I spent four years learning to run efficient regression analyses in R. Now I've written them into some handy functions so you won't have to. https://t.co/iDlptT0S25 #r #rstats #psychology #DataScience



Daniel Yudkin (@dyudkin; 1045224): I spent four years learning to run efficient regression analyses in R. Now I’ve written them into some handy functions so you won’t have to. https://t.co/iDlptT0S25 #r #rstats #psychology #DataScience

Matthew Kay (@mjskay; 402130): Pleased to announce that #tidybayes v2.0 (SLABS FOR DAYS edition) hit CRAN today. #rstats > Lots of new stuff in this version: A THREAD

Sharon Machlis (@sharon000; 36184): Not at the “machine learning with tidy tools” workshop at #rstudioconf ? An #rstats ML resource recommended by @apreshill that’s free and available on-demand: “Supervised machine learning case studies in R” by @juliasilge https://t.co/yJitJB7v7q

Birunda Chelliah @ Rstudio::conf (@cbirunda; 30161): TIL: I learnt about the conflicted 📦 My filter function always gets masked, so my solution till today was dplyr::filter. But there is a better way! You can set your function:library preference at the top of your script! 😭🙏 e.g. conflict_prefer(“filter”, “dplyr”) #rstats

Guy Prochilo 🏳️‍🌈 (@GuyProchilo; 28866): #Rstats: Repeated measures ANOVA is traditionally a horrible nightmare in R. The afex package changes this. Easily specify a rm-model that gives identical results to SPSS using afex::aov_car. Automatically applies the GG correction. > install.packages(“afex”) > #phdchat https://t.co/3rlptCARfp

Isabella Velásquez (@ivelasq3; 25845): I wrote a quick #rstats blogpost: “Six Things I Always Google When Using ggplot2” 🔎 📊 What do you always have to look up when creating your #ggplot2 graphs? 🤔🤔 https://t.co/jEOR3RDDIh

Jakub Nowosad (@jakub_nowosad; 20259): Do you want to see (and maybe even reproduce or update) beautiful maps using #rstats? Go to https://t.co/kwf23PfMw2 and take a look at the work made by @CedScherer. #rspatial #dataviz #gistribe #cartography https://t.co/MbBM4yce8H

Max Held (@maxheld; 19131): this is not comic con, this is the #rstats open source book signing at #rstudioconf. So much gratitude and generosity. Democratizing data science, one bookdown repo at a time @rstudio. https://t.co/BccOXZ1bHr

Juvenal (@JuvenalCamposF; 18341): Escribí un tutorial para todos los aprendices de R que estarán haciendo pirámides de población con el Censo 2020 el próximo año: > @ Medium https://t.co/ArEA0LZhnS > @ Blog https://t.co/8OpN4DAp4y > #Rstats #ggplot https://t.co/64mTPEM7kW

JuliaStewart Lowndes (@juliesquid; 16537): That’s a wrap for R for Excel Users! Thanks to our great attendees, and thanks @allison_horst @jamiecmonty & @ECOuture9 for being the best team! > Workshop materials: https://t.co/aQiitIVGF5 (to be fine-tuned, but most recent version always available) > #rstudioconf #rstats https://t.co/eMfHxe94RQ

Dr. GP Pulipaka (@gp_pulipaka; 12481): A New Roadmap to Becoming a Web Developer in 2020. #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #IoT #IIoT #PyTorch #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #Java #JavaScript #ReactJS #GoLang #CloudComputing #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #DevOps https://t.co/RsKM2jn6uZ https://t.co/buVoCDbebX


Alison Hill (@apreshill; 757): Things I did while pumping: > - accepted phone call about my promotion to Associate Professor (I DID pause the pump 🙉) - built my website using #rstats - wrote a blog post about ☝️ - blogdown book bc of ☝️ - cried while looking at photos of 👶🏻 (why do they say this helps!?) https://t.co/pLwFxbIbKN

Dan LaBar (@embiggenData; 154): @rstudio @dataandme Had trouble visualizing the official agenda page, so I used #splashr to scrape it, #timevis to display it, and #blogdown / 90’s memes to let others in on the fun: https://t.co/Zp1OUdSAib

Carlye Chaney (@CarlyeChaney; 121): While #procrastaworking I made a personal website using blogdown in R! It’s still a work in progress, but I’m pretty happy with it so far. You can check it out at https://t.co/8hONgucS9R!

Richard D. Morey (@richarddmorey; 112): Got my new #netlify+blogdown website up and running, with continuous deployment from #Github. Seems pretty easy; push to GitHub = automatic update to website! https://t.co/IbN3HcjAPB

Tony ElHabr (@TonyElHabr; 90): @kearneymw Redirecting old links. Also, in case you missed this, here is a more comprehensive comparison from the #blogdown book: https://t.co/BW0HeuB4bQ

Symbolix (@symbolixAU; 80): We’ve spun up a new resources and blog site, powered by #blogdown. Articles, r packages list and more to come - it’s still a work in progress so tell us what you think and what more you’d like to see. https://t.co/RaMvgPaOFC

Andreas Handel (@andreashandel; 61): Wrote a ‘recipe like’ tutorial for our PhD students on website creation using #blogdown / #hugo / #netlify : https://t.co/uhIWK992Y5 Of course plenty similar ones exist, but I couldn’t find one that fully fit my needs. Suggestions for further resources welcome!

Petr Taus (@petr_taus; 40): To make this website I used R package blogdown. Thanks to this https://t.co/8vqbsC6SiI it was really easy, thanks @dsquintana #phdlife

Abel Torres Espin (@AbelTorresEspi2; 40): Finally after a couple of days playing. My academic web is up and running. Check it out! https://t.co/aLwGJejaVt > With #MadeWithAcademic, #rstats and #blogdown. Really fun stuff.

Ian Kos (@IMK312; 32): Hey #rstats #rmarkdown #blogdown communities, I’m making my website, and while I like the #MadeWithAcademic theme, I’m not really an academic (tho I do some work in that realm). Is it wrong of me to use it? Any other theme suggestions? Thanks!

Adrian Perez (@adriaaaaaaan; 30): Sitting in my hotel room at #rstudioconf thinking about final starting my personal blog with #blogdown.

kasiek (@KKulma; 23): Hi knowledgeable #rstats & #blogdown twitter! I finally managed to write a new blog post with updated Hugo version (0.62.0, before 0.54.0) but after pushing it to GitHub my home page does not list all post headers anymore, but the “Posts” link. See attached pics https://t.co/iIRcbsgX2v

Sam Zipper (@ZipperSam; 21): For those curious, made in #rstats using the Hugo Academic theme (by @GeorgeCushen) and blogdown > Source code here: https://t.co/Qnmc8yLvb8

LAHMAS_Hydro (@LAHMAS_Hydro; 11): ZipperSam: For those curious, made in #rstats using the Hugo Academic theme (by GeorgeCushen) and blogdown > Source code here: https://t.co/fAAlhhcPDz

Martin Henze (Heads or Tails) (@heads0rtai1s; 11): #rstudioconf countdown T-3: what’s your favorite #rstudio feature for productivity? > I like the interaction between editor & console, as well as the in-built support for #knitr, #rmarkdown, #blogdown.

Gordon Shotwell (@gshotwell; 10): I’m enjoying #rstudioconf2020, but as a new father you miss so much, just since I’ve been gone my wife has set up her first blogdown website.


Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 17532): The 0.0.6 version of my #bookdown project, “Doing Bayesian Data Analysis in #brms and the #tidyverse” is live. https://t.co/mEUFZY0RkV > 12

Roxana Noelia (@data_datum; 175): R para principiantes https://t.co/7RPuJ9amfh

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 165): Use this link, instead: https://t.co/lxSCGczB0t

Chase Clark (@ChasingMicrobes; 152): THANKS! to all the authors of #rstats packages I use regularly (no order): > #shiny #rmarkdown #bookdown #ggplot2 #plotly #datatable #dplyr #RSQLite #pool #DBI #glue #fst #remotes #devtools #base #tools #stats > Underrated: #Matrix > Domain: #mzR #MALDIquant #ape #dendextend #umap

Mr. CCP (@akabuchiyk; 131): @HeathRossie この2つでなんとかなるよ。 https://t.co/cgpJ0Yibz4 https://t.co/suT3sMem2o

Chris Goodman (@cbgoodman; 114): I need to visualize a bunch of likert scale data for my annual review (we do annual reviews in a group setting at NIU hence visuals are important). > I have found the centered likert chart (from ‘libary(likert)’ in #rstats) to be very helpful. > https://t.co/bk8vXRwolY

R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 102): 📖🌍 “Geocomputation with R” // Robin Lovelace @robinlovelace, Jakub Nowosad @jakub_nowosad, Jannes Muenchow. > https://t.co/8JUpgnYWQG #rstats https://t.co/CmHr7rFtsj

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 71): @PhDemetri @lukasneugebau @bmwiernik Y’all helped me do this: https://t.co/EoRPzd8vJ0. Your acknowledgements also live here https://t.co/NoU5vq2UgL

Uğur Dar (@ugurdarr; 65): R ile Doğrusal (Lineer) Regresyon https://t.co/X9ba8qlUx1 #rmarkdown #bookdown #rstats

Tim Feeney (@Tfeend; 60): @SolomonKurz is a gift. https://t.co/rzjpPjpK87

John Davis (@JDruns; 52): Another lovely quote from another lovely bookdown publication: “It is fine for humans to err (in computing), as long as the source code is readily available.” https://t.co/fFVv1gySP3 #rstats

Sharon Machlis (@sharon000; 52): @CarbonQueen14 @KiraNewmanMDPhD @NicoleTMHill This is a good resource for learning #GIS in #rstats https://t.co/NMm2VqTyeL

Mine CetinkayaRundel (@minebocek; 32): @KristinaRiemer: Using #rstats to Build a Community of Data Users > > TERRA REF project will release the largest open-access agricultural sensing dataset and we have used R and tools including Shiny, RMarkdown, & bookdown to create training materials > #RLadies #rstudioconf

Matti Vuorre (@vuorre; 30): @SolomonKurz multiple spaces between function argument keys and values to align them. inconsistency. > The pictures show a before-after comparison from https://t.co/qk1J1ppAr0 with styler::tidyverse_style() https://t.co/6vElj6viTl

Mauro Lepore (@mauro_lepore; 21): I’ve updated my current approach to building #rstats presentations for the ds-incubator > https://t.co/tca5rQLP9j > Now each meetup is a chapter of a bookdown https://t.co/BjzEdpllsl

tipsder (@tipsder; 12): Introducción a la estadística con #R Libro web ideal para aquellos interesados en el aprendizaje estadístico con el apoyo de R. ¡Muy recomendado! https://t.co/fHt6p6BpsO #rstats #dataviz #Datavisualization #DataScience #data #rstatsES https://t.co/lvSC9mlvZK

Yohan J. Rodríguez (@hasdid; 11): #R #Automated | Deploy your bookdown project to Netlify with Github Actions https://t.co/n7zQT3hhcY

Mladen Jovanović (@Physical_Prep; 11): @zettlr @ulyssesapp @rstudio @zotero @github Found something here: https://t.co/idzXEOXEFF > That and MathJax (+tabs) would defo be an awesome feature. Features that #Bookdown extensions have https://t.co/TpNvxd7lNt but simpler

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 10): @TimoRoettger @bmwiernik The blog series doesn’t cover multilevel simulations, yet. But you can find that in Kruschke’s 2nd edition (Ch13) and my translation of it into #brms (https://t.co/lkZSgIPnOJ.).

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 10): @PhDemetri, @lukasneugebau, and @bmwiernik–I’d like to acknowledge you three for walking out the formula in my recoding DBDA project (https://t.co/33mkX0k3yE). Is everyone comfortable with that?

Sara Stoudt (@sastoudt; 10): @BaumerBen Yup 🥳: https://t.co/OU7AGr7WqZ

Alessio Benedetti (@alessioB; 10): No better way to learn #R4DS contents than creating your own #bookdown set of exercises solutions. Chapter 1 now done! Work in progress…🙃 #rstats > https://t.co/iviCohpzVq

Chung-hong Chan (@chainsawriot; 10): Transforming the large RMD into a bookdown project. > I am using the “just-fucking-write” principle. Write a paragraph everyday. Let me edit the language later. > https://t.co/EeC8cTmYuh

Mladen Jovanović (@Physical_Prep; 10): @zettlr @ulyssesapp @rstudio @zotero @github If you find out please let me know. Otherwise, I will just write in #bookdown within @Rstudio :)

Dr. Koen Hufkens (@koen_hufkens; 10): @BrianEJRose Ah, there is a python equivalent to Bookdown. Exciting, thanks!

Chase Clark (@ChasingMicrobes; 10): Also, I wasn’t sure about {here} and expressed concern about seeing used incorrectly in published code causing it not to work. @JennyBryan - I have been using it a lot lately in bookdown and can day I was wrong 😮🙊

Hiroaki Yutani (@yutannihilat_en; 10): @Lluis_Rev Thanks, now I remembered this one! https://t.co/iTapchcE4t


Bodo Winter (@BodoWinter; 137): The next @BirminghamR meetup will be hosted @unibirmingham on Feb 26! Hang out with fellow #rstats enthusiasts from different sectors and participate in an #rmarkdown #knitr workshop — new users welcome! https://t.co/oJhfy6kzmk

Sarah N. Musy (@musy_n; 95): I adopted the quick reporting from @xieyihui ! 🤩🙌 You want to share quickly what you are doing in your R script without doing a #rmarkdown file? Then, check 👇👇👇 > Quick reporting: Build a report based on an R script | knitr https://t.co/X1UUcJEPLf #rstats #knitr

tj mahr 🍕🍍 (@tjmahr; 51): @mikedecr Yes, I version control knitr output and check that results hold when software updates or update code or functions

Emily Robinson (@robinson_es; 21): Things I have tried: https://t.co/Y5b5gIqrB9 https://t.co/05jZqp5byQ https://t.co/xSo2AL16fq

Michael DeCrescenzo (@mikedecr; 20): @tjmahr If you commit the knitr chunks then it’s cheating!

John Brousssard (@fibrou; 20): @nikir1 @simplee_bubblin With today’s tools, e.g. R, RMarkDown, Knitr, etc., you can imbed code, data, graphics, text, in a fully reproducible document. Imagine trying to do that with an IBM Selectric typewriter!

Giuliano Sposito (@gsposito; 11): @rsangole Did you try to use “knitr::opts_chunk$set(paged.print = TRUE)” in the “setup chunk”? https://t.co/q1DVKSNaxP

yoni sidi (@yoniceedee; 10): @mjskay i think you need to set it to self_contained:no https://t.co/ZbnvdTjx6i

Will (@sandakano; 10): @LucyStats @alexpghayes I agree with @LucyStats , her approach avoids having to know the file path (see also https://t.co/DfI50BYxv3 ), I think @xieyihui figured it out first.

Matthew Martin cares about Ukraine (@hyperplanes; 10): So I’ve been thinking lately about what best practices should look like for using knitr with R and LaTeX. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:


Michael DeCrescenzo (@mikedecr; 60): Cherry on top of my MacOS Catalina upgrade? Setting up Minion Pro with pdflatex. > Except…I installed LaTeX using TinyTeX this time, and it broke my old routine for doing this. > So I figured out what went wrong and cobbled together a fix. https://t.co/uEdkEhAGPw

Kazuhiro Goto (@drkgoto; 21): @ichipoohmt @OSFramework 雑誌のPDFはだめですよ。これはTinyTexで作成したpdfです。https://t.co/hHA0BAlDzs

Nicolas Roelandt (@RoelandtN42; 10): @d_olivaw {tinytex} and @xieyihui saved my life 😁


Gina Reynolds (@EvaMaeRey; 37789): Flipbooks present code step-by-step and side-by-side with output. Now, you can build one in 5 minutes with {flipbookr}! #rstudioconf2020 presentation, Weds 4pm > For demo:
1. install.packages(“xaringan”) 2. devtools::install_github(“EvaMaeRey/flipbookr”) 3. restart RStudio https://t.co/AQgTNF1PSX

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 462): I’m pleased to say my Logitech spotlight remote arrived 30 minutes ago and it works perfectly with xaringan R Markdown slides 🥳 https://t.co/R6D9TiAgNo https://t.co/37J9NbyZj7

A/Prof Jenny Richmond (@JenRichmondPhD; 297): why are my #rstats xaringan slides refusing to pull left and pull right?? > Because it is pull DASH left, not pull UNDERSCORE left > .pull-left[ > why did that take me 30 min to work that out? > ] > .pull-right[ > the workshop you are teaching is tomorrow > ] https://t.co/n6b7xDQ14k

John Helveston (@JohnHelveston; 53): I often use @xieyihui’s #xaringan package to achieve continuous integration while creating and customizing a #ggplot2 chart. Here’s a short screen capture illustrating some of the benefits I’ve found from using this approach: > https://t.co/nL1Dzij8gk > #rstats #Datavisualization

Gordon Shotwell (@gshotwell; 40): @JennyBryan @dataandme This is my first time using Xaringan and it’s glorious https://t.co/I9i7sPY3pH

duda e mariッ (@bachanimes; 11): o xaringan diz tudo https://t.co/BsKeIumKlY

Antoine ☃️ (@_abichat; 10): @ValRobert974 *ok xaringan

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 10): @MilesMcBain @beeonaposy That is exactly what I thought of! And everything built on top of it, like xaringan and pagedown.


Matt.0 (@MattOldach; 40): @chrisalbon @smllmp File under JupyterCon @xieyihui https://t.co/w004Jiw4Ar