Sometimes we may wish to check all relevant assumptions for a regression model in one go. 🔍 The {check_model} function from {performance} 📦 does exactly this and also provides elegant visualizations with helpful pointers ✅📊 #rstats #DataScience



R Function A Day (@rfunctionaday; 2900600): Sometimes we may wish to check all relevant assumptions for a regression model in one go. 🔍 > The {check_model} function from {performance} 📦 does exactly this and also provides elegant visualizations with helpful pointers ✅📊 > > #rstats #DataScience

Kirk Borne (@KirkDBorne; 16948): [FREE e-Book] Learn Classification & Regression in a Weekend: ————— #BigData #MachineLearning #Algorithms #DataScience #Statistics #DataMining #AI #PredictiveAnalytics #Rstats #DataScientists #abdsc —— Then go deeper with this book:

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka 🇺🇸 (@gp_pulipaka; 131125): A Huge List of Python Books for Free. #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #IoT #IIoT #PyTorch #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #Java #JavaScript #ReactJS #GoLang #CloudComputing #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #Books #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode

PINAKI (@PinakiLaskar; 10799): Machine learning Concept. > #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #IoT #IIoT #RStats #JavaScript #ReactJS #CloudComputing #Serverless #Linux #Programming #Coding #Innovation #MachineLearning #selfdrivingcars #devcommunity #100DaysofCode #AI #autonomousvehicles #digitaltransformation


R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 9126): 📺🖥 Building a Website with R Blogdown - YouTube > 👤 Jennifer Sloane, Tehilla Ostrovsky > 🔗 #rstats #datascience

Garrick Aden-Buie (@grrrck; 170): 🍋 A big round of applause to @apreshill and her magnificent Apéro theme for #blogdown and #hugo. Such a breeze. A++++ will definitely be using this theme again! >

kazutan (@kazutan; 51): blogdownの方で作ってたblogをメンテして作り直そうと思い、久々にディレクトリを開いたら、Hijiyama.R Finalの振り返り記事が未公開なままになってるのに気付いた > なんか勢いで書いてたものだし、恥ずかしいからそっとcloseしとこう

Jumping Rivers (@jumping_uk; 43): Generating and including figures for the web with {knitr} can be confusing at times. This series of blog posts cover: - setting the image size - PNG vs JPEG vs SVG - including non-generated files - setting global {knitr} options. #RStats #knitr #blogdown

Kuan Liu 刘宽 (@KuanLiu2; 40): I created two websites using blogdown today. This is my second time saying this - @xieyihui is a genius.

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 22): File Structure for data files in blogdown website project #tidyverse #rstats

Dr. Micheline (Micha) Campbell (@michcampbell; 20): First afternoon session with the UNSW CodeRs this afternoon - a great tutorial on building a website in blogdown :)

Ivancini Privalcini (@privlko; 10): Good news everyone, I tried to update #blogdown and now I’m in hell. Hoping to get things back up and running soon. In unrelated news the CSO’s Rstudio package is very useful.

Friederike Kenneweg (@frintze; 10): @heikeflemming


Indrajeet Patil (@patilindrajeets; 34251): Reusing code chunks in #rmarkdown (using <<>>) is a really cool feature, esp. in teaching contexts! ♻️ > You can introduce students to code components piece-by-piece without having to repeat yourself in the underlying document! 👩‍🏫 > For more, see- > #rstats

David Grubbs (@crcgrubbsd; 11925): For anyone out there who is writing or has written a bookdown book, I would be happy to discuss doing a parallel print version with CRC. I am always on the lookout for books in other formats as well. Please send me a DM or tweet. #rstats #DataScience @AmstatNews @CRC_MathStats

Indrajeet Patil (@patilindrajeets; 7219): Sometimes you want to: ♻️ reuse text (e.g. methods, session info) across documents ✂️ break a long document into smaller ones > In #rmarkdown, you can create a “child” document and insert its contents into a “parent” document! 👩‍👦 > > 🎥 1-min demo👇 > #rstats

Indrajeet Patil (@patilindrajeets; 5416): If you want to, #rmarkdown provides a chunk option to easily add line numbers to source code and output text! 🧮 > Ref: > N.B. - You’ll need to use syntax highlighting theme tango. - Although only HTML output is shown, it works for PDF as well. > #rstats

Sato Shuntaro (@Shuntarooo3; 525): rmarkdownの書き方で分からないことあって、ネットを漁っていたけど結局、本元を読むのが早く、情報量が一番多い。 > 素晴らしき日本語版もある。 >

Dr Simonis (they/them) knows what chem weapons are (@JuniperLSimonis; 180): OMG rather than wrestle and wrestle trying to figure out how to get a cover image into a pdf in bookdown any longer, I realized I can just COMBINE PDFS > like have a pdf of the cover make pdf of book combine > sometimes it pays to take a step back for a sec

Daniël Lakens (@lakens; 90): @deevybee @stat_PT If you use bookdown, and write in R Markdown, it is possible to compile a book and put it online (and update it any time). I find this by @ericpgreen quite an inspiration. Readers could submit pull requests for improvements.

Achim Zeileis (@AchimZeileis; 73): ICYMI: Teaching an introductory programming course with #rstats by @RetoStauffer2 at #useR2021 > Flipped classroom, supported by #bookdown #tinytest and #rexams

Gordon Shotwell 🇨🇦 (@gshotwell; 70): @mattansb May I also recommend knitr::knit_child() which lets you include the output of other Rmd documents in your main document. >

Chris Albertyn 🍊 🇬🇧 🇨🇦 (@_ChrisAlbertyn; 61): About to start writing your thesis? Here’s the esteemed Dr @ewancarr’s (@KCLBHI) take on what he’d do if starting over. Better start learning about #bookdown I guess! 😜 #bookmarked! > @PhDForum @KCLDocStudies @Kings_HSDTC @DHPGR @riotscienceclub

Marcel de Toledo Vieira (@MdtvieiraS; 50): Será oferecida uma breve introdução ao R Markdown e ao RStudio, abordando-se: a estrutura de um relatório técnico, introdução ao Latex para anotações em ambiente matemático, introdução à construção de dashboards e elaboração de trabalhos em bookdown e apresentações em Latex.

Rajenki (@rajenki; 50): Oh my God! Could be a v v well known fact but it is TIL that all the version names of R software are based on the comic strip, Peanuts.

Dominique Sluijsmans (@dmasluijsmans; 41): Resultaten Landelijke Enquête Examencommissies. Doel was de belangrijkste knelpunten in kaart te brengen die examencommissies ervaren hebben en nog steeds ervaren met de Corona-gerelateerde overgang naar toetsen op afstand #rmarkdown #bookdown

Prima Pagina News (@PrimaPaginaNews; 33): Bookdown…“Il Virus della lettura…” a cura di CARMINE CASTORO

Eric Green (@ericpgreen; 30): @lakens @deevybee @stat_PT Very kind. Excited to have a print version in the works with CRC press. Will keep new version online when ready. Bookdown is an amazing tool.

Ewan Carr (@ewancarr; 30): @_ChrisAlbertyn @JodieLord5 Slightly more seriously: yes, RMarkdown. > LaTeX is great but difficulties converting to/from Word is a problem when asking for feedback. Also, LaTeX tables = 😩😭. > If I was starting today, I’d use and keep it as simple as possible.

Luis Anunciacao (@Neuropsic; 21): @Rick_Scavetta @rstatstweet @JASPStats I use @JASPStats with undergrad and #RStats with grad students in my Psychology class. It’s an ebook entirely made with R Bookdown. Students get the published paper, the associated dataset (using #osf), and reproduce the analyzes with R or JASP. Codes and windows are presented

Parmutia™ (@ParmutiaMakui; 21): Introduction | Public Policy Analytics: Code & Context for Data Science in Government #rmarkdown #bookdown by @KenSteif

Christophe Dervieux (@chrisderv; 20): @bmwiernik @patilindrajeets Yes that works too. There a new cache approach available in knitr more explicit that chunk option. Maybe it could help. > Otherwise, you should have a look at targets package. It really helps for workflow with long computation

Peter Higgins (@ibddoctor; 20): @joyclee @kdpsinghlab @umichDLHS For absolute beginners, this is a friendly intro: Agree with @kdpsinghlab recs, would also add

James Bartlett (@JamesEBartlett; 20): @McAleerP @lakens @jamovistats @Meta_Psy Thanks Phil, looks like I will be doing something like this. I did think of the bookdown option and adding in some videos too, but there’s only so many hours in the day!

Phil McAleer (@McAleerP; 20): @JamesEBartlett @lakens @jamovistats @Meta_Psy Maybe a shortened paper & then have this full resource (or a bookdown version) linked & available for people to work through. Bit like what we are doing with the visualisation stuff. “Power Analysis for people that don’t know power analysis”. Sure that would be well received.

Ingo Rohlfing (@ingorohlfing; 20): I learned (after ~15 minutes of increasing despair) that for R Markdown a plot is not a result and that results = ‘hide’ won’t suppress it. =‘hide’ does (which is, as usual, clearly described in the Cookbook

Hiroaki Yutani (@yutannihilation; 20): bookdownもSPAになってほしい。もっとサクサク表示されてほしい…

Rプログラマたん (@cppfriendsbot; 10): Windows 10 + Docker を動かすのにDRAM 8 GByte では足りないと思い、16 GByte に増設しました。本当は去年 Re:VIEW を試した時点でDRAMが足りないことに気が付いていたのですが、 Re:VIEW で執筆するきっかけがなくそのままになっていました。今では Re:VIEW と R bookdown のどちらか迷いますね。

Christophe Dervieux (@chrisderv; 10): @patilindrajeets @CedScherer No problem ! I happy to chime in anytime so keep pinging😉 Using what is shown 👆is still the best internal knitr feature IMO. You don’t need to use ref.label though, just naming the chunk with same label should work but we could think of a helper for this

Christophe Dervieux (@chrisderv; 10): @rgfitzjohn Nice post ! > For first solution, Have you tried the asis engine ? This allow you to conditionnally add markdown text. Should prevent using cat() >

Christophe Dervieux (@chrisderv; 10): @JuniperLSimonis @benmarwick @precatlady @apreshill @xieyihui It will work in bookdown also. The default approche will merge all the RMD and knit the whole book at once. So it will be as is it was one big Rmd file is rendered (12)

Christophe Dervieux (@chrisderv; 10): @JuniperLSimonis @benmarwick @precatlady @apreshill @xieyihui The second method knit and merge (new_session: true) will knit each file and merge the resulting md. In this case, in this case it would working be per document. Rendering approach are explained here > (22)

Alan Haynes (@aghaynes; 10): @CaraBuskmiller maybe this is also useful…

Chris Gaskell (@chrisgaskell92; 10): @NDodzro @DCPPreQual @DCP_London @BPSOfficial You could potentially do this for free by cutting out the publisher. R Bookdown is a great open source approach to developing free and high quality online books.

Adelin Barbacci (@A_Barbacci; 10): Computational Genomics with R #rmarkdown #bookdown

Simon Tarr (@simon_tarr; 10): @sage_re You could try running two models. Model 1 with all data (get r2, p vals etc). Model 2 sans the data you’re interested in. Then ANOVA for comparing the two models

Dorothy Bishop (@deevybee; 10): @lakens @stat_PT @ericpgreen thanks Dan. We have indeed been using bookdown and I agree that the material from @ericpgreen looks wonderful!

useR! 2021 (@_useRconf; 10): ✔️Continuously expanding Techguides: An open source project based on bookdown using CI/CD pipelines from GitHub Actions (Peter Schmid) > ✔️R as a an environment for the functional analysis of proteins (Michał Burdukiewicz)

Dr Simonis (they/them) knows what chem weapons are (@JuniperLSimonis; 10): @chrisderv @benmarwick @precatlady @apreshill @xieyihui this is in a bookdown document, so there are multiple individual rmd files. i’m more or less working from the example in the package for bookdown itself

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Cross-referencing in R bookdown makes the figure name incorrect #tidyverse #rstats


R Function A Day (@rfunctionaday; 16121): If you are writing manuscripts in RMarkdown, you may wish to auto-generate citations for all R packages used in the document. ✍️ > The {write_bib} function from {knitr} 📦 does exactly this! 📄 > > #rstats #DataScience

tj mahr 🍍🍕 (@tjmahr; 52): nice video on closures. generally applies to #rstats except for the last puzzle about let vs. var. I use closures to make function factories or simple objects sometimes. (the opts_chunk and friends from knitr are closure objects btw) @fireship_dev

Lauren Yee 🦇👩🏻‍💻🌈 (@EcoLaurenY; 52): Just found out about knitr::purl(‘your_rmd.rmd’) > 🥰😍😍🤩🤩 #rstats

Alison Presmanes Hill (@apreshill; 20): @PaulCampbell91 Right now, you can set a global knitr chunk option to be error = TRUE to tell rmarkdown “soldier on, keep knitting even when you encounter an error” >

knitr::opts_chunk$set(error = TRUE)

So the render won’t fail, but still may be hard to debug.

Charlie 👩‍💻 (@charliejhadley; 20): Is it possible to override the YAML header of RMarkdown documents when programmatically knitted with {knitr}? > eg when a .Rmd is run as itself it might use > output::distill::distill_article > but if knitted from within shiny I want to override this as > output::html_document

Chris Brown (@bluecology; 20): @DocSlinky @Neuropsic @CharlotteSimyo @rstatstweet @fonti_kar @AChauvenet Good question. I’ve used knitr::kable in the past for making tables of parameters in supplemental materials

𝙹𝚘𝚎 𝙰𝚝𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚜𝚘𝚗 (@joeatkinsonii; 20): @CharlotteSimyo @rstatstweet @fonti_kar knitr has kable / then there’s kableExtra for more customising. both make html tables which are easy to paste into word. uses a tidyverse style flow which is nice

atusy (@Atsushi776; 20): @fronori knitrでもwebshot2を使うように変更を加えました。

Christophe Dervieux (@chrisderv; 10): @patilindrajeets @CedScherer By helper I mean that leveraging other knitr feature it may be possible to build something that would write the whole remark markdown for you. 🤔

Felipe Mattioni Maturana (@felipe_mattioni; 10): @patilindrajeets cool! I always used knitr::knit_expand() to iterate over a template that has the same structure but take different data: I wonder if this <<>> approach could be used like this too 🤔

Royal Statistical Society (@RoyalStatSoc; 10): We look forward to delivering our Automated Reports in R course next week. #R #Rmarkdown #Knitr

Indrajeet Patil (@patilindrajeets; 10): @chrisderv I don’t remember which book made this recommendation, but isn’t it supposed to be a good practice to not have spaces while specifying chunk options? > Or is that advice outdated with newer versions of {knitr} + {rmarkdown}?

Kimon Froussios 🇪🇺 (@fruce_ki; 10): @nickschurch knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE, fig.path=‘report_figs/‘, dev=c(‘png’, ‘pdf’))


Ana Cristina Zepeda (@crisloop; 21): Ok Rmarkdown the idea is brilliant but is just impossible for me to install the tinytex package and I cannot compile. Does anyone has an advice?? @rstudiotips @AcademicChatter #R #RMarkdown #RStudio

Marcelo (@m_r_avila; 20): @mariaomed uma alternativa não muito convencional, mas que eu gosto bastante é o TinyTeX ( Acho que faça mais sentido se você já usa R e Rmarkdown, mas aparentemente dá pra usar por si só tbm. Não sei como é o suporte no windows..


Shannon Pileggi (@PipingHotData; 13832): Just had the pleasure of TAing for @spcanelon & @grrrck w/ @patriloto at the #useR2021 #rstats > Professional, Polished, Presentable: Making Great Slides with Xaringan > this is a site you💫must💫 check out for🤩🛠️💅🔥 tips on xaringan, css, & html!! >

Silvia Canelón (@spcanelon; 11930): I loved my first @_useRconf and had tons of fun designing and leading a #xaringan tutorial with @grrrck! #useR2021 is now officially over but if you haven’t had enough #RStats this week, check out the tutorial website for lots of materials and activities

Garrick Aden-Buie (@grrrck; 10427): I had a blast building and leading the @_useRconf tutorial 👔 Professional, Polished, Presentable ✨ with @spcanelon! All of our materials are online so you can make great #xaringan slides in #RStats too! >

useR! 2021 (@_useRconf; 7430): Today we have 20 tutorials in four tracks and three languages. > 45 teachers and teacher assistants will teach #rstats to 750+ people. > #Shiny #Package #RSpatial #Xaringan #TileDB #MachineLearning #Responsible Programming #ggplot2 #Rmarkdown and more topics! > A full day #learningR

Liz Hare PhD @ UseR! 2021 (@DogGeneticsLLC; 4216): #rstats @_useRconf #a11y the people here carefully followed the conference’s accessibility guidelines for their slides. Many of them were using rmarkdown/Xaringan for the first time! Please do use their work as examples when you try to improve your presentations!

Silvia Canelón (@spcanelon; 223): Yes!! Yay! I love that the need to prioritize accessibility was some folks’ introduction to making slides using #rmarkdown 😍 We also had some people in our #useR2021 #xaringan workshop that were sharing their own accessibility tips and asking questions and it made me so happy 👏

Natalia Morandeira (@NatMora; 223): Thank you very much!! 😭 @_useRconf @Fichulina @SanchezTapiaA and specially @DogGeneticsLLC for teaching me why accessibility matters. I’m also grateful to @metadocencia @ivanpoggio and @yabellini for our alt-text T3 experience; and @LatinR_Conf for #xaringan help 💜

Martine Jansen (@nnie_nl; 124): Looking forward to go through this material on making slides with #xaringan #RStats :) , also accessible without being at #useR2021 .

Shilaan Alzahawi (@shilaan01; 120): Credit to @FrederikAust for the {papaja} package, {xaringan} for the slides, @allison_horst for the artwork, and @PipingHotData for the GIFs (

Zoë Turner (@Letxuga007; 113): I’ve really enjoyed the #useR2021 conference so far but I’m stupidly excited about the workshops today, particularly @spcanelon and @grrrck’s Professional, Polished, Presentable: Making Great Slides with xaringan. It’s going to be a late one for me as this finishes at midnight!

Lars Schöbitz (@larnsce; 105): Only for a workshop on #xaringan by @spcanelon and @grrrck would I join a tutorial from 10 pm to 1 am. Only realised this morning that lubridate::force_tz(tz = “CET”) is not what happened when I signed up. #rstats #useR2021

Silvia Canelón (@spcanelon; 101): ☑️ We covered a lot of fun topics including style guide design, css tricks, effective communication, and the friendship that is possible between #xaringan & #accessibility

useR! 2021 (@_useRconf; 81): In this #useR2021 @rstudio is one of our Platinum Sponsors. > During this #learningR day some of the tutorial are about their packages and open source products: #ggplot #Shiny #rmarkdown #learnr #xaringan > Learn more about them in

A/Prof Jenny Richmond (@JenRichmondPhD; 71): Super excited for this #useR2021 workshop- tomorrow I am going to learn how to make PRETTY #xaringan slides.

This tweet is mostly for public accountability. > I will get out of bed on time….

Beatriz Milz (@BeaMilz; 60): @xieyihui this is a blog post about the filler episodes in Naruto (but is in Portuguese) > one of the reasons that I started watching Naruto is because I adore the package xaringan and use it so much (and also because one friend said that it was awesome)

Suman Khanal🇳🇵🦋 (@sumanstats; 44): @cpan_author Xaringan in #rstats > As it is created from rmarkdown, you can even execute #rakulang code. >

Yuya Matsumura (@ymattu; 31): useR! の発表を見てるとxaringan率が高い [↪](

Dmitry Shkolnik (@dshkol; 31): Surely must be the first example of Rmd {xaringan} slides at a municipal debate

Silvia Canelón (@spcanelon; 30): @DogGeneticsLLC That would be cool! The “Making Scientific Content More Accessible” paper is what I used to develop the accessibility-related content in the xaringan tutorial but I could only cover so much. I think a more in-depth written guide could be a great resource!

useR! 2021 (@_useRconf; 21): Hoy tenemos 20 tutoriales en cuatro tracks y tres lenguajes. > 45 profesores y asistentes enseñarán #rstats a más de 750 personas. > #Shiny #Package #RSpatial #Xaringan #TileDB #MachineLearning #Responsible Programming #ggplot2 #Rmarkdown y más! > Un día entero #learningR

Silvia Canelón (@spcanelon; 20): @JenRichmondPhD Thank you for joining us so early! Meanwhile, other friends attending the xaringan party will be staying up late 😄

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 12): gh-pages not deploying xaringan slides #tidyverse #rstats

fran (@fronituits; 10): demoré media hora en hacer un template en xaringan. llevaba desde el año pasado pateando cómo aprender a usarlo xd

Suzana (@suziproibida; 10): @___1berto Porra de PowerPoint e Canvas aqui é Xaringan ou Latex!

Mattan S. Ben-Shachar (@mattansb; 10): @nithin_eco @grrrck @rstatstweet Yeah, this looks like is would work well with xaringan!

Beatriz Milz (@BeaMilz; 234): Nesse momento, o @xieyihui está compartilhando sua trajetória escrevendo livros e posts em blog sobre R! > Link para os slides: > > #rstats #useR2021

Beatriz Milz (@BeaMilz; 10): @rafalpx @xieyihui eita, esses eu não conheço! só o blog pessoal: > Vc tem o link?