Correctly specifying a distribution family for regression model can improve estimate accuracy. But what if we’re unsure? The {check_distribution} function from {performance} 📦 uses Random Forest to help you reconsider the choice ⚠️ #rstats #DataScience



R Function A Day (@rfunctionaday; 35664): Correctly specifying a distribution family for regression model can improve estimate accuracy. But what if we’re unsure? > The {check_distribution} function from {performance} 📦 uses Random Forest to help you reconsider the choice ⚠️ > > #rstats #DataScience

Dan Quintana (@dsquintana; 23161): GitHub Copilot autocompletes your code snippets. You can also type in plain language what you want to do (e.g., “create a density plot with variables X and Y”) and it will suggest code. And yes, this works with #Rstats. > This is going to be a game changer

David Smith (@revodavid; 20331): For those asking if GitHub Copilot knows about data analysis with tidyverse in R #rstats:

PINAKI (@PinakiLaskar; 187140): Vehicle detection and Counting Detection: mask-rcnn > #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #IoT #IIoT #RStats #JavaScript #ReactJS #CloudComputing #Serverless #Linux #Programming #Coding #Innovation #MachineLearning #selfdrivingcars #devcommunity #100DaysofCode #AI #autonomousvehicles

Shahul Hameed.M (@sh_hameed; 131144): 10 Amazing #MachineLearning Projects of 2020. #Python #BigData #Analytics #AI #DataScience #IoT #IIoT #Azure #RStats #DotNet #C #CPP #Java #Flutter #SQL #TensorFlow #JavaScript #ReactJS #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka 🇺🇸 (@gp_pulipaka; 122105): The Best Machine Learning Books from Manning. #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #IoT #IIoT #PyTorch #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #Java #JavaScript #ReactJS #CloudComputing #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #Books #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka 🇺🇸 (@gp_pulipaka; 120114): Beginners Guide to AI. Deep Dive into AI. #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #AI #MachineLearning #IoT #IIoT #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #JavaScript #ReactJS #CloudComputing #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #Mathematics #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode


R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 9922): ✍️🖥️ Up & running with blogdown in 2021 > 👤 Alison Presmanes Hill @apreshill
> 🔗 #rstats #datascience

Scott Chamberlain (@sckottie; 100): @dm_ferraro nice one! if it helps there’s this for parsing scientific names - installs and uses a Go library (sorta like blogdown installs hugo)

Jenny Sloane (@jfsloane; 63): Looking for something to do during lockdown?? Join us virtually this coming Monday for a workshop on building websites using #R #blogdown. Sign up here or DM me for more details @TehillaOst @fonti_kar @UNSWScience

Jenny Sloane (@jfsloane; 41): I’m trying to build a website in R using the hugo academic theme and noticed there may have been some recent updates and I can no longer deploy my site (looks like a module or repo doesn’t exist any more) - any suggestions? @wowchemy #blogdown @apreshill @xieyihui 12

Ben Harrap (@BHarrap; 32): Just spent an hour troubleshooting why an image wasn’t rendering in a #blogdown post only to notice I was referencing ‘dag.png’ when I should’ve been referencing ‘dag.PNG’. > #rstats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 22): How to use the Hugo default theme index.html file generated by index.Rmd file on Netlify using blogdown? #tidyverse #rstats

Chris Gaskell (@chrisgaskell92; 22): How to spend a weekend of self-isolation…? By making your dog an academic website, obviously! 😅 > #RStats #blogdown >

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 12): how to deploy a bookdown book inside a blogdown website #tidyverse #rstats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 12): Error building webpage: RStudio + blogdown + Ezhil Theme #tidyverse #rstats

Enrico Manlapig (@EnricoManlapig; 10): @VilhelminaAna @econotw Hello! If you are an #R person, blogdown/Hugo (Academic) does everything. Distill is much simpler to setup and maintain. I’m using Hugo apero these days, which is kind of in the middle


Nithin .M (@nithin_eco; 9011): My favourite R packages: 1. purrr 2. Broom 3. Rmarkdown/bookdown 4.epoxy ( it will be on top soon) 5.janitor > Please list yours😀 > #rstats #EconTwitter

R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 7922): 📚🩺 Reproducible Medical Research with R > 👤 Peter Higgins @ibddoctor
> 🔗 #rstats #datascience

Nick HK (@nickchk; 4111): If you are at all interested in using bookdown to write a Tufte-style HTML book like, I’ve made a repo of all the tweaks I made to msmbstyle to get it how I wanted (navbar always-on on left, better centering, sidenote numbering). >

Julián Velasco 🦎 (@juvelas; 330): Libros sobre R y SIG

Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel (@minebocek; 242): The book is written fully with #rstats in @rstudio using bookdown. Full source code can be found at (issues and PRs welcome 😉) > Huge thanks to @rundel for help with the conversion from LaTeX to Rmd and @chrisderv for help with multi-output Rmd! > 13/n

Ewan Donnachie 🇬🇧🇩🇪 (@ERDonnachie; 117): This looks like a very good reference covering important statistical concepts in a non-technical way. > Equally interesting: The bookdown code on github provides a masterclass in creating publication-quality books in HTML and PDF format. #RStats #bookdown #rmarkdown

Keith McNulty (@dr_keithmcnulty; 92): Another great product of the #bookdown revolution. congrats @minebocek and @jo_hardin47. Looking forward to flicking through this when my copy arrives later this week. #rstats #tidyverse #stats #datascience

Indrajeet Patil (@patilindrajeets; 60): @nithin_eco @rstatstweet See this section from the book: > You can use this as the starting point for a custom function:

Hao Ye (@Hao_and_Y; 50): @joelmcglothlin @Choosy_Female @yanivbrandvain I’m not actively teaching stats or exp. design, but my opinion crystallized from many years of debugging data analysis issues is that a foundation in the data-generating process is essential… > So, seconding the approach in @yanivbrandvain’s book -

Daniel BarelyOnline McNichol (@dnlmc; 41): @seanmhoban @RLadiesGlobal some of my fav resources: > - &  - - & generally - - - -

Eirini Tsirvouli (@eirini_tsi; 40): @KDrakoulaki I found this tutorial pretty helpful, together with the official documentation of the package :)

Katerina Drakoulaki (@KDrakoulaki; 34): #rstats #rstudio people, do you have a recommendation for a #bookdown intro for dummies? Like, really for dummies? I’m kinda puzzled as to index and yaml files and what they do…

Omid Ghasemi (@Omid_Ghasemi21; 20): @SolomonKurz @ktaylor @oscar_olvera100 @JamesEBartlett @LisaDeBruine Solomon, I was thinking of using @LisaDeBruine faux package, which she presented on this summer school, for simulation in your bookdown instead of Mass. I will open an issue on Github later.

liliana ballesteros (@lilibamej; 11): Nice resource to find books about R and GIS 😉

armchairtrader (@armchairtrader1; 11): I dont think any retail traders needs to do any option seminar beyond this @AnandableAnand @TraderLogical u can share with ur followers if u like the content.not my content. > Chapter 5 The Greeks | The Derivatives Academy #rmarkdown #bookdown

Isabella R. Ghement (@IsabellaGhement; 10): @SolomonKurz @statwonk The other thing you can try is a good old exploratory analysis: fit lm() models separately for each ‘individual’ to get slopes and intercepts (if possible) and plot the slopes against the intercepts. See Section 9.4 of for what this looks like.

Nick HK (@nickchk; 10): A repo for adjustments to msmbstyle (a Bookdown -> Tufte-HTML book affair)

Sitendu Goswami (@sitendurocks; 10): @nithin_eco yeah #rmarkdown #bookdown and #git are absolute lifesavers

Dr Lizzie Shephard (@lizzieshephard; 10): @AlessioBellato @beffdizzle Definitely not an expert but have done a few meta-analyses. This book is online and free and shows you how to do everything

Aaro Salosensaari (@aqsalose; 10): This open R-based tutorial / book by Mathias Harrer, called Doing Meta-analysis in R was nice: > Written on introductory level, but the references should provide enough material to keep also those who want a more advanced treatment happy.

David Saeteros (@saeteros_david; 10): If you ever find yourself trying to compute manually an Egger’s test for whatever reason (e.g. trying to understand it step-by-step), check this out.

Liz Mathiasen (@LizMathiasen; 10): @C_Poku93 @DrTomasS Interestingly enough, someone already felt the same way and wrote a whole R book about it. >

Lluís Revilla Sancho (@Lluis_Revilla; 10): @KDrakoulaki Not an expert but index.Rmd is the cover page, _output.yml how the book is knitted (PDF, website,… links, chapters…) , and _bookdown.yml what is on the book (title, author, organization…)

Tyler Smith (@sedgeboy; 0/2): #bookdown users: any tips for figuring out why my cross-references to figures work in pdf_document2, but not in word_document2? The chunk labels look ok (no _), they all have captions. All work in pdf, only 1 out of 5 work in docx #rstats


Watal M. Iwasaki (@heavywatal; 589): @hankagosa お、お、お褒めに預かり光栄です!R Markdown を書けばあとは knitr, Hugo, reveal.js, KaTeX がいい感じにやってくれます。ソースコードはこちらです:

Christophe Dervieux (@chrisderv; 153): @benmarwick @JuniperLSimonis @precatlady @apreshill @xieyihui This is not a straightforward task but you can use advanced knitr tricks to achieve this. I have written the how to in a blogpost Hope it will be clear enough to help ! > If this is something common, we could definitely add a helper function for this.

Catherine (@fishiintheC; 73): @UQ_Library @RLadiesBrisbane One quick #RMarkdown tip is to use “r” in the YAML header to automatically update the date when you knit. 👍 > #R #RStudio #knitr

Dr Simonis (they/them) knows what chem weapons are (@JuniperLSimonis; 41): How to retrieve all of the alt text from knitr chunks in a markdown doc!!

Catherine (@fishiintheC; 33): You can find the @UQ_Library ‘Reproducible reports with R markdown and knitr’ course materials by my colleague Stephane Guillou here: > #R #Rmarkdown #RStats #Coding

Guillaume Loignon (@softnoumenon; 31): @EdIvimeyCook Use RStudio projects, avoid loops and conditional blocks when possible, you don’t have to use knitr if you don’t want to, tidyverse + data.table() FTW.

Jo Etzel (@JosetAEtzel; 22): Blog posts, starting with, describe the supplemental files. These are all #RStats (#baseR flavor), primarily #knitr, and so are also tutorials for working with neuroimaging data in R (big thanks to @jonclayden for RNifti & @StrictlyStat for gifti!). 48

David Ibarra Gomez (@David_Barracuda; 20): @nithin_eco @rstats4ds RCpp data.table RInside RPostgreSQL xgboost randomForest ggplot2 rpart openxlsx shiny flexdashboard survival rgdal rcurl knitr rcurl RProtoBuf forecast lpSolve … and many many features of rbase. I am adict… ;)

soumya; (@soumyabg; 12): If you know, what a pain in the a.. it is to generate a well formatted printable, publishable PDF report in python, you will appreciate Knitr more than ever #tidyverse

Eyayaw Teka Beze (@EyayawBeze; 10): @nithin_eco 1. base 3. ggplot2 4. rmarkdown (knitr) 5. dplyr, haven

Royal Statistical Society (@RoyalStatSoc; 10): Know anyone interested in learning about automated reports in R? Book 3+ people and enjoy a group discount! #R #Rmarkdown #Knitr

Royal Statistical Society (@RoyalStatSoc; 10): Last few days to book onto our Automated reports in R course! Hurry and book your place today! #R #Rmarkdown #Knitr

Jason Haw (@jasonhaw; 10): The Statamarkdown setup is pretty straightforward. Install & load the package, then add a couple of lines of code to tell knitr where Stata is. Then after that, just declare stata on the name of the code chunk and you can code in Stata, and results are just like in Stata (great!) [↪](

Ben Harrap (@BHarrap; 0/2): Another image problem: > 1: works 2: knitr::include_graphics(‘/img/confirmation-report/dag.png’) breaks page, ‘cannot find file’ 3. knitr::include_graphics(‘../../static/img/confirmation-report/dag.png’) page OK, no image rendered > #RStats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): knitr::current_input() - 2 pases? #tidyverse #rstats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Conflict in the color of a line in table kable knitr using striped and row_spec background #tidyverse #rstats


R posts you might have missed! (@icymi_r; 2810): ✍️ xaringan: Comunicando seus resultados em R > 👤 R-Ladies São Paulo @RLadiesSaoPaulo > 🔗 #rstats #datascience

The R-Podcast (Eric) (@theRcast; 222): Putting @grrrck’s #xaringan playground tips from #rstudioglobal2021 to great use for my upcoming @_useRconf talk! > Everything works smoothly in @CodeVisual, even the infinite moon reader 💪 Amazing work to bring #rstats support to VSCode @renkun_ken @ikuyadeu0513 @MilesMcBain

Ignacio Spiousas (@Spiousas; 133): Hoy hice mi primera presentación para un seminario utilizando íntegramente #rstats y #xaringan. Gracias a @spcanelon por su espectacular tutorial en YouTube que me recontra ayudó y a @karbartolome por el apoyo moral y por compartirme sus slides.

USGS Data Science (@USGS_DataSci; 91): This gif was inspired by a blog post by @PipingHotData for @WeAreRLadies @RLadiesGlobal and made with #rstats using @EvaMaeRey’s #flipbookr 📦 highly recommend!

Ingo Rohlfing (@ingorohlfing; 53): Self-contained {xaringan} slides that do not require online connection by @xieyihui 👇 YAML header does the magic #RStats

Silvia Canelón (@spcanelon; 30): @Spiousas @Chazkon @karbartolome Enlaces para los videos y las diapos que acompañan también se pueden conseguir en el sitio web del taller

Karina Bartolomé 💚 (@karbartolome; 30): @Spiousas @spcanelon Espero que hayan servido de algo y qué bueno que haya salido bien, realmente #xaringan es increíble 🙌

Stefan Schmutz (@sschmutz_; 20): @le_Tomassini @schochastics I also just came across this tweet and had the same question. @EmilHvitfeldt has an example for it in his xaringan-gallery: 🔗 [↪](

えいつぴ (@eitsupi; 10): xaringanとxaringanthemer今回初めて使いましたがすごく良かったです。今後も積極的に使いたいです。

Charlie 👩‍💻 (@charliejhadley; 10): To keep my slides minimal I often repeat the slide title with (I), (II) etc… > Is there a nice font that includes good looking Roman numerals? > Should I use a separate font for the numerals… ? How is that done neatly in RMarkdown/{xaringan} headers?!

Alison Presmanes Hill (@apreshill; 10): @ibddoctor @ry_estrellado @cascadiarconf there is a xaringan version?

Peter Higgins (@ibddoctor; 10): @apreshill @ry_estrellado @cascadiarconf Hard truth: the xaringan version was better

Kuan Liu 刘宽 (@KuanLiu2; 10): Example presentation slides using the UT xaringan template,, GitHub repo,

Pablo (@pabblo_h; 10): @d_olivaw Esta cuenta le mete cosas de power point a las diapos de xaringan 🤭

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): @niszet0 xaringanに言及した次のコメントでrevealjs 4.10入れたぜ!って人いるから、十分対応可能な範囲なんだと思ってます。 単にrstudioのリソース不足かなあと。

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): @niszet0 ソレ……。だからモダンでイカしたswiperを作ろうって思ったんですけど、想像以上に難しくて一旦停止です(笑) xaringanも人気ありますけど、あっちは実際にはremarkjsでまたちょいと違いますしね……。

Ricky Esclapon (@Esclaponr; 10): @d_olivaw Would be nice for xaringan to support the visual markdown editor since I’d think you could use that maybe. And will be cool to see that interface keep evolving for allowing use cases like these as more people point out things like this one that are currently too cumbersome

Lukas Burk / JeMScu (@Jemus42; 0/2): Copypasting other people’s {xaringan} CSS into my own frankentheme, but as a personality #rstats

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): Switch slide number display on and off with xaringan / reveal.js slides #tidyverse #rstats