.

CAP’N (@nathangs20; 10): “Although we have been talking about R Markdown files, the chapter files do not actually have to be R Markdown. They can be plain Markdown files (.md)… You can certainly use bookdown to compose novels or poems!” https://t.co/i0ZgI3nOkX

july (@JulioSolis; 10): @ben_golub Bookdown!

connor miller (@connorthemiller; 10): also came across this which i am into https://t.co/F1P0vNzGFY

jonathan.ai (@jonathandinu; 10): @groceryheist @mcmc_stan hmmm, hard to say exactly since I can’t play with/debug the code but I imagine it has to do with variable scoping https://t.co/u0udWckG4N

Bioinformatics London 🧬💻 (@bioinfoLDN; 10): .@wmlandau will be also joining us remotely from the 🇺🇸 for the QA and discussion so bring all your questions and feature requests! You can learn more about {drake} in the #bookdown docs: > 🔗 https://t.co/Jvv8xSITQO https://t.co/VuHQCRWsLM

Yeyo (@yeyomourglia; 10): @data_datum También estoy probando bookdown. 😅

CAP’N (@nathangs20; 0/1): “Do not try to make things look right immediately, because you may be disappointed over and over again as you keep on revising…, and things may be messed up again even if you only made some minor changes*” https://t.co/AUsJvIZRgI

CRAN Package Updates (@CRANberriesFeed; 0/1): CRAN updates: bookdown CeRNASeek doFuture stringi https://t.co/y5W2NTKSXT #rstats


Barón del Jamón de la Paz (@chocodonte; 1097): @xaviermx R y estas librerías: > library(spotifyr) library(tidyverse) library(knitr) library(httr) library(RJSONIO) > también, necesitas un SPOTIFY_CLIENT_ID y un SPOTIFY_CLIENT_SECRET que los puedes sacar fácilmente en: > https://t.co/UeMUuOfuJO

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 731): 🏆 typed knitr::opts_chunk$set(message = FALSE) from memory

JJ Merelo (@jjmerelo; 72): We do #openscience, so already working to create the final version of the paper https://t.co/PrbmzFmatt Also, the paper uses knitr so data is an integral part of it, and it’s also released in the same repo together with code https://t.co/LBcVkY4C3U

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 40): @mdneuzerling Search for fig.retina here (an r markdown option for plots): https://t.co/mwOsNMUuvf

Eoin Travers (@TraversEoin; 30): Working in @ProjectJupyter, I missed the lovely Code Folding blocks that you get in #knitr output, so I cludged together some JavaScript to do them in notebooks, converted HTML pages, and @GoHugoIO posts. > Toggling code cells in Jupyter HTML Outputs: https://t.co/4X9zeRgTSZ https://t.co/6rOkO0D0X2

Barón del Jamón de la Paz (@chocodonte; 30): @nerudista R, con las librerías spotify, tidyverse, knitr, httr y RJSONIO
> También debes sacar tu SPOTIFY_CLIENT_ID y SPOTIFY_CLIENT_SECRET en https://t.co/UeMUuOfuJO > Es sencillo en realida :)

Peter Meissner (@peterlovesdata; 22): Make Docx kind off fun - {knitr}, RMarkdown, @rstudio. https://t.co/IQlkLUPBOR

Heather Piwowar (@researchremix; 10): @yokofakun @wouter_decoster soubds like me every time i pick r up again after 12 months :( are you using rstudio? I really like it. makes knitr easy too.

Luis Guirola (@lm_guirola; 10): In my last project I have moved away from writing everything in rmarkdown-knitr. Instead, I use an R script that generates all the plots, which can be easily customized , plus a Tex file which gets everything together. https://t.co/1jM3xQBS4k

Ken Butler (@KenButler12; 10): @thejholloway yesterday my lecture notes ran swimmingly in R Studio but I couldn’t use knitr from a makefile and compile them. Nothing complicated about it, but it took a chunk of the evening to figure out.

(((Lukas Kawerau))) (@LukasKawerau; 0/1): Hey #rstats, how do I escape special characters in {texreg} coefficients when the tables are created dynamically by {drake}? Knitr complains about squared terms like foo:I(bar^2) in the latex coefficient list because the ^2 is not escaped to \^2 by texreg.


CRAN Package Updates (@CRANberriesFeed; 11): CRAN updates: coxme groupedstats robCompositions SuppDists tinytex https://t.co/y5W2NTKSXT #rstats


Gabriel Felipe (@Gabrielfe02; 80): Acordei, olhei pra janela e vi tudo tão bonitim, fui na cozinha e enxerguei minha vó de longe, pensei uai tô enxergando bem demais sem óculos… descobri que dormi de lente e agora meu olho tá que nem o xaringan

Dr Vianey Leos(-)Barajas (@vianey_lb; 70): Trying to get a #xaringan presentation to pdf is like… https://t.co/2vY8BUnIk9

Grant McDermott (@grant_mcdermott; 40): @willwheels Ya, with metroplis theme. It’s such a customizable deck. https://t.co/nW4wR7ctMD

Beatriz Milz (@BeaMilz; 30): @barbalhofernand @pforquesato Eu uso xaringan e curto bastante https://t.co/WdvKAQUUDQ

Dr Vianey Leos(-)Barajas (@vianey_lb; 20): Something that took me way too long to realize: > - let xaringanthemer create the base xaringan-theme.css for you - save it as (e.g.) xaringan-theme-custom.css - change in Rmd to css: xaringan-theme-custom.css > And then add whatever small modifications you want. Like below 👇🏽 https://t.co/xkJhsiy9Iq

Grant McDermott (@grant_mcdermott; 10): @willwheels Funny you ask: Had my first ever “issue” at the ASSAs this year b/c there was no wifi (cheapskates!) > Only really an issue for MathJax rendering, but I just set up a hotspot on my phone and went through that. > For backup, can always convert to PDF. https://t.co/mtdgDtiLDs

Dr Gavin Simpson (@ucfagls; 10): @vianey_lb There’s a partial example on the Xaringan wiki: https://t.co/yQXbO9O0dl and although my CSS fu is weak just now, I think you might only need to add .inverse before the .remark-slide-number bit (with a space between them)

./Jim🚴‍♂️Gruman.Rmd (@jim_gruman; 10): @lee_redden 😎 xaringan or https://t.co/P4GGaPkZxN > reveal.js https://t.co/km5q0UakQu

Blz (@Nando_Gado; 10): @MaviCoutoo @jxrickjames @vsfclaitim Vou lansa o xaringan pra ter equilíbrio tendeu

Dr Vianey Leos(-)Barajas (@vianey_lb; 0/1): A saturday morning #xaringan question (#xaringanthemer really): > When I use class: inverse, the page numbers blend in to the color scheme and “disappear”. Anything I can do?