I'm very excited to announce that {xaringanthemer} is now on CRAN with a whole bunch of new features for making fantastic looking {xaringan} slides! #rstats Here's a short thread of highlights, or check out the release post for more details. https://t.co/hk7YPO89FX



Insane (@TheInsaneApp; 464172): 😲 AI+AR face doodling demo using FaceMesh & TensorflowJS > #AR #AI #MachineLearning #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #IoT #Python #RStats #JavaScript #ReactJS #CloudComputing #Serverless #Linux #programming #100DaysOfCode #books #ML #DeepLearning #coding > Credits: @cyrildiagne https://t.co/qMtWfN1MGv

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka (@gp_pulipaka; 174112): Scientists Propose Neural Network for Multi-Class Arrhythmia Detection. #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #AI #MachineLearning #IoT #IIoT #Python #RStats #JavaScript #ReactJS #CloudComputing #Serverless #Linux #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode #HealthTech https://t.co/qotw4Er4de https://t.co/Co5G85WBbo

AI for Business (@Fisheyebox; 169151): Most Popular Machine Learning Libraries 2014 - 19 > #MachineLearning #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #AI #IoT #Python #RStats #JavaScript #ReactJS #CloudComputing #Serverless #Linux #programming #100DaysOfCode #ML #DeepLearning #coding #CyberSecurity #ArtificialIntelligence https://t.co/1rQvbRpazg

Insane (@TheInsaneApp; 135105): 🔥 Most Popular Machine Learning Libraries: 2014 - 19 > #MachineLearning #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #AI #IoT #Python #RStats #JavaScript #ReactJS #CloudComputing #Serverless #Linux #programming #100DaysOfCode #books #ML #DeepLearning #coding #Security #ArtificialIntelligence https://t.co/FnZLxQa7AK

PiyushRaj_Developer🕗 (@PiyushRaj714; 11094): #TOP #coding Lang. benefits : #Python vs #Java 🔥 > #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #rstats #IIoT #TensorFlow #javascript #React #Reactjs #Serverless #NodeJS #Cloud #computing #DataScientist #Linux #programming #100DaysOfCode #technology #tech #ArtificialInteligence #ML #AI #app https://t.co/DkRBcirB2V


Ramnath Vaidyanathan (@ramnath_vaidya; 305): Excited to announce the launch of my new blog https://t.co/vUbUXRiq1C built using #blogdown. The first post tackles a puzzle from riddler using #rstats simulations and some calculus to solve it exactly https://t.co/vokfyQZlc7

Matt Siuba (@msiuba; 294): Motivated by a class assignment, I made an academic-themed website using #rstats #blogdown package following the guidance of @dsquintana and @Wyatt_Bensken > Pretty easy to do, building with the template as described. > https://t.co/8GW0HOCQD0 https://t.co/l0YKv2dbSY

Dr. Juniper L. Simonis, NB & Woman Data Scientist (@JuniperLSimonis; 60): @Afro_Herper how much do you want to get into the code side of things? like if you’re comfortable with markdown stuff in R, it’s super easy to make a really nice website with blogdown

JEMSU (@Jemus42; 52): Okay, so @ma_salmon’s post about hugo/blogdown have made me realize how I really fiddle’d myself into a corner with my blog and now I want to burn it all down and start from scratch again 😭 > Thanks for the posts, though 👍 https://t.co/hjz9tJ1UUr #rstats

Silvia P. Canelón (@spcanelon; 51): This is my first tutorial on my brand new website using the #rstats #blogdown package and #MadewithAcademic theme from @GoHugoIO! A big thank you to @apreshill’s https://t.co/RH9wP6IRRh post and her other fantastic teaching materials, and the nudge from dear friend @trang1618 <3

Alison Presmanes Hill (@apreshill; 50): This is a great tutorial about converting to @airtable - one of my favorite secret weapons when I managed a ten person research team and an academic research center. > Bonus: a beautiful #MadeWithAcademic #blogdown website 🌸 https://t.co/2uGlrltkgw https://t.co/mdIIknFiNl

Frie (@ameisen_strasse; 42): Anyone know good resources to understand @GoHugoIO (not #rstats blogdown, but pure hugo)? I’m working on an already developed Hugo page from 2-3 years ago so I know the basics but need to understand it more deeply to be able to make bigger changes to it. #hugo

Sébastien Rochette (@StatnMap; 41): It’s good to rely on your own packages. > Install packages needed to test reproducibility of your own #blogdown after upgrade to R 4.0 with {attachment} > pkgs <- attachment::att_from_rmds(path = “content/post”) attachment::install_if_missing(pkgs) ✨ https://t.co/NZL8zoaQbW https://t.co/CDHk6oDkdD

Brianna McHorse, PhD 🏳️‍🌈 (@fossilosophy; 40): @thomas_mock Very cool! I think I’m content with blogdown/Hugo etc right now, especially since an extremely talented designer friend of mine is going to build me a portfolio site soonish, but I really like the simplicity here. (And I agree, the opinionated publication platform style is nice)

Ioannis Kosmidis (@IKosmidis_; 31): @arthur_spirling @firthcity Yes indeed. @xieyihui’s blogdown #rstats📦 and its documentation (https://t.co/YAyXrvdgOr) can get you a long way in developing an academic website in hugo or jekyll, writing only Rmakrdown files. A popular hugo theme amongst academics is https://t.co/tVXtJgTg7S

Arielle Dror (@arielle_dror; 30): Anyone know of personal websites made in blogdown/R that they think look really cool? I’ve decided that I really don’t like mine and want to redo it, but I can’t decide on what I want it to look like! Looking for ~inspiration~.

Yanina Bellini Saibene (@yabellini; 30): @carohadad Si! es buena forma de unificar tu presencia on-line (es humo si no hay contenido). Yo la hice con Hugo (tema Académico) y #blogdown en R (porque soy una #rlady 😉), la publico en Netlify a través de GitHub que automatiza la actualización de los cambios. https://t.co/qS9ISGauuT

Maëlle Salmon (@ma_salmon; 30): @ameisen_strasse @GoHugoIO I’ve learnt a lot by solving problems (unsurprisingly – in particular for @rOpenSci https://t.co/u4cAdhbtcK). > I like the Hugo docs&forum, I try reading Hugo news (by release-watching the repo). > @apreshill ’s series https://t.co/zmzNi3AuWY is super useful beyond blogdown.

Chris Mainey (@chrismainey; 23): Hey #rstats and #blogdown team, anyone know how I can override font-size for code blocks in css, with hugo-academic? Can fix it manually when ‘inspecting elements’ in Chrome, but gets overridded by academic.css every time. https://t.co/5npRrCPBDh

Zoe Meers (@zoe_meers; 20): @arielle_dror Idk if it’s blogdown but I like Nadieh Bremer’s page: https://t.co/xRWD5oYVEk. I’m revamping mine right now as well and it’s sooo hard to pick a new theme. I think I might go with a plain one and jazz it up with some javascript, css and html.

Michael Horrell (@horrellmt; 20): Started using Blogdown @rstudio and am really impressed. In less than a week, I converted my old blog to something that looks good, shows the math right, shows the javascript right and is deployed on github pages. Awesome tool! New blog here: https://t.co/TzamPhEFfZ

Tom Mock (@thomas_mock; 20): @fossilosophy Exactly - if you have the knowledge/time and/or have a skilled friend like @dcossyle - blogdown offers so much! > I prefer the simplicity and no Hugo, which makes me super happy w/ Distill.

Tom Mock (@thomas_mock; 20): All this to say, Distill is: > “Scientific and technical writing, native to the web” > It’s more akin to an opinionated publication platform (Medium w/out the issues) than an easily modifiable site (blogdown). > https://t.co/ffSgybDQzZ

Christian Nawroth (@GoatsThatStare; 20): @ShellyVPhD I use Wordpress. R blogdown might also be an option https://t.co/HVrLjdMMdO

jonathan rosenblatt (@johnros2013; 20): @DataJunkie Blogdown

Ujjwal Panda 🐼 (@maddestpanda; 20): @Afro_Herper Blogdown in Rstudio, then deploy on Netlify. Using it for my own website in progress. Plus so many options for customisation. And free!

Sébastien Rochette (@StatnMap; 11): ‘An update on code folding with #blogdown + @GoHugoIO Academic theme’ by @jepusto > https://t.co/i4biIOyFNX https://t.co/cZbNbWGAgg

Diego Trindade (@diegopftrindade; 10): If u want to update an old #blogdown website deployed in Netlify, don’t forget to add a “netlify.toml” file in your project (!) and edit the location of your repository on Netlify (even though if u didn’t change it) (!). > It can ease some pain. > https://t.co/iX0SPB27FL

Tom Mock (@thomas_mock; 10): @jeremy_data I use Netlify still (but custom domain name). > https://t.co/O5gMDNRHcc > Some additional notes (blogdown centric) but applicable, section 7. > https://t.co/Z8SffhSJqR

Tom Mock (@thomas_mock; 10): The overall “meta-structure” of assembling sites, posts, etc personally clicked with me a lot more than most blogdown themes, and it’s straightforward to add new “tabs” of content to the main site. > My YAML which is much “lighter” than my old blogdown site. https://t.co/nN2WMvNvqU

Robert Preseau 🔴⚪ (@robertpreseau; 0/1): Best blogdown tutorial? #rstats #datascience #rstudio


Andy MacLachlan (@andymaclachlan; 121): Brushing up on some css to “make things fancier”, thanks to the rstudio education handbook by @dcossyle and @apreshill #rstats #bookdown https://t.co/0hVH4NInWP

Peter Nencka 📊 (@peternka; 102): @chrispdanko https://t.co/uXGeYM8BaO (with Stock and Watson) > Bailey‘s real metrics (examples in base R in the book; tidyverse here: https://t.co/LVOxwhGijo) > This, with Wooldridge (https://t.co/edcZ9Y0l5z)

Benjamin Capistrant (@bencapistrant; 91): @MariaGlymour Yes! https://t.co/oYwo7ubVyR… > I’ve never used it, but people think it could work > https://t.co/8TyDTtYQsW > @SFAckley

Rami Krispin (@Rami_Krispin; 73): We officially launched today the #covid19R project. The goal of the project is to set a uniform and #tidy format for #covid19 related #R datasets packages. More details available on @jebyrnes twit and post below. Project #bookdown - https://t.co/88KMhmqcE4 #rstats, #data4good https://t.co/V0yeUTBRaN

Mrinal Mohapatra (@Dr_Mohapatra; 71): @jrosenberg6432 Here is the #bookdown by the authors of #rmarkdown. #rstat https://t.co/33BQl7u1k0

Luis Puerto (@lpuerto; 52): Skimming through “Mastering Software Development in R” to improve my R knowledge > https://t.co/iiQmoaqEyI > As much R I learn, I figure out that I want to know even more R. > #rstats #coding #DataScience

Lee Cross (@LCross137; 51): Grape or grain, but never twain > Thomas Pynchon #Reading #Writing #Bookdown https://t.co/eLnixEH5N3

Duncan Garmonsway (@nacnudus; 41): The Spreadsheet Munging Strategies website suddenly looks like the 1990s and I need help fixing it 🤞 https://t.co/QFe545ye8m It’s bookdown, and having written the govdown package I dread debugging anything else *down. https://t.co/TiTgODWEw2

Irene Steves (@i_steves; 30): Inspiration is of course parametrized Rmd reports: https://t.co/wYChpoGXJo

Paul Oldham #FBPE (@junglepaul; 30): @rOpenSci We stand on the shoulders of giants! My work is impossible without them. Blog post on how to cite packages & make biblios is here https://t.co/ZvbbxW2UJ1. Following @xieyihui bookdown https://t.co/OOOy48uVpF

Manuelitø 😌|😒 (@iHaqi_; 30): @SinaBaharlouei @_Die_Fabuloese @h_alian95 حقیقتاً طفلک گیت و ورژن‌کنترل خیلی خیلی مهجوره :(( این کتاب (#bookdown) خوش‌خوان برای کاربرِ غیربرنامه‌نویس نوشته شده، خصوصاً برای کاربرهای R و RStudio: https://t.co/RaCmTrAeBF (البته فصل 20-36 اش عمومیه و مختص R و اینا نیست.)

Melissa K Sharp, MPH (@sharpmelk; 21): Same URL but works. Because. R. 😪https://t.co/ZZYPrI5kPu https://t.co/JUoDXyPD2C

Halley E. Froehlich 🦀 (@DocFroehlich; 20): @AlexaLFH May want to look into bias correction (nudging) approaches, perhaps? https://t.co/khMhSxVpGE

Henrique Faria de Oliveira (@henriquef1008; 20): @SergioHCFerro A linguagem de programação R tem um pacote chamado Bookdown que é uma mão na roda para escrever livros, caso tenha familiaridade com R, o tipo de livro que ele gera pode ficar online como um site ainda > Como esses https://t.co/tVs38GMEg7

Mariel Vazquez (@arsuaga3; 20): Atención México: un recurso excelente para seguirla evolución de CoVID-19 – Análisis de Casos de COVID-19 en México https://t.co/t3KAlfbIrU #rmarkdown #bookdown > Aunque hay (muchas?) más muertes de las que se reportan oficialmente.

Marissa Dyck (@Dyck_ologist; 20): @KevinDKohl @DocHPJones I use R almost everyday now and I really liked this tutorial for the basics. YaRrr- a pirates guide to R > https://t.co/b4RvfU5hqU > Nothing beats working with your own data though once you have the basics down!

David Salazar (@DavidSalazarVir; 20): @_natalie_oshea @rlmcelreath Mostly ggplot2 and tidyr to work around the samples from the posterior. However, @SolomonKurz did develop a whole more tidy centric approach to the whole book. > https://t.co/xsZn1NEabj

Dr. Sarah Pohl (@LilithElina; 11): I need help, please, #R folks. I have a #bookdown document and used #knitr include_graphics() to add a PNG file. From all the documentation I read I understand that “all chunk options that apply to normal R plots also apply to these images”, but I can’t reference the chunk label.

Nadescha Zwerschke (@NadeschaZ; 11): Because I constantly forget which distribution to use for #glm in #R here is a nice little #reminder mostly for myself, but also for anybody else who is as #scatterbrained as me! #Science #ExcitingLifeOfAnAcademic #Statistics > https://t.co/EWLgvPN8Nt

Vivek Das (@ivivek87; 10): @ChenglinHong These are some basic versions of R where functions might not work given the versions you use. There are some very nice blogdowns and bookdown available as well. Please also refer to them. Good luck!

Pierre Gorissen (@PeterMcAllister; 10): @vanPopta @pmarijn1 R is in dit geval “slechts” de omgeving waar je in werkt. Ik draai RStudio met de Bookdown library op mijn Synology NAS. Het mooie is dat je de bronbestanden kunt downloaden van https://t.co/MQZ6Nf59Lo, kunt bewerken als je wilt en bv ook naar Word/PDF kunt laten exporteren. https://t.co/hZ6IqSaa0p

Tobias Dienlin (@tdienlin; 10): @McAleerP @UofGPsychology Cool! Will check out the template :) I think bookdown is even one step up 👌 Btw, the most impressive example I’ve seen so far is the following website, written with pagedown, I think. Wow. https://t.co/YZo7PexUIQ

Phil McAleer (@McAleerP; 10): @tdienlin Works really well. We use this approach for our course materials @UofGPsychology using bookdown 📦. There is a template under Resources if that helps - https://t.co/1oFRLFGYew. Must check out the peer review idea. That sounds a great way!

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Bookdown blocks not rendering correctly ��� now not rendering at all! #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/jOFMI4GGX7

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Cannot find build panel for Bookdown demo example #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/m0f2dg89oe

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Bookdown update problem #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/5DHTYTe08n

Melissa K Sharp, MPH (@sharpmelk; 0/1): All the other #bookdown books I’m looking at seem fine but mine started having errors unbeknownst to me. To my knowledge I didn’t change anything to trigger this initially. Trying to get it back but nothing is working so far :( #RStats https://t.co/93iH8u2Ghj

JEMSU (@Jemus42; 0/1): Ah yes, the classic font issue. fc-cache after font installation, fc-list says they’re there, but xelatex/fontspec disagree. #rstats / #tinytex / #bookdown, anyone? github actions log: https://t.co/luhMFA8HWn https://t.co/2xbf7kIm1m

JEMSU (@Jemus42; 0/1): There’s a GitHub action on r-lib for {bookdown}, but it seems it’s geared towards HTML/GitBook output. I’m currently trying to tweak it towards rendering the PDF version, and boy is it not going great. #rstats


Mine CetinkayaRundel (@minebocek; 1284): Sometimes I start a data analysis in an #rstats script then realise I really should have started analysing and writing in an Rmd. It’s at these times that I wish there was a knitr::hurl() that would take an R script, convert to Rmd, and vomit some words in between chunks.

Ariane Aumaitre (@ariamsita; 61): I’ve just found out that you can do: > knitr::opts_chunk$set(dev.args = list(png = list(type = “cairo”))) > at the beginning of an rmd document to output cairo style png images in your presentations even if you’re in windows and your device is against rendering plots 😍😍 #rstats

Bryan Shalloway (@brshallo; 40): @minebocek The next step would be taking the documentation, functions etc. from that ever growing Rmd and converting it into a package. I believe the syntax is: > script.R %>% knitr::hurl() %>% usethis::upchuck()

Martin Johnsson (@mrtnj; 30): Update on RStudio: I’m getting along better with the editor and console. There are too many working directories (RStudio, project, R session, knitr) to keep track of. Parts of editor and terminal lock up when R is busy. Current standing: RStudio vs ESS 1 - 1.

Dominik Schneider (@dschneiderch; 20): @minebocek i think it’s called knitr::spin()

Christophe Dervieux (@chrisderv; 10): @grrrck I always like new knitr engine ! 👍 Nice idea !

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 10): @grrrck @thomas_mock very lucky for me the issue maybe is caused by loading knitr/kableExtra (still haven’t 100% isolated) then loading them again, and the shiny app didn’t actually need to be loading them, so i got lucky and just removing them worked. i did spend some time looking into callr though

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Problem with Knitr to PDF #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/qUucxFwcBU


Jay Hesselberth (@jayhesselberth; 40): @KYergert pagedown makes some pretty spiffy CVs. https://t.co/MTMKciRpOE. E.g., https://t.co/WdbyW6rZuL


Abdul Majed (@1littlecoder; 41): When I first tried to enable Rmd to PDF with #rstats I waited ⌚ installing Tex and GBs of data too. Even then some other component was missing and it was a mess. A big 🙏🏽 to @xieyihui for making {tinytex} that does that it says! Sharing it as a video! https://t.co/9hP17Su41u


Garrick (@grrrck; 488106): I’m very excited to announce that {xaringanthemer} is now on CRAN with a whole bunch of new features for making fantastic looking {xaringan} slides! #rstats > Here’s a short thread of highlights, or check out the release post for more details. https://t.co/hk7YPO89FX

Andrew Heiss (@andrewheiss; 18128): Incredibly pleased with how well xaringan works for teaching code-heavy things like #rstats and ggplot. I used to take so many screenshots of code and incremental plots—now it all just knits by itself! See full slides here: https://t.co/vmrKs5lYEJ https://t.co/7whsCFsiZ3

Garrick (@grrrck; 262): Not only that, but with theme_xaringan(), you can style your {ggplot2} plots to match your slides! > ✨theme_xaringan() automatically matches your slide’s fonts and colors and updates geom defaults, too! > More info: https://t.co/ST1IYO87LL https://t.co/BT8n6HUQAh

Garrick (@grrrck; 203): p.s. If you like {xaringanthemer} make sure you check out my fun and somewhat experimental {xaringanExtra}, with lots of add-ons for {xaringan}. > Here’s one of my favorite: tile view lets you jump to an overview of your slides by pressing the “o” key 🗺 > https://t.co/cflHqoUija https://t.co/iswqDv1TKp

Garrick (@grrrck; 151): The goal of {xaringanthemer} is to help you create a complete {xaringan} theme starting from a choice of one or two colors. > style_duo_accent( primary_color = “#035AA6”, # blue secondary_color = “#03A696” # sea green ) https://t.co/h3gwBjFnEm

John Helveston (@JohnHelveston; 122): Finally finished (for now) my #rstats #xaringan slides theme: λέξις > https://t.co/n4joSsaTAi https://t.co/iz7iU9buD2

Tatjana Kecojevic (@Tatjana_Kec; 105): Plotting and annotating Time Series data 😧… not such a daunting task when using #ggplot2 😅 > Don’t know how? Learn by reproducing the example given in this #rstats Xaringan presentation: > https://t.co/dZlj636Ke7 > #DataScience #dataviz #Rladies https://t.co/gECYFVVBOI

Patrick Schratz (@pjs_228; 101): All of @grrrck work is amazing - but this in particular 💯! > Make sure to check out the whole thread and explore all xaringan related repos from Garrick. Reproducible and feature rich presentations in #rstats - here you go! https://t.co/cnzThnHGH6

Sientifiko (@Stfko_memero; 73): Hay un package de R inspirado en Naruto llamado “Xaringan” que te deja hacer presentaciones con Markdown, y quedan terrible nítidas xddd > https://t.co/tcYWSjl0ig > cc @RataScience

Brianna McHorse, PhD 🏳️‍🌈 (@fossilosophy; 50): The way you can make your generated (gg)plots match the theme of your slides with a single call to theme_xaringan() is extremely cool. https://t.co/b7inmJnbn7

Ryan Peek (@riverpeek; 40): If you haven’t played with xaringan, you should. And this looks to be an awesome tool to add to the mix, excited to check this out. Great work!! https://t.co/1tVaAHheOJ

Brock Tibert (@BrockTibert; 31): Very interesting.
> Marp as the #pydata version of #rstats xaringan? > https://t.co/kelRTYAfrv > #markdown #presentations #KISS

Andrew Heiss (@andrewheiss; 30): @chrishanretty This was all the CSS I had to write. xaringan’s defaults are a nice base to work with https://t.co/XgF1z6YQFD

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 22): Xaringan flipbook to gif? #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/5SDMWhUwc7

Chris Hanretty is staying home (@chrishanretty; 21): Parochial tweet: I wrote a #xaringan template for staff and students at @RoyalHolloway who use #rstats https://t.co/Eqp22IUYLA

Arnab Khan (@Akhan237; 20): @juliasilge Whattt there’s a Xaringan one?? Soo cool!!

Dale Maschette 🐟🧗‍♂️ (@Dale_Masch; 20): Today is going to be ok; xaringan::infinite_moon_reader() https://t.co/7qd1lnqOZF

Thomas Neitmann (@thomas_neitmann; 20): @jrosell @rstats4ds I like the {xaringan} package!

John Helveston (@JohnHelveston; 10): This is exactly what is needed to make xaringan more accessible…brilliant stuff by @grrrck https://t.co/Zw6JiY2RWT

Matthew Hendrickson (@mjhendrickson; 10): This is wonderful, @grrrck! I created a slide deck from RMD recently and went with reveal.js instead because I had limited time to get xaringan to theme well. This may have removed that barrier to entry for me! https://t.co/gbzGJajrSP

Meenakshi Kushwaha (@envhealthspeak; 10): @grrrck Great addition to xaringan! Thank you!

Jordi Rosell (@jrosell; 10): @thomas_neitmann @rstats4ds Yes, I’m trying it too! Thanks https://t.co/ihfx9KCFff

P Æ D-R0 |BATTLE VERSION| (@pedropors; 10): @darayyoss vc é um livro aberto. xaringan

ihaddaden fodil (@moh_fodil; 0/1): I’m using the #DiagrammeR package with my xaringan slides. When I try to create more than 3 nodes, the diagramme gets considerably smaller (in the slides output). Is it possible to contrôle the size of the diagrammes ? > Thanks in advance. #rstats


Joseph Stachelek (@__jsta; 62): @gshotwell Maybe there’s some clues in printr? It can print docs in Rmd https://t.co/e1RmUuUUR1

Andrew Heiss (@andrewheiss; 40): @ericpgreen This whole post https://t.co/krosRsqA2n

Moritz Schwarz (@MoritzPSchwarz; 20): @heyitsmehugo @minebocek This one? https://t.co/ISbYfP5eBI