WOW. Easy and pretty, on #data labelling with the #rstats geomtextpath pkg! 📦 ggplot() + geom_textline() geom_textdensity() geom_textsmooth()



Laura Ellis (@LittleMissData; 1828300): WOW. Easy and pretty, on #data labelling with the #rstats geomtextpath pkg! 📦 > ggplot() + geom_textline() geom_textdensity() geom_textsmooth()

Vincent Arel-Bundock (@VincentAB; 749133): {marginaleffects} 0.3.0 for #Rstats is out! It’s a 1-stop shop to compute and plot predictions, contrasts, marginal effects, and marginal means. It supports 46 model types, including bayes {brms}, panel {fixest}, and most popular statistical models in R. 🧵

Julia Silge (@juliasilge; 27351): I’ve been working on a new #rstats package for MLOps tasks! It’s called vetiver🏺and it currently has support for versioning, publishing, and deploying fitted models. > If you are an early-adopter type, take a look! 👀 >

Austin L. Wright (@austinlwright; 25734): Four years ago, I launched a program at @HarrisPolicy to make programming in #RStats and causal inference more accessible. Leading the program has been one of my most fulfilling experiences at @UChicago. > If you or a student #R interested, here’s the link:

Rosana Ferrero (@RosanaFerrero; 23772): Hace un tiempo construí estas guías rápidas en español para quienes comienzan con #Stats, #DataScience y #RStats. Espero sean de ayuda🖖 Feliz viernes! Puedes descargarlas gratis desde RStudio Cheatsheets o desde la web de la empresa en la cual trabajo.

Matt Dancho (Business Science) (@mdancho84; 21445): If you want to learn #R, learn the packages in this #cheatsheet. These are my 8020 tools. > #rstats #datascience

Dr. Dominic Royé (@dr_xeo; 20230): Today we have a closer look at the inequality of Greater #Paris. The data is based on small areas (called IRIS) but I mapped in each spatial unit the corresponding buildings. #rstats #dataviz

Nihilist Data Scientist (@nihilist_ds; 19632): Our model wasn’t bad after all, we were just using the “wrong” loss function! #rstats #pydata #datascience

R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 19439): 📚📊🧹 Statistical rethinking with brms, ggplot2, and the tidyverse: Second edition > 👤 Solomon Kurz @solomonkurz
> 🔗 #rstats #datascience


R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 4214): 📺 R Blogdown Tutorial: Introduction - YouTube > 👤 Jennifer Sloane & Tehilla Ostrovsky > 🔗 #rstats #datascience

Gavin Fay (@gavin_fay; 211): Inspired by a kind email this week, I updated our #bookdown lab-manual ( today to automatically render & deploy the site when commits are made to the repo using Github actions. Very cool. #rmarkdown #bookdown

Samuel Taylor (@SamwiseT; 91): A stranger on the internet told me I don’t exist if I don’t have a website, so I made one! $20 for the domain and the rest was open source using the blogdown package in R. If you like the design, DM me with ideas for a fun page :)

Doc (@darkwing_doc; 50): Auf dem neuen Computer blogdown installiert und dann geht die Homepage nicht mehr 🙃 ABWÄRTSKOMPATIBILITÄT -!!12!!2

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 22): How to use Netlify identity widget in R blogdown #tidyverse #rstats

Doc (@darkwing_doc; 20): Die neuen blogdown-Funkionen sind schon cool. Jetzt auch mit bibtex-Export der Publikationen

Chen Xing (@chenjxing; 13): How to use Netlify identity widget in R blogdown - Stack Overflow #rstats #blogdown #netlify

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 12): Hugo params in Blogdown; site_logo and custom fonts #tidyverse #rstats

Jason Becker (@jsonbecker; 10): @NoelleMidnight Yeah, I’ve used Hugo from the pre-blogdown days, but it’s a great option. I don’t write much about code, which reduced my interest in blogdown in general.

Johnny Tommy (@johnny_stats; 10): My new year’s resolution is to actually beef up my data twitter, maybe even a blog. Time to install.packages(“blogdown”) !

Lincoln M. Tracy (@lincolntracy; 10): @gemmasharp11 I know a lot of academics use themes through the blogdown package in R. My current website is built through Hugo ( Good luck!

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): How to center an image using blogdown? #tidyverse #rstats


scott cunningham (@causalinf; 14111): Updating the part of my slides where I discuss folder structure. I still can’t wrap my head around a new generation of students that don’t use hierarchical folder structure. Here’s a page in R to help you.

Tom Mock (@thomas_mock; 261): @dgkeyes Slide 23: > Code + Video: > Ex rmd: > OR > RMarkdown cookbook example with a loop: >

Chris Holdgraf (@choldgraf; 130): @gvwilson 💯 > Do you believe that such a system would need to be totally different from what Latex is, and not simply a more modern incarnation of the same ideas? (e.g. I feel like bookdown/quarto/jupyterbook are all leaves on the same tree, but maybe we need a new tree?) > cc @rowancockett

🍎TAKEbayesHIデジタル人間🦖 (@psycle44; 82): @asarin @KunisatoY

itcrtraining (@itcrtraining; 72): The Intro to Reproducibility course is for researchers who know how to write R or Python scripts but do not have formal training in computing. It’s available as a Bookdown: And on Coursera for certificate:

James Borders (@jamescborders; 50): @MicahEHirsch I found the translation to the brms & tidyverse packages to be really helpful ( The syntax in brms is similar to lme4 if you’re familiar with that, and there’s a ton of support for brms online.

Emmanuel M. Rolon (@EmmanuelmRolon; 42): Para los que sufren con sus clases de econometría les dejo esta super recomendación: Notas de Microeconometría Aplicada de Arturo Aguilar, Investigador del @EconomiaITAM_. Se tocan temas desde estadística descriptiva hasta inferencia causal. 👇 >

itcrtraining (@itcrtraining; 41): The follow up course: Advanced Reproducibility in Cancer Informatics is for individuals who have either taken the intro course or are mildly familiar with GitHub. It’s available as a Bookdown: And on Coursera for certificate:

Leyla Nunez (@leynu; 41): Big Book of R #rmarkdown #bookdown A great resource 💪 @OscarBaruffa What about “R in action” book? I think a new edition is on its way this year. [↪](

Lewis 𝙈𝙖𝙮𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜 🚔 (@lewis_mayling; 40): @dgkeyes Like this >

One & Only (@Omarmarketanci; 31): Chapter 5 The Main 19 System of the Full Text of Quran | Reproducible Miracle #rmarkdown #bookdown

Colin Madland, PhD© (@colinmadland; 30): @_valeriei @xolotl @hypothes_is @bookdown_io @EdtechUVic Not the first time, but also nice to be able to collaborate in the context of #edci338. Seems to me that social tools like @hypothes_is can be useful for learning and growing one’s #PLN … but maybe that’s just me 😉

Will Ball (@WillBall12; 30): Made with the following code (adapted from @SolomonKurz excellent bookdown book based on the course >

julesh supports UCU action (@julesh; 30): I installed R in order to build bookdown locally

Elliot Meador (@Elliot_Meador; 23): I really appreciate all the new open-source #datascience books being self-published with {bookdown} and other tools. I do wish there was a magic button I could click that would allow me to buy a hard copy directly from the author - no publishers involved. #Rstats

Paul C. Bauer (@p_c_bauer; 22): First API review 2022! Media cloud API (> 25,000 media sources) by @chainsawriot

Nate Angell (@xolotl; 20): @colinmadland @_valeriei @hypothes_is @bookdown_io @EdtechUVic I don’t think you are alone 🤪

Nate Angell (@xolotl; 20): @colinmadland @hypothes_is @bookdown_io @EdtechUVic Wow!!! That looks fantastic! Let me know if it would help for me to participate in any way.

Austin Thompson (@SLPAustin; 20): @drahilger @MicahEHirsch Is this what you’re referring to, @drahilger? >

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 20): @jamescborders @MicahEHirsch For the ebook, use this link instead:

Eyayaw Teka Beze (@EyayawBeze; 20): @_bcullen (ref:long-cap) A really long long ……. ….. long caption >

Paulo Barros Jr 🐦🐸📸🧬🖥️ #VaccinesWork #UseMask (@pbarrosjr; 13): Uma porrada de livros sobre diversos tópicos em #DataScience com #Rstats completamente gratuitos. Viva o #bookdown !!

Naim Rashid (@naimurashid; 11): The bookdown link below is a great resource that goes into how one can incorporate reproducible research elements into their computational workflows 👇

Lino Galiana (@LinoGaliana; 10): @gvwilson @RLesur @choldgraf @rowancockett @paged_js @OlivierMeslin and @RLesur proposed an implementation that could be interesting for #jupyterbook or #bookdown. This is a button that prints a nicely formatted PDF of the chapter. Everything is based on #pagedJS and CSS rules. 3/

Nate Angell (@xolotl; 10): @colinmadland @hypothes_is @bookdown_io Yay! What are you working on?

Colin Madland, PhD© (@colinmadland; 10): @xolotl @hypothes_is @bookdown_io @EdtechUVic Not sure I want to just throw out the link, but there’s an invite to a group in H. in the Week one update…

Colin Madland, PhD© (@colinmadland; 10): @xolotl @hypothes_is @bookdown_io Got it… - added includes.html with <script src="" async></script> - then the yaml in the attached image

Colin Madland, PhD© (@colinmadland; 10): @xolotl @hypothes_is @bookdown_io for @EdtechUVic

Dr. Valerie Irvine (she/her) (@_valeriei; 10): @xolotl @colinmadland @hypothes_is @bookdown_io @EdtechUVic Nice to see you two connecting :)

Andres Gannon (@AndresGannon; 10): @lockhartm Check package install of bookdown, but this is what I have in my .Rmd YAML that allows knit directly to word doc > site: bookdown:bookdown_site bookdown::word_document: toc: no toc_depth: ‘5’

Gavin Fay (@gavin_fay; 10): I might write up how I went about doing this, but I highly recommend the “Github Actions for R” book linked above & also this post by @matteo_delucchi:

Aimee Schwab-McCoy (@AimeeSMcCoy; 10): @thomasgwong Could you convert it to web format using {bookdown} and self-host? Lots of open access stats and data science content is posted this way. >

Adham Ashton-Butt (@Adhamab90; 10): @OrlyRazgour Loading raster and vector files into R, setting and transforming CRS’, clipping shapefiles by polygons, and extracting raster data for points? This resource is great. › geocompr Geocomputation with R - Bookdown

Deemah 🇺🇦 🇳🇴 🇸🇪 (@dmi3k; 10): Pretty cool “Sufficient Introduction to R” bookdown project by @D_Sonderegger

Sébastien Rochette (@StatnMap; 0/4): ❓Are you looking for @gitlab Pages to work like GitHub by storing and publishing your outputs in a branch like “gh-pages” for multiple published versions ? 👉 You can use: ➡️ Exemple with #rstats #bookdown deployed for each branch:

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Script for interactivity in bookdown::bs4_book vs bookdown::gitbook #tidyverse #rstats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): How to manually create a simple table and present it with knittr:kable in R Markdown (more precisely: in Bookdown)? #tidyverse #rstats


Shannon Pileggi (@PipingHotData; 12422): New post from @xieyihui with #RStats 🧶knitr updates, including awesome ✨comment ✨verbatim ✨embed engines for chunks 🎉

Christophe Dervieux (@chrisderv; 3812): Curious about what are the latest NEWS from #knitr ? Read this #rstats blog post about the last additions we’ve made into the recent released versions. I bet the new engines will help a lot of #rmarkdown users !

Maëlle Salmon (@ma_salmon; 185): “News from knitr v1.35 to v1.37: Alternative Syntax for Chunk Options, and Some New Engines” by @xieyihui > Nice features & nice summary! > > #RStats #RMarkdown

Vebash (@Sciencificity; 164): New #RStats code snippet on how you may convert an R file into an RMarkdown (Rmd) file is now up on my blog. You use knitr::spin() to get it done. Link:, click on code snippet card to get to the GitHub page showing some examples.

RStudio (@rstudio; 161): New on @xieyihui blog - news from knitr v1.35 to v1.37: alternative syntax for chunk options and some new engines

Francesco Papalia (@FPapalia; 93): If RColorBrewer and knitr had a baby… #RStats #statstwitter #epitwitter @xieyihui @rstudio @hadleywickham @apreshill @CardiacJoshi @NayAungMD @kfungkk @f

Karina Bartolomé (@karbartolome; 30): Acabo de actualizar {knitr} solo por esto

Asier Moneva (@crimoneva; 13): Can’t wait to try this out! #rstats #markdown

Abhijit Dasgupta (@webbedfeet; 12): I may have been late to the party, but these recent changes in knitr are quite useful and nice #rstats >

Masatoshi Katabuchi (@mattocci; 12): knitr::opts_chunk$set(collapse = TRUE, comment = “#>”) #rstats

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): @eitsupi 888 一先ず目標の時間には収まった感じですねー。 今回の場合、github_documentなので、knitr::knitだけでmarkdown化してpandocいらないようにRmdファイルを調整をすればスピードアップを見込めそうに思います。

Dr. Robert M Flight (@rmflight; 10): @GKountourides Set your custom figure size, figure device, and resolution (if using PNG) in a setup chunk > knitr::opts_chunk$set(dev.args = list(png = list(type = “cairo”, res = 300)), fig.height = 6, fig.width = 8)

Joseph Bulbulia (@go_bayes; 10): @OlinoTom I recently discovered it is possible to use TikZ within knitr, see @andrewheiss’s blog here:

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): knitr not aligning figures to center when image is expanded (.pdf document) #tidyverse #rstats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): knitr::include_graphics() disables slide break operator (—) in xaringan #tidyverse #rstats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): pvar model summary: Knitr tables are shown as one column, cannot add p-values in parenthesis #tidyverse #rstats


Stijn Masschelein (@SMasschelein; 10): @nj_tierney The TinyTex package for R has this functionality. Comes in really handy.


Christian Gebhard (@c_gebhard; 64): Preparing for a scientific conference and need to drop an important name/publication on the slide to backup your claim? > Happy to share the first release of the #Rstats 📦 ‘namedropR’. > Code: > Feedback very welcome! #xaringan #rmarkdown #bibtex

Stefano Coretta 🌍 (@StefanoCoretta; 30): @ThomasPellard @ctdicanio @onosson Now it is, with this package: (haven’t tested it with xaringan yet but should work out of the box)

Ted Laderas, PhD 🏳️‍🌈 (@tladeras; 30): In the “But I’m actually working!” news, I managed to spin up a digital ocean droplet with R/Rstudio to continue working on my xaringan slides from my teeny ipad while there. > A little rough, but it worked.

Stefano Coretta 🌍 (@StefanoCoretta; 20): @ctdicanio xaringan all the way 😁

Nikita V Muravyev (@MuravyevV; 20): Made simple webpage for our lab using #postcards package and memorial presentation about Yurii Frolov using #xaringan. Check it on

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 12): Problem with displaying equation with a colorful background with Xaringan #tidyverse #rstats

vica (@nightsrm; 10): @chasekookie toda vez q eu escuto essa música eu escuto “brota na minha casa e eu vou te dar um xaringan” e eu ficava (?) agora q eu vim descobrir q eh chá KKJKJKSJSKS

Thomas Pellard (@ThomasPellard; 10): @ctdicanio @onosson @StefanoCoretta Xaringan is cool! You can embed animated gifs, videos, etc., and of course you can show R code, etc. BUT it’s not easy to produce a bibliography or examples with inter linear glosses

Sky Onosson (@onosson; 10): @ctdicanio @StefanoCoretta Lately, I feel like some flavour of Markdown might be superior for many purposes. Or maybe it’s just because that’s how I do most of my note-taking and planning these days. > EDIT: Ok, looks like I need to check out xaringan!

Justin Nix (@jnixy; 10): For now I’ve only got the first few lectures up, as it’s taking me a bit of time to update and convert my old material from PowerPoint to Markdown. As an aside, I’m now using xaringan for presentations and I LOVE it.

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Xaringan interrupts numbering of numbered list across slides #tidyverse #rstats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Xaringan Extra misplaces scribbles when printing from Chrome as PDF #tidyverse #rstats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): is there a way to hide slide elements after displaying them in xaringan? #tidyverse #rstats

yihong0618 (@yihong0618; 27754): 就不总结了哈哈,因为喜欢读博客,分享两篇 2021 年读到的最触动的两篇文章: 1. 《软件工程是个面包机》 2. 《关于 Yak Shaving》 2020 年的两篇: 1. 《On Leaving》 2. 《万言万当,不如一默》

機器學習漁夫 (@yfw3u; 70): 是說我的部落格其實 95% 的設計構想是想弄的跟益輝大大一樣的風格。

Alison Presmanes Hill (@apreshill; 51): @prisonrodeo @kearneymw this might help - I have empathy!

機器學習漁夫 (@yfw3u; 32):