Warnings: Am I a joke to you? 🤣 #WebDev #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #CyberSecurity #IoT #IIoT #PyTorch #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #Java #JavaScript #ReactJS #GoLang #CloudComputing #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #Programming #Coding #100DaysOfCode #Python https://t.co/YS37gaNAoC



Pratik Nilange (@PratikNilange; 932289): Warnings: Am I a joke to you? 🤣 #WebDev #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #CyberSecurity #IoT #IIoT #PyTorch #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #Java #JavaScript #ReactJS #GoLang #CloudComputing #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #Programming #Coding #100DaysOfCode #Python https://t.co/YS37gaNAoC

# Patricia # (@patrivaquero; 580295): 🔬 Springer has Released 65 #MachineLearning and Data books for Free. #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #AI #IoT #IIoT #Python #RStats #JavaScript #ReactJS #CloudComputing #Serverless #Linux #Mathematics #Statistics #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode https://t.co/BAo0XYmsFJ https://t.co/Y3Fn0ZjAEl

Grant McDermott (@grant_mcdermott; 42271): I made a slide deck on data.table for my “big data in economics” class: https://t.co/DROoiTQUc0 > The target audience is #rstats users who are familiar with the #tidyverse, but are (a) interested in what #rdatatable has to offer and/or (b) how the two complement each other. https://t.co/75HvW771nd

coding_monkeys (@coding_monkeys; 421146): 🤣🤣🤣⁣ Python: If you want to take revenge against programmer, delete ‘Semicolon’ from his code.⁣ > #Python #RStats #Java #JavaScript #ReactJS #CloudComputing #HTML #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #Coding #Programming #cybersecurity #100DaysOfCode #coding_monkeys⁣ https://t.co/9WCo5na3KL

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka (@gp_pulipaka; 390211): Springer has Released 65 Machine Learning and #DataScience #Books for Free. #BigData #Analytics #AI #IoT #IIoT #Python #RStats #JavaScript #ReactJS #CloudComputing #Serverless #Linux #Mathematics #Statistics #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode https://t.co/9Ks4t3njJX https://t.co/aVo0OZsVV6

Tyler Morgan-Wall (@tylermorganwall; 35387): ‼️NEW BLOG POST! You asked for it, and you got it! > “A Step-by-Step Guide to Making 3D Maps with Satellite Imagery in #rstats”🗺️🛰️ > https://t.co/os92oLm4I7 > I walk through getting the data, loading the imagery, and creating the 3D viz w/ #rayshader. All code included. #gistribe https://t.co/zRJ4npCaDg

AI for Learning (@PinakiLaskar; 295185): Do you know Languages used for #socialmedia platforms! > #datascience #Engineering #technology #machinelearning #PHP #C #Python #Java #Javascript #GoLang #Kotlin #Swift #Analytics #DataScience #IoT #PyTorch #RStats #TensorFlow #ReactJS #Coding #AI #100DaysOfCode #programming #Go https://t.co/hArOq6XaCY

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka (@gp_pulipaka; 283133): 6 Free Data Science Books. #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #NLProc #IoT #IIoT #PyTorch #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #Java #JavaScript #ReactJS #GoLang #CloudComputing #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #Books #Statistics #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode https://t.co/cav1QbBzrl https://t.co/XPmBOQwN2Z

John Warmenhoven (@johnwarmenhoven; 238108): For anyone looking to explore and develop skills in data science or statistics… Springer has released 408 books for free! These cover a range of topics including programming in R, Python and Matlab! #rstats > https://t.co/75wMXRNOWZ https://t.co/GQ6ae3z52N

Chelsea Parlett-Pelleriti (@ChelseaParlett; 21819): 🖥 Making this joke while I still can 😋 #rstats #statsTikTok #R4_0_0 #phdlife https://t.co/BCszLeqjDf

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka (@gp_pulipaka; 21687): What are the 10 Must Read #DataScience Books of 2020. #BigData #Analytics #AI #IoT #IIoT #Python #RStats #JavaScript #ReactJS #GoLang #CloudComputing #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #Books #Statistics #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode https://t.co/sxlm7tDYQO https://t.co/XKSIIo6H9B

Sheena Joseph (@sheena2804; 177117): The Modern Data Scientist [#Infographic] #Cloud #makeyourownlane #IoT #IaaS #MachineLearning #OpenSource #DataScience #AI #IIoT #RStats #R #Java #SaaS #PaaS #mpgvip #Serverless #DataScientist #Hadoop #DataViz https://t.co/mjBjGYWF28

# Patricia # (@patrivaquero; 16992): 🔬 Free : MIT #DataScience Book. #BigData #Analytics #AI #MachineLearning #IoT #IIoT #PyTorch #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #Java #JavaScript #ReactJS #GoLang #CloudComputing #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode https://t.co/xZQGKqO6qZ https://t.co/b5yHgNxXdg

Shel 🇰🇪 (@Shel_Kariuki; 16360): Happy to announce that I created an #rstats package that contains the 2019 Kenya Population Census results, that were released by @KNBStats in Feb. I hope someone finds the package useful. 😌 You can read more about it on the link below: https://t.co/HjnSwuw4jf


Danielle Navarro (@djnavarro; 261): @msvanarmy @hw_yim @o_guest I think we need a new warning: > By now everyone knows that if your script uses setwd(“path_I_don’t have”) then @JennyBryan sets your computer on fire. > It is less well known that if you mess with the themes folder in blogdown @apreshill pours wine onto your laptop keyboard

Maëlle Salmon (@ma_salmon; 146): In this post I reported on a few things @rOpenSci website work taught us about R Markdown (knitr hooks), Hugo (ignoreFiles, leaf bundles, archetypes) and blogdown (New Post Addin) 🤓 > #rstats https://t.co/BAVFUMzlsi

Gian M. Franceschini (@GMFranceschini; 140): So, I managed to put together a personal website. Maybe. Made with @rstudio , blogdown package and @GoHugoIO. Shout out to @dsquintana for his very clear post that guided the process (link below). Now I have to start writing 🤓 > https://t.co/q3P0crTd1Z

rOpenSci (@rOpenSci; 126): [technote] Miscellaneous Wisdom about R Markdown & Hugo Gained from Work on our Website > @ma_salmon shares experiences gained through working on the rOpenSci website > https://t.co/ACKEnl4kX2 > #hugo #blogdown #rmarkdown #knitr

Nathaniel Haines (@Nate__Haines; 60): So I am using some strange combination of blogdown, rmarkdown, Hugo, and GitHub to create/host my personal website, and every time I push an update I wait in fear that everything will break… (I have no idea how this all works).

A/Prof Jenny Richmond (@JenRichmondPhD; 60): @djnavarro i had this EXACT experience re RStudio/github/blogdown today at lab meeting. I figure students appreciate it when you fail in an embarrassing way occasionally.

Danielle Navarro (@djnavarro; 50): @jonaberg I guess it does! > I did think about converting the site to a Hugo theme so that blogdown would work with it, but that seemed like overkill for my situation so I went with a plain R markdown site and crudely bolted some customisation to it! 🙂

gabriela (de 🏡) (@gabrielacaesar; 50): Eu sei que o dólar está batendo quase R$ 6, mas o domínio “.press” custa só 2,17 USD por um ano. Quem quiser ajuda para montar portfólio… O meu é com o pacote do R blogdown https://t.co/MeoIPVXotP

sushmita (@SushGopalan; 41): my impression is that a much higher % of python content is on medium than #rstats - is this because of #blogdown or am i missing something?

Thomas Neitmann (@thomas_neitmann; 40): @polesasunder Every time a write a new blog post I use the blogdown add ins which are great!

Meghan Hall (@MeghanMHall; 30): Created with #blogdown in R, of course 😏

Danielle Navarro (@djnavarro; 30): @PaoloAPalma have you not seen my Simple 27 Step Guide To Failing At Blogdown?

Jonathan Berghuis (@jonaberg; 30): @djnavarro Sounds like blogdown: https://t.co/5eudrITwto

スシロー (@yama_to_ame; 30): 自分一人だったらR/blogdown + hugo + rbindとかで作るけど、複数人(githubの名前も知らない人が多数)で管理するWEBサイトって、何を使うのが正解なんでしょうか

Quentin Lichtblau (@LichtblauQ; 30): Guter Text von @GeorgDiez1 über linksliberale Merkel-Verehrung https://t.co/Fd8DXzbXwu https://t.co/d6U8cfvNbd

Stefanie Butland (@StefanieButland; 30): @gshotwell @hrbrmstr @hadleywickham @polesasunder We use RStudio blogdown addin for easy creation of new rOpenSci blog posts from template, with correct YAML and examples for inserting images etc. > Helps community members not to worry about those details cc @ma_salmon

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 21): Blogdown build_site(), serve_site(), and Netlify #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/7m9FIpAKrO

KONG Xiangzhen (孔祥祯) (@xiangzhenkong; 20): @FabiKrauer @dsquintana https://t.co/y2SYEsmpki

Urban Demographics🚡 (@UrbanDemog; 20): @gbragaalves https://t.co/qke2tdlqsn > Ow, agora que você mergulhou de vez no R, vale a pena dar um olhada no pacote blogdown. É bem customizável e fácil. Eu fiz o novo https://t.co/OMxnVVqvpi por lá, e hospedo no netlify.

Andrew Baker (@Andrew___Baker; 10): wish you could host dynamic Shiny apps on blogdown websites

Varii (@cheesecaek; 10): Things to do https://t.co/2HUTh0aS4U

Maëlle Salmon (@ma_salmon; 10): @apreshill I’m not sure, maybe we should revisit that, but I’m worried about potentially puzzling situations for contributors (like https://t.co/caMmKFZkuB). Besides, we don’t want to assume folks install Hugo (but of they install blogdown for the addin then they need Hugo) …

Russell S. Pierce (@RussellSPierce; 10): @TojYouSo @xieyihui @apreshill Congrats you just became my “blogdown expert” friend. Silly idea if nobody else responds, have you tried moving them so they are static content https://t.co/DpP3TeSLW8 ?

Dr. Sören Wilke (@SorenWilke; 10): @dsquintana Thanks for that post, btw. Made it possible for me to start my own webpage. Somehow it’s the most accessible documentation of a blogdown workflow I’ve encountered so far.

Roel (@RoelMHogervorst; 10): Wow, I learned so many things about #blogdown! I’m going to update my archetypes and blog settings right away. https://t.co/nlk2BXBfsy

Thomas Neitmann (@thomas_neitmann; 10): @moh_fodil I think you are confusing pkgdown and blogdown. For my blog I do the same you do but again the documentation pages are automatically build from the Rd files when building the site. There’s no manual creation of Rmakrdown files.

Alison Presmanes Hill (@apreshill; 10): @ma_salmon @TheStephLocke Just out of curiosity, why not serve site? Is it because you are currently trying to avoid content rendered to the blogdown output format?

Alison Presmanes Hill (@apreshill; 10): @ma_salmon @rOpenSci @chrisderv @RLesur @grrrck @xieyihui @fellgernon The main downside is no HTML widgets, but if you are already using md output anyway you shouldn’t need that. Plus, those are a world of pain in blogdown anyway 🥴

Toju (@TojYouSo; 0/1): Hey #rstats, does anyone have instructions on how to migrate a blogdown site on github from one computer? I can’t rebuild the site as it tries to run some old code which accesses files I don’t have anymore cc @xieyihui @apreshill


Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 332): @tjmahr @rbjanis5 +1 on this! relevant book section: https://t.co/dhIEAXnWwS > for tables the label is tab:chunklabel, for figures it’s fig:chunklabel

tj mahr 🍕🍍 (@tjmahr; 310): @rbjanis5 I used bookdown to get that numbering capability

Thea Knowles (@theaknowles; 232): @rbjanis5 Yes to bookdown! I gave an #rladies presentation on all the things I’d figured out related to dissertating with rmarkdown and bookdown this time last year, which may or may not be useful: https://t.co/yJ1NuPD0O9

Colin Fay 🤘 (@_ColinFay; 181): Tonight’s big win: > Creating a GitHub action which bundles Docker, Chrome Headless, and all the sys req necessary to render the engineering-shiny bookdown* > *contains chunks that use docker stats and/or chrome headless tools > 🤘 https://t.co/vM0NY60ZHr

Rebecca Janis (@rbjanis5; 103): I love how #rstats Twitter really comes through! There’s some great advice for writing dissertations in R in the replies. The consensus seems to be to use bookdown 📚 https://t.co/Y7j9QPTAIH

Alison Presmanes Hill (@apreshill; 100): @favstats Here is one way https://t.co/WbZ7qr0sQx

J-shea (@justinmshea; 81): @rbjanis5 Not sure if already mentioned, but checkout thesisdown, based on bookdown https://t.co/jTFUk4FTeY > When @UChicagoGraham I forked and modified the LaTeX template for our formating requirements https://t.co/chwxobGnCf > You can too! https://t.co/cP9BRu9EgE

Maëlle Salmon (@ma_salmon; 80): @_ColinFay Yay! I explored bookdown &GHA and came up with a workflow including posting a Netlify preview link, write-up in my post with @StefanieButland > https://t.co/pxpMBXaaD4

Dr. Melissa Burke (@burkemlou; 70): @Cascade21 @EBItraining @emblebi @embl @canicamxli @BixSwan @Slmorg @abroadbent11 @pomeroy_em @MeredithWillmo1 @VeraMatser @clairemjohnson1 There’s also ‘YaRrr! The Pirate’s Guide to R’. Or should I say Arrrrgh! 🏴‍☠️🦜⚓️ https://t.co/AlQFHdCaMm

Statisticians and Data Scientists (@statsanddatasci; 616): #ebooks #statistician #statistics #maths #stats #econometrics #dataanalysis #estadistica #analisisdedatos #datascience #cienciadedatos #probabilidad #datascientist #probability #dataviz #rstatses #rspatial #rspatiales #rstats #MachineLearning #ML #data #bookdown https://t.co/60y9HUrukd

jdenecke (@jdenecke1; 60): @Abe_Eyman @rstatstweet yep, can recommand YaRrr: https://t.co/m7kL8Dz0Ay

Nils B. Weidmann (@nils_weidmann; 50): @fgilardi With all packages reinstalled, no issues so far with my bookdown-based textbook. Removing all the 𝚜𝚝𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜𝙰𝚜𝙵𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚜 = 𝙵 statements from the code examples saves me more than a page in the book!

Dr Rachael Lappan (@RachaelLappan; 50): @rbjanis5 Oh boy! I wrote my thesis in Bookdown/R Markdown. The final product is here: https://t.co/monCbpVwyQ if you see something you’d like to reproduce, I can send you the code

Richard Meyer-Eppler (@r_meyereppler; 40): @FanninQED @sharlagelfand @tjmahr @rbjanis5 Agree with the others that bookdown is a must. Also check out Xie’s draft R Markdown Cookbook, it’s extremely helpful: https://t.co/wyswFcjWcU

Dr. Ryan Straight is Extremely Online™ (@RyanStraight; 31): @TeachingBehind1 @AgilistaAG @OLCToday Right? I’d probably go the Bookdown route but just because I’m an #rstats fanboy. 🤓

Yanfei Kang (@YanfeiKang; 30): Finally, I convinced @f3ngli to use bookdown for the new edition of the book Distributed Statistical Computing: https://t.co/ZUZooD9ZlV #lockdown

gui42 (@Gui42; 30): @rbjanis5 Bookdown::htlm_document2 is awesome. Take a look at the gt package and treat it like a new ggplot for tables. They can look very good and professional. And while you’re at it, take a look at gtsummary. Great for building summary tables.

Ed Hagen (@ed_hagen; 30): @BrittTorrez @ericarbailey A ref that might be useful: > https://t.co/KlspsnRVT6

Michael McCarthy (@mccarthymg; 30): @rbjanis5 Same here! Big reason I went with it. > On a similar note, if you’re using citr 📦 for referencing, it’s easy to change citation style too (e.g., to a non-APA style). All you have to do is specify a .csl file in your YAML:


csl: “apa.csl”

Or in bookdown: https://t.co/Opj6w1mHzx

Colin Quirk (@ColinTQuirk; 21): Hi twitter, I have an early stage project that I’d like some feedback on. The idea is to create a statistics resource for researchers with widgets built directly into the text. If you have some time to take a look I’d love to know if it would be useful. > https://t.co/2m1TmytAlf

Abiyu Giday (@abiyugiday; 21): What They Forgot to Teach You About R https://t.co/KcrN1Cijtx #rmarkdown #bookdown

Deirdre Toher (@dtoher; 21): @JuniperLSimonis @charliejhadley Definitely recommend using Rmarkdown -> pandoc -> html > Only issue with our internal uni system is that it only converts the index page when using bookdown. But stand alone screen readers have had no issues with my dense use of mathematical symbols using Rmarkdown.

Roger Hilfiker (@RogerHilfiker; 20): @guchriste @dsquintana https://t.co/mFVX8FyO34

Sébastien Rochette (@StatnMap; 20): @rbjanis5 I would recommend combining it with git to keep control of your versions and write one sentence by line to better follow versioning. Also, like other said, #bookdown may be the best choice for writing such a book. Although #pagedown is a good alternative.

Yohan J. Rodríguez (@hasdid; 11): #R #Automated | Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis in brms and the tidyverse https://t.co/2MrhyxsVAw

Gökmen Altay (@gokmen_19; 11): Mevcut Kuran’in TAMAMI uzerinden GERCEK 19 sistemi > #ReproducibleMiracle

kitabimi 2019-09-07 tarihinde yayinladim. > Insallah tum insanliga hayirli olur.. > (ISBN: 9781513654577) > Linkler: TR anlattigim kanal https://t.co/ATD4MhiEad Kitap: https://t.co/wv2qh0lnFi

Pla Mya (@Pla_mya; 10): Тогда как для статей критерии прописываются намного строже. Здесь уже и время посадки дерева, и страна произрастания, и количество поедающей сливы тли. И - особенно! - величина эффекта. https://t.co/r1wYynK3bH

JD Long (@CMastication; 10): @Jason_Craggs there’s no “first class” built in way of doing this that I know of. Every discussion I see is a bit of a bolt on: https://t.co/5Q5dwyBm4j

Jenai Schwark (@JenaiSchwark; 10): @J_Markfeld @rstatstweet https://t.co/ca47U1m2AJ https://t.co/5j49BgBdYq -> play with R’s native data sets: https://t.co/EiCZofcpKh > There’s so many out there, it’s hard to choose! StackOverflow, GitHub, Twitter and YouTube will be your best friends here. Kudos to you for taking this on!

PirateGrunt (@FanninQED; 10): @sharlagelfand @tjmahr @rbjanis5 Another +1 for bookdown. I find its greatest strength is the autonumbering of tables, figures and equations. You can also easily split content across files.

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 10): @DavidSalazarVir @Heinonmatti @rlmcelreath Use this link for the most current version: https://t.co/U6SjLKPxiM

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 10): @MZarchev I don’t release PDF versions when projects are at early stages, like this. To make a PDF of your own, fork a copy from GitHub (https://t.co/HWImv4QAgY) and follow the steps from the #bookdown book, https://t.co/HlnsibkyQw

matti heino (@Heinonmatti; 10): @DavidSalazarVir @rlmcelreath Have you seen this by @SolomonKurz? https://t.co/wlNCuup5in

Mattan S. Ben-Shachar (@mattansb; 10): @SolomonKurz But why isn’t this listed here?? https://t.co/mX645GBaZB > How am I suppose to keep up with your books??? What else have I missed??

Steph Locke (@TheStephLocke; 10): @ma_salmon @apreshill when you do builds on CI platforms etc 3. I find that most folks who use bookdown end up with a clusterduck of theme upgrades etc and when you need to modify and rebuild all the rmds to account for it, it ends up being tough to fix. iteration through the md files is simpler

Clemens Brunner (@cbrnr_; 10): @timmastny @tjmahr You can include it in the YAML header: https://t.co/XzDtZQbJrc

Colin Ker. (@ker_colin; 10): @peccadille @emchateau Bookdown !

Colin Ker. (@ker_colin; 10): @peccadille @emchateau J’ai écrit mon manuscrit de thèse en bookdown, laborieux au début, mais simple dans les derniers jours. Ça m’a oté le poids de la mise en page pour la fin (mais c’était pas un long fleuve tranquille non plus hein).

Nicolas Roelandt, ceuilleur vacataire 🍓 (@RoelandtN42; 10): @peccadille J’utilise Bookdown mais je ne sais pas si ça suffirait. > https://t.co/akVq2n63UM > Pour des notes simples, il y a MDWiki, ça tient dans un dossier, c’est versionnable. Et on peut organiser : > https://t.co/yfhK6STOMt

ポストD氏 (@minami_siki; 10): bookdown、pdf版も同時にビルドしてくれるのありがたいけど、html固有の機能があるとエラーが出るので、htmlとpdfで挙動が変わるようにして欲しい

Deirdre Toher (@dtoher; 10): @JuniperLSimonis @charliejhadley Indeed Rmarkdown (bookdown in particular) may end up being a preferred way of generating all text (even those without mathematics or code) documents for our students if we can get around the index page only issue.

David Grubbs (@crcgrubbsd; 10): @edwin_thoen Hi Edwin. Congratulations on your Agile Data Science with R book. Would you be interested in publishing a parallel print version with CRC (the bookdown book could stay open source). If so, I would be happy to discuss.

Kyalo Musyoka (@KyaloMusyoka; 0/1): Statistical Inference via Data Science https://t.co/zbHrYSqmh0 #rmarkdown #bookdown

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Bookdown is not rendering well #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/xFmBwJCQg7

Jobel (@jobel_xx; 0/1): Just started working on a data science blog (currently in WordPress) and I noticed a couple of great blogs using the bookdown/github/netfily combo and they look really good! What are some of the other advantages of using this approach? @juliasilge @rlbarter

tj mahr 🍕🍍 (@tjmahr; 0/1): @timmastny this is for RMarkdown. i am using bookdown to make a single-file notebook, so i include it with
bookdown::markdown_document2(…, pandoc_args = c( “–css”, “./assets/tables.css”))

JEMSU (@Jemus42; 0/1): For by #bookdown / gitbook output I’m pretty sure I want to load mathjax with the AMS extension, but changing the mathjax yaml option doesn’t seem to do anything, I only ever get this (see img) in the HTML — I’ve been at this for far too long now (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ #rstats https://t.co/PQekKBVdBg


Colin Fay 🤘 (@_ColinFay; 190): Tonight I remembered that knitr::combine_words() exists > https://t.co/v55H7aOdPu

Bruno Nicenboim (@bruno_nicenboim; 42): For future reference, when pandoc keeps escaping latex commands in #rstats no matter what, future self, remember about knitr::raw_latex()

Ellis Hughes (@ellis_hughes; 22): Does anybody have a good example of adding tex libraries to beamer presentations in an R package? I have tried the knitr::knit_meta_add method and it doesn’t seem to work? #rstats

César Benavidez (@tatobenavidez; 21): @gavg712 @juanmaitach Desde la semana pasada comparto actividades entre Rmarkdown y MSOffice, cada vez es menos necesario el segundo. > Larga vida a #Rmarkdown, #Latex y #Knitr

DiKayo Data (@dikayodata; 20): I haven’t gotten into knitr yet but the materials I got at #rstudioconf have a lot of info on it so it’s on my ever growing todo list. #DataEveryone https://t.co/zjcp0Bht75

Oscar de León (@odeleongt; 20): @WeAreRLadies Well, clearly depends on what you are doing. But for general data analysis, definitely the tidyverse. > dplyr for data wrangling > ggplot2 for easy and versatile plotting > sf for the ever present geographic side > knitr ecosystem to produce documents from the analyses.

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 11): Rownames column disappear from data.frame when I try to knitr it #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/SeD6b45TH6

Frederic Barraquand (@FredBarraquand; 11): #rstats #markdown folks: would anybody know an intermediate between html_document (too heavy) and html _vignette (light but moderately pretty) to compile using #knitr ? https://t.co/xUyXbixpCS

Gabo Gaona (@gavg712; 10): @juanmaitach @tatobenavidez Algún día te contaré de #Markdown #Rmarkdown #Latex #Knitr 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Podrías llegar a prescindir de MSOffice o LibreOffice!

Alberts (@albalbert; 10): @mvalentimk o knitr (e tem outro q usava mto mas n lembro o nome. perai)

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Is there a work around for Error in eval(predvars, data, env) : object ‘ ’ not found using Knitr for R Markdown file in RStudio #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/01imb3P2w5

BountyBot (@BountyBot; 0/1): Add beamer frame options in knitr/rmarkdown https://t.co/PczK3wWavG Amt:500 #R #Latex #Knitr #RMarkdown #Beamer


R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 133): ✍️ “TinyTeX • A lightweight, cross-platform, portable, and easy-to-maintain LaTeX distribution based on TeX Live • Yihui Xie | 谢益辉” > 👤 Yihui Xie @xieyihui > https://t.co/dhuZpOqEqe #rstats https://t.co/A3JcWudxkI


Maia Sosa Kapur (@KapurMaia; 254): gearing up to give my first #xaringan #rstats presentation next week, really appreciate the tutorials online by @apreshill ! 😀

Alice Sweeting (@alicesweeting; 172): Want to learn how to create #Xaringan slides to deliver your online content, including #RStats code & output? 👩🏽‍💻 @garthtarr has a neat slidedeck on a customised #USyd theme that also goes through basics & tips to get started 🚀📊 See: https://t.co/Bn0Ghr59v9

Desirée De Leon (@dcossyle; 110): @Mayacelium @grrrck A hack to indent pre code in xaringan is to insert a ✨div ✨before each chunk you want to indent. Then use adjacent sibling selectors to style pre tags that immediately follow the ✨div✨ https://t.co/fpAlyVmcDN

David Schoch (@schochastics; 102): zoom talk pro tip: Change your cursor to be a better visible pointer. For #rstats folks using #xaringan: html { cursor: url(‘cursor.png’), auto; } and it will only be visible on the html slides. https://t.co/3Qrv1BVZnv

Zimai Li 荔枝麦 (@ZimaiLi; 102): My current workflow that encompass coding, analysis, plotting, report, and presentation, everything in the same place @rstudio. Say bye to the days when I need to repeat everything to make a tiny revision on the slides 👯‍♂️ > #rstats #RStudio #RMarkdown #Xaringan #Reproducibility https://t.co/x3xgIB8eKu

Grant McDermott (@grant_mcdermott; 60): @haomingyuan2 Yup: xaringan with metropolis theme. You can see the corresponding Rmd files here: https://t.co/fh007nnfg0

Emi Tanaka 🌾 (@statsgen; 53): @CEBuddenhagen Yup still using xaringan! I have a short intro here: https://t.co/4B8LY508GN but Yihui’s is more comprehensive: https://t.co/CAglEmt4W0 Good luck!

Omar Wasow (@owasow; 40): @apreshill @dcossyle @rstudio Distill for site + Xaringan for slides (& some rladies themes, thx @apreshill!) have been enormously helpful for building out course site: https://t.co/DlEEpUiYQE. Investment also had an unexpected pay-off with virtual teaching in that everything but lectures were already online.

Omar Wasow (@owasow; 20): @apreshill @dcossyle @rstudio (And, my apologies if the Xaringan rladies theme was meant to be more proprietary to the actual gatherings.)

jebyrnes (@jebyrnes; 20): Finally used xaringan for a presentation and…. https://t.co/tNjxsR2AwV

Michał Bojanowski (@mbojan; 10): @schochastics Right… It might work only if you open the xaringan in Edge or Internet explorer :D

Iker Bravo (@Iker_CineHipste; 10): @vera_perezz mira ke wapo el manjekio xaringan https://t.co/MNQwXKQEPL

Martine Jansen (@nnie_nl; 10): @EvaMaeRey Very nice, flipbookr 😀. I want to use this in a Xaringan pres with the Rladies theme. Changing in the css line nunjutsu with rladies-fonts, code & display are not side2side anymore. Any tips on how I can use both side2side display and the rladies-font? (I am not a css wiz (yet))

Michael Flynn (@michael_e_flynn; 10): Given extreme time constraints I’m trying to get a start on fall class materials now. Between figuring out how to set up separate pages/sub domains for my classes and finally getting xaringan working smoothly I feel oddly accomplished.

Alice Sweeting (@alicesweeting; 10): Now to spend my Friday evening attempting to make a @victoriauninews css theme for #Xaringan 🤓👩🏽‍💻

Andrew Baker (@Andrew___Baker; 10): @MikeShor @EoSpangler I use xaringan, would blow those McKinsey dorks out of the water

Joe Roberts (@Dr_Joe_Roberts; 10): @CEBuddenhagen @statsgen You could try the xaringan themer package from @grrrck? > https://t.co/9QeMnvnIga

Chung-hong Chan (@chainsawriot; 0/1): mzes_alike: A theme for xaringan #rstats > Don’t ask me what does mzes stand for. > Source: https://t.co/YJqRVg9Kot > Demo: https://t.co/7UbZjqIhmv https://t.co/orhvB8o53e