'Geocomputation with R, a book on geographic data analysis, visualization and modeling.' by @robinlovelace https://t.co/cTOUDMyljw #rstast #bookdown #rmarkdown #geocomputation https://t.co/KmJtWrjMEX



Gabriel Zanlorenssi (@gzanlorenssi; 39252): Oi, pessoal, vou compartilhar aqui alguns dos códigos de R (#rstats) que vou usar domingo para pegar os dados em tempo real direto do TSE > No dia, é só mudar o código do pleito > 1- Resultado geral do 2T. Ao final gera uma tabela como na img https://t.co/HdzxCiFGYg https://t.co/no0aoLRhJ4

Rosana Ferrero🕊☮️🏳 (@RosanaFerrero; 28468): 👀 ¿Sabías que puedes realizar gráficos profesionales con ggplot2 de manera interactiva? 👉 Prueba el complemento (Addin) 📦 esquisse y copia el código que genera 🔗 https://t.co/adXTyJahu6 #datascience #analytics #dataviz #datavisualization #stats #data #machinelearning #RStats https://t.co/ibx5OxZdIN

Josh Erickson (@joshualerickson; 17441): Having fun with a couple ‘soon to be’ functions in {gwavr}. Heavy lifting {whitebox}. More to come! Hydro/stream network stuff. > Worldwide 🌍: ✔️ > #rstats #hydrology #gis #water https://t.co/3PCQ0If6Cm


Frank Harrell (@f2harrell; 6810): I finished converting my Statistical Thinking blog at https://t.co/8sdCD3RJoQ from blogdown->hugo->github->netlify to Quarto->manual netlify deployment. MUCH cleaner, with better article formatting and search capabilities. #StatThink @vandy_biostat @VUDataScience @quarto_pub

Cédric Scherer (@CedScherer; 50): @rappa753 Thanks! No, it’s still my old blogdown x HUGO page. No time to build a new one 😁

Ben Bolker (@bolkerb; 50): @gshotwell @flowuenne @quarto_tweets or if you work with the extended *down ecosystem (blogdown/bookdown/etc.), which I think is better integrated/more coherent/built into Quarto (I don’t really know, I don’t use any of that stuff myself)

BHSci_, R & Graphical Art 🦄🇨🇦🌈 (@StarTrek_Lt; 30): @flowuenne Quarto makes making new blog posts so much easier than blogdown. Quarto markdown can run python and R in same file changing themes & customization is easier than Hugo mess


R Markdown (@rmarkdown; 482111): ‘Geocomputation with R, a book on geographic data analysis, visualization and modeling.’ by @robinlovelace https://t.co/cTOUDMyljw #rstast #bookdown #rmarkdown #geocomputation https://t.co/KmJtWrjMEX

David Grubbs (@crcgrubbsd; 3812): Happy Friday! If anyone has written or is writing a free online book, i.e. on bookdown, github, etc. and would like to discuss doing a parallel print version with CRC, I would be happy to discuss this with you. #rstats #datascience @CRC_MathStats #statstwitter #econtwitter https://t.co/ZtQaUeAvaK

cpcex_lab (@cpcex_lab; 3111): [Novidade!] Capítulo 9 publicado! Como ele, você pode aprender técnicas automatizadas para classificação de conteúdo. Além disso, confira o que está por vir no Cap 10 do livro Texto como Dado para Ciências Sociais: https://t.co/YAxgs2A8d3 @monimazz @davicmoreira
@politicaufpe https://t.co/kGyVGshtBt

tipsder (@tipsder; 115): ¡Introducción a la minería de datos con #R! Libro, en español, con una interesante introducción a la miería/analítica de datos con R. Gracias al autor por este aporte a la comunidad hispanohablante. https://t.co/Aixu4nXcIo #rstats #DataScience #dataviz #DataVisualization https://t.co/kxl8xfmYza

Stéphane ROBERT🚲🏔️🏖️ (@RobertStphane19; 62): Finalement en testant mdbook et bookdown je pars sur le premier. bookdown est en R et pas envie de l’installer. mdbook est écris en rust et correspond à mes attentes. https://t.co/QzwFSD9omv

Jeff Rothschild (@EatsleepfitJeff; 40): @jem_arnold @EliasLehtonen @felipe_mattioni Courses - https://t.co/JEu1LDixVH https://t.co/DF0llqQbYK > Books - https://t.co/UIuAKLGUIM https://t.co/a1iGPG2d6K https://t.co/EYFdCm7mRO https://t.co/jmzTWoswun https://t.co/mvM95jauYZ https://t.co/k5UnCPZVVO https://t.co/j27ABhWqOZ

r_tips (@r_tipss; 34): [PAQUETE 📦] - ¿Necesitas armar un libro? Probá con {bookdown}, un paquete que te facilita esta tarea a través de Rmarkdown

🌐 https://t.co/nBgIgImeBG ✍🏼 @rstudio @xieyihui

#RStats #RStatsES #Rtips #DataScience

CALC | Coming soon to Kujira 👀 🐋 (@CALC_Finance; 30): Without getting too technical, Risk Decomposition is a two-step process: > 1️⃣ Measure your entire portfolio’s risk (i.e. the standard deviation of past price changes) > 2️⃣ Calculate the Percentage Contribution To Risk (PCTR) of each asset. > (RD in full 👇 ) https://t.co/WDVJ26cMSl

That Masked Woman (@JTMontgomery8; 30): @gtconway3d @ThePlumLineGS This sounds like a job for the law of iterated expectations. https://t.co/l0j4o8XW8b https://t.co/R2xZWDIWoh

Richard Torkar 🇺🇦 (@rtorkar; 21): @Emmanuelmiiro25 @Lelia_BStephens @rlmcelreath And the brms code that @SolomonKurz prepared from the book: https://t.co/1J1kpYmZjV

REDRUM Lagoe (@RedLagoe; 20): @HaileyPiperSays That’s the exact page I left off on before having to put the bookdown to do mom stuff.😄

DEC UNS Bahía Blanca (@ProgramaAEDuns; 20): @nicoescandar82 https://t.co/BkoKgxDxnp

Carlos Rivera (@Galindes; 11): New book by @HolbrookTom alert: “An Introduction to Political and Social Data Analysis Using R”. > #rmarkdown, #bookdown, #AcademicTwitter. > https://t.co/lCoScYShLS

แงว🦭#ปล่อยเพื่อนเราทุกคน #หยุดผูกขาดมือถือ (@phr6050; 11): เคยอ่านแต่เล่ม 3 เป็นหนึ่งใน text book ที่ส่วนตัวรู้สึกว่ายอดเยี่ยมสุดๆ ดีต่อการทำ data visualization มากๆๆๆ สต. ยกให้เป็นหนังสือที่แนะแนวทางทำ data viz ใน R ที่ดีที่สุดที่ช่วยให้เราสร้าง graph & chart ให้เข้าใจง่ายและสวยขึ้นอย่างมาก อ่าน online ได้ใน https://t.co/bb1cSSbVWG เลย https://t.co/vk43QekliK

Jason N. Doctor (@jasndoc; 10): @hawesmt https://t.co/nxGGQ1m5kY

That Masked Woman (@JTMontgomery8; 10): @gtconway3d @ThePlumLineGS George, there is a law about this: the law of iterated expectations. > https://t.co/l0j4o8XW8b

José A. Calvache (@jacalvache; 10): Very good introductory chapter ! Ch. 7. Causal inference & DAGs | (Mostly Clinical) Epidemiology with R by @brophyj https://t.co/6k8JfQppcr #rmarkdown #bookdown #epitwittee @mcgillu

Sumin Lee (@sumin_s_lee; 10): @DongilLee2 Highly recommend this book! https://t.co/IeIzIWhUfx

txt4cs (@txt4cs; 10): [Novidade!] Capítulo 9 publicado! Como ele, você pode aprender técnicas automatizadas para classificação de conteúdo. Além disso, confira o que está por vir no Cap 10 do livro Texto como Dado para Ciências Sociais: https://t.co/RiOqht0vBw @monimazz @davicmoreira


R Markdown (@rmarkdown; 6823): Learn to use R in LaTeX to create dynamic documents with Overleaf and Knitr. by @citedrive https://t.co/7aIP7zCQL3 #rstats #knitr #texlatex #overleaf

Danielle Navarro (@djnavarro; 91): @flowuenne There are big advantages when working across languages (e.g. my blog switches the engine from knitr to jupyter on some pages), & there some little tweaks that make life easier (css for alert boxes, redirecting output to page margins etc), but it’s mostly the multi-language for me

Susan VanderPlas (@srvanderplas; 72): How many academic innovations are borne of trauma? Listening to Jacob Bien talk about litr, thinking about the origin story of knitr (@xieyihui), … it seems like there are a lot of literate-programming R packages that are attempts to avoid repeating past trauma. #rstats

Fadel Megahed (@FadelMegahed; 40): @JeffRouder #tidypolars allow you to use dplyr/lubridate functions and #plotnine is a port of ggplot2. If you like the tidyverse, maybe you will like this approach. Additionally if you teach Rmarkdown, the lift to quarto is not much and you can use Knitr engine back Jupyter engines for 1 IDE

PostData (@datalabx; 22): ““What program do you use to make posters?” is a question people wish they hadn’t asked me, as soon as I start describing it.” > Separar contenido de presentación #rstats #quarto #markdown #knitr #pandoc #yaml @LuaLang #xelatex > https://t.co/Epvm7suFZE https://t.co/1YHk0cy3tx

百年に一度 (@boyaki001; 20): Yihui氏のプレゼン。knitrってRやPythonどころかbashとかawkとかスクリプト言語なら(?)なんでも実行できるんだな。RStudioが名称変更するのもこれなら納得。 https://t.co/ytauoZJOyo

えいつぴ (@eitsupi; 20): knitrにprqlエンジン追加できると面白いかもしれませんねこれ。どうやったら実装できるのか皆目見当も付きませんが……。

#rstatsvideo 🤖 (@rstatsvideo; 12): 📺 New #rstatsvideo: Yihui Xie | Highlights of the knitr package from the past two years | RStudio (2022) ▶ RStudio (@rstudio) 🗣 🇬🇧 #rstats 🔗 https://t.co/qinZ3I7lgu

uncorrelated (@uncorrelated; 10): htmlでプレゼン資料を生成できるわけだが、列名や表示桁数などのテーブル表示の調整が良く分からない。knitr::kableやDT::datatableでそれっぽいのは出るのだが、やはりcss、さらにはhtmlを書かないといけなくなる。そのための命令も用意されているわけだけれども。

Jason N. Doctor (@jasndoc; 10): @hawesmt I usually do just fine with big tables using knitr kable, you just have to extract the correlations. Save the object for summary(output) and then extract elements from it for the cells.

Mickaël CANOUIL (@MickaelCanouil; 10): @zakvarty To note, technically ```{latex} is not valid, because “latex” is not a recognised language in {knitr}

Mickaël CANOUIL (@MickaelCanouil; 10): @zakvarty There is also the {.language} form which does the same aslanguage or: ``{language} #| eval: false > The last requiresknitr` as the engine. https://t.co/VwJFxQ2L28

Colin Gillespie (@csgillespie; 10): @nrennie35 @PipingHotData I remember getting something similar with {knitr} chunks


Raymond Yee (@rdhyee; 31): Anyone at #pagebreak who has started with markdown à la https://t.co/kJDvro8HAf to generate pdf books?


Exploratory Data Alex (@alexkyllo; 10): @camjpatrick @charliejhadley @bmwiernik To me, R is the only language that enables achieving tasks like installing things from within the language (I’m not even sure how to install packages from the command line w/o Rscript). Another example would be {tinytex}, which installs a LaTeX distribution on your system from R.

Arlie Coles (@ArlieColes; 10): @incymbalis That’s still probably the safest way in the long run, but fwiw, for several years I’ve had success with TinyTex, which installs only a very few packages, and you can install more when TeX complains at you when one is missing pretty easily. Good for when space is tight!

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): R Sweave (tinytex) error message: Failed to find a package that contains ‘ae.sty’ #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/9MIcXMUVRg

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/1): latex works for cph, generates .tex but does not work for anova tinytex or anova problem #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/PGkaEofFQm


Soichi Matsuura (滅私奉公) (@matsuura_rits; 120): ゼミで笠原・村宮「実証会計・ファイナンス」の第5章まで輪読が終わった。テキストを読んでまとめて報告するだけじゃなく,サンプルデータを使ってコードを写経し,本と同じ結果をスライドに載せている学生が多く素晴らしい。xaringanでスライド作成している学生もいて,順調に沼に引き込めている。

Beatriz Milz (@BeaMilz; 51): @tim_mendonca @quarto_pub @Insper @jtrecenti @natydemi @angcustodio @HedibertL Fico feliz em saber que os materiais sobre xaringan foram úteis (eu lembro que você comentou isso no satRday em 2019 e foi uma surpresa pra mim! haha). Na @LatinR_Conf eu apresentei sobre apresentações com Quarto! o material está aqui: https://t.co/u2yM8jDpjm

Tiago Mendonça (@tim_mendonca; 20): @BeaMilz @quarto_pub @Insper @jtrecenti @natydemi @angcustodio @HedibertL Muito bom, @BeaMilz e @jtrecenti!!! @BeaMilz , depois de conhecer mais sobre xaringan com seus materiais, agora vou aprender um pouco de quarto com eles.

jomztar (@jomztar; 20): @KhoaVuUmn R xaringan > Beamer


niszet (@niszet0; 41): chunk optionの”#|“の書き方、こちらにも書かれてますね #TokyoR > https://t.co/8dPkwuUENh

Charlotte (@charliejhadley; 30): @alexkyllo @bmwiernik Yihui has opinions https://t.co/JW22oEb7GL

das Kino (@kyn02666; 20): Rスクリプト中のmagrittrパイプ(%>%)を一括でネイティブパイプ(|>)に置換するためのformatR::tidy_pipe()関数があるのね(replaceすればいいのでは、という気もするけど) > https://t.co/tgIarFCD6H