If you want to quickly up-level your #rstats tidyverse game, I highly recommend watching @drob's "Ten Tremendous Tricks in the Tidyverse" talk. Each trick is demonstrated with examples from his code in his #tidytuesday screencasts. https://t.co/uIS1tZW8jL https://t.co/ix0Buzopze



Emily Robinson (@robinson_es; 918196): If you want to quickly up-level your #rstats tidyverse game, I highly recommend watching @drob’s “Ten Tremendous Tricks in the Tidyverse” talk. Each trick is demonstrated with examples from his code in his #tidytuesday screencasts. > https://t.co/uIS1tZW8jL https://t.co/ix0Buzopze

Zev Ross (@zevross; 843263): I had the privilege of teaching a two-day workshop, Modern Geospatial Data Analysis with R, at the @rstudio conference with an amazing group of TAs and participants. I’ve made the slides available here: https://t.co/rSzPTt6VBk, #rstats, #rspatial, #gischat https://t.co/3v7UVd0UT5

Alan Fernihough (@DiffusePrioR; 584271): The decline of the Irish language in the 19th century is pretty astonishing. In the space of 50 years a lot places went from everyone being able to speak Irish to a small fraction #ireland #history #irishhistory #rstats https://t.co/MgVsNiviL5

Michael Love (@mikelove; 482166): Asked to write a chapter about RNA-seq counts modeling, I used #rstats bookdown to put all the material online. Includes some new workflow pieces like tximeta for import and swish for transcript level: > https://t.co/wZiCNTEq9u

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 40761): wowwww ok TIL there is an #rstats function to uncount data - have count data but want the raw data back? tidyr::uncount() to the rescue 🤯 https://t.co/PN9fVIe1bl

David Robinson (@drob; 32561): The dm package from @krlmlr provides a grammar of joined tables: you can filter, mutate, or select on particular variables within a combined set of tables (local or remote) and the changes propagate through 🤯🎉 > https://t.co/ID1ITZ7BHM #rstats #rstatsnyc https://t.co/nhQ2DIMCE1

Rebecca Barter (@rlbarter; 22546): Want to start a blog? You totally should! I wrote a short blog post on Becoming an R Blogger based on my rstudio::conf(2020) talk on Becoming an R Blogger. Check it out: https://t.co/daB5CX3Qo5 #rstats #rstudioconf2020

Christian Burkhart (@Christi58451746; 20159): For those who are struggling with ggplot2, here is a tutorial for you: https://t.co/RoDXYDDcwX > Once you understand the concepts covered in this tutorial, creating any visualization in ggplot2 becomes easier. > #ggplot2 #rstats https://t.co/YjWKmgRGOc

Andrew Heiss (@andrewheiss; 18741): Y’ALL. @ClausWilke’s ggtext package is amazing and makes dealing with formatted text in ggplot so easy. Images in the axis labels! Colors! Italics! Text boxes! https://t.co/XJiljvMPXG #rstats https://t.co/g1FnVq6mpS


Emily Riederer (@EmilyRiederer; 7112): #rstats blogdown PSA: if you’ve ever wanted to add a table of contents anywhere you want within your post, check out @grrrck ’s awesome blog post / gist! > https://t.co/dYrigp07hC > Thanks for helping me bring a bit of structure / sanity to my 5000+ word post 😄

Shazia Ruybal Pesántez (@DrShaziaRuybal; 469): So excited for this! If you don’t already - follow @WeAreRLadies 💜 yours truly will be curating this week and tweeting all about @RLadiesMelb, using #rstats for genomic epi, #gganimate, #blogdown and more 👩‍💻💜 https://t.co/41wq1d331s

Gordon Shotwell (@gshotwell; 321): My wife said “honey can you parent while I work on my blogdown website?” And I’m kind of tearing up a little. 😂

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 133): @RLadiesMelb This week I’ll be tweeting about @RLadiesMelb and what we are up to, using #rstats for infectious diseases genomic epi research esp #malaria, some of my fave 📦s #gganimate, #ggtree, #tidyverse, #ggspatial, #tidygraph, #ggraph, #blogdown, and whatever else is helpful! 4/n

Ariel Muldoon (@aosmith16; 62): I use this in my #rstats #blogdown blog. It is awesome! https://t.co/aeOiRvitSY

Gabe Garcia (@gabegarcia15; 32): I recall when I first started @dataclubb in 2018 and didn’t know much about #rstats tools available like #blogdown and #rmarkdown. @xieyihui’s book is available online and I’ll be reading more about it post-#rstudioconf https://t.co/WUfF4owNdf

Augusto Hassel (@augustohassel; 30): Después de hacer un par de sitios con #blogdown, finalmente me hice uno propio =) https://t.co/BtdzU5pzZH #rlang #rstudio #hugo Tks @edwardawebb for your amazing theme!! https://t.co/wNAa1hozNL

Gabe Garcia (@gabegarcia15; 21): Hello #rstats community, I’m excited to share my first #blogdown post “Modifying Hugo Themes” If you’re thinking about starting your own website using R, read on! https://t.co/pOITTnqRWl

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 10): @gshotwell Oh yes! Find in files is so useful for blogdown layout files

Matt Barstead (@MGB_Research; 10): @cbgoodman @rstatstweet see if the description of options(blogdown.publishDir = '../public_site') will do what you want. https://t.co/dgPoG9ctvW

Matthew Smith (@MatthewSmith786; 10): @dynamic_choice Not exactly #RPUBS but I created a #blogdown blog where I post some R code etc. with Google Analytics activated. I can see where the users come from in the past few days which is pretty interesting. https://t.co/7BBh033eGX

Matt.0 (@MattOldach; 10): Hey @brodriguesco how did you add the “buy me a coffee” thing to your {blogdown} also, more importantly, have you gather enough funds for a coffee yet (the fancy StarBucks kind)?

Layla Bouzoubaa (@Bouzoulay; 10): @robjhyndman talks about how rmarkdown changed his life from writing publications to slides using the bimb 📦 #rstudioconf 📌 vitae::hyndman for his CV template 📌 MonashEBSTemplates is full of templates for papers, memos, letters & exams 📌 Not all Hugo themes work with blogdown https://t.co/W3HCmSB9EI

Kelly Bodwin (@KellyBodwin; 10): @nstamboglis Thank you! I made it using Blogdown and Hugo, with a lot of hacky html tweaks. > The original theme is “timer-hugo” by Themefisher. 🙂

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 10): @EmilyRiederer @LeafyEricScott @EvaMaeRey On the people thread, @apreshill I don’t know that I’d have small talk fodder, but I want to be able to say I found you as well! I’m so appreciative of your work on blogdown.

Felipe Mattioni Maturana (@felipe_mattioni; 0/1): does anyone know how to password-protect an html file that I upload to my static folder in blogdown? @apreshill @xieyihui #rstats

Chris Goodman (@cbgoodman; 0/1): #rstats folks: Is there any way to get blogdown to render html files to somewhere other than `/public/‘? How do I change the name of the directory that html files render to?


Jeanette Mumford (@mumbrainstats; 11040): Put Mixed Model series R material into bookdown format. If you don’t feel like watching the videos, you can read about it instead! Will be expanding as new videos come out. https://t.co/aCDbYElxUC

Emil Hvitfeldt (@Emil_Hvitfeldt; 231): I have updated my post regarding bookdown Github Actions Netlify deployment to use the use_github_action() function from usethis > https://t.co/ud9bRYP9cv

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 155): The @RLadiesMelb community really wanted to learn advanced #rstats topics, so in this thread I will highlight some of the useful resources and tips from our events incl. #reproducibleresearch, #rmarkdown, #bookdown, #nlp, #randomforest, #webscraping, #mixOmics 📦, #rshiny & more

Mine CetinkayaRundel (@minebocek; 123): Following up with @KristinaRiemer on making large, complicated datasets usable to users with #rstats tools #shiny #bookdown #rmarkdown https://t.co/uofXfiD90q

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 111): Loved this example of using #bookdown as an internal knowledge repository for sharing data, best practices, and 🌟 code 🌟 > @KristinaRiemer 🙌 https://t.co/IQwaV97kN4

chris diaz (@chrisdaaz; 100): one of our #oer authors gave a talk on his textbook co-authoring workflow using github, LaTeX, and bookdown. > to demonstrate the workflow, attendees were tasked with contributing a recipe to a cookbook via pull requests. > bon appétit: https://t.co/NHtnO8YCXL

Marc Joanisse (@drmarcj; 91): @JhendersonIMB For psych students? So far this is the best I’ve found: https://t.co/KlyeD2hQdO

Semi-Grumpy Old Health Stats Dude (@healthstatsdude; 71): @Epi_D_Nique @ADAlthousePhD @ginandepi @DrCatherineB @rlmcelreath @SolomonKurz has this AMAZING bookdown site using tidyverse code (which if you’re just starting R, will likely want to use cause it’s less arbitrary than base R, and gets you to cool stuff faster) to follow Rethinking at https://t.co/2v191pV8py

Semi-Grumpy Old Health Stats Dude (@healthstatsdude; 60): @tcarpenter216 @rlmcelreath @SolomonKurz wrote tidyverse code for it as well https://t.co/2v191pV8py

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 30): @RLadiesMelb @MrsLaviniaG @annaquagli You can work through the materials in this github repo by @SoroorHediyeh to learn how to write a book or thesis in #bookdown: https://t.co/yenmTp0DXS

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 30): @RLadiesMelb @MrsLaviniaG A useful introduction and tutorial for how to write articles in #bookdown by @annaquagli can be found here: https://t.co/nqHxipVpNm (bonus if your journal already has an #rmarkdown template!)

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 30): @Epi_D_Nique @healthstatsdude @ADAlthousePhD @ginandepi @DrCatherineB @rlmcelreath Thank you for the kind words, @healthstatsdude. As to mediation + Bayes, you might also check out my Bayesian translation of Hayes’s 2nd edition: https://t.co/Jx6d6LpPNW

Dr. Jacobo Blanco (@JacoboBlanco8; 21): How the heck does bookdown::render_book work? The input file doesn’t seem to be working. It says it can’t find any Rmd files in the current folder or the _bookdown.yml config file. What does input do then?! #rstats #bookdown

Carlos Gil Bellosta (@gilbellosta; 20): @vitojph @eumanismo Te puede valer esto: https://t.co/3oJoclpE9I

Nils Kappelmann (@nilskappelmann; 20): @SolomonKurz Unrelated to this, thanks for writing your bayesian data analysis book w/ bookdown, which is on my reading list 😊

Josiah🤷🏻‍♂️ Universal 24hr clock 🥑 (@JosiahParry; 11): Alright, how can I set max.print for the entirety of a bookdown project? I’m struggling. #rstats folk, plz come to the rescue :cool-cry:

Dr. Jacobo Blanco (@JacoboBlanco8; 11): Yo #rstudioconf anyone have any experience with putting #bookdown books into a package? Struggling with stuff over here. #rstats @xieyihui

Bhavik Barochia 👨🏽‍🔬 (@B_Barochia; 10): @alistair604 That’s fantastic! Thank you so much! I’ll definitely check out the template and give it another go, I was looking into Rmarkdown today actually and using bookdown! I’ll have another go with this tomorrow and report back! Definitely up for a coffee when back :)

Alistair Bailey (@alistair604; 10): @B_Barochia Last one! You’ll need this to make sense of the repo I just linked. Or coffee when you’re back in Soton. > https://t.co/k1bFFtHrPs

Shea O’Connell (@Shedimus; 10): And so the end is in sight and I’m procrastinating from actual thesis writing by setting up #bookdown structure for the whole thing. You got any good tips @seabbs? Your repo is mighty impressive!

Chuang YU (@Alexchauncy; 10): 《Interpretable Machine Learning》 https://t.co/34aqa2Z4lR #rmarkdown #bookdown

Manuel Marcaida III (@buruguduy; 10): @bobfigz I’m not familiar but I looked it up. This might be handy: https://t.co/lcsIIHOlRy

Pratik Gupte (@pratikunterwegs; 10): A few years on, I’m hoping the same is said for GitHub and bookdown/Ipython notebooks or any well organised code presentation format. https://t.co/Nsinp9jIYB

Romain Lesur (@RLesur; 10): @JacoboBlanco8 @xieyihui You can have a look to the bookdown book which is in the bookdown repo (but ignored for package build) https://t.co/ZQZKq1ODRI

Corey Sparks (@CoreySparks1; 10): @VaSansone check out the bookdown version here https://t.co/uZmCkjqvuf

Andi (@terusterang__; 0/1): an complete guide, official: https://t.co/uJ8Dho5WxF


Monica Gerber (@mwgerber; 1243): I’ve made 3 PRs for tidyverse dev day, woohoo! > They were all tiny contributions – fixing typos and knitr problems – but I learned a lot going through the process on GitHub. > Contributing feels overwhelming and starting small helps.

Gina Reynolds (@EvaMaeRey; 51): @malco_barrett Thanks @malco_barrett! The walk-through of much of the package’s current functions: https://t.co/JESAw0QKNM @statsgen and @grrrck brought @xieyihui’s cool knitr magic, knitr::knit_code$get and knitr::knit(), to the project. Emi’s blog post is great: https://t.co/Zo0DUE6d1W

Jo Etzel (@JosetAEtzel; 51): I’ve never been to a useR! conference, despite using #rstats pretty much daily for the better part of two decades. But with #useR2020 in St. Louis I finally put in an abstract: hopefully will have a poster on putting brains into #knitr documents (ala https://t.co/fiPtHMGTjR).

Brenton Wiernik 🏳️‍🌈 (@bmwiernik; 32): @alexpghayes You can call pandoc from the command line to covert md to pdf, but if you like R as a markdown editor, you may as well let knitr take care of the back end for you.

Roman Feiman (@RomanFeiman; 30): @mhtessler @meanwhileina Looks like Overleaf has a built-in tool for R-LaTeX integration, too! > https://t.co/MP7yNQpapr

Birunda Chelliah (@cbirunda; 30): Listening to how ✨RMarkdown✨ completely changed @robjhyndman’s life at #rstudioconf > ➡Earlier conversation with @xieyihui comparing makefile and knitr 😂. ➡Conclusion: Knitr 📦 won!😂 https://t.co/NDGblehiSN

r_tips (@r_tipss; 13): Rstudio Keyboards shortcuts[Atajos en el teclado] > Seccion de Rstudio: Source > –> Knit Document (knitr)[Knit documento (knitr)] > - Windows | Linux: Ctrl+Shift+K

  • Mac: Command+Shift+K

#rstats #rstatsES

Jorge Tornero (@imasdemase; 10): @AdriFdez Échale un ojo a esto https://t.co/qvVsURdCLW y ¡¡suerte!!

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): knitr読むの辛いんだよねえ。


Brenton Wiernik 🏳️‍🌈 (@bmwiernik; 10): @sTeamTraen (If you want to run tex on Windows, I strongly suggest the R tinytex package over MikTeX, primarily to avoid the types of UTF8 problems you are running into.)


Gina Reynolds (@EvaMaeRey; 31561): Full recipe 1. install.packages(“xaringan”) 2. devtools::install_github(“EvaMaeRey/flipbookr”) 3. restart RStudio 4. File -> New File -> RMarkdown -> From Template -> A Minimal Flipbook 5. Use template or your own pipelines 6. “Knit” 7. Explore flipbook! https://t.co/ufynt6N5SE https://t.co/iqoEVTM8x3

Danielle Navarro (@djnavarro; 12612): I’m slightly mortified to confess that I was today years old and writing slides for my upcoming classes when I learned that xaringan supports presenter notes using the ??? tag in the source 😳 https://t.co/w3pdOqGgXs

Malcolm Barrett (@malco_barrett; 8419): Re-retweeting this because I’m watching @EvaMaeRey’s talk and this 📦 is awesome! Flipbook your code in xaringan #rstudioconf https://t.co/pMhL1bPCyz

Danielle Navarro (@djnavarro; 200): oh my god @xieyihui what have you done??? xaringan moonreader is updating my slides as I type. was that feature always there, or is this some new sorcery?! 🤯

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 171): @djnavarro I made this so I could remember https://t.co/1Tu1ywLN7Z

Fabio Votta📊🦉 (@favstats; 132): Join us. We have {xaringan} slides and Meme GIFs. Too many Meme GIFs. https://t.co/iWX4wMviJo

Nick Strayer @rstudio::conf (@NicholasStrayer; 80): @grrrck Look at this convenient link I found https://t.co/KdY3jodEOf

A/Prof Jenny Richmond (@JenRichmondPhD; 61): Such a fun night at @RLadiesSydney getting a new bunch of #rstats users started with their own data. Yesterday I learned how to get my xaringan slides online using distill- thanks @cantabile. Check out slides from the byod workshop https://t.co/4R2uzeoP6q

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 40): 59 > I was an early adopter on @EvaMaeRey’s flipbooks📦, which I love. It turns a #ggplot2 code block into a #xaringan flipbook!! > I’d like to use this more + maybe even collaborate someday. ;) > https://t.co/pGSvosBB1C

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 40): @scheidegger thank you!! i used xaringan and @grrrck’s xaringanthemer to help with the styling

Danielle Navarro (@djnavarro; 20): @Dale_Masch @xieyihui well, it has been a while since i used xaringan 🙂

Justin DB (@oncejustin; 20): @benjaminle @ryanlei_psych I’m pretty sure the really cool kids use https://t.co/CdyidNbE7w autogenerated from R with xaringan or some new package I haven’t heard of yet. (I am not a cool kid here.)

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 11): @viegasf @wattenberg More #rstudioconf homework… > Paired with #xaringan for #rstats #markdown slides (https://t.co/FJa8uyZLvx) the #flair📦lets you highlight code in a reproducible and more flexible way, instead of copy-pasting it into #PowerPoint or #Keynote: > https://t.co/Pj2YRMP05S

Dale Maschette 🐟🧗‍♂️ (@Dale_Masch; 10): @djnavarro @xieyihui I feel like it has been a thing for a while. https://t.co/yLz1ODhuxY

niszet⋈🐈@技術書典Day2お17 (@niszet0; 0/1): https://t.co/G7RVFrD3yU


Sarah N. Musy (@musy_n; 105): I adopted the quick reporting from @xieyihui ! 🤩🙌 You want to share quickly what you are doing in your R script without doing a #rmarkdown file? Then, check 👇👇👇 > Quick reporting: Build a report based on an R script | knitr https://t.co/X1UUcJEPLf #rstats #knitr