My #1 tool for exploratory data analysis. Saves me so much time. ⏳ So I made a tutorial for you. ❤️ Article: #DataScience #RStats



Matt Dancho (Business Science) (@mdancho84; 516105): My #1 tool for exploratory data analysis. > Saves me so much time. ⏳ > So I made a tutorial for you. ❤️ > Article: > #DataScience #RStats

Rosana Ferrero🕊☮️🏳 (@RosanaFerrero; 27768): 😱 ¡Evita la a paradoja de Palmer Penguins Simpson! 🤯 A veces las correlaciones pueden ser engañosas, aprende a estimar correlaciones ajustadas por pertenencia a grupos 😏 ¡Llegaron los modelos mixtos para salvar el día! > 🔗 #DataScience #stats #rstats

Albert Rapp (@rappa753; 23038): Cleaning Excel files in R is tedious! > With the {janitor} package it gets much easier. It helps you to - remove empty cells - create clean column names - format Excel’s weird date formats > I show you how the package works in this demo video: #rstats


Tiago Mendonça (@tim_mendonca; 162): Atualizei o meu site utilizando Quarto. A mudança do blogdown/Hugo academic até que foi tranquila. Aproveitei os arquivos em rmarkdown do site anterior mudando apenas a extensão. Utilizei como base os sites da galeria do Quarto e da @BeaMilz [1/n]

Harshvardhan (@harshbutjust; 61): since 2021: Now it’s all Blogdown with #rstats


Vitoria Piai (@vipiai; 111): Evaluating PhD thesis I encounter what is possibly first citation to ‘Speaking: the free book’ it made my day 🤩 (also the fact that 3 more sections on new topics are on their way for the book!)

Dayu (@another_dayu; 82): 很推荐刚准备接触科研的朋友看这本《现代科研指北》,使用 R 语言中的 bookdown 包编撰,定期更新。

Pablitin 😵‍💫 (@0xPBL; 80): 3/ If you want to learn about the maths behind it, I encourage you to visit this

Mickaël CANOUIL ( (@MickaelCanouil; 30): @IsabellaGhement Are you talking about cross-reference? If yes, there is nothing new. It’s something that works in RMarkdown and Quarto. See and > Simple example using Quarto. > #QuartoPub #RMarkdown

Leo Williams (@LeoWill69957481; 21): @BenjaminNilsson @obsdmd @zettlr @Typora @rstudio @quarto_pub @rmarkdown @1writerapp @TaioApp - CITING: @zotero for citation management and inserting cite keys - BetterBibTex plugin for making cite keys ^ - RENDERING: RStudio w/ {{rmarkdown}} & {{bookdown}} for rendering into Word, PDF, HTML, etc. - VERSION CONTROL: @GitHubDesktop

Peter Higgins (@ibddoctor; 21): @jd_wilko Take a look at

Ladislas Nalborczyk (@lnalborczyk; 20): @JimGrange Not exactly this, but I have a bookdown book inside a quarto website, which gets rendered in If it can help, here is the github repo: and the website (in French): (plus “notes/” for the book).

Sergio Medina (@dr_sergiomedina; 10): @Kaela_MFT It is not your question, but might help you in your task

David Laehnemann (@DLaehnemann; 0/1): @posit_pbc Is anyone still maintaining the #HOPR #rstats introduction course #bookdown repository on #GitHub? I have the above PR open there for a couple of weeks now, and other useful PRs would also take no more than a quick review and merge:


## tj markdown (@tjmahr; 666): this is still good

R Markdown (@rmarkdown; 5618): Learn to use R in LaTeX to create dynamic documents with Overleaf and Knitr. by @citedrive #texlatex #overleaf #rstats #rmarkdown #knitr

William Stein (@wstein389; 30): @cocalc_com @ganthonyr94 @andrewheiss @cocalc And we also support R via full support for rmarkdown files, Rstudio under X11, R in a terminal under X11 (for interactive figures, etc.), and Knitr for R in latex. So much R.

James Balamuta (@axiomsofxyz; 20): @andrewheiss @cocalc_com For a research collaboration, maybe a better spot would be Overleaf with the markdown plugin and knitr’s latex hooks. It would save you an extra subscription.

Liam Revell (@phytools_liam; 20): @annainthefield It would be straightforward to make a progress bar like (e.g.) knitr::knit2html runs when you’re rendering Rmd – unfortunately, it would just show the portion of R code that had been run, rather than the fraction of time to completion (as this can’t be known until code is run).


Josh Merfeld (@Josh_Merfeld; 20): Why won’t math render in Xaringan!?