👉👉Mapa da votação na cidade de São Paulo no 1° turno👈👈 São exibidas as áreas de ponderação do IBGE (adaptadas), dando um nível mais detalhado que as zonas Lula foi bem na periferia e no centro. Bolsonaro nos entornos do Tatuapé #Eleicoes2022 #RStats https://t.co/Il7XYJiZTj



Gabriel Zanlorenssi (@gzanlorenssi; 753120): 👉👉Mapa da votação na cidade de São Paulo no 1° turno👈👈 > São exibidas as áreas de ponderação do IBGE (adaptadas), dando um nível mais detalhado que as zonas > Lula foi bem na periferia e no centro. Bolsonaro nos entornos do Tatuapé > #Eleicoes2022 #RStats https://t.co/Il7XYJiZTj

Tyler Morgan-Wall (@tylermorganwall; 736123): ‼️New version of #rayshader released (v0.29.0)! This version enhances 3D ggplots: now, you can easily add a 2D version of the ggplot under (or above, OR alongside) the 3D plot! Just set flat_plot_render = TRUE.👌 > #RStats #dataviz #rayverse https://t.co/XDkRnbigmu

Matt Dancho (Business Science) (@mdancho84; 641140): Which skills are needed to become a data scientist? > Been getting a ton of questions on which #datascience skills, so I wrote an in-depth article on it. ❤️ > Article: https://t.co/jM5Qt2urwv > #rstats https://t.co/9HI5t77aIX

R Markdown (@rmarkdown; 604178): The 10 Best Data Visualizations of 2022 by Terence Shin in @TDataScience https://t.co/LWFjFTOLS3 #rstats #dataviz #ggplot2

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 28523): Here is a VERY preliminary syllabus for a 5-day workshop on Intro to Bayesian Statistics, with #brms. This would be aimed at grad students (and above) who are familiar with #RStats and the GLM, and may have some background with the full GLMM. > Comments welcome. https://t.co/BQpUNcFMYY


Dr. Alli N. Cramer (@AlliNCramer; 131): @AnnabellaHelman I’ll admit it … I used R. > I built mine with the blogdown package and use a modified hugo-academic theme. I host it on Netlify. https://t.co/Z088Vr4wQb > This was one of the main resources I used: https://t.co/WUeK8s6mTv

Meghan Hall (@MeghanMHall; 30): @SamanthaCsik @quarto_pub Wow, I love this! It looks so helpful, can’t wait to dive in more. I had a lot of fun customizing my first Quarto site for a workshop https://t.co/6vRkKDdcNW but haven’t yet updated my main website from Hugo Apero/blogdown.

Jonathan Carroll (@carroll_jono; 20): @rushworth_a What about @microdotblog https://t.co/71dQ00Px9t if you don’t want to configure much, and want to just post stuff in a feed? > I went with that for https://t.co/U5dcFsXdgP for when I don’t want to write a full blogdown post, e.g. https://t.co/dSCf4y2cDs

ysaito (@ysaito8015; 20): blogdown は内部で Hugo を利用している。GitHub Actions を使って、Netlify へのデプロイ例 / https://t.co/CxUpSY6SaO

Mattan S. Ben-Shachar (@mattansb; 12): Do we have a guide for converting #rstats hugo blogdown to @quarto_pub blog yet?

Bradley M Richardson (@BradMRichardson; 10): @AnnabellaHelman This is a great way to spend a lab meeting. I build my personal site through R, and house everything on Github. Then I use Netlify to push the site out. The #blogdown package in R is great for this. > My website, just as an example: https://t.co/hLj0Sheigl


Dominik Liebl (@domliebl; 136): A book that collects free #rstats books (~300): Big Book of R https://t.co/OHhzbdUKvU #rmarkdown #bookdown

Bea (@Chucheria; 101): @koldLight https://t.co/VS9pBSaDe2 es mi fav desde hace mucho tiempo y aún no he visto una plantilla más bonita

Ming “Tommy” Tang (@tangming2005; 93): If you knit an Rmd document containing HTML widgets to a non-HTML format such as PDF or Word, you may get an error message. > Use below to fix it. install.packages(“webshot”) webshot::install_phantomjs() > https://t.co/2RKjeNqYBS #rstats #markdown

tipsder (@tipsder; 72): Análisis de datos con #R Interesante libro, con mucho de lo que hay que saber, para implementar un análisis de datos con el apoyo de R. Gracias al autor por este aporte. https://t.co/5pxQEVfvIv #DataScience #RStats #RStatsES #dataviz #DataVisualization #dataviz https://t.co/RJncEE4b8S

Jennifer Fouquier (@JTFouquier; 63): I have been really missing out. Just learned how easy it is to make tabbed sections in Rmarkdown. Sooooo much easier to stay organized this way. #bioinformatics https://t.co/sIs9oASaSd

Quarterly Results {.tabset}

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(tab content) https://t.co/CrcmydPz8Y

Guruthos42 (@Guruthos42; 62): @ijlyttle @rstatstweet You can even reuse entire code chunks, which allows for some rather elaborate setups. https://t.co/YUaebmsDBl

tipsder (@tipsder; 53): ¡Ciencia de Datos para Ciencias Naturales! Gran libro, en español, para el aprendizaje de la ciencia de los datos en ciencias naturales con el apoyo de #R, principalmente. Gracias al autor por este excelente aporte. https://t.co/rICroL3tLB #RStats #dataScientist #datavis #data https://t.co/sYpUwOdVY6

Cándido Martínez (@candidomtz; 52): Acabo de terminar y poner en práctica este #opensourcebook. Recomiendo muchísimo para todos aquellos interesados en profundizar Ciencia de Datos. Introduction to Data Science https://t.co/uBNO5JciU7 #rmarkdown #bookdown

David H. Montgomery (@dhmontgomery; 35): A few years ago, @noamross created the “redoc” package for #rstats, which allowed you to knit an Rmd to Word, send it to someone for edits, and then port those Tracked Changes back into the Rmd. But development has stopped. Has anyone picked it up again? https://t.co/savHGCZ2fw

🦆 (@enduckeneity; 30): and those textbooks should be made in bookdown/quarto and in searchable html format. > its current year i shouldn’t have to be zooming in to read something on my phone or letting the tyranny of 8.5x11 aspect ratio determine my window sizes

ジュン (@L3tkLfjaAXly92D; 20): 9. データの構造 | 私たちのR: ベストプラクティスの探究 https://t.co/TBGrWJ7SW2 #rmarkdown #bookdown

Mickaël CANOUIL (@MickaelCanouil; 20): @realHollanders @DanOvand0 @quarto_pub It depends if by “RMarkdown” you meant {rmarkdown}+{bookdown}. If so yes, all those things were possible using the two packages (the latter has the former as a dependency to be fair). Most of what #QuartoPub is currently able comes from RMarkdown.

Meghan Harris (@meghansharris; 20): @Jmar116 @dgkeyes @mrworthington @ivelasq3 LOL you don’t want to follow my method of throwing things at a wall until it works 😅 When it comes to CSS stuff I will use https://t.co/dEsEX26xEr and google/ stack overflow hacks. I haven’t used Quarto for this yet, but with RMarkdown I used https://t.co/OoSkScyXzq religiously.

Ladislas Nalborczyk (@lnalborczyk; 12): I have a quarto website and a .html file of a gitbook made with bookdown (located in a subfolder of the quarto website). How can I embed this gitbook within the quarto website? 🤔🤔 #quarto #RStats

James Tripp (he/him) (@jamestripp; 12): Very nice! Skimming through, this looks like a good overview of using R in a few different areas. Parts about non-linear models, using bayesglm and shiny dashboards were fun. I’d combine this with https://t.co/nAHiY8zU8I , https://t.co/fZHeZ45zaR and https://t.co/4WbGvMDLFT https://t.co/DnsOLtJucv [↪](https://twitter.com/jamestripp/status/1580825234793725952)

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 11): Can’t knit rmarkdown, error “File `bookdown.sty’ not found” and titling package not available for my version of R #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/ciBUfvfxjo

Marc-Aurèle Rivière 🧠💻😷 (@mariviere1; 10): @IsabellaGhement Not used very often, but very useful ! > https://t.co/dHUamp7qvJ

Arthur Bazolli (@baarthur0; 10): @Caio_Ortega @curso_r Econometria com R https://t.co/HPhtShccRD > R para ciência de dados - em português, muito bom, do @curso_r https://t.co/rkzbhEtWcz > R for Social Sciences https://t.co/5h6JRVkr3C

Arthur Bazolli (@baarthur0; 10): @Caio_Ortega @curso_r Manual do RMarkdown - como usar, formatos de output etc. https://t.co/kJ0IS2VCno > Referência do Rmarkdown - bom pra consulta rápida. https://t.co/X1Kp35zlA5 > Planejar/estruturar um projeto no RStudio - organizar é sempre bom para o você de amanhã! https://t.co/31KKsZQCQO

Farzana Kousar (@Farzana67338185; 10): Meta Analysis: What, Why & How? References: https://t.co/n82lq7JSpG https://t.co/kOC964Eobo 🧵👇

Stephen Eglen (@StephenEglen; 10): @brembs @TomasFiers I’ve been using xaringan https://t.co/mLNkOxmtyC > but the new kid in the R/python/Julia town is @quarto_pub

Roxmy (@Roxmy12; 10): Algunos conceptos estadísticos narrados de manera divertida. https://t.co/Tzt9fvWpFv

tj nightmahr 🧟‍♂️ (@tjmahr; 10): @apreshill each entry has a .Rmd file. those are knitr::knit() as needed if they or their dependencies change (using the targets package). those .md files are then collated into a single bookdown::markdown_document2() file with a cleanrmd html theme.

eve (@danceocea; 10): hum so I found this notes from the prev prof by my BT1101 mod hen slaying but he Mei you finish the front part > Statistics and Analytics for the Social and Computing Sciences https://t.co/apR6mEKpXg #rmarkdown #bookdown

👻🎃 Andrew Friiights 🧛👻 (@andrewheiss; 10): @Domenic_DF @IsabellaGhement It’s possible to compile the Stan chunks directly in the document (https://t.co/7k1Z81ZRn8), but there are issues doing that with cmdstanr and Quarto, so I put the actual Stan code in an external file and just show it in the document here 🤷‍♂️

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): How to control width of a long LaTeX equation in bookdown #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/98bJUuVpHu


Ian Lyttle (@ijlyttle; 417): 🤯 discovery (for me), using knitr: >

a <- "foo"
b <- "`r a`"


R Markdown (@rmarkdown; 289): Learn to use R in LaTeX to create dynamic documents with Overleaf and Knitr. https://t.co/gBIkjjE7kn via @citedrive #rstats #texlatex #overleaf #rmarkdown #quartopub #knitr #citedrive

boB Rudis 🇺🇦 (@hrbrmstr; 112): @crcgrubbsd @yabellini Using fig.alt with {knitr} (which works with Quarto & R Markdown) does this: https://t.co/JyvPe6vBQL

F Rodriguez-Sanchez (@frod_san; 63): @AFredston A few tools to make #rstats citations easier: > grateful https://t.co/HIaKgCgnkj > report https://t.co/3bIGhZPqMa > knitr::write_bib or visual Rmarkdown https://t.co/A1A6QTRiGJ

Julie Padilla, PE (@jp_hydro; 60): Workin’ on a #vignette for #USGS #dataRetrieval and I am loving these additional #alttext options in #knitr > Thanks again @rstudio squad https://t.co/tSX1P8h7KW

Marian Sauter (@mariansauter; 50): @crcgrubbsd In R MarkDown it’s pretty easy with knitr https://t.co/M9iIv0SBHg LaTeX/Overleaf provides the \description command for figures. https://t.co/nvbbznl53O

Trillian Astra (@das_ipi; 20): @VivBeanX @JulesVerne72594 @ein_oxymoron @Timbosteron Alles was sie sagt 👆 > Next level: R plots als tiks oder knitr einbinden und von TeX kompilieren lassen. Dieselbe Schriftart und -größe, keine binären Dateien, alles handlich und kompakt und einfach hübsch.

Jose Barrera (@overdispersion; 20): @AnaBayes @tvaldessolis Puedes cambiar el color de los ítems o, incluso mejor, controlar qué ítems/secciones aparecen en el PDF haciendo interaccionar LaTeX con R vía knitr.

Marc-Aurèle Rivière 🧠💻😷 (@mariviere1; 20): @andrewheiss @Domenic_DF @IsabellaGhement In case it helps: I use @bearloga custom knitr engine (instead of cmdstanr::register_knitr_engine()) for Stan code compiled through {cmdstanr} inside Quarto chunks, and I haven’t met any issues (yet). > https://t.co/yEmMQOAcvE

Matthijs Hollanders (@realHollanders; 10): @betanalpha I found this online, no idea how it works but it does: > def.chunk.hook <- knitr::knit_hooks$get(“chunk”) knitr::knit_hooks$set(chunk = function(x, options) { x <- def.chunk.hook(x, options) paste0(”\n \small \n\n”, x, “\n\n \normalsize”) })

Marc-Aurèle Rivière 🧠💻😷 (@mariviere1; 10): @IsabellaGhement knitr will automatically do that without needing the !expr (it’s a YAML specific syntax AFAIK). > {r fig.height = my_height} > will automatically search for my_height in the global env. You can even put functions / conditions in there without needing a specific syntax

Marc-Aurèle Rivière 🧠💻😷 (@mariviere1; 10): @IsabellaGhement If you don’t include the envir parameter in knit_child, it will see the global environment by default (at least if you call knit_child from the global env, i.e. not within a function). > knitr::knit_child(template, quiet = T) |> unlist() |> cat(sep = ‘\n’)

Marc-Aurèle Rivière 🧠💻😷 (@mariviere1; 10): @IsabellaGhement Would basically look the same. {knitr} can parse both R Markdown ({r fig.height = height, …}) and Quarto chunk headers (#| fig.height = !expr height)

Marc-Aurèle Rivière 🧠💻😷 (@mariviere1; 10): @IsabellaGhement Yes, you can give knit_child a string of the template instead: > (inside the map function) > txt <- “{r}\n#| output: asis\n#| echo: false\n\n my_plot(data)\n\n\n” knitr::knit_child(text = txt, envir = new.env(parent = environment()), quiet = TRUE)

Matthijs Hollanders (@realHollanders; 10): @betanalpha Subscribed, because I used knitr hooks to change code chunk font size

María Paula Caldas (@mapaulacaldas; 10): @apreshill smells: - not enough editing/refactoring - code overflowing in boxes - printing unnecessary warnings/messages > qualities: - DRY code-chunks (e.g. knitr ref.label) and parameters - line breaks - easy navigation (for reader & developer)


Mickaël CANOUIL (@MickaelCanouil; 20): @dickoah @MikeMahoney218 I do not have link (right now) but it’s “simply” adding scripts and css using “include-*” #QuartoPub YAML options. You can build a template extension using the {pagedown} template as a starting point https://t.co/mpoSwx4bdZ > Or indeed wait for it.


Rosana Ferrero🕊☮️🏳 (@RosanaFerrero; 4112): @koldLight @gilbellosta Hola Ana, Qué tema! En mi caso suelo preparar mis plantillas Rmd con logo y Latex/CSS básicos. Pero tienes templates en la galería https://t.co/Ro2zGhKLq3 tb https://t.co/OGZplYAvbE y paquetes tufte, prettydoc, memor, rtemps, xaringan, etc.

Gabo Gaona (@gavg712; 41): @kieganer @rstats4ds @StatStas Rmd (xaringan) or Qmd reduced the time for me to write a presentation, especially when the template was ready. The first time took a longer time than the subsequent ones. #rstats #rmakdown #quartopub

jebyrnes (he/him) (@jebyrnes; 30): Note - I’m also working on setting up independent repos of websites from the previous versions of the class if you want to follow along my journey. It’s wild. Even just the part that goes from beamer/sweave slides to xaringan/rmarkdown slides.

Fergus Chadwick (@FergusJChadwick; 10): @enduckeneity @betanalpha Similar vibes, I used xaringan pre-quarto and loved it. revealjs does lovely animation. But yeah, not so good for collaboration

🦆 (@enduckeneity; 10): @FergusJChadwick @betanalpha one used xaringan quite a bit it’s pretty similar to that right? although sadly most of my slide show needs involve collaboration and so it’s always g docs. that’s one thing quarto is bad at tbh.

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): RStudio xaringan slide viewing ridiculously slow in Monterey #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/q9o4t74SsV