bringing this gif back so maybe I will remember it this time #rstats



Elizabeth Eisenhauer (@LizStats; 1084196): bringing this gif back so maybe I will remember it this time #rstats

Sigrid Keydana (@zkajdan; 29290): New on the @rstudio #AI blog: Please allow me to introduce myself: Torch for R #rstats @PyTorch

RStudio (@rstudio; 24284): The torch package (native R bindings for the Torch ML framework) is now on CRAN: #rstats #rtorch

Daniel Falbel (@dfalbel; 19934): We are proud that torch 0.1.0 is now on CRAN. This is the result of almost a year of work. Looking forward to see what are the incredible things the R community will build with it 😀 #rstats

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 18948): I wish I had known about this when I worked in Powerpoint a few months back! I definitely have this bookmarked! > Exporting editable ggplot graphics to PowerPoint with officer and purrr by @pipinghotdata. #RLadies #RStats >

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka (@gp_pulipaka; 153126): How I’d Start Learning #MachineLearning Again (3-Years in). #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #AI #IoT #IIoT #Python #RStats #JavaScript #ReactJS #CloudComputing #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #Mathematics #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode

Altuna Akalin (@AltunaAkalin; 13863): updated book draft “computational #genomics with R”
> Includes #Rstats ,#Chipseq, #MachineLearning, #Statistics, #multiomics, #BSseq and #rnaseq chapters.

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka (@gp_pulipaka; 123130): Time Series Classification with Deep Learning. #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #AI #MachineLearning #IoT #IIoT #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #Java #JavaScript #ReactJS #CloudComputing #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka (@gp_pulipaka; 105100): Book: 17 Equations That Changed the World. #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #IoT #IIoT #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #Java #JavaScript #ReactJS #GoLang #CloudComputing #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #Books #Mathematics #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode


R-bloggers (@Rbloggers; 10032): RMarkdown + Github +Hugo + Blogdown + Netlify: Develope your own blogging site {} #rstats #DataScience

Alison Presmanes Hill (@apreshill; 160): @minebocek @github great idea! I always build Hugo sites for Ada, too 😀 Florence has such a wonderful dataviz portfolio too >

twitt’hair (@twitthair1; 153): For our weekly meeting, @oaggimenez showcased how to build your own website using the #rstats package #blogdown by @xieyihui @ProQuesAsker @apreshill and deploy it using @github and @Netlify - 20 minutes video in 🇫🇷 ➡️

Emilio M. Bruna (@BrunaLab; 50): Y’all have until I come back with my coffee to convince me I should keep trying to build a site with blogdown/hugo/github/ instead of just falling back on wordpress because…

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 40): @sedgeboy @ProQuesAsker In most cases, all you need is only one thing: blogdown::serve_site() You should never need build_site(), unless you want to recompile all Rmd files. serve_site() only compiles changed Rmd files. Then you run hugo_build() locally if you don’t use Netlify.

Dan Negrey (@NegreyDan; 21): Finished re-building my website/blog using #blogdown and @GoHugoIO and thrilled with the result! Still hosted via @github pages but now with a custom domain. Hosting Shiny server subdomain via @linode! #rstats #gohugo

Alice Sweeting (@alicesweeting; 20): @apreshill @xieyihui @djnavarro Thank you SO much for all the above, so very helpful! Hope it is OK but I forked a version of theme from your repo. Danielle’s Hugo theme looks 😍😍😍 Appreciate dealing w/ Hugo versions (& netlify) being at the top of your blogdown Wishlist!

Zeynep Ersoy (@zzeynepersoy; 20): @OpenAcademics I made my personal website to communicate my research and related activities in the simplest way. I used R blogdown package and the Academic Hugo theme.

Dmitry Shkolnik (@dshkol; 20): @_davecooley I just ended up using widgetframe::frameWidget to embed the map within the blogdown post. It still loads slowly before caching, but works ok. CSS works fine. line 153.

Kristy Robledo (@KristyRobledo; 20): @Kim_Fitter yes! maybe blogdown, or maybe xaringan ?

Data fitter Kim (@Kim_Fitter; 20): @KristyRobledo Websites with Blogdown, GitHub ?

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 12): blogdown::serve_site, error copying static files #tidyverse #rstats

Saurav Das (@Moutain_Soul; 12): Here’s my rbind webside.. Still under construction..! #rbind #Website #rmarkdown #blogdown #rstudio >

Dr. Jim AC Everett (@JimACEverett; 10): @PaoloAPalma It’s looking good! I’ve been struggling with remaking my website in R blogdown after my previous one was hacked. It’s a nice procrastination effort if nothing else?

Alison Presmanes Hill (@apreshill; 10): @alicesweeting @xieyihui @djnavarro This issue is sort of a confluence of issues related to Hugo versions and theme versions 🤬 Dealing with Hugo versions is definitely a huge pain point, and at the top of my own blogdown wishlist:

Paolo Crosetto (@PaoloCrosetto; 10): @SeyhunSaral @flxhlzmstr You can do something similar to @ploteo with GitHub, R and blogdown. But there might be other approaches out there.

Richard Careaga (@technocrat; 10): @MilesMcBain Oh, then it’s just an abstract syntax tree to be built 😎 blogdown and its kin outsource that. To my mind, R doesn’t want to be a general purpose scripting language and shouldn’t. The One Ring maybe didn’t melt.

Jordan (@jmbarbone; 10): If I could figure out how to sort my poster citations in descending year then month in my resume by edited the csl inside an Rmd file compiled with blogdown and added lua filters after hours of failure then maybe I can do twitter

Dr. Jim AC Everett (@JimACEverett; 0/3): Can anyone with experience using #blogdown in #Rstats to build an academic website help explain why my “public” folder has made a number of copies of all the publications? I’m new to this and quite confused about what I’ve done wrong (and how to prevent in future).

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Problem in rendering site using hugo-xmin theme in blogdown #tidyverse #rstats

Alison Presmanes Hill (@apreshill; 0/1): @alicesweeting @xieyihui This answer on StackOverflow might be helpful, if you want to get the latest working:


Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 13322): The 0.3.0 version of my #brms + #tidyverse translation of Kruschke’s “Doing Bayesian data analysis” is up! > > 15

Animal Behavior Society (@AnimBehSociety; 5813): I love using #rstats! I recently developed an R package & R tutorials for teaching Intro to #Behavior @Cornell - my favorite activity used #openaccess camera trap #data to investigate animal activity patterns. #ABStakeover @BorneanGibbons

yaniv brandvain (@yanivbrandvain; 5610): working on bookdown version of biostats notes to accompany whitlock and schluter. > adding a bonus chapter about dealing with data inspired by @kwbroman & @kara_woo - “Data organization in spreadsheets”

R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 284): ✍️📚 “bookdown-template • Template for R bookdown books” > 👤 Joyce Robbins @jtrnyc > #rstats

R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 2610): 📦🧹 “Doing Bayesian data analysis in brms and the tidyverse •" > 👤 Solomon Kurz @solomonkurz
> #rstats

Bodong Chen (@bod0ng; 258): My semi-public #LearningAnalytics course is happening again: So much fun learning with a dynamic group of scholars from different disciplines and professions. #LAUMN @UMN_CEHD @LT_UMN @umn_lilab

Josef Fruehwald (@JoFrhwld; 180): So apparently in March 2017 I made a bookdown project with a bunch of non-empty chapter outlines for a book on the Grammar of Variation? I should, uhh, probably do something with this

Sharon Machlis (@sharon000; 124): The knitr package’s combine_words() function takes a vector of character strings and turns them into a human-readable phrase: “item 1” for 1 item “item 1 and item 2” for 2 “item 1, item2, and item3” for 3, etc. #rstats

Gavin Masterson, PhD 🐍🐸📊🇿🇦🇸🇪 (@gavinprm; 93): For my next coding project, I’m planning on putting my (somewhat updated) PhD thesis online using #rstats {bookdown}, because - let’s be honest - right now… I’m almost certainly the only person who has read the final version.

Marco Kalz (@mkalz; 72): Doing Meta-Analysis in R. A Hands-on Guide.

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 70): Notable updates include: > * refitting all models with #brms 2.13.5; * adding Kruschke-style model diagrams based on my earlier blog workflow ( > 25

Kristof Haneca (@KristofHaneca; 62): De praktische handleiding dendrochronologie, op maat van de erfgoedonderzoeker, nu ook makkelijk op je 📱 of 💻te lezen 👇 #dendrochronologie #treerings #dendrochronology #bookdown @vioe @archeonet 🌳💍

Jae Yeon Kim (@JaeJaeykim2; 60): xaringan + github page deployment is so cool and seamless. Why I haven’t used this feature much …

Kristof Haneca (@KristofHaneca; 53): De handleiding “#14C: dateren met radiokoolstof” werd opgefrist n.a.v. de publicatie van de nieuwe #IntCal20 kalibratiecurve. Nu ook ‘verpakt’ in een handige website 👉 #bookdown #Radiocarbon #Archaeology @vioe @archeonet

Jae Yeon Kim (@JaeJaeykim2; 50): Started experimenting with bookdown for the course I’ll be teaching in the upcoming Spring.

David Nield (@DRNield; 50): @gelliottmorris Rmarkdown using reveal.js > The using up/down arrows for supp. slides is a god-send for any presentations where you might get questions about a slide you’d want to answer with tables/graphs but where you don’t want to jump to the appendix and then back >

Mateo W. Racca (@usernamemateo; 50): Estoy escribiendo algo para (intentar) explicar cómo tomar un R Markdown, transformarlo con bookdown y hacer el deploy en Netlify para tener un bonito libro digital y creo que se va a entender un carajo 😂

Jim Hester (@jimhester_; 40): @bhatt_keshav @thomas_mock @rstudio

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 40): @polesasunder Presuming the data vary across trials and persons, this would be an instance for a cross-classified multilevel logistic model, would it not? Basically just this:

Jae Yeon Kim (@JaeJaeykim2; 40): @baobaofzhang @justin_ct_ho I’m also putting teaching materials together and making it an online book (bookdown) for my future use and the benefits of other people.

Musarioba (@musarioba; 35): Are you getting difficult in getting data for your analysis worry not with all is simplified #rstat #rstudio #DataScience #bigdata #machinelearning #bookdown

Daniel Bullock (@Is_Dan_Bull; 32): Programming / package question for my science friends: > Is there some way to leverage both #bookdown and and Binder (@mybinderteam)? I’m aiming to have the formatting and structure of bookdown, but with the power and portability of binder.

tipsder (@tipsder; 30): ¡R para principiantes! Dos grandes libros para aquellos interesados en conocer un panorama general de #R. Muchas gracias a los autores por estos valiosos y grandes aportes. #rstats #dataviz #DataScientists #data #rstatsES

Joyce Robbins (@jtrnyc; 30): A template for creating a #bookdown book in 5 minutes 👇

yaniv brandvain (@yanivbrandvain; 24): !looking for #Rstats #bookdown help! > my embedded youtube videos will show up on my local build [html] but not when published to . anyone seen/solved this? 12

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 22): Bookdown: rendering issue with Github Action - additional characters in R console output #tidyverse #rstats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 21): Providing translations for R Bookdown project #tidyverse #rstats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 21): Bookdown and rendering kable tables to a word document #tidyverse #rstats

Yohan J. Rodríguez (@hasdid; 21): #R #Automated | Bookdown, Not Bookout

Michael Clark (@statsdatasci; 21): I’ve recently updated my mixed models doc with an additional section on Bayesian analysis and other upgrades. Along with this, I’ll be having a workshop regarding the content on 10-21 for @Umich and @CscarUmich. > #Rstats #bookdown #mixedmodels #lme4 #brms >

Martin B. Lukac (@mblukac; 20): @MariaZuffova @AmaliaAlvarezB This is a pretty awesome book Maybe not all of it is relevant for you, but it gives a good overview of the what & how. > If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to send me a DM! :)

Manuel Soto (@manu_msr; 20): Coeficientes de Correlación #DataScience >

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 20): @genomixgmailcom Both editions > first: second:

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 20): * adding custom color palettes and plotting themes starting around chapter 9 (there’s a transition period); * peppering in plotting conventions based on Wilke’s work (; > 35

Noushin Nabavi (@nabavinoushin; 20): making maps in R, free book:

Lukman Adeboye Soboyejo 🇳🇬 (@Hadeboye; 20): 1.2 Forecasting, planning and goals | Forecasting: Principles and Practice #rmarkdown #bookdown

Nick Hood (@cullaloe; 20): @claudiakincaid I’ve ditched Wordpress for most, not all, of my sites. I’m using text based systems with markdown, like Jekyll or Bookdown. Hosted on Github or a VPS. Simples, just type, commit, push, pull. Once this rush is over, happy to share the workflow with UoE pals.

Ajay Koli (@koliajaykr; 13): 💁‍♂️ hello #rstats experts, pls help me to understand how {redoc} works? > I read this and this

AI News Feed (@AINewsFeed; 12): Machine Learning for Biostatistics #ai #ml #dl

Eric Grant (@ericgrantdev; 11): Introduction to Data Science #rmarkdown #bookdown

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 11): Can I conditionally exclude some elements (code blocks) from rendering to the PDF and ePub outputs when compiling a bookdown document? #tidyverse #rstats

Musarioba (@musarioba; 11): R for Data Analytics #rmarkdown #bookdown I hope this book is good for new data analyst with #R

Adam Wespiser (@wespiser; 10): @jfischoff I’m not sure about suitability for ranking, but the basic statistical approximation technique is Laplace Approximation:

Dr. Deborah Apthorp (@deborahapthorp; 10): @ceptional @DrArnal Nice - did you do this in Bookdown?

Nic Perrem (@nicperrem; 10): @StephLaz_

Jae Yeon Kim (@JaeJaeykim2; 10): I really wish that I can block at least a couple of weeks at the end of this year or early next year to work on that project. I’m thinking about using bookdown to make it as a semi-book project as well.

Jae Yeon Kim (@JaeJaeykim2; 10): @RochelleTerman bookdown is so awesome.

Noushin Nabavi (@nabavinoushin; 10): Visualize Areal Data - Choropleth Mapping (a.k.a Thematic Maps) | Opioid Environment Toolkit #rmarkdown #bookdown

John T. Johnson 🧠 Luctor et Emergo (@John4tl; 10): @gottapatchemall Pirate plots for the win. Raw, description, and inference.

yaniv brandvain (@yanivbrandvain; 10): @zTiredScientist working on it! a little premature at the moment, but planning on getting them onto soon [well before they are ready for consumption]

Vikram_Singh Rawat (@Guru_GyanKhoji; 10): @baby_cones Start with linear and logistic regression. This is something you should know in and out. Then read a book hands on Machine learning for R. > Its available on and there are many more such books available for free…

James Duffy (@JamesPDuffy; 10): @neilrkaye Would a bookdown ( approach work? Each chapter a different datavis example?

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): @niszet0

Godwin Noah (@godwinnoah; 10): My team and I just launched via @YouTube #Nigeria #Foodie #BBNaijialockdown2020 Please Subscribe

Ken Bodnar (@ArtofWarm; 10): R Markdown Cookbook >

Benjamin Singleton (@BenSingletonNYC; 0/4): R Markdown Cookbook #DataScience #BigData

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Beamer-like overlays in Bookdown presentation #tidyverse #rstats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Bookdown (gitbook) produces empty HTML #tidyverse #rstats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Error in compiling pdf in bookdown #tidyverse #rstats

𝙳𝚊𝚟𝚒𝚍 𝚁𝚎𝚒𝚗𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚒𝚗 (@GivingTools; 0/1): #microeconomics Outdoor 1-1 teaching videos on my YT channel (, if you’re curious. > Sorry I overused iMovie fx. I’ll improve sound in later videos. All to embed in (wip) ‘web-book’ #EconTwitter #bookdown

🌐 ⚡️🚲 (@ziromr; 0/1): @die_weberin usw


Sharon Goldrup, PhD (@Golder2; 72): What is everyone’s thoughts on using Latex and knitR? I am not sure I am sold on using it to format. But it is new to me, curious what others think. @AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #RStats #AcademicChatter #phdchat

Ecléctikus (at home 🌴) (@scienceisbeauty; 21): Propina > ☑️ Pandoc > Quizá más especializado pero muy potente. Convierte virtualmente cualquier formato a cualquier formato. Especialmente indicado para desarrolladores y obligatorio para los usuarios de RStudio con Knitr, o diferentes sabores de LaTeX. >

Noah Jussila (@JussilaNoah; 20): Anytime I try to use Knitr or Sweave to put R code in a TeXed document and then just end up including a screenshot instead

Harald Kliems (@HaraldKliems; 10): @toeb18 @delaBJL I’m kinda assuming this is generated with Rmd/knitr? Is the readme for this maybe helpful:


R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 457): ✍️🖥 “pagedown: Create Paged HTML Documents for Printing from R Markdown” > 👤 Yihui Xie @xieyihui and Romain Lesur @RLesur > #rstats


Katherine Berthon (@CityKat75; 93): Dear #rstats users, how do you keep up morale with this fickle program? > Yesterday Me: R, plz run this code R: OK! > Today: R plz run this code that was working yesterday R: Rmarkdown needs tinytex (it’s already loaded, but ok) Error: x must be numeric (it /IS/ Numeric!) > 😖😭

Nnenna Asidianya (@asidianya; 80): I had not used R mark down in a year or two prior to this semester. My mind is blow by the tinytex package. It literally functions as if TeX is dropped right into your R interface.

Katherine Berthon (@CityKat75; 10): @SeriFeliciano @rstats4ds Thanks Josemari, I did update tinytex this morning on the prompt, but it shouldn’t have caused what seems a fundamental class recognition issue? Perhaps a complete reinstall is in order. Also my HDMI no longer connects to the monitor - I’m clearly cursed

Colin Fay 🤘 (@_ColinFay; 10): @xieyihui @jaredlander If I recall correctly I installed the whole LaTeX bundle on my laptop before I knew about {tinytex}, so I thought I didn’t need it, but apparently I should have known better :)


Ted Laderas 🏳️‍🌈 (@tladeras; 16722): Started playing around with {flipbookr} - it is amazingly easy to use to build ggplot2 flipbook style presentations, if you are familiar with {xaringan}. This took me literally 2 minutes to make. >

Brendan Cullen (@_bcullen; 12418): Ok, {xaringanExtra} continues to blow my freakin’ mind 🤯 Here’s a quick demo that shows tile view and embed_xaringan() in the context of a #ggplot2 flipbook (h/t @EvaMaeRey). @grrrck, I owe you an absurd amount of beers 🍻 Thank you for all you do for the #rstats community 🙌

Tom Mock (@thomas_mock; 391): @gelliottmorris I mean RMarkdown-based {Xaringan} is pretty amazing! > Credit to: @apreshill for her slides at > @grrrck has even extended it to embed your webcam, and all other types of amazing tricks. >

Henry Wang (@henrywangnl; 62): My @rstudio hex stickers finally arrived! No doubt where to put #xaringan one… #rstats

G. Elliott Morris (@gelliottmorris; 50): @thomas_mock @apreshill @grrrck yeah i pretty exclusively use Xaringan and none of these responses are motivating me to change

Joshua Goldberg (@GoldbergData; 50): @gelliottmorris Like @thomas_mock said, xaringan is incredible. Hosting HTML5 slides is attractive and flexible. This comes at a cost of knowing CSS or frameworks to modify your slides. However, once the power of the web is harnessed, you can be fast and powerful with xaringan.

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 50): @jaredlander @_ColinFay I guess by the time you get the new computer, it’s very likely that I have finally finished the support for self-contained xaringan slides (a 4-year old feature request). Don’t tell me you’re going to order the computer this afternoon :p

An? Ken? (@Zaninellossauro; 40): E o xaringan ativadasso

Raphaël Simon (@RplSmn; 22): I am slowly getting proficient at {xaringan} (by the legendary @xieyihui), and I LOVE it. I will never willingly go back to MS Powerpoint #rstats Also I forced me to learn about CSS which is useful in many other projects, another win!

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 21): Disable mouse scrolling in xaringan presentation #tidyverse #rstats

Shih Ching Fu (@ShihChingFu; 11): For all those whom are interested (yes all two of you 😉) I’ve put a PDF of my #YSW2020 slidedeck here: Thanks to everyone who attended. I’m afraid I still haven’t learned #xaringan or even #beamer for that matter. Don’t @ me!

Richard Telford (@richardjtelford; 10): @dcossyle @hadleywickham @RStudioEDU Thanks. This improved my practical as dependencies are all taken care of. Lectures use xaringan. Trying to find best way to include these.

🇧🇷 Gustavo Angelo 🍈🍈✨ (@ziraelGustavo; 10): @sweaari Tu tem o xaringan

magdalena bennett (@maibennett; 10): @JaeJaeykim2 I’ve basically done the transition with all my new presentations, but I had to use an older one the other day on beamer, and was so weird! (I’m still a n00b on Xaringan, but have enjoyed it a lot so far).

magdalena bennett (@maibennett; 10): @JaeJaeykim2 (Also, Xaringan is so much more pretty 🤗)

Rochelle Terman (@RochelleTerman; 10): @JaeJaeykim2 Don’t forget xaringan for slides. They’re the best.

Raphaël Simon (@RplSmn; 10): @NithinM07888100 @rstatstweet @xieyihui Of course: {xaringan}: @apreshill made a nice thread here, I found a few good tips here, and of course the wiki: Also look for {xaringanthemer} and {xaringanExtra} they are awesome

Charles T. Gray ⚔ (@cantabile; 10): @Hao_and_Y I’m always popping mine up and down when working with xaringan::inf_mr. I would use a keybinding to do this all the time. > When I have writeflow, it’s nice to have split screen between .Rmd and Viewer pane.

John Helveston (@JohnHelveston; 0/2): I’ve cobbled together some libraries to make it (hopefully) easier to build #xaringan slides as html, pdf, and gif types. Also can make a png thumbnail of the first slide. Feedback welcome! (esp. on my awful hex sticker). #rstats >

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Unwanted margins in xaringan PDF created using pagedown #tidyverse #rstats

CRAN Package Updates (@CRANberriesFeed; 0/1): CRAN updates: crossmap doFuture koRpus xaringan #rstats

Rylee Alanza Lyman (@ryleealanza; 40): @JBeardsleyPhD ugh, it really is not for everyone, but I feel like everyone should use TinyTeX

yihong0618 (@yihong06181; 30): 百战百胜,不如一忍;万言万当,不如一默。读这个博客总能获得些许的平静,和一些思考。