Often one needs to report statistical analysis in a publication/report, and formatting them manually can be tedious and error-prone 📄 The {report} function from the eponymous 📦 automates this process to follow best practices ✍️ https://t.co/gAaRN4Qqr1 #rstats #DataScience https://t.co/59QS89HiLE



R Function A Day (@rfunctionaday; 722156): Often one needs to report statistical analysis in a publication/report, and formatting them manually can be tedious and error-prone 📄 > The {report} function from the eponymous 📦 automates this process to follow best practices ✍️ > https://t.co/gAaRN4Qqr1 > #rstats #DataScience https://t.co/59QS89HiLE

Alexandra Bagaïni (@a_bagaini; 41380): Although it has already gone by, for #30DayChartChallenge Day 13 (correlation) I decided to do something on Simpson’s Paradox and went with the rather obvious/cliché Simpsons theme😁 The data was generated using {correlation} by @patilindrajeets #rstats #ggplot2 https://t.co/ClaYRoOItp

R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 34081): ✍️👥 Machine Learning 101 > 👤 Sarah Romanes @sarah_romanes
> 🔗 https://t.co/WlMDzhNx1u #rstats #datascience https://t.co/NX3RS8aPiv

Dominic Royé (@dr_xeo; 23749): The average temperature of 24 hours in January 2020 with the day/night cycle. You can see a lot of geographic patterns. I love this kind of hypnotic temperature gifs. #rstats #rspatial #dataviz #climate https://t.co/NA5haUlnie

Matt Dancho (@mdancho84; 18729): Many people know #shiny for web apps. Many know #rmarkdown for reports. But, did you know that you can combine the two for interactive reports? Learn more: https://t.co/kTbZ6YJxb3 > #rstats #datascience https://t.co/8IijHX3PAf

Cédric Scherer (@CedScherer; 18228): #30DayChartChallenge | #Day14 | #Space > A catch-up contribution. I was quickly* making a linear version of my “Travelling to Outer Space” #DataViz for #TidyTuesday. > The monochrome version I aimed for plus some colorful alternatives with the new #viridis pals. #ggplot2 #rstats https://t.co/kmwWsyb34b

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka (@gp_pulipaka; 145110): 50 Best Free Machine Learning and Data Science Books. #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #IoT #IIoT #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #Java #JavaScript #ReactJS #GoLang #CloudComputing #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #Books #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode https://t.co/aqSjaurAYW https://t.co/8v0kbnGl1d

Rubén Arce Santolaya (@ruben_arce_s; 11390): 50 Best Free Books for #MachineLearning and #DataScience @ruben_arce_s #AI #DigitalTransformation #Analytics #bigdata #iot #iiot #datascience #Python #100DaysOfCode #RStats #java #ReactJS #Linux #Coding #artificialintelligence #technology #Industry40 https://t.co/hgbogNAYPu


R CODER (@RCoderWeb; 419130): (112) Announcing R CHARTS, the new #rstats and #rstatsES #dataviz site which includes, per language: > 📈 Over 1100 #ggplot2 and base R charts 🧑‍🏫 Over 120 tutorials 📊 Over 50 different chart types 🎨 Several color & palette tools > https://t.co/XgHiFVVYOH > Made with #blogdown 🤩

RStudio (@rstudio; 21236): Latest news from the R Markdown family The team has been busy! @apreshill, @chrisderv, & @xieyihui highlight improved docs and styling options for {rmarkdown}, plus updates on {pagedown}, {knitr}, {blogdown}, {DT}, & {rticles} https://t.co/sZ9gekW5KJ #rstats #rmarkdown https://t.co/Z5ZmHqm3f5

R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 245): ✍️ Showcasing Your #rstats Skills with blogdown > 👤 Anthony Scotina @scotinastats
> 🔗 https://t.co/tXWFd01uXJ #rstats #datascience

R-Ladies Tunis (@RLadiesTunis; 238): We are very happy to invite you to our next meetup “Introduce yourself online with blogdown & Hugo Apéro” by @apreshill For more détails : https://t.co/IbZVJFouvf For reservation : https://t.co/hyJFkqkLoA #RStats #rladies https://t.co/6ASizqjwgW

R CODER (@RCoderWeb; 142): The site highlights packages from @davsjob @toeb18 @schloerke @hrbrmstr @jokergoo_gu @DrMowinckels @edzerpebesma @sharlagelfand @coolbutuseless @JesperMaag among other developers. > Also special thanks to @xieyihui, @chrisderv, @apreshill and all the collaborators behind #blogdown https://t.co/edFhzcOYRs

Sabri Ciftci (@ciftcisabri1; 91): Website update! https://t.co/yUvU2YotGp #rstudio #blogdown and #hugo (now #wowchemy) makes it so easy and a fun experience. Check it out! #rstats

Dr. Julia Stewart Lowndes (@juliesquid; 83): Such a great talk @MT_statistics, thank you! So neat to hear your perspective on distill & blogdown w/ your background in web dev, & tips for patterns & googling. Also loved you sharing you teach reproducibility Day 1 w/ Rmd #rstats 💖 Thanks for hosting & sharing @RLadiesBmore! https://t.co/gc7DrrL71U

Leah Bitchell (@BitchellLeah; 71): What else would you do on a Sunday morning other than make your own website 🤷🏽‍♀️ https://t.co/nfy2Z0qi12 #rstats #blogdown

R-Ladies Melbourne Inc (@RLadiesMelb; 52): The #rstats blogdown 📦can be used to create websites using #rmarkdown and #hugo. This is a bit more advanced than using the distill 📦 @apreshill #rstudioconf https://t.co/2MSpIBNENx

R CODER (@RCoderWeb; 41): @RLadiesCDMX Gráficos, colores, paletas de colores, generador de paletas de colores y mucho más por venir! > ¿Lo mejor? Que la web está hecha con #blogdown 😁

Elizabeth Davis (@EODavis; 31): And there is absolutely no way that I could have done this without @apreshill and her blog about how to do this so stupidly easily with #blogdown in R: https://t.co/hckGzOBYzU. Seriously, a life-changer that I would recommend to everyone! #rstats [↪](https://twitter.com/EODavis/status/1382478468428963841)

🇲🇽 Leonardo Collado-Torres (@lcolladotor; 31): The #rstats code for converting the Google Form response summary CSVs to R Markdown + using @github Actions to render the PDF and HTML files with #blogdown is available at https://t.co/tWwmley3Hx

Christophe Dervieux (@chrisderv; 30): @JosiahParry @thomas_mock @apreshill You can now render all your Rmd post as markdown output with blogdown too. Everything markdown for hugo to process and not automatic rebuild. So you should get the stability you are looking for. If not, we still need to improve blogdown then 😅

CRAN Package Updates (@CRANberriesFeed; 22): CRAN updates: blogdown DT formatR sasLM #rstats

Mae Saslaw (@soilenjoyer; 20): @WeAreRLadies The new version of RStudio is a big improvement in notebooks! I’ve also set up a website using blogdown, @xieyihui is such a hero 🤩

Mariana Montes (@roblerobusto; 12): I have a website! https://t.co/dzr2iZ8hDZ > (Made with blogdown! #rstats)

Rüdiger Fries 🔴 (@r_fries; 10): Thread. Nachdenkliche Statusmeldung sozusagen. Schließt an das wunderbare #Blogdown. https://t.co/yUJ8K7V7QS https://t.co/voE3AHFzVS

Enrico Manlapig (@EnricoManlapig; 10): I’ve struggled with blogdown (before switching to Distill). So encouraging to hear that others, even @apreshill, found it difficult, too.

José Pereira (@jafcpereira; 10): @HF_Monteiro Eu gosto muito dos pre-prints para investigação mas honestamente hoje em dia acho que ganho mais alcance se fizer o que dizes ou publicar num blogdown do que num Journal a sério :p

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 10): @soilenjoyer @xieyihui Ooo okay perhaps I will explore notebooks. I had heard about blogdown from other friends who use R!

Econ reply guy (@moneyreflux; 10): @dannolan I have a Hugo/blogdown setup through GitHub pages which is pretty light touch. No need to deal with domain names that way if you’re happy with .GitHub.io domain suffix.

Christophe Dervieux (@chrisderv; 10): @JosiahParry @thomas_mock @apreshill Yeah updating documentation is definitely the next priority for blogdown.
> Sorry about this in between state with new features but no great doc 😬

jo-sigh-ughhh (@JosiahParry; 10): @chrisderv @thomas_mock @apreshill It’s mentioned only briefly in the book in the options! It got me pretty far, tbh. I just couldn’t figure out how to modify the highlighting. Hence my odd rabbit hole. https://t.co/qtwEixtWOL

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/2): Blogdown: Individual publication content not displaying #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/DojTN3bhP3


R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 6416): 📚📊🧹 Statistical Rethinking with brms, ggplot2, and the tidyverse > 👤 Solomon Kurz @solomonkurz
> 🔗 https://t.co/efqsj9h4ys #rstats #datascience

tj mahr 🍍🍕 (@tjmahr; 508): i’ve added a README to my targets+bookdown notebook system so that patient and adventurous R users can break it https://t.co/SNSFDTMGbf

tj mahr 🍍🍕 (@tjmahr; 403): what do you use to make diagrams? i want to show something basic like this diagram from the bookdown book https://t.co/MxhJ0K8jei https://t.co/DxUHP6xHro

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 241): Is anyone aware of a way to combine multiple 3D ggplots (by {rayshader}, {ggrgl}, or otherwise) with multiple 2D plots into a single grid that might be rendered into a {bookdown} ebook? Here’s an example use case: > Share details at https://t.co/Ksg92wrx3c https://t.co/Dva0CYHuvs https://t.co/JEIefbJHj9

Juan A. Balbuena (@JA_Balbuena; 215): @WeAreRLadies Arguably not the best but definitely the funniest out there. https://t.co/IlWwWSIldR

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 211): @icymi_r Please use this link instead: https://t.co/U6SjLKPxiM. The old one in the post is outdated and contains broken code and incorrect solutions.

Isabella R. Ghement (@IsabellaGhement; 210): @PhDemetri Figure 4.1 from https://t.co/vJei6yq1xD illustrates this beautifully!

RLadiesCDMX (@RLadiesCDMX; 194): Este post está buenísimo por si quieres entrar al mundo de edición de documentos 📦 {bookdown} https://t.co/g7xF3hanwm

Vikram_Singh Rawat (@Guru_GyanKhoji; 137): Hey #RStats, > I have added an entire section on memory management best practices in R. Please read it and give me your feedback. > Best Coding Practices for R https://t.co/vkWEBUhSRm #rmarkdown #bookdown

Mike Tamir, PhD (@MikeTamir; 126): Data Science for Psychologists https://t.co/v5ddWNnrn8 #AI #DeepLearning #MachineLearning #DataScience https://t.co/g0rXPwdlRg

HoxoMaxwell! 🌃 (@Maxwell_110; 112): Knitr author である Yihui Xie 氏の R Markdown の新本 📘 > R Markdown: The Definitive Guide https://t.co/FfZ3Pyo6OD > RMarkdown で JavaScript を利用したアプリを作成する方法などの高度な内容も紹介されている. > 氏の前作 📘 はコチラ ⬇ > R Markdown Cookbook https://t.co/jnjl35Euaw https://t.co/ZBOpz8BDUU

El Biogrupo (@ElBiogrupo; 87): ¿Quieres practicar R haciendo cosas útiles? ¿Qué tal aprender ecología y comportamiento animal trabajando con ejemplos prácticos reales? https://t.co/RdpDEYiV38 #biotapas #Rstats #EcoDataScience

Lisa DeBruine 🏳️‍🌈 (@LisaDeBruine; 86): #psyTeachR books (written in R using bookdown) use the webex package to allow students to self-assess their understanding. https://t.co/H5IsNVUelG

Octavio Medina (@octavio_medina; 81): @bertous @rlmcelreath @SolomonKurz Here you go! It’s really an amazing effort https://t.co/wQ9GPa0e8w

Vikram_Singh Rawat (@Guru_GyanKhoji; 75): #RStats > I forgot how important unit testing are So I added them into debugging section… > Chapter 8 Debugging | Best Coding Practices for R https://t.co/xmct1c5PgC #rmarkdown #bookdown

Kamil Skowron (@kamilskowron; 71): It took me ages to find it but I believe that I found a way! 🥳 > Here’s a teaser of how could a markdown-generated HTML/PDF book look like - isn’t that cool? 😎 Guess what I’m working on 😉 > PS. The tool that I’m using to generate the book is called “bookdown” > #myelixirstatus https://t.co/rymwTXtaFK https://t.co/UWzyi1hfV9

Athanasia Mowinckel (@DrMowinckels; 62): Naomi J. Goodrich-Hunsaker wrote about or #ggseg package in a bookdown book on MRI analyses :) > https://t.co/tW7VKmdKim

Kamil Skowron (@kamilskowron; 42): Syntax highlighting in books is an interesting topic - should you do it? How would you highlight important parts of code inside snippets in an intuitive way when other parts are already bold, italic, colorized? > I started to use Bookdown which supports both Elixir and Erlang 🤩 https://t.co/rwscYsm2Sc

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 40): @joieprout @hadleywickham Oh!! let me send you what I used when I first started with them: > https://t.co/hqpbfnKoK8

JB_Kurland (@JbKurland; 32): In my effort to bring awareness to the #scientific #DataScience and #PublicHealth communities about some of the problems associated with the #COVID19 data I have released a second short report that covers new examples with solutions & interactive figures: https://t.co/dPZ66KujKX https://t.co/KjPlgYfmAt

Tomasa Sbaffi (@SbaffiTomasa; 30): @WeAreRLadies I really like this https://t.co/gC0wYGFoAo

tj mahr 🍍🍕 (@tjmahr; 30): i’m using “self-cleaning text fixtures” to create temporarily one-off project folders so that I can test my targets+bookdown powered notebook system. https://t.co/lLoqHT1VAP

Will Lowe (@conjugateprior; 30): @PHuenermund @socialscienceg3 I jest, but this section is from https://t.co/EoEiRklraX which is actually pretty great.

Maya Gans (@Mayacelium; 23): lazy #rstats bookdown css question: you can see the bookdown title on hover, anyone know how to make the title persist without hovering?? https://t.co/uPn53iO1ez

JB_Kurland (@JbKurland; 22): @By_NathanBrown @indystar @IMS @IndyOPHS On Dec 4, 12 days after the largest fan attended @Colts game against the @packers there was a spike in #COVID19. Spurious spike or a pattern? Our research suggests the latter! See @colts results here: https://t.co/m7Vq4fjC44 https://t.co/rHA8dBTHZP https://t.co/DOREsUdkEl

aure (@maureviv; 21): @LuisaBorrell @noah_greifer @JRBerrendero 🙏 there are many resources I find this one helpful, the “Pirate’s guide to R” made with #bookdown in #rstats itself > https://t.co/UoOh4i7hD5

JB_Kurland (@JbKurland; 21): Here are the more specific results for the parishes of #Louisiana that include #NewOrleans that is freely available to all #NFL and #sports fans to see: https://t.co/4HJn9Yqqqi https://t.co/Mcym6NoGIg

Will Parry (@DrWillParry; 20): @ChrisBeeley A useful addition: https://t.co/YTA6KyWB2o

Arthur Albuquerque (@arthur_alb1; 20): @benjamesdavis @CedScherer @Datawrapper Simulations = sampling. Here are other examples of spaghetti plots in a Bayesian context: https://t.co/vL25izXwaq (from section “ Adding uncertainty around the mean.” on)

Toni Hermoso Pulido (@toniher; 20): Example #Bookdown documents rendered and deployed thanks to #Github actions https://t.co/6aov0VaXol R Markdown thanks to @SarahFBonnin /cc @orchid00

Dr Gillian Wong (@GillianLWong; 20): @ofendlessbooks I also like “YaRrr! The Pirate’s Guide to R” https://t.co/aWOoTW7JUJ

Deirdre Toher (@dtoher; 20): @hughjconsulting @thomasforth Yes, but it then needs to saved in a specific place (and in RMarkdown called in a specific way). > It was “one and done” on this process for me so I can’t remember all the steps involved, but if you want to apply it for RMarkdown this should help: https://t.co/NRW8AwCU2m

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 12): Bookdown: Problem of building book with all formats #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/3yZ8uIJ1vI

J Marcelo (@jhonyfuza; 11): Data Wrangling with R https://t.co/PnSiDT9v9Q #rmarkdown #bookdown This morning, I and @futuretechman talk about some issues in data munging. By the end, step by step, tackled the challenges. But, for the others, this book could help a lot. Nice Sunday for everyone.

Mara Alexeev (@MaraAlexeev; 11): @senitarani @rstats_tweets Ok, I knew there was an even better trick: https://t.co/iRu4gKd3Qg

Parth Kanani (@kananiparth1102; 11): Interpretable Machine Learning
> Really nice book with state-of-the-art ideas > @ChristophMolnar https://t.co/cepsynpDBg #rmarkdown #bookdown

JB_Kurland (@JbKurland; 10): @condedehuamanga @rstats4ds Here is a link that may be helpful, and regarding your other tweet about is it possible to suppress code chunks from being viewed in your #rmarkdown the simple answer is yes. DM if you need help beyond what I am sending, happy to give you further tips! https://t.co/F9MdXNIHIB

Paquito Bernard (@PaquitoBernard; 10): @BueckerSusanne @rstudio @rstudiotips @rstatstweet Best resource for my students https://t.co/fYOnwhjUWn

Kamil Skowron (@kamilskowron; 10): @frigidcode It’s a work in progress - I’ve done a research today and it looks like it’s supported by knitr package which is used internally by the bookdown - I described the whole process in more details here -> https://t.co/WYB521bzzn

martin (@boardsofdata; 10): @Ing_Torta @NatsuSh @Diego_Koz este libro-curso de @martinmontane apunta bastante a tus necesidades. Tiene un capitulo especifico de como usar R, ademas de los capitulos de data science. https://t.co/p57zGYewWv

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 10): @statwonk @h_foidl Thanks for the shout out. Please use this link instead, though: https://t.co/U6SjLKPxiM. The one you shared is outdated and some of the old material is incorrect.

Adrisa (@AddSyarif; 10): https://t.co/l8pC1k98Ul

𝙳𝚊𝚟𝚒𝚍 𝚁𝚎𝚒𝚗𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚒𝚗 (@GivingTools; 10): @simardcasanova Putting together an interactive resource organising your knowledge and research… See some of the “bookdown“ projects people have built. Huge social value but not rewarded so much in academia.

𝙳𝚊𝚟𝚒𝚍 𝚁𝚎𝚒𝚗𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚒𝚗 (@GivingTools; 10): @EdmondAwad This doesn’t have to be about stats or data. It might be useful for a music theory bookdown for example.

cass wilkinson saldaña (@mxcatnap; 10): @ZaneSelvans @chendaniely wrt formalization, so this is historically kinda R specific, but @hadleywickham’s 2014 “Tidy Data” article provides a useful framework for cleaning practices. see domain-specific cleaning books on https://t.co/0YyH9pPBFR , “Data Organization in Spreadsheets” (2017)(cc @kara_woo)

Moritz N. Lang (@MoritzNLang; 10): @mjskay For programming newbies I can also highly recommend the #bookdown of my colleagues @RetoStauffer2 and @AchimZeileis among others: > https://t.co/3Ha356kO2F > A super detailed and well structured introduction with many practical exercises using base R.

Christopher Peters 💉 (@statwonk; 10): @h_foidl You might like this awesome doc by @SolomonKurz https://t.co/Vw21TgMxf6

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): How to reference a specific chapter in a book in Bookdown? #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/t4R7Ni86Wu

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): why is knit-ing in RStudio failing without error for: HTML, bookdown, self_contained: no |—– system issue #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/uhh00FnaFR


Asjad Naqvi (@AsjadNaqvi; 220): New version of Stata/R DID out! If the didsetup doesn’t work in Windows, install the R packages directly & continue: install.packages(c(“did”,“rmarkdown”,“readstata13”, “plm”, “here”, “knitr”, “BMisc”, “Matrix”, “pbapply”, “ggplot2”, “ggpubr”, “DRDID”, “generics”, “broom”)) https://t.co/5vXntRxaPK

Dr. Robert M Flight, PhD (@rmflight; 116): Reason #244 why I’m glad I switched to using #rstats {drake} (and eventually {targets}) for large workflows: getting bit by {knitr} caching not detecting a change that actually influences downstream steps, and not deleting the cache first (in an older analysis).

David Keyes (@dgkeyes; 31): 2) When you’re saving to an external file. For example, if you’re using the ggsave() function, you can use the cairo_pdf device, which I’ve had good luck with. @jumping_uk has a nice blog post on this. > https://t.co/AbDMMVF9s3

Achim Zeileis (@AchimZeileis; 21): Hi #learnr and #knitr experts: I’m trying to render #rexams exercises in learnr tutorials. #rstats > In principle this works but knitting Rmd exercises in learnr triggers a check error. Can anyone see what I can do to avoid this? > https://t.co/gONTVhiByJ

Dr Charles T. Gray ⚔️ (@cantabile; 20): @rmflight @wmlandau Nods, yup, mmhmmm, targets:: has been the solution to my knitr:: caching woes.

CRAN Package Updates (@CRANberriesFeed; 13): CRAN updates: fairness knitr pagedown pense RolWinMulCor servr testit #rstats

Kamil Skowron (@kamilskowron; 12): How does it work?: An R Markdown document (.Rmd) is first compiled to Markdown (.md) using the knitr package, and then that Markdown is further compiled using Pandoc to other output formats (such as LaTeX or HTML). > List of supported languages: https://t.co/7HpJQbdgKv

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 12): How do I make knitr chunk text bold when I use include_graphics()? #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/r1NYCUu4rf

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 12): knitr fails to knit html, knits pdf “File not found in the resource path” with space where the filename might be #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/hH1nijnMCf

reo@ブログまた整えてます (@mar_eup; 10): あー、そっか、自分でやるときショートカット使わない場合は、knitrで常にmd生成してるからkeep_md使ったことないんや。 しかも、knitr系のスクリプトは毎回用意すること多いからなあ、

Mara Alexeev (@MaraAlexeev; 10): @senitarani @rstats_tweets Oh. Go on? I’m curious what particular issues you are hitting. Happy to help troubleshoot. I’ve found lots of gems recently in Knitr and Rstudio.

Will B. Thorne (@wb_thorne; 10): @SatiationPoint I think this hits the main points but I think everyone just mostly learns by googling “matrices in markdown” or whatever it is. > https://t.co/nZbXf2mVE1

Alastair Rushworth (@rushworth_a; 10): @kdpsinghlab Ahhh I understand. That seems to solve an issue I have a lot with caching knitr chunks to avoid the whole doc being rerun every time. That’s very handy as I find caching a bit fiddly.


Christophe Dervieux (@chrisderv; 105): New #pagedown release in the post. It includes a @paged_js update with speed Improvement and bug fix. Watch out for the change with CSS counter-reset !! And Thanks to @RLesur for all is work on this #rstats 📦! https://t.co/rngmiKf0Az

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 12): Error when using pagedown::chrome_print() in https://t.co/I6L1HWwhiW #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/UlM4y8JTyr

Lluís Revilla Sancho (@Lluis_Revilla; 10): @LeafyEricScott @ma_salmon In case it helps and seeing that I am expanding the JOSS paper and might fit JSS {pagedown} provides a template for JSS: https://t.co/Eei11AviXw

Romain Lesur (@RLesur; 10): @maibennett If you have a minimal reproducible example, could you open an issue on GitHub? I will have a look https://t.co/ChKLSURPQE


Brenton Wiernik 🏳️‍🌈 (@bmwiernik; 10): @flujoo @chrisderv Looks like a package ala tinytex could be made to install the program and manage plugins


Ijeamaka A (@ijeamaka_a; 1635): lol I can’t believe that a desire to customize shiny apps and my xaringan slides scammed me into finally getting a baseline knowledge of css + HTML.

Alison Presmanes Hill (@apreshill; 438): Slides for this kind of talk are likely not SUPER useful on their own, but if you are curious here are my #xaringan slides for talking about “Crafting kind tools”- I’d 💕 to hear any thoughts or feedback or other ideas! > https://t.co/U8C9bqrGnN https://t.co/R4vRIvMsHD

Shannon Pileggi (@PipingHotData; 331): if you’re writing #rstats {xaringan} slides without @statsgen’s {anicon} 💫you’re missing out!! 🤩 https://t.co/nCoWRscd8B

Athanasia Mowinckel (@DrMowinckels; 271): I love #xaringan for presentations so much. Especially when I can add some latex math and make it look like I’m cool and know wth I’m talking about https://t.co/Kcs7Bu23r4

Matt Dancho (@mdancho84; 227): [Video] Unleash the power of the xaringan library. Add leaflet maps & plotly charts into your Slide Decks. Learn more. https://t.co/NfgZ0jgeuM > #rstats #datascience #python https://t.co/M5bBpN0H8k

Shazia Ruybal Pesántez (@DrShaziaRuybal; 186): Join us today for a recap of the amazing #rstudioglobal Diversity Scholar workshops led by @apreshill @minebocek. I tried my best to summarize this wealth of knowledge & resources for our April @RLadiesMelb meet up 💜 I even made my first #xaringan slide deck 😍 #KeepGlobalGoing https://t.co/zWypsC1jKx

Silvia Canelón (@spcanelon; 142): From now on I’ll be sending “Welcome to #xaringanClub!” tweets whenever someone makes their first #xaringan presentation 🧼 Well done @_TanHo! 🖌️🎨 #rstats https://t.co/1qn7Ij72Fx

R-Ladies Melbourne Inc (@RLadiesMelb; 113): Getting all setup for @DrShaziaRuybal talk! #rstudio::global(2021) with an awesome #xaringan slide deck! 😍 https://t.co/WhVvNsIiI0 https://t.co/iDmyjLIDCs

Travis Gerke (@travisgerke; 80): Interactive ggplots with ggiraph will save you when you find plotly doesn’t work well in shiny/xaringan https://t.co/EdpuU13oj7

Travis Gerke (@travisgerke; 80): Don’t let your gif joke get ruined when you land on a Xaringan slide mid-clip!!! xaringanExtra::freezeframe() guarantees play from the beginning and gives manual gif controls if you want them https://t.co/lKszpC6uwu

Shazia Ruybal Pesántez (@DrShaziaRuybal; 63): The talk slide deck (made with #xaringan) can be found here: https://t.co/UflM0hh8vW

Dr. John Paul Helveston (@JohnHelveston; 40): @_TanHo @spcanelon @travisgerke Omg can someone turn this into an actual package that loads a bunch of related xaringan packages, like a tidyverse for xaringan? > - xaringan - xaringanExtra - xaringanBuilder > (I know there are more)

Silvia Canelón (@spcanelon; 35): ¡Miren lo que conseguí hoy! Un excelente taller de #xaringan presentado por @semiramis_cj para @RLadiesMty 💜 > Generar presentaciones asombrosas con xaringan > 🔗 Repo https://t.co/rnXDuqMapT 📺 Video https://t.co/TAaMMXgoib > #rstats #rstats_es

Emil Hvitfeldt (@Emil_Hvitfeldt; 31): @apreshill So happy to have Sass support, I have been using Sass in my personal xaringan template https://t.co/voAMDcmFPg

Rev. Dr. Ryan Straight (@RyanStraight; 30): @mccall_cc Here’s one of the best intros to it by @spcanelon. Xaringan’s game changing (at least, it was for me). https://t.co/RHjyx9wYnX > See also @grrrck ’s XaringanExtra package. Hugely useful. https://t.co/w6YPIY6UHl

Federico Marini (@FedeBioinfo; 30): @travisgerke Second rule is actually you do and share the code to achieve such peaks 😎 On my side: I will use the right to remain silent about the combination of cool slide transitions, but you know whom to blame here https://t.co/nS5EVmxDdf (cough cough @grrrck )

Dr. Okan Bulut (@drokanbulut; 30): @apreshill For some reason, I always assume that xaringan would involve lots of R codes 😄 This was a very good (and engaging) example of a non-R focused presentation! Thanks again for your talk this afternoon!

Silvia Canelón (@spcanelon; 20): @CedScherer @WeAreRLadies @fjtweedie ☝️this is me too – I keep telling myself I need to make my own personal R Markdown templates, specially for xaringan slide decks. We can do it Cedric! One of these days…

Dr. John Paul Helveston (@JohnHelveston; 20): @_TanHo @spcanelon @travisgerke Actually, a simple reference site would probably be more helpful than a package. Basically, just turn this thread into a “xaringan club” site: https://t.co/5gQuqShfyk

Rev. Dr. Ryan Straight (@RyanStraight; 20): @mccall_cc Tried Xaringan as an alternative to Beamer?

Christophe Dervieux (@chrisderv; 10): @Emil_Hvitfeldt @apreshill Hopefully this will be possible in xaringan directly in the future. (And more). Better Theming support like this across output format is clearly on the roadmap. 🎯 One theme file to rule them all! 😁

Tan (@_TanHo; 10): @spcanelon @JohnHelveston I’m not the one to run such a site (I don’t use xaringan nearly enough) but I see https://t.co/Gjce78Wesk is as-yet unclaimed as a domain…

Cédric Scherer (@CedScherer; 10): @travisgerke Haha yeah, and the statement definitely holds for xaringan better than any other because tiny details can take so much time and the chance you’re reusing it are low (at least in my case).

Dr. Okan Bulut (@drokanbulut; 10): @apreshill Some slides made me say “I didn’t know that we could do this with xaringan and html” 😂 It looks very fun though. I look forward to giving it a try.

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Embedding gists in Xaringan #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/LDf4Tm1eba