Introduction to Data Science --Data Analysis and Prediction Algorithms with R 👀 via @rafalab : #rstats #DataScience #dataanalysis #Algorithms #rmarkdown #bookdown



Rosana Ferrero🕊☮️🏳 (@RosanaFerrero; 472112): 👉 Si aún no conoces esta galería de gráficos de datos te estás perdiendo una joyita 🙌 Gráficos por tipo de variable y con código R para reproducir 🔗 #data #dataviz #rstats #datascience #analytics #stats #DataVisualization #statistics #DataAnalytics

Tiffany Timbers (@TiffanyTimbers; 20753): Link to my @cascadiarconf 2022 talk about “10 simple rules for teaching R for Data Science”: > > #rstats #datascience #education


We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 6810): The beauty of R is its versatility and of course the community 💜 you can use R (and different #CRAN packages) for literally anything (I use #shiny to build web applications, #blogdown to set up and maintain my website, #xaringan to create slide decks, ….).

Norimitsu Nishida (@NorimitsuNishi1; 70): #quarto で作成した、オンラインコースのサポートサイト、一部完成しましたので共有いたします。 > Blogdownからの移行ですが、Quartoすごく使いやすい印象です。 >


Norimitsu Nishida (@NorimitsuNishi1; 70): YAMLをちょっといじれば、blogdown(Rmd)で書いた記事、quartoのサイトにほぼ何もしないで移植できました😮 すごい!

Emilio L. Cano (@emilopezcano; 40): El video del taller que di en useR! 2022. Quarto is coming, pero pero blogdown sigue vivo 😉 Creación y publicación de un blog estadístico con el paquete {blogdown} … a través de @YouTube

Big Book of R (300+ free R programming books) (@BigBookofR; 32): Create, Publish, and Analyze Personal Websites Using R and RStudio by Danny Morris > #RStats

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 30): @trangdata So true - thanks for sharing! One that I also didn’t mention is “Cmd + Shift + F” to search the entire project - it’s so helpful when writing packages or maintaining your #blogdown page.

Norimitsu Nishida (@NorimitsuNishi1; 30): スライド(画像)を小さく表示→クリックしてプレゼンテーション表示という設定、blogdownではあきらめていましたが、quartoだと、lightbox extensionを使って実現できました。

CRAN Package Updates (@CRANberriesFeed; 12): CRAN updates: blogdown #rstats

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 11): @GKountourides I started out by sharing .Rmd files on the OSF. Then I moved on to README-type blogs on GitHub, a #bookdown ebook, and then a #blogdown blog. I’ve also done a little with tweetorials. > As with any other skill, start small and build in manageable steps.

Skeptic (@SkepticalAnkur; 0/3): Ok, about time I created my own website. Probably my 100th attempt🤦🏽‍♂️ but I have a new motivation! Been hearing a lot about #quartopub so 1) to give it a try & 2) to compare to the old method of blogdown & Hugo. All in #RStats bc obvi! I’ll keep track of my experience here 🧵(1/n)

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): RStudio Cloud: Preview of blogdown hugo page on Rstudio cloud not formatted #tidyverse #rstats

Piet Stam 📊 (@pjastam; 0/1): Ported my blog from {blogdown} to {#quartopub} and I like it! GitHub Actions renders & publishes to Netlify. Also added social metadata & for comments, which I DNK before but has interesting mission #quartopub


datanautes (@datanautes; 721167): Introduction to Data Science –Data Analysis and Prediction Algorithms with R 👀 via @rafalab : #rstats #DataScience #dataanalysis #Algorithms #rmarkdown #bookdown

Dr. Verónica (@Verukita1; 6624): 📚Interesting interactive book (FREE). This book is an introduction to quantitative research in the scientific and health disciplines. Take a look! 🔗 #Bioinformatics #neuroscience #PhD #Chemistry #AcademicTwitter #Postdocposition #AI #OpenAccess #RStats

Richard May (@Richiemay; 6310): This is brilliant. For anyone tackling @rlmcelreath’s Statistical Rethinking 2022 course with brms and ggplot2/tidyverse 🔥👌Perfect companion to @SolomonKurz’s translation of the book (2nd ed) These are such great resources - thank you

Alex Mesoudi (@amesoudi; 5515): New model on reinforcement learning as part of my Cultural Evolution Agent-Based Modelling in R tutorial > On github and bookdown > Many thanks to @dominik_deffner for help on this one

Dalson Figueiredo (@DalsonFigueired; 334): Dicas para avançar na área de texto como dado: > <evento do TADA 22 > > <cap de introdução ao tema a partir de dados de @Twitter> > <artigo seminal> > <livro do professor @davicmoreira

Alex Holcombe (@ceptional; 190): My short book has now been sent to production at Cambridge University Press. Now the staff there have to duplicate all the work that Rmarkdown/bookdown and I did to create an html version.

Julio Trecenti (@jtrecenti; 180): O {bookdown} é um pacote R para escrever livros na linguagem de programação R.

Andrew Heiss (@andrewheiss; 150): It was tricky bc @rlmcelreath some neat indexing syntax to get group-specific estimates, but you can use brms’s non-linear syntax to replicate it (thanks to @solomonkurz here!

David Grubbs (@crcgrubbsd; 127): Attention all book or potential book authors, I am actively looking for new projects on #statistics, #DataScience or #Econometrics for CRC Press. If you have an idea, course notes, a bookdown book or just want to learn the process, please contact me. #econtwitter #rstats

Jack Davison (@JDavison; 123): This package is co-authored with Prof David Carslaw ({#openair}📦author & maintainer), and is the first package I’ve written for a CRAN release. Open to feature requests/bug reports: Dev website: Learn about {openair}: 🧵5/5 [↪](

Sally Chengji Xing 承吉 (@psally007; 102): > A very wonderful biographical database which reconstituted the entire population of liumei xuesheng. What a pleasure to be included in the research team invited by Dr. Cécile Armand!

atusy (@Atsushi776; 92): bookdown 0.29が出ました。gitbookでcode_foldingを使えるようにしたよ。

Malcolm Barrett (@malco_barrett; 77): Hey #rstats, any good resources on converting a project from bookdown to #QuartoPub?

Crystal Lewis (@Cghlewis; 73): Thank you so much to @dgkeyes for the super helpful #rstats #bookdown tutorial that got me up and running!

Danilo (@danailon; 65): Big Book of R #rmarkdown #bookdown #RStats

uradn (@uradn; 42): The entire book is written in R Markdown, using @rstudio as the text editor and the bookdown package to turn a collection of markdown documents into a coherent whole. The book’s source code is hosted on @github, by @clauswilke.

MZES Methods Bites (@mzes_ssdl; 42): 🔗 …and check out the online book project “APIs for social scientists: A collaborative review” by @p_c_bauer, @c_landesvatter, & @LionBehrens: > > 🧵 44

Julio Trecenti (@jtrecenti; 31): O pacote tem como objetivo fornecer um fluxo de trabalho contínuo que torna a escrita de livros fácil, divertida e tanto para os autores quanto para os leitores. Você pode acessar o livro em: . #rstats #datascience #programação #estatística

Dr Matt Jones (@doc_jones1; 30): I have to say that bookdown/r markdown is impressing me. Although it’s difficult to get up and running it really is very good 👍

Mickaël CANOUIL (@MickaelCanouil; 21): @alejandrohagan @DG32163630 @malco_barrett @rstats_tweets “Better” is a point of view. There is no need to quit bookdown if it serves your needs. The thing is the rmarkdown ecosystem will only get minor updates while #QuartoPub is going to get all the new features.

山口 亮 (@d_tettu; 20): ベイズ統計についてのやさしい解説。ab testなどで主にp値を利用していたのだけど、ここ最近あまり適切ではないという話も聞いてベイズを調べている。理解しやすかった。

Shah Nawaz (@shah_f1; 20): @JoeyEisman @PhDVoice @workingbnb bookdown package in R

CRAN Package Updates (@CRANberriesFeed; 12): CRAN updates: bookdown multinet #rstats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 12): How to change the prefix word and separator in table captions in RMarkdown with bookdown? #tidyverse #rstats

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 11): @GKountourides I even provided some examples from other folks here:

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 11): Bookdown: render_book error when using r compile script #tidyverse #rstats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 11): Formatting questions in R markdown with the bookdown package #tidyverse #rstats

Mickaël CANOUIL (@MickaelCanouil; 10): @StatnMap @aghaynes @malco_barrett To note, there is only one thing to do to convert from bookdown, i.e., ensure you are using the YAML style options (recommended) and set the website configuratin. > There are definitely good resources: - - -

Burak (@burakdilber; 10): Veri bilimi ile ilgili bir çok kaynağa ulaşabileceğiniz faydalı bir platform… >

Rex “garbage in” Douglass (@RexDouglass; 10):


Mickaël CANOUIL (@MickaelCanouil; 70): @nj_tierney @rstats_tweets For local change: >

#| attr-output: 'style="font-size:200%;"'
&lt;content generating the output &gt;

racun syopi🌻 (@racunmu12; 20): alin knitr cardy 🔗:

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 12): How to print gt_tbl tables side by side with knitr kable #tidyverse #rstats

Mickaël CANOUIL (@MickaelCanouil; 10): @dbfmurray @quarto_pub You have to set the device background, which by default is “white”. e.g., ragg::agg_png To tweak default device and arguments (“as” for Rmarkdown) for #QuartoPub: knitr: opts_chunk: dev: “ragg_png” dev.args: list(background = NULL)


Cidney do GTA (@CleyJhone; 1740): @imgesnaruto Pessoa tem xaringan… > Naruto:

Cara Thompson (@cararthompson; 130): Finally: Here comes the question… How do I make this into a template? > I’ve set it up the same way as I have for {pagedown} and {xaringan} templates, but there’s no “From Template” button with Quarto… What am I missing? #QuartoPub

Zaeen de Souza (@zaeendesouza; 30): Not beamer, not powerpoint, but a secret third thing (xaringan)

Zaeen de Souza (@zaeendesouza; 20): Is there a way to add Stata code chunks to slides in the same way that you can add R code in RMarkdown/xaringan? Any alternative just typing it in latex?

Arthur Bazolli (@baarthur0; 10): @jpgmv1998 O que eu amo no tmap são os mapas dinâmicos, fica excelente para fazer apresentações usando xaringan. Mas para os estáticos o ggplot fica melhor mesmo

Jason Pott (@jasonpott; 10): @kaija_bean @Cghlewis I was feeling that. I tried the reactjs via qmd for slides. It’s much simpler than the hoops that I had to jump through the same output with Xaringan (which I also liked). Haven’t crossed over with my reports yet though.

Andrew Heiss (@andrewheiss; 10): @fhollenbach Eventually. I have two classes where I’m using xaringan and I’m not going to translate those over to quarto, but any new slides I make will be in quarto for sure

Shoei05_メモbot (@shoei05_bot; 10): “Rmdファイルで書いているものがスライドにどう落とし込まれるのかについては,knitしてHTMLファイルを作らないとわからないと。で,それはめんどくさいので,編集しながらリアルタイムプレビューが見れるようにしたよと。xaringanパッケージというものを使います。”

Grissel Olivera-Martínez (@grissel_olivera; 22): Oigan si quieren replicar los indicadores de violencia de la ENDIREH 2021, el svy no jalaba, hasta que instale ==> require(survey) por recomendación de==> > Namas por si andaban con el pendiente :)