Probando generar materiales para clases que puedan imprimirse... O cómo aprender a programar en #RStats leyendo fanzines.



Riva Quiroga (@rivaquiroga; 62385): Probando generar materiales para clases que puedan imprimirse… O cómo aprender a programar en #RStats leyendo fanzines.

R-bloggers (@Rbloggers; 27065): Deep Neural Network in R {} #rstats #DataScience

flujoo (@flujoo; 22455): Create and embed music in #rmarkdown with R package “gm” #rstats @xieyihui

R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 19051): 📚 R Markdown: The Definitive Guide > 👤 Yihui Xie @xieyihui, J. J. Allaire @fly_upside_down, Garrett Grolemund @StatGarrett > 🔗 #rstats #datascience


Monica Alexander (@monjalexander; 751): I updated blogdown and my website broke but it only took 1.5 hours of mild cursing to fix it so feeling pretty hacker right now

Silvia Canelón (@spcanelon; 305): #rstats #blogdown tip: > A friend asked me how I added the certificates to the Education section of my #HugoAcademic home page. > I’ve just documented how to do this in issue #19 if you’re interested! > Source: > Thread 🧵 #Wowchemy

Maddy Shanks (@maddyshanks24; 100): Did I do anything I actually needed to do today? Absolutely not but I spent 3 hours navigating GitHub and blogdown to create a website and I feel really accomplished because when I tried a year ago it ended in tears and I actually made something happen this time! #progress 💪🏼

Андрей Маккартней☆ (@wouldeye125; 72): anyone in #rstats have thoughts about {distill} versus {blogdown} for creating a blog? Distill seems easier somehow. #distill #blogdown

Tom Mock (@thomas_mock; 71): @JosiahParry {blogdown} v1.0 merged some of the features of {hugodown}: - versioning of Hugo - control of knitting on save - RMarkdown -> md-> Hugo-generated HTML > I’d lean on @apreshill to see if there are other unique differences as of today and {blogdown v1.3} >

jo-sigh-ughhh (@JosiahParry; 62): @thomas_mock @apreshill Wow. This right here, is so unbelievably powerful! @xieyihui thank you for making such powerful libraries!

Gina Moreno (@GinaMoreno; 61): Excited to share my personal website: Built in @rstudio using the #blogdown package, with source code hosted on @github and deployed via @Netlify
Hope to keep this going & growing with fun, nerdsome content. [↪](

Danielle Navarro (@djnavarro; 40): @john_t_ormerod I’d say so, yes. It’s nicely suited to technical writing, and there are fewer moving parts than blogdown

Lisa Lendway, she/her (@lisalendway; 31): @wouldeye125 Agreed. I liked distill for the simplicity. If you want to do a lot of customization, go with blogdown.

Nate Kratzer (@natekratzer; 30): @JosiahParry I set up my site with hugodown last summer and wrote about it here: > Of course, a bit after that blogdown 1.0 fixed all of the things I’d found frustrating about my initial blogdown website, so blogdown may be a better choice at this point.

Faria Khandaker (@aria68632; 30): @monjalexander One day I shall overcome my fear of breaking my website and will use blogdown to create it…. but today is not that day 😅😅 Until then, wordpress it is 🙃

jo-sigh-ughhh (@JosiahParry; 21): Are there any examples of getting started with hugo down? I want to give it a shot. I like the idea of the stability it provides over blogdown and the customizability over distill.

Eric Ekholm (@ekholm_e; 20): @apreshill Yes! It’s one of the only things I’ve felt like distill is missing compared to blogdown. I’d be happy to open an issue if it’s helpful.

Alison Presmanes Hill (@apreshill; 20): @ekholm_e This is interesting! Blogdown has the notion of archetypes for post templates. Seems like distill is missing this feature.

Rémy Beugnon (@BeugnonRemy; 20): @oliviazevedo Niceee! I did mine using the Academic template from Wowchemy in R blogdown. It is somehow quite some fun and they already formatted all the basics you need!

Dr Charles T. Gray ⚔️ (@cantabile; 20): @aosmith16 Oh, soooo much pain in getting distill:: and blogdown:: going on a Windows system recently with @g_gupta2. Her lappy was giving her lots of attitude.

Warningshot (@Warreningshot; 10): @statsepi I really hope there is a blogdown theme that can match this!

ニュー南武 (@tachnopolis25; 10): RmdからWEBページをばと考えてるとこだけど,この辺り読んどけばどうにかなるんだろうか. > blogdown: Creating Websites with R Markdown #rmarkdown #bookdown

Paula Andrea (@orchid00; 0/2): Help needed. Question about GitHub actions, blogdown, #rstats, deployment, build_site, error, not finding config.toml

Mickaël CANOUIL (@mickaelcanouil; 0/1): I made some progress on my #blogdown Hugo website, mostly css/html editing. Time to add some actual content. Btw does someone know if there is already an #rstats version of to import bibtex entries to Hugo?


Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 11434): The 0.0.2 version of my #brms + #tidyverse translation of Singer and Willett’s “Applied longitudinal data analysis” is up! >

R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 4611): 📚🧹 Applied longitudinal data analysis in brms and the tidyverse > 👤 Solomon Kurz @solomonkurz
> 🔗 #rstats #datascience

David Grubbs (@crcgrubbsd; 2820): For anyone out there who is writing or has written a bookdown book, I would be happy to discuss doing a parallel print version with CRC. I am always on the lookout for books in other formats as well. Please send me a DM or tweet. #rstats #DataScience @AmstatNews @CRC_MathStats

Peter Cayton, the Stats Guy (@PJACaytonPhD; 206): A free source on Meta Analysis Using R! >

Vikram_Singh Rawat (@Guru_GyanKhoji; 157): Hey, #Rstats folks I have added a chapter on debugging best practices. Please read it from the Link and feel free to provide your feedback. > Chapter 8 Debugging | Best Coding Practices for R #rmarkdown #bookdown

Shoei (@shoei05; 92): “COVID-19.csvというデータセットをジャッグジャパン株式会社が公開しています( ).これは都道府県別新型コロナウイルス感染者数のデータです.”

Edward Butler (@EPButler; 80): Egyptologist David Klotz is experimenting with an open access model for his ongoing translation of the inscriptions from the temple of Khnum at Esna:

Wei Yang Tham (@wytham88; 72): Neat bookdown thing I learned today: You can give some text a label and then reference it throughout the rest of the document. V useful for long figure captions (e.g. don’t have to worry about “%” messing up LaTex), but can be used anywhere > > #Rstats

JB_Kurland (@JbKurland; 50): On Nov 15 and 22 the @Saints hosted back-to-back games with 5000+ fans during the 202021 @NFL season. 17 days after the first game and 10 days after the second there was a spike in COVID incidence. Coincidence or pattern, our work suggests the latter! See

JB_Kurland (@JbKurland; 42): Week 10 of the @NFL season, November 15, 2020 the @AZCardinals hosted ~4200 fans for their game against @BuffaloBills . On December 1, 2020, 16 days after that game @maricopacounty experienced a spike in COVID-19 cases. See more here:

colin robertson (@colinr23; 40): @JJVenky Heres the labs exams were 24 hr take home - tho dont ask about the prepping 30 separate datasets part 😅

Edward Butler (@EPButler; 31): An example of his translations, very nice:

Tobias Dienlin (@tdienlin; 31): @jajuenger @mscharkow @spiderjens @gvnordheim @Kudusch @Bachl @MasurPhil @pascal @FlxVctr Recently started reading “Learning Statistics With R” by @djnavarro. It’s #opensource and offers a handy online bookdown version:

Dr David Jeffery (@DrDavidJeffery; 22): transfer your word manuscript to bookdown they said, it’ll be fun they said #rstats

magdalena bennett (@maibennett; 22): Ok, just had very weird issue… When I knitted a HTML file using a #reactable table, everything was good. But when using #bookdown and knit: pagedown::chrome_print to get a PDF, the reactable table would not show up, unless I included some LaTeX code before? Like wtf? #RStats

فهد بن مقبل المسند (@Fahad_Almsned; 22): Doing Meta-Analysis in R > مراجعة كاملة مع الكودات بالتفصيل > يشمل تقنيات أحصائية كثيرة متعلقة بال Meta-Analysis > مجاني بالكامل > #بيانات_فهد #تعلم_مجانا #المعلوماتية_الحيوية #المعلوماتية_الصحية #علم_البيانات > مدونتي:

ニュー南武 (@tachnopolis25; 21): R Markdownワカンナイヨーなのでこれで勉強する.

Arthur Albuquerque (@arthur_alb1; 20): @AdanZBecerra1 @matloff I am going through the Statistical Rethinking book (Stan) along with a bookdown translation on tidyverse + brms. Let’s see how it goes, really enjoying it.

JB_Kurland (@JbKurland; 20): @TexasRangersHQ and all #sports fans you may be interested in findings related to local spikes in the incidence of COVID following fan attended @dallascowboys games from the 202021 @NFL season. Consider the evidence here:

Vikram_Singh Rawat (@Guru_GyanKhoji; 20): @maxheld @hadleywickham @Felienne @seradio To me types are only useful when they are optimized at the compiler level and you can save memory and speed too… > I recently wrote a while chapter on it in my book > Chapter 9 Type System | #rmarkdown #bookdown

Kohei Kawaguchi (@mixingale; 20):

Philipp Masur (@MasurPhil; 20): @jajuenger @mscharkow @spiderjens @gvnordheim @Kudusch @Bachl @pascal @FlxVctr - General inference and “statistical thinking”: McElreath (2020): - Using primarily this bookdown project by Kurz: > Other aspects: - R Markdown (because it is handy in teaching): Xie et al. (2020):

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 13): Cookie policy in bookdown #tidyverse #rstats

Neil Saunders (@neilfws; 12): I was really enjoying #bookdown up to this point #rstats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 11): Chunk runs in R but not in bookdown #tidyverse #rstats

Datero Político (@DateroPolitico; 10): Data Política: Manual de R para estadística aplicada al análisis político #rmarkdown #bookdown

Arthur Albuquerque (@arthur_alb1; 10): @SolomonKurz @rlmcelreath @3blue1brown I’ve been using your bookdown also to learn data wrangling and ggplot. It’s pretty amazing what you have done throughout the book — so handy. I get impressed at every plot 😂

Jacob Souch (@JMSouch; 10): @smonnat @kjhealy I’ll have to add that to my curriculum. I’ve been using and the 𝘠𝘢𝘳𝘳𝘳 package. It’s been a lot of fun! > Best of luck to you!

JB_Kurland (@JbKurland; 10): @sbjsbd You were curious about those fan attended @Browns games and the potential impact on local incidence of COVID? Have look here!

Philipp Bayer (@PhilippBayer; 10): @neilfws .@RachaelLappan has a good war-story on trying to get citations into table footnotes in bookdown

Fergus Chadwick (@FergusJChadwick; 10): @statsepi I’ve had this problem I think, there doesn’t seem to be a good fix for setting working directory for both running chunks and knitting chunks. You can change the default file path for knitting and then I just use setwd() when running chunks between knits.

Christian Scheidl (@ChScheidl; 10): @corneliussenf Yeah! Easy Cheesy! Leaflet R bookdown…I’m loving it! Great hint..saved my day!

Andrew Charles Baker (@AndrewBaker; 10): @djcentos6 [↪](

Luis Anunciacao (@Neuropsic; 10): @ekholm_e @rstatstweet It’s very nice of you to share this resource. I’ll try it tomorrow. It will be my first time using distill and I’m curious to know its advantages of r markdown with page, blog, and bookdown.

Dr David Jeffery (@DrDavidJeffery; 0/2): Need some #rstats help - any ideas how I can get this output to look like normal bookdown text instead of code output?

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): R bookdown: different output depending on operating system #tidyverse #rstats

Deirdre Toher (@dtoher; 0/1): @IMartindeDiego @simoptim Markdown variants are becoming more popular. For teaching notes with lots of equations I use bookdown (an extension of RMarkdown) as it creates accessible notes with equations rendered using mathJaX (so good for screen readers) also allowing user control of font + colour scheme


Ed Hagen (@ed_hagen; 528): Use this #rstats one-liner plus simple rmarkdown template to generate a bibliography of all packages that you actually used in your project: > * renv::dependencies() to find the packages * knitr:: write_bib to write the bib file * nocite: ‘@*’ in the YAML > knit!

Bryan Shalloway (@brshallo; 21): Took me A WHILE to correct my use of knitr::read_chunk(). Thank you to @aosmith16 for her solution: . > Still though, why in the world does this distinction matter?

Frédéric Clavert (@inactinique; 21): @Anne__GE J’ai du mal avec zettlr, j’ai jamais réussi à m’y convertir. Je préfère rstudio avec knitr (oui, je suis le seul fou à utiliser rstudio comme traitement de texte). Et pour les refs bib, c’est zotero + better bibtex?

Simon Grund (@simongrund89; 20): @matt_blackwell This is great! I also had good experiences with the “animate” package in LaTeX, which knitr can use by setting “" for that code chunk. The only drawback is that it pretty much requires viewing the PDF in Adobe Reader.

Michael Beigelmacher (@beigelmeister; 20): @wmlandau @jaredlander @DevinPastoor I used something like this in my document > {r setup, include=FALSE} knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE) > library(targets) > file.symlink("/path/to/persistent/_targets/", ".")

Asjad Naqvi (@AsjadNaqvi; 20): install.packages(c(“did”,“rmarkdown”,“readstata13”, “plm”, “here”, “knitr”, “BMisc”, “Matrix”, “pbapply”, “ggplot2”, “ggpubr”, “DRDID”, “generics”, “broom”)) > this is sufficient to run the main script in Stata: att_gt lemp year firsttreat lpop, idname(countyreal)

Frédéric Clavert (@inactinique; 20): @Anne__GE Que se soit zettlr ou knitr, le truc génial c’est quand même l’export et donc derrière pandoc.

Piotr Migdal (@pmigdal; 10): @QuantumGameIO @clausia In Distill for R Markdown + Vue + Quantum Tensors + BraKetVue. > @distillpub @xieyihui #knitr #RMarkdown #distill #vue

Brenton Wiernik 🏳️‍🌈 (@bmwiernik; 10): @EikoFried @dsquintana If I write an RMarkdown script, I should be citing rmarkdown, yaml, knitr, etc.

Biandri (@biandri; 10): @RLadiesJozi hi! New to R and in based in Jhb. How do i get in touch with ladies in the network? Looking for Rmd and Knitr advice!

Bryan Shalloway (@brshallo; 0/2): Updated source_rmd_chunks() to include option for output_temp so can output location of temp file created (e.g. so can read-in for use with knitr::read_chunk()): #rstats


Niklas Hausmann (@NiklasHausmann; 40): @Rchaeology1 Happy to go first: > 👨🏽‍🔬shell middens 💻 tinytex::reinstall_tinytex() 🎉

🍈めかぶ.DF🍞 (@Ns0Si; 30): tinytex!!!

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 12): Issue getting matrix notation to render inline using RMarkdown, tinytex and LaTeX #tidyverse #rstats

中西大輔 (@daihiko; 10): TinyTexのインストールを始めたらなかなか終わらないですっかり仕事をやる気がなくなった。


Isabella Velásquez (@ivelasq3; 337): Many thanks to @spcanelon for her amazing resources on creating #xaringan slides for #rstats. I used them for a recent @R4DScommunity book club slide deck! > 📖 Deck: 💡 Tutorial:

Silvia Canelón (@spcanelon; 236): 🎨 Check out these colorful #rstats #xaringan slides by @ivelasq3, featuring #xaringanExtra panelsets and #css modifications! 👏 > Bonus: you get to peek into the book #DataScience in Education Using R available openly at > 🔗Slides:

Matt Dancho (@mdancho84; 198): [Video] Rmarkdown isn’t just for HTML/PDF Reports. We can make interactive Slide Decks too! We showcase {xaringan}, for including interactive HTML widgets like leaflet & plotly into your Slide Decks. Learn more. > #rstats #datascience #python

Sharon Machlis (@sharon000; 183): Do you use xaringan for #rstats slides? @grrrck has a nice 5-minute intro to his {xaringanExtra} package: Video: Pkg website:

Chris Beeley 👩‍🌾💃🇬🇷🇩🇪🧙‍♂️ (@ChrisBeeley; 125): Sneak preview of the slides here > Thanks to @Letxuga007 for teaching me xaringan and to @spcanelon for teaching her ☺️ > Best thing about R? > The people ❤️

Matt Dancho (@mdancho84; 104): The powerful xaringan package. #rstats

Silvia Canelón (@spcanelon; 95): Learner-turned-teacher @Letxuga007 has introduced @ChrisBeeley to the wonderful world of #xaringan! 🎉👏 > Check out his example of an embedded #Shiny app 👇 > More on Shiny+xaringan in xaringan issue #204: > #rstats

Andrew Heiss (@andrewheiss; 92): @fhollenbach @Andrew___Baker Yep! It works with xaringan and any other Rmd outputs. Run the expensive computational stuff in separate R scripts that targets monitors and keeps track of, then load those in your Rmd with tar_load(blah) or tar_read(), then use like normal

Shannon Pileggi (@PipingHotData; 73): i’m giving an #rstats #RLadies talk in a couple of weeks, and i’d love for it to include interactive polls & open ends! specs: > - zoom interface - xaringan slides - google doc for Q&A > what would you use for easy polling? i don’t want to spend a ton of time/$$ on set up

Silvia Canelón (@spcanelon; 62): @icymi_r Making Slides in R Markdown #rstudioconf #xaringan workshop by @apreshill

Florian Hollenbach (@fhollenbach; 31): @andrewheiss @Andrew___Baker Oooohhh, that’s nice. One thing that kept me from moving to fully rmd is that it took so long to compile if it had to run all the models and plot stuff. Does that play nice with xaringan too?

Fernando Meireles (@meirelesff; 30): @matt_blackwell @KimJoaoUn This a very handy solution, thanks! In remark.js with xaringan, setting ‘count: false’ also does the trick.

TuQmano (@TuQmano; 30): @sebafreille Vos que das muchas clases… > {xaringan}

Luke McGuinness (@mcguinlu; 23): This was also the first pres in which I used {xaringanExtra} by @grrrck - absolutely incredible. > Been looking for an easy webcam-on-slides setup for ages - with this #rstats 📦, simple as: > xaringanExtra::use_webcam() > Definitely worth a look if you already use {xaringan}!

Silvia Canelón (@spcanelon; 20): @ChrisBeeley @Letxuga007 Yesss! Way to go Zoë 👏😄 And Chris, you might find the Shiny conversation in #xaringan issue #204 helpful

Silvia Canelón (@spcanelon; 20): @Letxuga007 @ChrisBeeley Zoë I came into this thread specifically to see if I would find you, and here you are! Happy xaringan teaching/learning to you both! 🤩

Nithin .M (@nithin_eco; 20): @Prathkum One more thing, I am not able to do this in xaringan?

TuQmano (@TuQmano; 20): @sebafreille Demasiado flashero para mi. Y xaringan me copa. Y está lleno de extras- mirá {xaringanExtra}- para agregar. >

Mickaël CANOUIL (@mickaelcanouil; 20): @spcanelon @Emil_Hvitfeldt @PipingHotData Slides demo at Code at

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 13): How can I show angle braces < text > when using CSS in xaringan #tidyverse #rstats

Nithin .M (@nithin_eco; 12): When I use panel set option in xaringanxtra, the panel tabs have bullets too. Is there a way to remove it or am I doing something wrong? I have customised the bullet point in css. #rstats #rmarkdown #xaringan @ajay_kolii @grrrck @xieyihui @apreshill

Eric Leung (@erictleung; 11): another great thing about {xaringan} (and reveal.js underneath)? > if the HTML presentation doesn’t come out right, you can “print” your presentation as a PDF > i had some problems with Firefox, but Chrome works >

Fernando Tonini (@toninifer; 10): Alabado sea xaringan

magdalena bennett (@maibennett; 10): @PanchoJeria Acá subí el template que hice para mis alumnos. Asume que igual ya hay una base de rmarkdown. Quizás cuando termine el semestre, por fin haré mi blog post the xaringan y demases.. por mientras, esto es lo que hay

magdalena bennett (@maibennett; 10): @annasdtc At this point, I use it for everything, but I first started just for writing quick reports for early drafts (I use R, so the “all in one” thing was awesome). Then I fully shifted from beamer (too much work to improve design) to Xaringan slides, and 😍 Best. Thing. Ever.

Chris Beeley 👩‍🌾💃🇬🇷🇩🇪🧙‍♂️ (@ChrisBeeley; 10): @Letxuga007 That reminds me, I need a xaringan lesson from you this week please if you have time. I’m going to send you a meeting request now

Zoë Turner (@Letxuga007; 10): @ChrisBeeley @spcanelon Another xaringan convert! 🎉😃

Zoë Turner (@Letxuga007; 10): @ChrisBeeley What about xaringan slides?😁

Zoë Turner (@Letxuga007; 10): @ChrisBeeley Yay! Xaringan slides!

SJPrice (@lizardburns; 10): Used {xaringan} and @github pages to post some slides from a presentation on #shiny modules…nice and easy #remarkjs > 1. Make a presentation repo 2. Rename slides as index.html 3. Set source as main branch in GitHub pages section of settings. >

Sebastian Freille (@sebafreille; 10): @TuQmano gracias por el dato. Muy bueno. Si, medio que reveal.js es el Johny Tolengo de las diapositivas html. Otro público. Para clases y conferences voy a chequear {xaringan}

Sebastian Freille (@sebafreille; 10): @TuQmano arranqué con reveal.js. Copado, flashero. Pero se dice que xaringan es el cáliz sagrado (?). ¿Qué dice usted?

Accidental Statistician (@AccidentalStat; 0/2): Any powerpoint or xaringan slide reference for “Introduction to R markdown” #rstats ? If you have one, please drop the link below.. 😇 thanks.

Eric Leung (@erictleung; 0/2): i’m a bit late to the game, but i just made my first xaringan presentation and the xaringan::inf_mr() function is amazing #RStats #IYKYK

Eric Leung (@erictleung; 0/1): another lesson learned from making a xaringan presentation is it can be space sensitive > .pull-left [ ] > is not the same as > .pull-left[ ] > #RStats

Eric Leung (@erictleung; 0/1): next time i make a xaringan presentation, i’ll be sure to take a look at the {xaringanExtra} package #RStats >

Mickaël CANOUIL (@mickaelcanouil; 0/1): #xaringan Slides demo at #rstats Code at

Alison Presmanes Hill (@apreshill; 50): @AllbriteAllday @Andrew___Baker @JaeJaeykim2 @ramattheis I always share @xieyihui’s original blog post

Hacker News (@HNTweets; 31): On Cache Invalidation: Why Is It Hard: Comments:

Lobsters (@lobsters; 20): On Cache Invalidation #programming

HN Front Page (@hn_frontpage; 11): On Cache Invalidation: Why Is It Hard? L: C:

Kevin Hale (@supalyt; 10): “The latter means you are essentially trading (more) storage space for (less) time.” >

Hacker News 100+ (@HackerNews100; 10): On Cache Invalidation: Why Is It Hard? (2018)