Listening to @xieyihui in his @rstudio webinar on blogdown: "If you've never built a website, you are lucky; you will get started fast."



Julia Silge (@juliasilge; 182): Listening to @xieyihui in his @rstudio webinar on blogdown: “If you’ve never built a website, you are lucky; you will get started fast.”

Julia Silge (@juliasilge; 121): @xieyihui @rstudio “If you have built websites before, it will take you several days to get going with blogdown.” 😂😭😂😭😂 #rstats

Myfanwy (@Voovarb; 51): “Sometimes I feel like I’m just an RMarkdown virus.” - @xieyihui on new blogdown pkg #rstats

Joyce Robbins (@jtrnyc; 50): .@xieyihui: “Sometimes I feel I’m like an #RMarkdown virus” injecting it into whatever good tools I find @rstudio…

alex hayes (@alexpghayes; 31): #rstats #blogdown bloggers: make sure in config.toml

baseurl = ‘…/ends_with_a_slash/’

otherwise site styling can break!

Sharon Machlis (@sharon000; 21): Love this slide from @xieyihui ’s Blogdown webinar. Do you know basic website tech? You do if you get these T-shirt…

Joyce Robbins (@jtrnyc; 20): Advice for #rstats ppl: for the easiest, simplest, no-nonsense approach to anything, do it the way @xieyihui suggests @rstudio #blogdown

Brian Rusk (@BrianViRu; 10): @xieyihui Thanks for the Webinar on Blogdown this morning. It looks very useful and I’ll definitely be looking into it more.

Jon Borrelli (@JJ_Borrelli; 10): just caught aa @rstudio webinar by @xieyihui on blogdown and now i am jazzed to upgrade my website. awesome new tool!

Transport Foundry (@transprtfoundry; 10): The best kind of virus! “Sometimes I feel I’m just like an R Markdown virus” @xieyihui @rstudio #blogdown

Sharon Machlis (@sharon000; 10): Next RStudio webinar after today’s Blogdown session: June 7 11 am EDT Creating & Pre-Processing a Design Matrix w Recipes - Max Kuhn #rstats

Robin Donatello (@norcalbiostat; 0/0): On a @rstudio webinar with @xieyihui on #blogdown using #rmarkdown - he has the best example of a pie chart i’ve…

Jean Adams (@JeanVAdams; 0/0): @rstudio I tried registering for the blogdown webinar (which should have just started) w/ 2 different e-mails. Never heard back. :(


Keep It Surly (@surlyurbanist; 0/0): @paulonabike I’m thinking writing in markdown and potentially using bookdown to handle the organization of the whol…


Gavin Simpson (@ucfagls; 20): Also, think carefully about using syntax highlighting & the scheme you use; #knitr default doesn’t print well in BW…

Gavin Simpson (@ucfagls; 20): Tip from a reader; if you are writing a book intended for print & use #knitr, turn off the background on code blocks; it looks shit. #rstats

Kristen Sauby (@KristenSauby; 0/0): @JeffRouder @richarddmorey @EJWagenmakers I’ve been using Rmd, which converts pretty well to Word. I still have to…

Jeff Rouder (@JeffRouder; 0/0): U use LaTeX/knitr. Journal wont take pdf or tex. Conversion software stinks. Your thoughts? @richarddmorey @EJWagenmakers

Andrew Heiss (@andrewheiss; 0/0): @dantonnoriega Same thing happens in knitr

Danton Noriega (@dantonnoriega; 0/0): @andrewheiss Dang. I possibly had an idea if you were using knitr but not sure when it’s just straight pandoc.

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 10): @norcalbiostat @rstudio My three favorite pie charts: I had to show one that I could easily redraw in R :)

thinkR (@thinkR_fr; 0/0): “When in Doubt, Upgrade”, a friendly advice by @xieyihui 🙂 :