First public release of R Crash Course for Biologists. Link to (free) PDF or EPUB and (paid) Kindle, hard cover (colour) or paperback (B & W). Feedback is appreciated on anything from typos to full critiques. #Rstats #Biology #Bioinformatics



Colautti Lab (@ColauttiLab; 33571040): First public release of R Crash Course for Biologists. Link to (free) PDF or EPUB and (paid) Kindle, hard cover (colour) or paperback (B & W). Feedback is appreciated on anything from typos to full critiques. #Rstats #Biology #Bioinformatics >

Tyler Morgan-Wall (@tylermorganwall; 30560): “Write me a poem battle between Tidyverse and Base R” > AI solved the debate, folks! We never need to have this discussion again😀 > #RStats

Joachim Schork (@JoachimSchork; 29482): Hey, I’ve published an extensive introduction on how to apply a Principal Component Analysis (PCA) using R. The tutorial was created in collaboration with Paula Villasante Soriano: > #statisticsclass #statisticians #rstudioglobal #RStats

🎲 Javi Álvarez Liébana | Dados de Laplace (@DadosdeLaplace; 28972): Ayer me estuve viendo el vídeo de @DotCSV sobre el nuevo chatbot de OpenAI, y estoy aún flipando. > ✅ Es capaz de crear enunciados de examen ✅ Crea código R de cero con indicaciones ✅ ¡Incluso arregla código y te explica el error! > Vais a flipar🧵👇 #RStats

Data Science Tutorials (@DataSciencetut; 22148): Linear Discriminant Analysis in R Linear Discriminant Analysis in R, #programming #statistics #datascience #rstudio #rstats

Rosana Ferrero🕊☮️🏳 (@RosanaFerrero; 18338): 👀¿Se puede crear gráficos espectaculares que incluyan los resultados de las pruebas estadísticas con rigor? 🎉¡Sí! con 📦ggstatsplot 👤 @patilindrajeets 🔗 > #RStats #DataScience #dataviz #DataVisualization #MachineLearning #ML #bigdata #datamining #IA

Marc J. Lajeunesse (@LajeunesseLab; 17825): #correlation without #causation via #ColliderBias > a spurious relationship between the dependent (Y) & independent (X) variable can occur, when each effect a 3rd variable (C, #collider), and this 3rd is included in the linear model lm(Y~X+C) 🤔 > #Rstats #CausalModelling #dataviz

R Markdown (@rmarkdown; 17232): You can read the free ebook “Fundamentals of Data Visualization” by Claus O. Wilke on #dataviz with #rstats on the following website of the named author:


Henrik Bengtsson (@henrikbengtsson; 166): #RStats wish: a near-zero-friction way for the reader of a {pkgdown}, {bookdown}, {blogdown}, Quarto, … to report on typos, grammars, etc. Something like a light-weight in-page commenting framework which only takes a click or two to submit. Ideally, no signing required

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 90): @tcarpenter216 My website runs on #blogdown, and git/GitHub are part of my blogdown workflow. A lot of the little problems I solve in my [in]formal scientific work end up in blogs.

Emil Hvitfeldt (@Emil_Hvitfeldt; 10): @ArthurGailes IMO You don’t need to switch all your rmarkdown files to quarto. I would however encourage new documents to be quarto. Also I haven’t changed my blogdown over because I wouldn’t get much benefit from it

Amit Grinson (@Amit_Levinson; 10): In their #blogdown book Alison and Yihui warn about choosing and configuring a complicated theme. Moving a theme + my code to #quarto definitely had it’s toll and took time to configure. Eventually I prevailed 🔥💪 >>

Igor Pedroza (@pdrza; 10): @gryposouza Considerando seu interesse em Data Science, veja o blogdown. O céu é o limite.


David Grubbs (@crcgrubbsd; 328): I am a Senior Editor of #Statistics and #DataScience books at @CRC_MathStats. I am always on the lookout for new books, so please get in touch if you have an idea to discuss (we do parallel print versions of bookdown/quarto books too). #econtwitter #RStats #DataScience

Florian Keusch (@floriankeusch; 154): We (@stephnie, @bellastrum, Heidi Guyer, & I) are writing a book on “Data Collection with #Wearables, #Apps, and #Sensors” and you can read the first chapter now for free and give feedback! #WAS #OpenAccess

El Biogrupo (@ElBiogrupo; 73): ¿Quieres practicar R haciendo cosas útiles? ¿Qué tal aprender ecología y comportamiento animal trabajando con ejemplos prácticos reales? #biotapas #Rstats #EcoDataScience

Big Book of R (300+ free R programming books) (@BigBookofR; 31): A Minimal Book Example > #RStats

Doug Gregg (@DougGregg95; 30): @ratnabolibose @AcademicChatter Not a video, and I’m not in your research field, but I’ve found this online book to be quite useful when learning R @YaRrrBook

Mickaël CANOUIL ( (@MickaelCanouil; 22): @rappa753 what?! This means you never used this {knitr} feature in {rmarkdown} 😱 You were definitely missing something. On the “external script” theme, are you aware or knitr::read_chunk()? 😏 > > #QuartoPub #RMarkdown #RStats

tipsder (@tipsder; 22): 😀Introducción a estadística con #R😀 Libro web para el aprendizaje de la estadística con el apoyo de #R. Lo mejor, 100% en español. Gracias al autor por este aporte👏👏👍👍. #RStats #RStatsES #DataScientist #dataviz #DataVisualization

Stephen Wild (@stephenjwild; 10): @JohnFPfaff I found the following few resources to be helpful introductions: > > > >

Dan Devine (@DanJDevine; 10): @turnbulldugarte @nathanihoff Don’t know how much help as I avoided the math-y ones! But I actually found the website for metafor R package good ( and this Bookdown guide (

Jack Davison (@JDavison; 10): These are the headliners, but there are many other changes - nicer defaults, better documentation, more options to control outputs, etc. Read the NEWS (and raise issues) on the dev site ( Updates to openair book ( forthcoming! 55 [↪](


Henrik Bengtsson (@henrikbengtsson; 30): And not to be forgotten, @xieyihui’s {knitr} is also doing some heavy lifting under the hood

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 11): relationship between Quarto and rmarkdown, knitr, pandoc, bookdown, jupyter #tidyverse #rstats

Andrew Irwin (@WoodpointIrwin; 10): #R question: I know in rmarkdown::render the knitr error option is set to FALSE during rendering. How do I set it to true? These don’t seem to work: knitr::opts_chunk$set(error = TRUE) or options(knitr.error = TRUE)

MH Manuel Haqiqatkhah (@_psyguy; 10): @b_siepe @quarto_pub Thanks! My supervisors were not too happy about the time that was spent on it 😁🥲. I indeed found #QuartoPub much easier than #Rmarkdown. (+knitr short codes for including code from external R files in the qmd file makes organizing/writing MUCH smoother. Good to give it a shot!)

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 10): @T_Greb For fonts, the current recommended workflow is to install {systemfonts} and its dependencies, and make sure you set your graphic device to AGG (in your Global options). > To use within Rmd you need to set knitr::opts_chunk$set(dev = “ragg_png”) to get fonts to play nicely.

Jason Mercer, PhD (@ecojydrology; 10): @tcarpenter216 I like to turn projects into websites via quarto and gitlab/hub. It’s how I mix code and narrative so I remember what I was thinking when I wrote the code. If I don’t want to share my narrative I can use knitr::purl to strip the qmd files into plain r scripts (e.g., for a paper).

Uwe Schnepf (@SchnepfUwe; 0/2): Seems like #RStats knitr::include_graphics() markdown function can not handle .tiff properly. Sad but true. Any hacks on how to control output size?


tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Can’t download latex packges for tinytex with tlmgr #tidyverse #rstats


MM (@2ooling; 10): @Emil_Hvitfeldt This is incredible. Does this work with Xaringan as well?

Matheus Sales (@msales_xaringan; 10): @77_frota JAIR SAQUEOU O BRASIL

Matheus Sales (@msales_xaringan; 10): @netocaldascrf JAIR SAQUEOU O BRASIL

Eric Brasil (@ericbrasiln; 10): Uma dúvida para os especialistas em #Rmd @BeaMilz @leofn3: tem como colocar nota de rodapé numa apresentação feita com #xaringan?