📚¿Qué necesitas para comenzar a escribir código y trabajar con datos? 👉Este libro te enseña técnicas modernas y reproducibles, y no necesitas formación técnica 👉Desarrollado por la Universidad de Washington 🔗 https://t.co/nOMmMdl8iN #data #dataviz #rstats #datascience #stats https://t.co/NI00MG0dej



Rosana Ferrero🕊☮️🏳 (@RosanaFerrero; 650171): 📚¿Qué necesitas para comenzar a escribir código y trabajar con datos? 👉Este libro te enseña técnicas modernas y reproducibles, y no necesitas formación técnica 👉Desarrollado por la Universidad de Washington 🔗 https://t.co/nOMmMdl8iN #data #dataviz #rstats #datascience #stats https://t.co/NI00MG0dej

datanautes (@datanautes; 470102): Efficient R programming refers to increasing the efficiency of tasks with R. This encompasses both computational efficiency and programmer productivity. Check out this awesome #bookdown to learn more - it’s free! https://t.co/LhEDRbcAle > #rstats #rmarkdown #quartopub #rstudio https://t.co/rt1EIYufcj

Rosana Ferrero🕊☮️🏳 (@RosanaFerrero; 28858): 🧠Seas científico, analista, consultor o cualquier otra persona que tenga que preparar docs o informes técnicos, debes saber realizar visualizaciones de datos convincentes 🙌Y este libro (gratuito) en #RStats es tu guía definitiva 🔗 https://t.co/mbI2tNpldp #dataviz #ebook #data https://t.co/fWL0kEReap

Saroj parajuli (@Parajulisaroj16; 23973): This article discusses the use of the top R packages for data visualization. 🔗https://t.co/o9yXFIKRit #datascience #R #programming #RStats #DataVisualization #DataScientists

Raihan (@myusufraihan; 22456): INDONESIA 3 (2.19 xG) - 2 (1.91 xG) CURACAO MATCH REPORT > Meskipun beda 73 peringkat, Indonesia (156) bisa buktiin kalo mereka dpt bersaing dan menang melawan tim selevel Curacao (83). Good win boys! > *Peringkat FIFA rankings sblm pertandingan dimulai > 🦅💪 > #rstats #ggplot2 https://t.co/Mfba4HQDXC

Joachim Schork (@JoachimSchork; 18141): How to add significance levels to a ggplot2 plot using the ggsignif package in the R programming language: https://t.co/v7aqAYCOJ9 > #coding #tidyverse #rstudioglobal #DataVisualization #RStats #ggplot2 #Rpackage #statisticsclass #DataViz


Tom Mock ❤️ #QuartoPub (@thomas_mock; 110): @sedgeboy @economicurtis @rstudio The amazing @djnavarro has you covered with Rmd -> Quarto Blog: https://t.co/AT9PIrpctR > I also converted my multi-year old distill to a Quarto blog. > However, a Hugo-based website like blogdown is a different beast than Quarto, see Yihui’s overview at: https://t.co/yBmYQJSvpo

Norimitsu Nishida (@NorimitsuNishi1; 100): Blogdownからquartoへの以降、おおむね終了しました。勉強になりました! > 引き続き、Rに関する情報を興味が向くままに掲載しつつ、オンラインコースのスライドやテキストの公開等、学習に役立つ情報を更新していきますので、よろしくお願い申し上げます。 > https://t.co/PQc2KVfjEk

Danielle Navarro (@djnavarro; 90): @thomas_mock @sedgeboy @economicurtis @rstudio Yeah I’d agree with Yihui on that. Converting a distill blog to quarto makes sense because the two are so similar, and you’re getting a lot of new features for little effort. For me, Hugo involves different trade offs so I havent migrated my blogdown and hugodown sites

Norimitsu Nishida (@NorimitsuNishi1; 41): quarto vs blogdown(hugo)の所感。 両方良い点、期待する点がありつつ、 > quarto→documentation良い     (ので、)色々わかりやすい > blogdown→renderingは多分quartoよ軽い?自分が使っていたthemaはdocumentationが難しかった > 移行できたので、当面はquartoで運用してみます😁

Sir Panda (Zad Rafi) (@dailyzad; 40): The FOMO from not moving to quarto from Hugo/Blogdown is real

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 32): @cosima_meyer 22 To build my website I used {distill}, which at the beginning I was very satisfied but now I can see the limitation compared to {hugo} and {blogdown} #rstats. What do you use to create your professional website?

Skeptic (@SkepticalAnkur; 20): @WeAreRLadies @thomas_mock @minebocek I’m planning on building my website with Quarto for comparison to blogdown and Hugo. Will share what I learn.

Anne-Kathrin Kleine (@AnKaKleine; 20): Yey, website-relaunch! :) > https://t.co/I3qgLPKuwo > #r #blogdown

CRAN Package Updates (@CRANberriesFeed; 11): CRAN updates: blogdown #rstats

Ariel Mundo (@amundortiz; 10): @cfiesler Here’s my site, which I built using blogdown and @apreshill’s Apéro theme. You can customize the theme with a little coding! https://t.co/5ZXX6VO77z

Tyler Smith (@sedgeboy; 10): @thomas_mock @economicurtis @rstudio I have a #blogdown site that I’m really happy with. It seems like I should be thinking about switching to #quartopub (maybe?), but all the docs I’ve seen so far seem to be aimed at starting fresh. Anything for those of use that are already in the Rmd system?

rtheodoro (@rxtheodoro; 10): Inclusive, alguém sabe adicionar barra de buscar com o blogdown?! https://t.co/Fn5mIsJOxH


R Markdown (@rmarkdown; 545114): Efficient R programming refers to increasing the efficiency of tasks with R. This encompasses both computational efficiency and programmer productivity. Check out this awesome #bookdown to learn more - it’s free! https://t.co/5efg3YcQBn > #rstats #rmarkdown #quartopub #rstudio https://t.co/dcnPjJF1vV

Ozancan Özdemir (@OzancanOzdemir; 14832): 📌R folks! I created a book by combining my introductory level ggplot2 codes. > 📌 If you are a beginner in R or interested in ggplot2, check this out! #rstats https://t.co/FEJCQxL4J9 https://t.co/snlbb6c6Tz

khal (@Khal_Quant; 60): Ce document est une perle. https://t.co/MqVgiTDMbr

Ben Harrap (@BHarrap; 52): This morning I am truly grateful for bookdown’s relative table/figure citation feature > I’ve had to add a new figure to the start of my results but I don’t need to manually update any of the in-text references to existing figures > Bless you @xieyihui > #rstats

Isabella R. Ghement (@IsabellaGhement; 30): @RobLanfear @ryancbriggs There are other nice online books out there, such as this one: > https://t.co/4AhjTkSQq7

Christopher Grainger (@cigrainger; 30): @bellerosejoey @1macias1 @MiguelCoba_ @asciidoctor @gumroad I still want to find the time to do something like Bookdown for Elixir.

Yanina Bellini Saibene (@yabellini; 30): @pedrodiplacido @RosanaFerrero Es el libro en formato bookdown. Es una web. El link está en mí respuesta anterior. > La versión en inglés también es una web hecha con bookdown.

Dan Quintana (@dsquintana; 21): @flourn0 Doing Meta-Analysis with R https://t.co/irgWIg9Vwm

siero (@siero5335; 20): 👀: “Statistical methods for Environmental Mixtures”, https://t.co/AlhGDakVZc

Zartashia afzal (@zartashia_afzal; 20): 5 beginner-friendly resources to learn R 1⃣ https://t.co/9W82ajGuMJ 2⃣ https://t.co/WCS1xqnGHB 3⃣ https://t.co/29Z9JyNgf3 4⃣ https://t.co/ENH9Wv8eDU.... 5⃣ https://t.co/6gHuv89ylV Credits: https://t.co/Xi8ynkf4Ox #pakdatasci #RStats #DataVisualization #Data #data #codanics

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 11): Add today’s date to bookdown pdf_book output file name #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/dPSWaHv9Dx

Итан (@SerialEthan; 11): #CurrentRead Measuring what Matters: Introduction to Rasch Analysis in R https://t.co/W5KR4I4NvY #rmarkdown #bookdown #rstats

Taka Masaki (@tmasakicu; 11): @jp_consultant 文書作成できますが、もし共著者がいたときに、その共著者がRmdを使えないと意味がないので、注意が必要です。ちなみにRmdでpublication qualityの文書を書くならbookdown packageがお勧めです。 https://t.co/PnLfAMkcve

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 10): Using bookdown and outputting pdf. #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/Y8D6omNtPt

Will Mantilla (@drmantillaw; 10): @farmacotips Word? Ya existe Rmardow packages Bookdown en R.

Graham Coop (@Graham_Coop; 10): @petrelharp @WrightingApril I’ve wondered about converting to markdown or bookdown in the past. However, my latex is fairly heavy with random packages I’ve used for kludges in the past, and I worry about breaking everything.

Mickaël CANOUIL (@MickaelCanouil; 10): @McAulayMicro Cross-references was available in {rmarkdown} via {bookdown}. Now with #QuartoPub, it’s all in one tool 😏

Gavin Masterson, PhD 📊🐍🐸🇿🇦🇸🇪 (@gavinprm; 10): @TrishHerps4Life Here’s a good place to start. TL:DR During testing you can use cache = TRUE but if you leave the option in the document you won’t get updated data from GBIF in later knits. > https://t.co/lCgFRvpWcK

Mickaël CANOUIL (@MickaelCanouil; 10): @bellerosejoey @cigrainger @1macias1 @MiguelCoba_ @asciidoctor @gumroad @quarto_pub Not sure … What you can find, especially if your focus is on {knitr}, is how to write your own {knitr} engine, e.g., https://t.co/1KZJ5JEFF5

Sébastien Rochette (@StatnMap; 10): 👉#QuartoPub doc deps can be parsed with att_from_qmds() & att_from_rmds().
🔗https://t.co/z9KfD9GTFg #rstats

Gökmen Altay (@gokmen_19; 0/1): @DonquijoteRosi Bu kod örüntüsü Tam olarak benim kitabımda bulunan linkte göreceğin 5.2 Gerçek 19 sistemi Delilidir ve Edipile olan tartışmadan anlattığım ilk delil. > Daha önce terbiyesizlik yaptığı için engellediğim bu şahıs aynı kodu o 2 ayeti kerime olmadan denemiş + https://t.co/guLKCOY3MD


Elio Campitelli (@d_olivaw; 319): Proof of concept for a knitr extension, maybe: Display a list of ggplot2 plots as a single plot with buttons to switch between them. > #rstats > Full code: https://t.co/Yu7wu9cy3h https://t.co/8kdPAiBwPW

Tom Mock ❤️ #QuartoPub (@thomas_mock; 30): @PhDemetri This would turn it into a vector of lines: > knitr_str <- head(mtcars) |> knitr::kable() |> capture.output() > You can then go back to print with something like: > cat(paste0(knitr_str, collapse = “\n”))

Simon Rolph (@simon_rolph; 20): All done in #Rstats using a combination of R markdown, knitr and blastula. Quite a few technical challenges which I will have to document somewhere… (hint: it didn’t scale as well as I thought it would!)

Zhian N Kamvar (@ZKamvar; 10): Now that quarto has been released we can begin testing its implementation in steps: > 1. replace markdown engine knitr -> quarto 2. replace HTML engine pandoc -> quarto 3. replace HTML templates mustache -> quarto 4. implement standalone template and yaml for quarto fans 715

evidence_matters (@MattersEvidence; 10): @ERDonnachie Unfortunately, knitr on Windows still does not support full Unicode when knitting to PDF or Word 😕

tj mahr 🍍🍕 (@tjmahr; 10): @PhDemetri head(mtcars) |> knitr::kable() |> format() |> paste0(collapse = “\n”)


Tiny T-Rex (@OGTinyTRex; 10): Time to climb Snowdon #WALES #hiking #tinytex https://t.co/1bzfdbXTwa

evidence_matters (@MattersEvidence; 10): @ERDonnachie Pretty sure that it is consitently in UTF-8. Have you tried to knit a PDF with ❤️ and 🚬? Working for me in HTML, but not in PDF (tinytex) or Word.


Ashlyn Johnson (@ashgjoh; 45): Gave my first TA session of the semester and I used it as an opportunity to play with xaringan and a fun dataset about dogs! #Rstats #tidyverse #TidyTuesday https://t.co/QcKPeyiox0

Juanito Maravilla ۞ (@uanmaravilla; 11): @albertorrejval Tu que prefiere el Xaringan o una barca a pedale?

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 11): How can I properly list items in xaringan slide without misaligned dots? #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/a1bIjZYzqh

Fergus Chadwick (@FergusJChadwick; 10): @LisaDeBruine @dan_p_simpson Gorgeous slides! I really like the auto-animate and code features (although I don’t have any code in my presentation). My presentation in it still isn’t as pretty as my old ones in xaringan but spending today tweaking it, so will see how far I get!

Ashlyn Johnson (@ashgjoh; 10): I know I need to start learning quarto slides but I feel like I just got decent with xaringan. Life comes at ya fast!!!

Zaeen de Souza (@zaeendesouza; 10): @SurAgnij i didn’t write this ppt code, but if you want my special ~xaringan hacks~ let me know hehe