Do you want to make beautiful plots w/ ggplot2? Check out @CedScherer's step-by-step walkthrough of how they evolved "a dreary gray boxplot to a self-explanatory, colorful visualization"! #rstats



Emily Robinson (@robinson_es; 604123): Do you want to make beautiful plots w/ ggplot2? Check out @CedScherer’s step-by-step walkthrough of how they evolved “a dreary gray boxplot to a self-explanatory, colorful visualization”! #rstats >

David Moreau (@davidwmoreau; 574148): R is quickly becoming the tool of choice for data analysis in science. Lists of excellent resources to learn #rstats have been compiled in multiple places (I will mention here the amazing work of @djnavarro @MattCrump_ and of course @hadleywickham , links below) 16

Rebecca Barter (@rlbarter; 513150): I wrote a two-part #rstats blog post series on the tidyverse. Aimed at people familiar with base R who want to get comfortable using the tidyverse. Part 1: and Part 2:

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 26939): Whoa. #rstats #showerthoughts… > I just realized if you put the variable name and assignment on separate lines— > var_name <- noun %>% verb… > —instead of— > var_name <- noun %>% verb … > —you can comment out the assignment part anytime w/ Ctrl+Shft+C to just print the result.

Fernando A Barbalho (@barbalhofernand; 26161): Resolvi criar uma função em #rstats para “hackear” o datasus. Com essa função é possível programaticamente baixar todos os dados disponibilizados no portal de dados abertos apenas alterando os parâmetros de uma função. A função está neste gist:

Cédric Scherer (@CedScherer; 25981): Thanks to @zevross’ cheatsheet I’ve learned so much about beautiful plotting in #rstats with #ggplot2 - back in 2016 I replicated it and added some more details + tweaks. > Today this tutorial got another update and has found a new home on my homepage 🎉

Kirk Borne (@KirkDBorne; 20796): Introductory Guide to #DataScience: ——— #abdsc #BigData #MachineLearning #Algorithms #BI #Statistics #DataViz #GIS #coding #Python #Rstats #DataScientists ——— +Recommended books: 1) 2) 3)

Ecography (@EcographyJourna; 206101): landscapemetrics: an open‐source R tool to calculate landscape metrics #rstats @StatsForBios @simplystats #landscape #modelling @NordicOikos

Colin Fay 🤘 (@_ColinFay; 18742): Aaaaaaand {golem} is now on CRAN 🎉 🎊🎉 #RStats


Frederick Solt (@fredericksolt; 234): +1. And you can build an academic website in R and get it online free on GitHub. This post gives the step-by-step: >

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 191): 🔍 Find in files is a lifesaver in the @rstudio IDE when working with #blogdown if you are editing Hugo layout files

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 162): Oh, this is really nice. I’m excited to start slipping latex2exp code into my #bookdown and #blogdown projects.

Kylie Ainslie (@DrKAinslie; 104): Easy to follow tutorial for building a free academic website using blogdown. #rstats

Andrew Stewart (@ajstewart_lang; 91): Just spent the morning using RStudio, blogdown, Hugo, and Netlify to build my new website ( following this fantastic guide by @dsquintana Nice!

Amelia Barber (@frau_dr_barber; 61): Also, building a website using the Blogdown package in R was surprisingly easy and painless, in no small part to the great documentation available (@xieyihui @apreshill @ProQuesAsker) #rstats

Yazid Kurdi (@YazidKurdiR; 42): PUBG win percent using stats and machine learning! > > #MachineLearning #pubg #model #ensemble #randomforest #esports #rstats #blogdown

Dⓐniel Chen (@chendaniely; 41): @MilesMcBain @rstudio that theme is all thanks to @apreshill’s help running summer of blogdown workshop we had at the beginning of the internship (I’m very happy I’m not using Jekyll anymore): >

Peter Baumgartner (@pbaumgartner; 31): I wrote my second small R program (coinsR) to produce bibliographic metadata automatically for websites within the @GoHugoIO framework. The dominant use case at the moment is with the #blogdown package Comments are welcome #rstats

Michael Mullarkey (@mcmullarkey; 30): @MlProkosch +1 to blogdown! I made this website using it: > Here’s the thread @Ben_C_J mentioned if you want a step by step tutorial

Ihaddaden 🐼🍗🍳 (@IhaddadenFodil; 21): Creating my first website using #Rstudio #blogdown #hugo and it’s incredibly simple ! thanks to @dsquintana for the exhaustive Tutorial and thanks to @mcmullarkey for the precious tips #rstats

nick michalak (@nmmichalak; 20): @MlProkosch I like mine that I built with blogdown ( > It’s free (except my domain from google which costs $10/year) and flexible and makes use of R and GitHub.

Michael Mullarkey (@mcmullarkey; 20): Also if this seems intimidating or you have questions about the process please let me know! > I had 0 experience with blogdown before trying to do this, and there was definitely some trial and error involved

Peter Sobolewski (@psobolewskiPhD; 11): As an exercise, I wrote up my wrangling in a blog post—my first time using #rmarkdown R chunks with #blogdown and @rstudio. Pretty easy! Also included the solution suggested by @nacnudus here

Ed Hagen (@ed_hagen; 10): @MlProkosch I use blogdown. That said, it’s based on Hugo, which has a LOT of moving parts: more power and ways to customize, but more ways for things to get screwed up. I probably did something wrong at some point so now I have to edit various html and xml files by hand. Kind of a pain.

Patrick Durkee (@durkeepk; 10): @MlProkosch I really like blogdown. If you’re familiar with rmarkdown already, it’s easy to set up and you can host it for free on GitHub! There are a ton of templates to choose from and the Academic template is super clean. I had a googlesite before which was nice but not as satisfying

siegerts (@siegerts; 10): @livingwithdata Ref for layout override: #bookdown #blogdown

Ihaddaden 🐼🍗🍳 (@IhaddadenFodil; 10): I’m getting grazy. I’m creating an academic website with blogdown. When I use serve_site(), everything is perfect. When check my Github repo, also perfect but when I deploy in Netlify I find a specific part of my website missing 😤😩 any help @dsquintana ???

José Pereira (@jafcpereira; 10): @TaylorMcLinden @epi_twit And I almost forgot to give proper advice: if you need any help setting it :)

José Pereira (@jafcpereira; 10): @TaylorMcLinden @epi_twit You can try using blogdown and hosting in Netlify to create your own blog. Much easier than using Wordpress :)

Bill Wilkerson (@bill_wilkerson; 10): @sbmitche @bitmeehan @ScottJLaCombe @CourtneyJuelich If you are an R user you might consider using Blogdown, Hugo, and Netlify to set up and manage a site. Free. And excellent tutorial here. There is an excellent theme, academic, tha is perfect for folks who are on the job market.


Mara Averick (@dataandme; 7923): 📄 Handy cheatsheet (and bookdown)… Learn about XAI in R w/ “Predictive Models: Explore, Explain, and Debug” by @smarterpoland #rstats

Desiree De Leon (@dcossyle; 739): Want to give your bookdown headers clickable anchor links for easy sharing? Here’s how! #rstats

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 6512): One of my summer interns @rstudio has slowly been making all things #bookdown better looking > Adding anchor links for all markdown headers with #javascript is just one example 🛳 🚢

Chase Clark (@ChasingMicrobes; 93): Cross-pollinating #naturalProducts lab work with #coding #bestPractices… > Use #rstats #markdown #bookdown for #labNotebook. > Use @github AND @GitKraken #Glo for a calendar/list of things to do in lab which are knocked off “issues” list when committed from notebook.

Gjalt-Jorn Peters (@matherion; 62): @robinnkok @CaAl @namnatulco Ok, so I created an empty Bookdown book at > When commits are pushed, the book is automatically updated at (takes an hour or so for first version to appear), and all references in ‘become’ to the .bib file.

Marcelo Alves (@marceloufsj; 52):

Paul Oldham #FBPE (@junglepaul; 51): @IamMRWani @162880 @thomas_mock @veerlevanson For journal articles I suggest the rticles package For long pieces bookdown. Use bibtex format for bibliographies. Keep reading the rmarkdown book. Follow the very excellent @apreshill & @xieyihui for basic & ninja guides.

Yutaka Ishii (石井雄隆) (@yishii_0207; 42): jamoviで学ぶ心理統計

Grumpy Old Health Stats Dude (@healthstatsdude; 41): @SolomonKurz @__EODavis @djnavarro i dunno what kind of one day stats class but @SolomonKurz has done an AMAZING #tidyverse ebook on basic stats and bayesian stats based on Statistical Rethinking at and imo @rlmcelreath ‘s book is the single best contribution to stats in a looooong time

Chris Pounds (@chrislbs; 40): @ryantimpe @zhiiiyang likes for presentations from R

emre toros (@emretoros; 32): @koseozlem şu da fena değil 🙃

tomo-makes@『図解速習DEEP LEARNING』 (@tomo_makes; 22): おお。Rのパッケージ、Bookdownでビルドされてる。

Gjalt-Jorn Peters (@matherion; 21): @CaAl I was thinking the exact same thing. > We can simply whip up a Bookdown git repo and make a collaborative effort out of it. I guess the macrostructure of such a document would always look roughly the same, no? So then people can fill bits when they have time. > @CaAl, what say you?

David Reinstein (@GivingTools; 20): @ReplicableS @UCBITSS @g_theonion @jeremyfreese @tedmiguel @ucpress It seems to me that an online textbook and resource (#bookdown @xieyihui etc) would be ideal for this, as it could be continually updated, and include links and interactive resources. Do you know of any in progress?

Pachá 帕夏 (@pachamaltese; 20): @apreshill @rstudio huge!! bookdown is really nice and I cannot find a python equivalent

John T. Johnson 🧠 Luctor et Emergo (@John4tl; 12): Is @rstudio the best editor to use for #bookdown and #rmarkdown? Does an “articledown” framework exist (in the spirit of bookdown, thesisdown, etc.)? #rstats #ecrchat #phdchat

Gina G. 🖖🏾 (@TheGinaGi; 11): But I mean it for next semester. I taught #Bookdown for #RStats over the summer, and realized how easy the presentations are. So I’m sticking to my commitment next semester. And I’m playing with #RStats for the next glorious 3 weeks.

txt4cs (@txt4cs; 11):

Gjalt-Jorn Peters (@matherion; 10): @namnatulco @CaAl Agree. The guidelines themselves are facts - and facts cannot be owned. > So I was thinking about basically copying the guidelines but not the phrasing. > Once we have a Bookdown that’s a zou of APA7, we could discuss (with a group of journal editors) how to relax some guidelines.

Bea. (@Chucheria; 10): @artolamola @msanjuan Sobre que a mí no me gustan los notebooks o sobre rmarkdown?

Matt Wittbrodt (@mattwittbrodt; 10): @John4tl @rstudio I saw Hadley speak at Emory- I believe his examples of reproducible code - including bookdown- were all in R Studio. Granted he works for them, but I tend to follow his lead.

Francesco Grossetti (@contefranz; 10): @danijarh @gaiarubera What I personally miss the most when switching from R to Python is a consistent framework to draft professional docs. Jupyter is just ok. Maybe have a look at bookdown which is a great extension (by far) of standard rmarkdown

Francesco Grossetti (@contefranz; 10): @hanhngh @gaiarubera @danijarh That’s exactly what I am saying. The combo RStudio + rmarkdown/bookdown wins hands down. Period. You can even write books with it which is what @gaiarubera and myself did. Fun fact: the book is a beginner intro to Python

at it again (@TheRealEveret; 10): @causalinf @yalepress @econeditor @LindsayEdgecom1 Remind me: Are you rewriting it with bookdown or something?

Philip Khor (@philip_khor; 10): @rv1n0d85 I recall seeing a few thesis out there with bookdown too. Pretty sweet deal cos you get HTML and LaTeX versions of the book for free. > Thanks! Let’s find a day to do that when I get back :)

David Reinstein (@GivingTools; 0/1): #bookdown #css … best tip ever, thanks Kent Johnson of the #R4dslackers!


Hadley Wickham (@hadleywickham; 101): @danijarh @dan_s_becker FWIW knitr also supports a mode where you have a regular R file with special comments:

Matt Crump (@MattCrump_; 31): 3. Check out this Stroop demo for some example .rmd code using the new functions. This uses a combination of R and JS code chunks, and knitr to create the html. The experiment is hosted on github pages (see link from top tweet to run: Stroop2) >

श्रवण वसिष्ठ / Shravan Vasishth (@shravanvasishth; 30): @DrClintonJohns @JeffRouder @JPdeRuiter @dsquareddigest I think it has partly to do with my incompetence and old-age grumpiness. I do use Rmd for public release of data and code. I just write my papers using Rnw (knitr) in pure latex. I find it much easier.

Evgeny Pogrebnyak (@PogrebnyakE; 21): Here is another take on workflows with @ProjectJupyter, Handout (@danijarh) and knitr (@xieyihui). Interactivity vs report generation user goal make biggest distinction, imo. > If you have a usecase that breaks a chart, please write back in comments.

Heidi Seibold (@HeidiBaya; 20): @ClLazarides @rstatstweet How about using RMarkdown ( or knitr (in combination with a cool poster theme > QR or link to PDF sounds reasonable to me ;)

Dustin Tran (@dustinvtran; 20): @danijarh @markvanderwilk knitr’s control output settings may be a helpful reference (, and knitr more generally. It’s highly related and is popular among statisticians. I used it often in grad school for problem sets/finals.

Diego Javier Zea (@diegojavierzea; 20): @ErdelyArtur @Rbloggers Why not the three of them? You can use Julia and Weave.jl instead of R and knitr, together with RCall.jl and PyCall.jl. There is even a PyPlot.jl package!

Ruben Van Paemel (@RubenVanPaemel; 10): @IAmSamFin With the spin package you can generate HTML reports like with knitr. All lines starting with #’ are converted to markdown, and you can use this in a standard .R script (.Rmd is not needed) >

Ruby Programming (@ProgrammingRuby; 10): Ruby Algorithm Documentation with AsciiDoc and Knitr > ☞ > #ruby #rubyonrails

Learn Ruby (@MaryLearn; 10): Ruby Algorithm Documentation with AsciiDoc and Knitr > ☞ > #ruby #rubyonrails

Ruby (@ruby_codek; 10): Ruby Algorithm Documentation with AsciiDoc and Knitr > ☞ > #ruby #rubyonrails

Ruby Fan (@ruby_fan_codek; 10): Ruby Algorithm Documentation with AsciiDoc and Knitr > ☞ > #ruby #rubyonrails

Kelly Bodwin (@KellyBodwin; 10): @francisfreedom4 @apreshill regular expressions, S3 methods, the {evaluate} package, and the magic of {knitr} 🤗

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): r- flextable runs in script and RMarkdown Chunk but Knitr fails #tidyverse #rstats (@yrlaNor; 0/1): zum 30. geburtstag von @MicrosoftDE #office sage ich: danke, daß du den leidensdruck groß genug für mich gemacht hast, um mich mit #LaTeX zu beschäftigen und mir damit einen unendlichen kosmos an möglichkeiten zu eröffnen #markdown #knitr #LyX #pandoc @RKWardNet


Giovanni Pavolini (@gpavolini; 11): I loved pagedown. Wrote my CV with it. It’s really beautiful and versatile

Marcello Nesca (@MarcelloNescafe; 10): I am genuinely blown away from Yihui’s presentation on the new pagedown for R Markdown, its still in its alpha stages, but WOW! Lets harness the power of HTML! >


Danielle Navarro (@djnavarro; 60): @dan_p_simpson yeah, but now i’m looking at rebuilding from my old latex source code and while tinytex makes it so much easier than it used to be…

666tachula666 (@tachula_krsk; 30): Listen to TinyTex-House Party (Tachuo remix) by Tachuo Beatz #np on #SoundCloud > #hiphop #trap

666tachula666 (@tachula_krsk; 21): Listen to TinyTex-House Party (Tachuo remix) by Tachuo Beatz #np on #SoundCloud #otsu ⁦@tinytex1989⁩ #tachuobeatz #hiphop #trap #otsu #shiga #krsk

CRAN Package Updates (@CRANberriesFeed; 11): CRAN updates: DT ggpubr servr tinytex #rstats


Alice Sweeting (@alicesweeting; 7512): For🎓keen to apply for/ work in data #SportScience jobs… These are tasks I do daily in #RStats: ✍️work with real (read; dirty) data 🌏explore with #ggplot2 📉analyse = know your (stats) tools 📢present, ideally via #rmarkdown or #xaringan 🤯explain your work to diff. audiences

Paul Oldham #FBPE (@junglepaul; 195): Talking @AfricaRUsers @rOpenSci @rstudio #shiny #xaringan #reticulate and @spacy_io at the Nairobi data science workshop.

Gina Reynolds (@EvaMaeRey; 113): @soroosj @negbogah @david_carayon @Christi58451746 Repo here: Made with @xieyihui ’s #Xaringan. Reveal code written with #rstats luminaries @grrrck and @statsgen .

Garrick Aden-Buie (@grrrck; 70): @patilindrajeets @MilesMcBain @dataandme @nj_tierney Yes! I’m a big fan of {xaringan}! > I used xaringanthemer to set the base theme and @tachyons_css for utility classes, plus a dash of animate.css for transitions. > > Full source here:

Luuuda (@ludmila_janda; 70): @chrislbs @jpmarindiaz @ryantimpe wow, a talk - i clearly text “y’all” often package: my talk: the in-RStudio viewer slide display was a little buggy when I was working on the slides but restarting helped and there are some nice shortcut keys

Luuuda (@ludmila_janda; 61): @chrislbs @jpmarindiaz @ryantimpe thirding the xaringan package, the documentation is good, used it for a y’all recently

Zhi Yang (@zhiiiyang; 50): @chrislbs @ryantimpe I started with Yihui’s xaringan template and gradually borrowed from others’ css files. Also, don’t forget to check out @apreshill’s workshop on xaringan.

Jp Marín Díaz (@jpmarindiaz; 50): @ryantimpe I’ve seen a lot of folks using the xaringan package

Garrick Aden-Buie (@grrrck; 40): @apreshill @MilesMcBain @dataandme @patilindrajeets @nj_tierney @tachyons_css Thanks! @tachyons_css took a bit to learn but it’s such a good fit for xaringan!

Julio Trecenti (@jtrecenti; 31): Xaringan-kunoichi/shinobi theme for #rstats presentations is fantastic. It’s fun, fast and beautiful

Yohan J. Rodríguez (@hasdid; 11): #R #Automated | Collapsible code output for xaringan

Indrajeet Patil (@patilindrajeets; 10): @grrrck @MilesMcBain @dataandme @nj_tierney The slides indeed look gorgeous!! 🙌💅📊 > Were they prepared using xaringan?

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 10): @JenRichmondPhD note: you can export to gif, which for my xaringan slides is 😘😘😘😘

Kelly Bodwin (@KellyBodwin; 10): @chreliot Thanks! It’s made in {xaringan}! Takes a small amount of getting used to, but the slides are sooo nice with minimal effort. And there’s a ton you can do with it if you want to dig in. 🙂

Aliakbar Akbaritabar (Ali) (@Akbaritabar; 10): @i_steves Yes, it does. Result of any query (and even plots and tables etc) get cached and as long as the cache is not invalidated it doesn’t run that query again (e.g, even an space added invalidates the chunk). I personally only rarely collect() big data portions