One of my biggest mistakes when I began learning data science - I believed everything I heard. Don’t do this. 🧵 #datascience #rstats #python



Matt Dancho (Business Science) (@mdancho84; 662141): One of my biggest mistakes when I began learning data science - I believed everything I heard. > Don’t do this. 🧵 > #datascience #rstats #python

Matt Dancho (Business Science) (@mdancho84; 37770): Stop using distribution plots… > Do this instead. > Learn more: > #rstats

Albert Rapp (@rappa753; 32947): A lot of people create reports with tables in Word and PowerPoint. > {flextable} let’s you do all the number crunching in #rstats and then export it to Word and PowerPoint. > Work in R. Communicate in MS Office. That way, everyone can use your work.


Nan Xiao 肖楠 (@nanxstats; 42): Just shared a simple #rstats solution for identifying broken links in #bookdown, #blogdown, and #Quarto projects using {urlchecker}. Say goodbye to manual URL checking headaches.

Jenny Sloane (@jfsloane; 10): @TrumanLab - created using R Blogdown. Feel free to check out and share this #R4beginners website I’m currently working on with tutorials on how to build websites in R with both blogdown and distill

Tom Jenkins (@TomJenkins; 10): @TrumanLab I’ve also transitioned out of academia, but my website is still semi-active. Created it using R Blogdown package and Hugo. > [↪](


Rosana Ferrero🕊☮️🏳 (@RosanaFerrero; 25166): 📚 ¡Haz más con menos! Libro GRATUITO 💥 La programación eficiente en #RStats es la clave para aumentar tu productividad y lograr más en menos tiempo 👉 ¡No te pierdas estos consejos, advertencias y trucos! 🔗 #book #DataScience #stats #programming #code

Ronald (@ronaldher97; 10429): Supervised Machine Learning for Text Analysis in R > Text Analytics with R: Classification > This tutorial introduces text analyses in R using a variety of R packages and tidy tools. > > #Rstats #tidyverse #DataAnalytics

Alexa Fredston (@AFredston; 94): hey #rstats, I wrote the supplement to a paper in bookdown to knit to pdf. it auto-numbers the figures and titles, which is great, but… > what’s the easiest way to force it to label all figures and tables “Supplemental Figure/Table X” rather than the default “Figure/Table X”?

مَريم| تحليل 🧠 (@mrym_analyst; 92): 🚨نسخ مجانية لمجموعة كبيرة من كتب الاحصاء وعلم البيانات ولغة R …. متاحة لقراءتها أونلاين >

Cameron Patrick (@camjpatrick; 90): @deanmarchiori Solomon Kurz has various bookdown/blogs where he translates popular texts or examples into brms. Some of them have more detail than others but overall I really recommend them as a resource.

Dominik Liebl (@domliebl; 72): That’s a nice collection #econtwitter: 10 Fundamental Theorems for Econometrics

Ronald (@ronaldher97; 65): Mixed-methods research: Analysing qualitative data in R > This chapter looks at one possibility of conducting mixed-methods research in R. > > #Rstats #research #bookdown

Federico Riva (@riva_ecology; 60): @deanmarchiori Steve Midway’s book has been a quick, useful intro for me. Holcombe (@ceptional; 40): for free for two weeks. The version I published with bookdown ( will be available for free at least until I die, or become too ashamed of the book. #attention #perception #openaccess (22)

Guido Corradi (@GuidoBCor; 40): @magelssen_chr Maybe you will find interesting this Book

Rata Science (@RataScience; 32): Computational Social Science: Theory & Application de @p_c_bauer

Dr. Baba (@babayoshihikoCH; 31): RStudio #bookdown で日本語、ようやくできた。tinytex で色々インストールしまくり、rmdja::pdf_book_ja で成功。今までも単一Rmd、bibなしならできたが、bookdown が難しい。

Patrick English (@PME_Politics; 21): @dantomlinson Can highly recommend this as a great starting point: and then also the lectures and github resources from @chrishanretty for some great examples, code, and walk throughs.

Brenton Wiernik 🏳️‍🌈 (@bmwiernik; 20): @IscanogluZulal @michelnivard Quarto is the successor to RMarkdown that incorporates streamlined versions of features from various extensions (eg, bookdown), so you should start with Quarto nowadays

CRAN Package Updates (@CRANberriesFeed; 12): CRAN updates: bookdown DT #rstats

Nono Gueye (@GueyeNono; 10): @MarketPowerYT If this is true, then a lot of people in the R community will go to heaven. No need to go through your University library. >

Michael Koontz, PhD 🦔 (@_mikoontz; 10): @AFredston You can use the {captionr} package to do this: or for a bookdown-specific example

Bryce Mecum (@brycem; 10): @AFredston I’m hoping I’m wrong and that there’s an easier way but I think you might be into Lua filters territory. See and this SO answer:

Prof. Rohhit Vishal Kumaar (@RohitVishalKum2; 10): Need to revisit


Kareem Carr | Data Scientist (@kareem_carr; 452): @DialecticBio Have you tried knitr and especially quatro? I don’t think they are that different from Jupyterlab if you customize your Rstudio interface. I know what you mean about Rstudio though. Default setup is cumbersome without a big monitor.

R Markdown (@rmarkdown; 189): Learn to use R in LaTeX to create dynamic documents with Overleaf and Knitr. by @citedrive #rstats #quartopub #rmarkdown

Mikael André Albrecht (@Albrecht_Mikael; 20): @PieroZannini Something like this: > 1) ggplot2 2) dplyr 3) knitr 4) lme4 5) psych > Honorable mentions: ggbeeswarm, cowplot, and RColorBrewer.

garrick aden-buie (@grrrck; 10): @jgeller_phd @naseemdh @quarto_pub What versions of quarto, {knitr} and {evaluate} are you using? I just tried with the latest of each (1.2.313, 1.41, 0.19) and all three of these versions worked for me: > - ```{r message=FALSE} - #| message = FALSE - #| message: false

しなしろ (@shena4746; 10): Rからシェルにコマンドを送れることを思い出したので、READMEのコードチャンクをRmd経由で実行させるべく、knitr環境のdockerを書いた


Aditya Arie Wijaya (@Adtarie; 10): @MikaelDewabrata Ggplot2 parah sih, yg bikin gw selalu mupeng liat R tu ya; ggplot2-tidiversenya (pipe), dan (dulu) rmarkdown, xaringan etc. Skrg udah ada quarto, agak mendingan, tapi ttp aja rich autocomplete cuma ada di Rstudio haha.