This used to be me when I was first learning linear regression. 😂 But here's what's changed for me. 🧵 #datascience #rstats #stats



Matt Dancho (Business Science) (@mdancho84; 81590): This used to be me when I was first learning linear regression. 😂 > But here’s what’s changed for me. 🧵 > #datascience #rstats #stats

Hadley Wickham (@hadleywickham; 32658): Greetings landlubbers! A new chapter on arrow be coming to R4DS: Join us on the ocean of big data and set sail towards better performance and efficiency. We be giving a hearty thanks to Danielle Navarro for writing most of this chatper. Arrr! #rstats

Saroj parajuli (@Parajulisaroj16; 28980): This book is a hands-on book showing how to use the R language, write and save R scripts, build and import data files, and write your custom statistical functions. 🔗 Download a pdf: #DataScience #RStats #DataAnalytics #Coding #book #programming #Data

R CODER (@RCoderWeb; 25067): The last days I’ve been writing and uploading tutorials to R CHARTS and I ’ve finished the ggplot2 customization tutorials section. > Do you miss any #ggplot2 or #rstats tutorial on the site? > 🔗 🔗

Liam Revell (@phytools_liam; 20733): A few months ago, I showed on my #Rstats #phytools blog how to graph pie charts at the tips of the tree in which the size of the pie is proportional to the sample size of each species – and I still think it looks pretty cool!

Matt Dancho (Business Science) (@mdancho84; 19953): If you want to learn #R, learn the packages in this #cheatsheet. > These are my 8020 tools. > #rstats #datascience >


Timothée Keyes (@timothykeyes; 232): okay i got a lot of responses to this telling me to look into tech/pharma/industry roles, so i threw together this brief one-pager {blogdown} resume for my department’s employer exhibition in a few weeks. is it missing anything? (aka would you hire me?!?) >

curso-r (@curso_r; 142): Nossa dica de tutorial de hoje é ‘[R] Making of de um blog do zero com blogdown’. Neste vídeo que está disponível no canal da Curso-R, o William mostra ao vivaço a criação de um blog Hugo com o pacote {blogdown} e posts em Rmarkdown.


R Markdown (@rmarkdown; 173): Come and join our LinkedIn user group today! > > #rstats #rmarkdown #quartopub #bookdown

Gio Circo (@GioCirco; 90): Unshackled from the confines of the academy, I now spend my free time… > …using Bayesian statistics to analyze win rate probabilities from the video game Age of Empires 2. >

Lab. de Tecnología Biomédica y Física Electrónica (@LabBiomedica; 60): “Las interpretaciones respectivas de los símbolos 0 y 1 en el sistema de lógica son Nada y Universo” George Boole +info: Algebra de Boole

Kieran Marray (@MarrayKieran; 60): @generic_void I like bookdown - is Markdown so easy to create simple websites with notes in tex and they host it totally for free (e.g some R notes I made

Ronald (@ronaldher97; 22): Este libro trata sobre modelización estadística trata de mostrar una versión aplicada para el tratamiento de los modelos estadísticos más básicos abordando los temas de la imagen adjunta: > #Rstats #bookdown #Statistics

@biacademics (@biacademics; 11): ¿📊Quieres saber sobre el mundo de la ciencia de Datos o necesitas profundizar en este tema? Este libro gratuito es ideal para ti 👇👇 > #librosgratuitos #BigData #dataanalytics #DataScience

Tomokazu NOMURA (@NomuraTomokazu; 10): 卒論指導用にbookdownでいろいろ書いてgithub pagesにアップしてるんだけど,突然Rで作ったグラフが表示されなくなった。ローカルでは問題ないんだけど,デプロイするとダメだ。お手上げ。よりによってこの時期にこんなことになる?

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): @niszet0 @eitsupi Pandocの記法の拡張に過ぎないので、図は#fig-で始まるIDで番号付けし、参照は@ fig-で始まるCiteでやればいいって話ですね。 > これならImage関数とCite関数を定義してやれば簡単に拾える。 > bookdown形式は\@とかでエスケープしちゃってるんでregexで探すしかなく……。

emre toros (@emretoros; 10): @gulayturkmen @AliOilhan @melikekokkizil :)

AnalyticSource (@AnalyticSource; 10): Write #HTML, #PDF, #ePub, and Kindle books with R #Markdown #bookdown


Albert Rapp | (@rappa753; 164): Yet another cool idea from @nrennie35. Had fun exploring the functions from my blog posts. > Find Nicola’s excellent code template/explanatory blog post at > Helper: purl() from {knitr} to extract code from .qmd-files Code: #rstats

JJ Merelo (@jjmerelo; 10): @fernand0 Puedes usar RMarkdown, y generar las tablas con knitr. Una maravilla.


Haruhiko Okumura (@h_okumura; 2210): 昨日の @nonki1974 先生のご講演 で教えていただいた TinyTeX、BasicTeX よりも小さくて R からもインストールできる。今後はどれを推奨すべきか


Emil Hvitfeldt (@Emil_Hvitfeldt; 42): On the 6th day of #AdventOfQuarto I wrote a xaringan inspired revealjs theme. Use by runing: > quarto use template EmilHvitfeldt/quarto-letterbox

Statistik Dresden (@StatistikInDD; 21): @tanya_shapiro Finally did what I preach: converted workshop materials from Powerpoint to #rstats. Xaringan in my case, but seems like another switch is on the cards, to #quarto …