Want to learn how to make fast, interactive and web-ready US county-level maps in #rstats using Mapbox or D3? 🖥️: https://t.co/7AfAWsJW4R 📝: https://t.co/AUJgfGBC64 https://t.co/AR8JLGedVC



Asmae Toumi (@asmae_toumi; 49888): Want to learn how to make fast, interactive and web-ready US county-level maps in #rstats using Mapbox or D3? > 🖥️: https://t.co/7AfAWsJW4R 📝: https://t.co/AUJgfGBC64 https://t.co/AR8JLGedVC

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 43173): as i’ve gotten more into comics, i (of course) wanted to try to mimic the feel of them in #rstats. when I saw bar charts and distributions of panel-to-panel transitions in Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics”, i knew i found my chance 📓💬 > 💻 https://t.co/8cYogOyLAe https://t.co/npMjes5kee

Stefan Karpinski (@StefanKarpinski; 283128): Again: it’s apparently totally fine with @Apple that no numerical software will work on their new hardware. No #JuliaLang. No #RStats. No #NumPy. Port a damned #fortran compiler, Apple! https://t.co/EVpO6RxuoF

BrodieG (@BrodieGaslam; 25563): New in-depth blogpost on NSE with #rlang’s quosures: > https://t.co/yJQ81IdhYp > Jump down the rabbit hole with me to see how they work, and of course, how to implement them in base #rstats. https://t.co/wo4GebqONt

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka (@gp_pulipaka; 158132): Must-Read Free #Mathematics #Statistics #Books For #DataScientists in 2020 and Beyond. #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #IoT #IIoT #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #JavaScript #ReactJS #CloudComputing #Serverless #Linux #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode https://t.co/YXfx71l2FP https://t.co/kTqU1mltnA

Sourabh Singh Katoch (@SourabhSKatoch; 150106): From books to presentations in 10s with AR + ML(AR Cut & Paste). > Code: https://t.co/Rsky66WU3B > #Python #programming #100DaysOfCode #IoT #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #100DaysOfMLCode #AI #javascript #womenwhocode #RStats #Serverless #CodeNewbie #DataScience #DEVCommunity https://t.co/qYkwgtCiuJ

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka (@gp_pulipaka; 92132): Top 10 Web Frameworks Used By Developers In 2020. #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #AI #MachineLearning #IoT #IIoT #Python #RStats #Java #JavaScript #ReactJS #CloudComputing #Serverless #Linux #Mathematics #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode https://t.co/zQWQkoCZkv https://t.co/5DznGF2hOv


alex hayes (@alexpghayes; 429): do you blog in #rstats but want to throw in some python written in jupyter? > this function turns your .ipynb nobteooks files into #blogdown posts! > https://t.co/LA7zbs2kTA https://t.co/iWtDiR1fUA

Marium Tapal (@mariumtapal; 229): My first blog post on my newly created #rstats #blogdown website is live: all about my data science summer internship with @rudeboybert! https://t.co/wrEtDHj9mD

Marco Mina (@ForesThink; 164): I grab the occasion of the summer silence to revamp my website🌐💻 Built it with #RStats #blogdown #HugoAcademic. Made everything open, with PDFs of papers (postprints for non-OA) and links to my blog posts. Soon new projects and photos🌳🗺️ https://t.co/0YdRiYtymU

R-Ladies Queretaro (@RLadies_Qro; 154): Les recomendamos que vayan explorando este recurso para nuestro próximo taller 🤓 https://t.co/edDDMlZ9K9 Nos vemos el #15Ago

Michele Scandola (@Scandle; 136): Hi all! > This is my website: https://t.co/1HZq3AHdTl done with #blogdown and #hugo with #rmarkdown. It has some posts concerning #rstats, #bayesian statistics, #neuropsychology and #neuroscience (mostly my publications, sorry), but more has to come!

James Day, PhD (@jamesday87; 101): Another lockdown project - making some nice looking #AFL tables using the #blogdown and #reactable packages https://t.co/XknYqDujI0

Monica Thieu (@monicatoo; 82): it ain’t peer reviewed empirical research, but #rstats BLOG POST: if you wanna make a website with blogdown, here’s everything I hacked so you don’t have to https://t.co/RkmusnZsu2

Brett Moxham (@bmoxO9; 46): Day 22: Worked on building out a simple blog as a way to start show off future projects! Learning about blogdown and Hugo. > #100DaysofCode #R4DS #RStats

Brett Moxham (@bmoxO9; 310): Day 23: Introducing my personal blog/portfolio. Hugo and Blogdown made it relatively simple to set up. Moving forward i will be posting on here to help amalgamate my work in one place! > https://t.co/OxcOOsQY9V > #100DaysOfCode #R4DS #Rstats

Victoria Grace (@vickygracegabb; 36): Day 5 of #100DaysOfCode: played around with the blogdown package in R. Thinking of making a personal website as my first proper project in R. > Any suggestions for other beginners projects? 👩‍💻 #CodeNewbie #WomenWhoCode #RStats

Brett Moxham (@bmoxO9; 22): New Post!📜 > European Energy (Tidy Tuesday) https://t.co/zPBTpdlVGk > #TidyTuesday #RStats #Netlify #Blogdown

Hope Snyder (@junekay92; 11): It’s been months in the making! My blog using #rstats #blogdown “Real Magic” is officially live! So far it’s only an introduction post but there is more on the way! Stop by and check it out! > https://t.co/Cr3lhHmb71

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): @niszet0 いや、なんか前に挑戦したんですけど、blogdownとの相性が微妙だったか何かで放置しちゃってるんですよね。

Harpo Labs (@harpolabs; 10): This is my first experience with the blogdown R package. I used blogdown to create the blog. I must say I liked it. However, it could be a little bit dark sometimes. It took me some time to get used to the publishing workflow.

Matthew Dekker (He/Him) (@dekkaaah; 10): @SarahBAndrea I’m deep into the Sunk Cost fallacy using blogdown in R. Probably wouldn’t recommend it

Robert Allaway (@allawayr; 0/1): (in the process, I also got to use #rstats #blogdown for the first time!!)


R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 10724): 📦 “thesisdown • An updated R Markdown thesis template using the bookdown package” > 👤 Chester Ismay @old_man_chester > https://t.co/qHUX1TN9Wk #rstats https://t.co/sdxwqSnmBZ

Mine Dogucu (@MineDogucu; 5413): I had used this book two years ago in one of my classes. If you are looking for a gentle introduction to likelihood, Generalized Linear Models and Multilevel models, check out the final version of the Beyond Multiple Linear Regression book: > https://t.co/NvyBQWu8XW

R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 298): 📚 “Feature Engineering and Selection • A Practical Approach for Predictive Models” > 👤 Max Kuhn @topepos and Kjell Johnson > https://t.co/OgWRI3qRY5 #rstats https://t.co/p8oBHnNpA2

Randy Ridenour (@randyridenour; 153): I’ve been working on a critical thinking textbook for my class at OBU. It’s online here: https://t.co/EQshQ99cd3. Some chapters still need fleshed out with examples and references, and I need to write a final chapter on epistemic virtues.

Murat Öztürkmen (@mozturkmen; 93): @fuatbeser Epeyce ücretsiz bookdown var. Bazılarını buraya bırakıyorum: https://t.co/YR7somomZd https://t.co/Dw0IU1Nlgv https://t.co/NGma8YPeDg https://t.co/apKLWz7Z7S https://t.co/GUkxZj1lqT https://t.co/Y8ENJaXKRS https://t.co/VsMPVaQc8k https://t.co/vbHBb2QOHS

心理的に柔軟なクジラ (@matsuchiy; 93): 見て!昨日がんばって表示に成功した右上のgithubアイコン。そしてみんなbookdownで本を書こうよ! https://t.co/ZUEfqKVm05

Rochelle Terman (@RochelleTerman; 72): What’s the nicest, flattest #rmarkdown theme for html documents? I like the default gitbook style in bookdown but can’t figure out how to replicate for standalone html docs. #RStats @rstudio

心理的に柔軟なクジラ (@matsuchiy; 60): 半日ぐらいがんばって、bookdownで作ったhtmlの右上にgithubのレポジトリ表示させるやつがやっとできた。

Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel (@minebocek; 50): I am this close to putting in an rstudio::global(2021) talk proposal about converting from LaTeX to bookdown and battling CSS to get it to do what I’m NICELY asking it to do! > I am not sure I can do it without swearing though…

_deadfate🇹🇼 (@_deadfate; 42): What They Forgot to Teach You About R https://t.co/4Pl3h9dvs3 #rmarkdown #bookdown WOW this book looks really powerful

Osvaldo Martin (@aloctavodia; 40): @joshualeond @willkurt You can check it here, https://t.co/s7x2LxcsVV and maybe then get the printed version

Daniel M. Gimenez (@Ego_Ipse; 21): Enjoying the https://t.co/Pk5wTOqEQ3 bookdown by @JennyBryan… Easy going, fresh-styled and pretty informative… Higly recommended. Even more: a “must” resource for any R advanced user working with Git #RStats

Santiago Hermo (@santiagohermo; 20): De la mano del capítulo 4 del bookdown de @martinmontane. Gran recurso! https://t.co/30aKJs2fkX

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 12): Huxtable package for R: How to correctly reference huxtables in bookdown when outputting to Word #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/UIjxjvpfoY

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 11): conditionally embed video in R-markdown (bookdown) #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/PhoXjN9SW7

Jill MacKay (@jilly_mackay; 11): Ok #rstats folks and particularly you lovely #bookdown #rstudio folks - where am I going so wrong with my CSS? A shiny internet point to the person who can point out my silly mistake … https://t.co/RUBILx44r2 https://t.co/EdFuqs1IZE

Thelonious (@TheloniousGoerz; 10): @GlassDelaney This seems extremely time consuming but I suppose if you put in the up front from effort it makes journaling really efficient. https://t.co/jeaQO83j0j

Thelonious (@TheloniousGoerz; 10): @GlassDelaney The Rmarkdown crowd tends to be skeptical of it haha. I know you can get a style for bookdown they will format your journal and code into a nice format as well.

心理的に柔軟なクジラ (@matsuchiy; 10): 久々にBookdownでpdf作ろうとしたら、! LaTeX Error: Option clash for package geometry.のエラーが前やった手順で解決できなくてつらい。templateどこいった・・・

🧬Sacha schutz🧬 (@dridk; 10): @YoannPageaud you have bookdown for R https://t.co/Xi6Sg2aNNv

Tom Mock (@thomas_mock; 10): @MavropaliasG Check out this section from the RMarkdown Cookbook: > https://t.co/yqYJYY8Y84 > Or the Advanced Customization from the RMarkdown Definitive guide: > https://t.co/wLV0hWGF3F


Mikhail Popov (@bearloga; 294): What’s funny to me is the progression: 1. being silly by making a SymPy engine 2. JD: “whoa you can make your own knitr engines?” 3. Me: “yup, here’s how. You can even rewrite the Stan one” 4. Good idea, I should prolly write a blog post 5. Oh this works, I should contribute it https://t.co/UAwSa2f5qb

R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 62): ✍️🔤 “Language engines • Use other languages in knitr • Yihui Xie | 谢益辉” > 👤 Yihui Xie @xieyihui > https://t.co/m4Tg7hMM3O #rstats https://t.co/wv0eHErVdX

Emily Riederer (@EmilyRiederer; 50): @rundel @minebocek @MilesMcBain - this might work better than knitr::purl for what you were trying to do a few weeks back

Julia Silge (@juliasilge; 30): @AmeliaMN @ReginaNuzzo @decksetapp @deckset This looks like it would work really well with .md output from knitr. 🤔

Noam Ross (@noamross; 20): @wmlandau @nyhackr @MilesMcBain @QldFES @rstudio tar_plan() would just create a list of targets so it can be modified/appended like other targets? I would hope unnamed targets can also use archetypes like tar_knitr/tar_change. > I’ll be glad to get back “load target at cursor” for {targets}, too :)

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 11): Reduce top margin when creating PDF from Rmarkdown using knitr #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/T7K4tZ51xd

Marisa L. Henry (@marisalyn; 10): knitr::combine_words is a such a useful #rstats function — combines objects into a phrase for human-readability, e.g. knitr::combine_words(c(“apple”, “orange”, “banana”)) -> “apple, orange, and banana”. > great for Rmd docs/copying and pasting into emails!

A. Jordan Nafa (@adamjnafa; 10): @GoldbergData For model tables, texreg is the best I’ve found. It’s highly customizable and can export to latex, html, and word formats. > For general summary table, knitr’s kable in conjunction with the kableExtra package is what I use most often.

Arthur Welle (@ArthurWelle; 10): @james_azam @rstatstweet https://t.co/lS4iOyxPnG

Nathan Rutenbeck (@anywillowbrook; 10): @bearloga @mcmc_stan Just came across your blog post on this, and thought you would want to know there is an important typo - the call in the post is different than the package function - package function: register_knitr_engine() vs in your post: register_knit_engine(). > Thanks! So excited for this!

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Printing from knitr/rmarkdown crops images and introduces linebreaks #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/5yupphAV7D

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Where is the Data Stored for Knitr Tables Generated in Bookdown? #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/tqeBKofXpC

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): knitr kable formatting cell text as ordered list #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/IT7QH5WJ0H


Tom Mock (@thomas_mock; 50): @dgkeyes @MyVisualVoice I’d also highly suggest borrowing from website design galleries - they’re likely to be much more creative than “business reports” which returns a lot of sad examples. > Also you probably already know… but {pagedown} for HTML/CSS -> PDF. > https://t.co/3ftvjYybfP

Leon Reteig (@LeonReteig; 30): @mdneuzerling @benrjack There is a letter format: https://t.co/oR7jvSaB4Y


Peter Higgins (@ibddoctor; 10): @kdpsinghlab I’m OK with an approach that parallels {tinytex}. https://t.co/JfmavAcbsI

Tomokazu NOMURA (@NomuraTomokazu; 10): よし,使ってるパソコン全部にWSL2を入れよう!と思ったら,研究室のWindows10 Pro for WorkstationにはMay 2020 Updateがインストールできないという,わりと早い段階で躓きました。あと,結局WindowsのRStudioでtinytexインストールしたので,リダンダントな環境になってしまったなと。


Jiena Gu McLellan (@JoannaMelon; 197): 🥳🌸Have a look this awesome walkthrough slides for creating R packages! #rstudio #RStats #rstat #Rprogramming Slides made by #xaringan 🌻🌷🌸🌼 https://t.co/hlm0fMSdYg

Joseph Casillas (@jvcasill; 80): In the meantime we presented at the two national conferences. For some of my co-authors this was the first conference presentation for their CVs. The slides were HTML documents prepared using #xaringan in #Rmarkdown (ht @xieyihui) https://t.co/tyxU4VuCDn

demian zayat (@demzayat; 50): @victoriaodon Xaringan? Es lo más!

Michael Flynn (@michael_e_flynn; 21): @dbeau83 @Stata Depends on your broader workflow I guess. I used latex and I’ve found markdown to be a much cleaner interface. @stevenvmiller has some great guides on his webpage. I’ve also started using xaringan for slides, so it lets me contain my work into a smaller software ecosystem.

Sergio Garcia Mora (@sergiogarciamor; 10): @demzayat @victoriaodon Yo estoy tratando mí adicción a PowerPoint con Xaringan. Me falta aprender a editar los estilos en css y soy Gardel


Max Kuhn (@topepos; 325): As a self-interested PSA… > What I call @xieyihui’s Rule: https://t.co/TyVRUuN7RI > How to get help for specific questions about existing code: > Stack Overflow first └─ GitHub issue └─ If all else fails then email the owner. > #rstats

Max Kuhn (@topepos; 102): I’m sometimes guilty of the same thing, especially with Rmd questions. That’s an area where I feel like I don’t know the infrastructure well. > I think about this post a lot, not for self-congratulations but how we can all help maintainers: https://t.co/AR8fWKYDxM

Zhen (@wogong0; 22): 《原则》读书笔记 - Yihui Xie | 谢益辉 https://t.co/HQMSax4l0i via @instapaper